Voltas Beko[The Affordable Dishwasher] in India 2020: Reviews & FAQs

Voltas Beko[The Affordable Dishwasher] in India 2020: Reviews & FAQs

Voltas Beko 8 Place Settings Table Top Dishwasher

Voltas is one of the widely known and leading brands in the Indian market. The company manufactures Air-Conditioners, Coolers, Deep-Freezer, Water-Dispenser, etc. The brand is widely famous for its quality material type and builds quality.

Voltas Beko 8 Dishwasher is the latest add-on to its manufacturing world. Voltas brought this premium designed dishwasher brand for the modern contemporary kitchen in India with the budget price value. The model is widely suitable for small family size or a single-family. 

The dishwasher is manufactured by the excellence of Indian Design and Engineering, specially adapted for Indian kitchen environments and the unique styles of Indian cooking. This newly built dishwasher is hygienic in use and the best alternative for regular washing. The Silver matte stainless-steel finish on the exterior of the dishwasher enhances the kitchen interior also consumes less space. 

The dishwasher comes with an improved capacity with 8 place settings which aptly suits most of the Indian household purpose. The in-built programs provide flexibility for the washing of numerous types of crockery or utensils. There is a glass care program specially designed for your delicate glassware and an intensive program to take care of the toughest stains on your pots and kadhais. To keep your dishwasher safe from prying hands, you can turn on the child lock to block the usage of the control panel.

Why choose Voltas Beko 8 Dishwasher Brand?

Voltas Beko[The Affordable Dishwasher] in India 2020: Reviews & FAQs

=> Voltas Beko 8 dishwasher brand comes with an improved design and features compared to various other models. The model comes with the different programs and settings which increases the flexibility of cleaning or washing of utensils. Some of the dishwasher programs that makes it preferable compared to other brands are:

  • Equipped with 6 different wash programs
  • High capacity of 8 place settings
  • 99.9% germ-free cleaning
  • In-built water heater
  • Water-proof push-touch pad
  • Low water consumption
  • Compact & easy to install
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Voltas Beko Dishwasher with 6 Wash Programs

=> Voltas Beko dishwasher is equipped with 6 different programs.

  • Eco: The “Eco” program is also known as the energy-save or economy program. This program is designed to consume less water than the standard dishwasher cycle. The program is used to clean normally dirty tableware and is the most efficient program in terms of energy and water-saving. In this program, the dishes are cleaned or washed at a lower temperature, typically 50°C, and uses around 3-4 liters of water for cleaning.  
Use this cycle for mixed loads and soil levels
  • Glass-care: The dishwasher brand also features the glass-care program. It is equipped with a dedicated glass-care which comes with a 40°C, 60-minute gentle cycle. This helps to get your champagne flutes, wine glasses and glass bowls will get the best treatment possible.
Use this cycle for fragile items (i.e. glasses) and normally soiled dishes
  • Rapid-30: The “Rapid” program is also known as Fast/express/turbo/quick wash. This program offers one of the fastest cycles for cleaning utensils in about an hour or less. This program uses extra water or heat to get the cleaning done. 
Use this cycle for lightly soiled dishes
  • Intensive: The name itself clarifies the washing cycle of this program. This dishwasher cleaning program is designed for very dirty plates, pans, and pots that would normally require soaking. It’s aimed to clean baked-on food and grime by using more water and energy than the Normal or Eco setting. Expect temperatures of around 70°C, however, this does vary by machine. If your dishwasher doesn’t have this program you might just need to rinse your heavily soiled cookware by hand first and then you’re good to go with. Similar to previous cycles, the Intensive wash also has other names, such as heavy/pots/chef wash.
Use this cycle for heavily soiled dishes, crusted plates, and pots
  • Normal: As the name suggests, this program is definitely for the washing of normal pots or crockery. If your cookware doesn’t have any particularly tough or baked-on food this program could suffice, according to manufacturers
Use this cycle for normally soiled dishes
  • 30-min Wash: This wash cycle is used for washing of heavy solid dishes. This wash cycle is for the slow cleaning of the dishes. It takes 30-min for cleaning of the utensils so it is named as a 30-min wash cycle. The washed-out utensils are shiny and cleaner compared to other wash cycles.

Voltas Beko Dishwasher FAQs

1. Is there a heater in this dishwasher?

=> Yes. This dishwasher comes with an in-built heater. This helps with the easy removal of stains.

2. Can I use a normal dish wash liquid for cleaning?

=> The normal dish washes liquid foam a lot and is not effective for various cleaning. So, you must use dishwasher-safe liquids for effective and efficient cleaning of the utensils.

3. Is it effective for the deep-fried utensils or kadhais?

=> Yes. The dishwasher is effective with cleaning and removing the tough stains over utensils or kadhais.

4. How many spray levels are there in this dishwasher?

=> Voltas Beko 8 dishwasher is equipped with the 2 number of spray levels.

5. Can I wash a pressure cooker in it?

=> Yes. The model is completely safe to wash a pressure cooker.

6. What is the height of the dishwasher?

=> The dishwasher has a height of 59.5 cm or 23.4 inches.

7. Does this dishwasher come with the auto-restart feature?

=> Yes. The Voltas Beko 8 dishwasher is equipped with the auto-restart feature. In the case of the power cut, the machine starts automatically from the earlier working mode.

8. What types of utensils is it compatible with?

=> Voltas Beko 8 dishwasher is compatible with the utensils made from Stainless steel, Glass, ceramic, microwave-safe plastic.

9. Is this dishwasher safe to wash larger utensils?

=> No. It is a portable dishwasher model and this is why there is a limit in the size of the utensils. You can not use any large size utensils for cleaning. In case, you can alternatively use for cleaning the larger utensils but not at a time.

10. How many amperes of the power supply is required to operate the model?

=> You should use at least 15 amperes of the power supply to operate this product conveniently.

11. What is the warranty period of this product?

=> Voltas Beko 8 comes with a warranty period of 2-Years of comprehensive and 5-Years only on the motor. 

Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/39cJ1DS

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