Xiaomi Water Purifier Price in India, Buy Guide & Reviews

Xiaomi Water Purifier Price in India, Buy Guide & Reviews

Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier

Xiaomi is all known to the market due to its smartphones launch and various other electrical appliances. Being a Chinese smartphone maker the brand is also widely known for its smart devices. Well, the recent launch “Xiaomi Water Purifier” is the latest add-on to its gadgets and home-appliances category.

Xiaomi Smart water purifier price in India is expected to be ₹ 11,999.

At the smarter living event today, Xiaomi has brought this new product to its wide electronics family. Earlier Xiaomi has launched an air-purifier which is “Mi Air Purifier 2” which also created a lot of buzz in the market. While Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier will go on sale from September 29, 2019

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Xiaomi Launches India’s First Smart Water Purifier

In today’s world, the fresh and clean drinking water is really hard to get. Many of the diseases grow due to unhealthy water drinking habits. What else could be the better solution to it other than a water purifier? And if the water purifier is smart then it brings perfection and effectiveness in water purification.

The biggest highlight is that the “Xiaomi Mi smart water purifier” is not just a purifier but its smart too. The device is one such product which is very rare to find in the Indian market right now.

Xiaomi Water Purifier Price in India, Buy Guide & Reviews

Mi Smart Water Purifier works with the help of “Mi Home Application” which makes it completely easy to operate the device. The application is available for download on both Android and iPhone.

The application allows the user to get all the information about – the level of water in the tank, the TDS level of the water, the real-time condition and also about the life span of the filter. It notifies or confirms the user for the filter replacement.

One of the cool things about this smart device is that you don’t require any professional to get your filter change. The user can change the filter by themselves. Being India’s first “Smart Water Purifier”, Xiaomi claims that the user can do the filter change operation within 30 seconds. It reduces any extra cost to the user for maintenance and filter replacement

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Xiaomi Smart Water Purifier – Working Process

Based on the Penta purification process, Xiaomi uses three integrated cartridges to purify water. The first process uses Polypropylene(PP) cotton and activated carbon filter, a post activated carbon filter that intercepts the large and visible particles and an RO filter filters out the heavy metals, scales, and organic matters. Xiaomi claims that the device is capable of filtration precision of 0.0001 microns.

In the fourth step, the PAC filter absorbs the remaining odor and organic substances effectively improving the taste of the water. And in the last step, in-tank UV light kills microbes, bacteria, germs, and viruses with upto 99.99 percent of efficiency.

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