Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India(2020) – Best Sellers Buy Guide

Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India(2020) – Best Sellers Buy Guide

Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers in India

Dehumidifiers Tank Capacity Working Capacity Warranty Price
Powerpye Dehumidifier 6.5 Liters 30 Liters/Day 2 Years Check Price
Advance ALDF120A 2 Liters 12 Liters/Day 1 Year Check Price
Koryo Dehumidifier 4 Liters 25 Liters/Day 1 Year Check Price
SUJAY Dehumidifier 4 Liters 20 Liters/Day 1 Year Check Price
Visumed Dehumidifier 2.5 Liters 10 Liters/Day 1 Year Check Price
Origin Novita ND 390i 6.5 Liters 35 Liters/Day 2 Years Check Price
Whynter RPD-311DW  2.8 Liters 14 Liters/Day 1 Year Check Price
White Westinghouse 6.5 Liters 30 Liters/Day 1 Year Check Price
Crane Dehumidifier 2.6 Liters 12 Liters/Day 1 Year Check Price

Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India

1. Powerpye 30L/Day Dehumidifier 260-Watts 3 In 1 Dehumidifier

Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India(2020) – Best Sellers Buy Guide

This dehumidifier is the top and our first recommendation for you from our list. It not only comes with the large tank capacity but also has a higher dehumidification capacity level. This simple air purifier system will keep your home dry and warm during rainy or wet seasons. It is capable to eliminate potentially dangerous variables that can affect your home, family, and even your beloved pets.

Powerpye dehumidifier is designed to be one of the quietest compressor dehumidifiers on the market. The dehumidifier is considered to be the quietest compressor dehumidifier in the market. It is capable of removing the large volume of water per day which makes it ideal for dealing with moisture, condensation, damp, bacterial growth, etc. 6.5 Liter tank size comes with the water level indicator which helps to get the precise information for the water level inside the tank.

It is perfect for the room size of 300 Sq.Ft. The dashboard comes with a large LCD panel with buttons that manages different functions such as frosting, fan speed, temperature, and humidity control. The digital display panel makes the device more attractive and shows the current humidity level always. The device can maintain the “Relative Humidity” level from 90%-30% within an hour. 

Along with the various function, this dehumidifier also comes with an automatic shut-off function which saves time and energy. This feature actively monitors the space climate and will shut down automatically once the desired humidity level is reached. The robust and sleek design doesn’t take up space inside your room and makes it easy to use and carry to your empty point. The auto-defrost feature helps to allow you to operate the unit without the worry of frost damage. The child lock feature helps to prevent little fingers from tampering your settings.

2-Years warranty on the product.

Perfect for the larger room size Price is on the higher side
Large tank capacity Not comes with HEPA filter attached
Low noise/No noise operation
The large LCD panel
Minimum 30% humidity to high as 90%.
Automatic defrost and shut-off function
Clothes dryer and air purifier
Best Buy Link:

2. ADVANCE ALDF120A 230 Watt Dehumidifier

Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India(2020) – Best Sellers Buy Guide

One of the powerful and strong dehumidifiers in our list. ADVANCE dehumidifier comes with a dehumidifying capacity of 230 W that not only makes it consume less electricity but also lower down your pocket bill. The dehumidifier comes with the handle & wheels which makes it capable to place anywhere you want according to your comfort.

The moisture removal capacity of the dehumidifier is 12L/day which makes it a perfect fit for your home. The 2 Liter water tank capacity comes with the water full protection with an alarm to prevent water from overflowing. The body of the dehumidifier is built of ABS plastic which makes it tough and capable to withstand any condition.

The device works on the low noise condition that is it produces less than 45 dB Noise while working. The dehumidifier is capable to work under the environment condition 5-35°C. You can set the humidity level from 40-80% according to your comfort. The CFC free refrigerant makes this device environment-friendly and healthier to use. The auto-shutoff feature prevents water from overflowing. While the auto-defrost feature prevents the device from continuous damage and adds convenience for longer usage. 

1-Year warranty on the product.

Perfect for the medium room size Not for a larger room size
Automatic defrost humidity sensor No clothes dryer or air purifier
Environment-friendly CFC free The LCD is over the head
Low noise operation & easy mobility
ABS body design
Water full protection
Best Buy Link:

3. KORYO 3-in-1 Dehumidifier(KDE25SI, White)

Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India(2020) – Best Sellers Buy Guide

KORYO is one the leader in the “Home Appliance” world and is widely known for its quality and service. The easy to use and attractive design makes this dehumidifier a must-have product inside your house. Its smart dehumidifying work makes your life easier, simpler, and better. Along with that its ultra-stylish and sleek design adds beauty to your home.

When talking about the feature this smart dehumidifier comes with the tank capacity of 4L which makes it a perfect fit for the small-medium sized room. The device has got a digital humidity indicator that is placed on the top of the dehumidifier to get precise information about the control and functioning. It comes with the filter wash reminder technology which effectively reduces humidity and takes off all dirt and dust.

The smart functioning of the device continuously check on the moisture in the room and does not allow any mold or mildew to grow during the rainy season. The device comes with the three preset modes for continuous, bedroom, and basement support. It comes with the moisture removal capacity of 25 L/day for better comfort. The device works on the power of 400W which makes it energy efficient and economic. It is capable to control the relative-humidity level from 30%-90%.  

The unique features and performance make this device a quality product with higher stability and durability.

1-Year warranty on the product.

Perfect for the medium-large room size The LCD panel is over the head
The flexible and easy control function Not comes with the handle 
Adjustable Humidistat RH 30% – 90% Heatens at a higher temperature
Continuous water drain out option – 
Auto-restart, auto-shutoff function – 
Clean filter reminder – 
Best Buy Link:

4. SUJAY Portable Dehumidifier SDH-20

Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers in India

Looking for the complete solution for the ill effects of moisture inside your home, then this dehumidifier is one of the best fit. The sophisticated look of the dehumidifier with a sleek and slim design fits anywhere inside your home. The dehumidifier comes with a larger digital display panel that provides you real-time activity. This portable dehumidifier works on the ultra-quiet operation which makes it working smooth and soothing. 

The dehumidifier is the best fit for the room size of 200 Sq. ft. The portable and stable working capacity makes the device also suitable for your bedroom, office, laboratory, etc. It can control the humidity level ranging from 40%-80% with an auto cut-off feature which makes the device smart and effective. The lower power consumption capacity makes this device also lite on the electricity bill and your pocket. 

Quiet in operation, the maximum noise produced by SUJAY portable dehumidifier is less than 45 dB. The body of the device is made from a special grade plastic body of SDH-20 which makes it sturdy and tough at any condition. One the relative humidity level is maintained inside the room the device enters the standby mode which saves the electricity bill and elongates the device life. The device comes with 2-level fan speed and a programmable timer between 1-24 hours. 

The device is also featured with a full-tank indicator, which means, once the tank is full the dehumidifier stops working automatically without your attention. You can simply connect a hose to a nearby drainage area to make the tank empty. 

1-Year warranty on the product.

Perfect for the medium room size Not a clothes dryer or air-purifier
It has a carry handle and wheel for easy mobility Not comes with clean filter reminder
Auto-cutoff and drainage Not fit for the larger room size
Tank or full-water indicator Not have auto defrost feature
Lower power consumption
Soft-key control panel
Best Buy Link:

5. Visumed Portable Dehumidifier

Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers in India

If you are looking for the dehumidifier which is capable of working at a higher temperature then stop your search here. Visumed dehumidifier is capable of maintaining the humidity level 40-80% at a higher working temperature without any breakage or fault. It comes with a 2.5 Liters water tank capacity which makes it a perfect fit for small-medium room size.  

The dehumidifier is widely known for its exceptional moisture removing capabilities in minimum running time. The extraction capacity of the dehumidifier is 10 Liters per day which is the best fit for your home, office, garage, basement, etc. This is the only large capacity dehumidifier whose power consumption is 135 Watts which is lower in your pocket. 

It can easily remove any kind of mold or dampness which might have occurred because of seeping or wet walls. Along with dehumidifying the moisture remover also lightens the air inside your room for easy breathing. The silent working capacity of the device makes it a perfect fit for the babies and toddlers for sleep. The dehumidifier comes with the castor wheels for easy moving of the device to your desired location. 

1-Year warranty on the product.

Perfect for the medium room size Lower extraction capacity
Low power consumption Lower tank capacity
Castor wheels for easy mobility No auto-cutoff & drainage
Capable to work on a higher temperature
Maintains humidity level 40-80% 
Best Buy Level:

6. ORIGIN Novita ND 390i Dehumidifier

Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers in India

If you are looking for a humidifier for maximum humidity extraction capacity then this option needs your attention. Origin Novita a powerful and effectual working capability makes this dehumidifier a must-have device this monsoon season. This dehumidifier comes with a big tank capacity of 6.5 liters which makes it effective for a larger size room. Due to its larger size, it is also effective for industrial use.

Origin Novita is an efficient unit, using just 530 Watts to remove access moisture content in the air to provide you ideal humidity level. The effective dehumidification for this device is eligible for the area upto 350-400 sq ft making it ana ideal dehumidifier for a medium-to-larger sized room. The device comes with a convenient handle and a rolling castor to make it easily portable to your selected area. Its heavy-duty performance and economical price range makes a recommended product for industrial use.

Attractive looks with sturdy and slim design make it a perfect choice for your home. The dehumidifier comes with three fan speed settings which can be switched to the relevant mode you want on one tap. The dehumidifier can extract the moisture content upto 35 liters/day making it a perfect solution to your room, office, or basement. It has a built-in ionizer that produces upto 20 million negative ions/cm3 which keeps airborne allergens and germs at bay while providing fresh indoor air-quality all time.

1-Year warranty on the product.

Perfect for the medium-large room size No clothes dry mode
Sleek and sturdy design No auto-cutoff & drainage
Higher tank & extraction capacity Not comes with clean filter reminder
Easy to use dashboard
Silent in operation
Continuous drainage option is available
Best Buy Link:

7. Whynter RPD-311DW Elite D-Series Energy Star Portable Dehumidifier

Top 9 Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India(2020) – Best Sellers Buy Guide

Whynter, another reliable and portable dehumidifier is packed in our list. This portable dehumidifier comes in two different versions. The first is the 30 Pint version which comes with 14 Liters working capacity  & a 2.8 Liters removable water bucket. While another model is the 45-pint version which comes with 21.3-liter working capacity and a 2.8-liter storage tank.

The respected model comes with the three operational modes: Continuous, comfort, and normal. When to talk about the design of the body its outer casing is a robust and sturdy frame. It can control the relative humidity level inside the home ranging from 35-85% level. The device also performs well at the lower temperature level of ~5 degrees C (40 degrees F) to provide optimum comfort.

Similar to the various luxury end dehumidifiers, it features auto-shutoff and auto restart modes for working. The device also packs a 2-in-1 silver-coated washable pre-filter combo which makes the dehumidification easy and reliable. The 24-hours timer lets you set the device to the turn-off at the pre-determined time automatically. This saves you the hassle of getting up to turn it off if you are in the middle of something or just sleeping. 

The dual fan speed mode helps to get the dehumidification easily upto 235m3/hour (138 CFM). While the auto defrosting mode prevents the device from getting damaged and adds convenience for longer usage.  The device remembers the power mode, shuts down, and restarts with the same power setting.

1-Year warranty on the product.

Perfect for the medium-large room size No clothes dry mode
Available in two different variants(14-litre and 21.3-liter versions) Consumes more power 
Controls relative humidity level from 30-85% Not comes with clean filter reminder
Auto timer, shut-off and defrost  
Comes with 20-Inch drain pipe  
Best Buy Link: 

8. WHITE WESTINGHOUSE Home Dehumidifier

Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India

A widely appreciated “Best Dehumidifiers” from our list is “White Westinghouse”. A famous and beloved International brand, the White Westinghouse’s plastic house tranquil dehumidifier is perfect for large rooms of 300 sqft. It can go on for very long periods thanks to its massive 6.5-liter water storage tank. Apart from the standard 6.5-liter tank, there is also an option of continuous drainage. This essentially means that you can ditch the tank and directly place a pipe that drains out all of the water accumulated out into the bathroom.

Also, the dehumidifier comes with a 30-liter performance capacity. Thus no matter how humid your city, room, cupboard, bathroom, or your clothes are, this can handle it with more than simple care. The dashboard comes with a large LCD with 6 different toggle buttons that manage functions such as frosting, fan speed, temperature, and humidity control.

Speaking of humidity, the device can maintain from 90% relative humidity to even as low as even 30% of relative humidity in the room. While the automatic humidistat takes care of the humidity in the room, the auto frost takes care of any frost developed within the device during operation. With a promise of silent operation, the maximum noise limit is lower 45 dB. Working as an air purifier, dehumidifier, and a clothes drier, the device can certainly come out to be the best option for your inside air quality improvement.

1-Year warranty on the product.

Larger tank capacity Price is on the higher side
Higher moisture extracting capability Lower coverage or extraction area
Lower noise operation
Large LCD screen
Minimum 30% humidity to high as 90%
Auto defrost
Best Buy Link:

9. CRANE Dehumidifier Ee-1001

Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India

The Crane Plastic Dehumidifier is ideal for room even of the size of 350 sqft. You can easily place it on a desk, under the furniture, or even at the corner of a room, thanks to its compact size. The Crane dehumidifier comes with a storage tank of 2.6 liters and 12 liters of dehumidification capacity.

You can set the system to the desired time setting with a 24-hour automatic timer and leave it. It automatically shuts down, and can also turn back on when the room’s humidity increases. The computer will recall its previous power use in the event of a power outage.

Silent in use, the dehumidifier’s humidity control range is between 40% and 80%. The fan is capable of oscillating between 45 and 90 degrees which makes it easier to cover nearly every inch of the air. There is also a dry mode of clothing inside the room for drying your clothes on a rainy day. The auto defrost takes care of removing any frost produced on the device.

Even though the LED screen is large and well lit, the buttons are a little small. There’s also a child lock feature to compensate for that and to protect the system from any child pressing any random buttons.

1-Year warranty on the product.

Compact and stylish in design Warranty does not cover fluid or gaseous emissions
Higher performance capacity No proper air purification than other dehumidifiers
Child lock feature
Auto defrost and shutoff
45-90 degree fan oscillation
Larger LED screen
Best Buy Link:

Different Types Of Dehumidifier

The dehumidifiers can be categorized into 4 types based on their capability and dehumidifying technology. 

a) Refrigerative Dehumidifier  

These are the most commonly used dehumidifier. These are beneficial and widely used for residential and commercial spaces. In this dehumidifier, the air is pulled into the device using a fan which is then passed over a refrigerating coil which pulls out the moisture content in the air. Now the condensed water droplets are collected on the coil which eventually drips into the collecting tank. Though this process is inexpensive it is far more effective in terms of removing moisture in the air than other types of dehumidifiers. Overall these dehumidifiers are lower in the budget and are environment-friendly too. 

b) Electronic Dehumidifiers

Electronics dehumidifiers are lower in terms of working capability compared to the refrigerative dehumidifiers. These dehumidifiers are effective for small areas or only for cars. In this dehumidifier, the air is passed through the Peltier pump which creates a cool space and enables the condensation process where the moisture is extracted and collected.

c) Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Desiccant is known as a hygroscopic substance used as a drying agent. These dehumidifiers are widely known as absorption dehumidifiers. In these types of dehumidifiers, the air or the moisture content is absorbed or trapped by the desiccant and the fresh air is released. The desiccant dehumidifier operates at low temperature and saves power by consuming less power. 

d) Ionic Dehumidifiers

Ionic membrane dehumidifiers are primarily used in industrial applications such as fuel cell technological advances, chemical engineering, and water filtration. It is utilized by running at a microscopic level without involving water to improve humidity in or out.

Reasons You Require A Dehumidifier Inside Your Room

  • Reduces the humidity level inside your room
  • It makes your room cozy and restful.
  • It combats mold and mildew.
  • Dehumidifier fights musty smell.
  • Helps to get rid of bugs
  • Protects your wood during the rainy season
  • It helps to extinguish bad smells.
  • Windows are wet on the ‘inside’.
  • Water stains have appeared on the walls.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is an effective and essential device during the rainy season. It is an effective unit inside your room or space that helps to fight the unwanted moisture content in the air while providing you the pleasant and fresh breath. It also helps to balance the air quality inside your room.

Although being such a smart option to buy for fresh air-breathing, a dehumidifier can be a new unit for most of us. Many of us can be unaware of the proper information required while purchasing a dehumidifier. Do read through our buying guide that will definitely lead you to buy the best possible option for your home and they are budget-friendly too.

1. Room Size VS Dehumidifier Size

It is one of the important options to look upon before purchasing a dehumidifier. Choosing the right sized dehumidifier leads you to smart investment according to your budget and room size. A small size humidifier can be the best option at the small scale of for single user while the bigger one can be a smart and effective investment for a large-sized room. Consider the below-given point to get an overview of the size of the dehumidifier.

Room Size Dehumidifier Size
Upto 1000 Sq. ft. Ultra Small Size
1100-1500 Sq. ft. Small Size
1600-2000 Sq. ft. Medium Size
2000 Sq. ft. and Above Large Size

2. Humidity Control Range(HCR)

The humidity control range is defined as the capacity of the humidifier to control the humidity level inside your room. It is usually measured in percentage. A dehumidifier must be capable of controlling a minimum of 50% humidity in the air. A home dehumidifier must be set between 30-50% HCR based on your comfort. While the ideal HCR should be 45% reported by most of the people for the efficient operation of a dehumidifier.

Top 10 Best Dehumidifiers To Buy In India(2020) – Best Sellers Buy Guide

3. Water Tank Capacity

It is another important factor to look at before purchasing a dehumidifier. The water tank capacity usually depends on the size of the dehumidifier. However, the tank capacity of the dehumidifier usually depends on the size of the room. To obtain the pleasant humidity level inside your room, the water tank capacity should be sufficient and right-sized. While to get an efficient and effective result, one should choose the dehumidifier with a large tank capacity as they are effective to use throughout the day.

Water Tank Capacity Upto 1000 Sq. ft. Upto 2000 Sq. ft. Above 2000Sq. ft.
Moderately Damp Room 5-7 Liters 8-10 Liters 10 Liters and above
Damp Room 9 Liters 10-12 Liters 12 Liters and above
Extremely Wet 10 Liters 12-15 Liters 15 Liters and above
Wet 11 Liters 14-17 Liters 17 Liters and above

4. Fan Speed Settings

A portable dehumidifier usually comes with the 2-3 fan speed settings. The lower fan speed may make lesser noise but it takes a longer time to dehumidify the air. While the higher fan setting provides you the result faster.

5. Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is another important factor to consider before buying a dehumidifier. It is usually represented by stars. The more the star rating in a dehumidifier the more effective the operation is. To combat the high humidity air content, you must consider the dehumidifier with a higher energy star rating. As a result, it will consume fewer electricity bills by providing you the efficient operation.

6. Automatic Defrost

Even under low temperatures, a dehumidifier should be capable of working. If you live in warm climatic areas then find a dehumidifier with a defrosting function. The heat exchange coils that occur on the frost of the dehumidifier when the temperature drops below 60°F. Make sure the product you choose the best dehumidifier has this feature when making the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dehumidifiers

1. How to fix a dehumidifier that freezes up?

=> One of the most common causes of getting your dehumidifier freezing is because the unit is operating in temperature that is too cold. To get rid of the freezing problem, first, unplug the dehumidifier and empty the tank. Place the unit on a table or a sturdy surface. Wash the tank with warm water to unclog or remove the frozen water unit on the dehumidifier. Let it completely dry out the unit. Reconnect the unit to a power source and restart the dehumidifier.

2. Why does my dehumidifier keep freezing?

=> The dehumidifier keeps freezing because of the temperature around its surroundings. The dehumidifier works perfectly well at the temperature of 65°C and above. But if the temperature around it gets any lower than this, it could lead to icing of the unit.

3. How many years does a dehumidifier last?

=> A dehumidifier usually lasts for 3-5 years working under normal operating conditions. To lager operating conditions, the lifespan of a dehumidifier is based on the amount of usage and maintenance.

4. Can I run my dehumidifier 24X7?

=> Running a dehumidifier 24X7 can put the extra burden on the components which ultimately can shorten the life span of the unit. So, it is recommended to use the dehumidifier according to your requirements to get the proper working of the unit.

5. Can I leave the dehumidifier ON overnight?

=> Yes. You can keep your dehumidifier ON overnight while sleep. However, you need to ensure that your unit must-have Auto-shut off feature in case of any fallout.

6. What part of the dehumidifier needs cleaning most frequently?

=> The water collector reservoir requires regular cleaning if you use your dehumidifier regularly. Try to clean the water reservoir with warm water and dishwashing liquid every two weeks to maintain the working operation. 

7. Do all doors and windows need to be closed to operate a dehumidifier?

=> Not necessary. The purpose of a dehumidifier is to take the water out of the air by turning water vapor into liquid water. The closed windows or doors will help the dehumidifier operate with only the damp air in the room. This will help the dehumidifier work faster and more efficiently.

8. Can I use a dehumidifier without a water reservoir?

=> No. Using a dehumidifier with a water reservoir will cause water to drip everywhere inside the room.

9. Is it safe to use the bathroom while the dehumidifier is working?

=> Yes it is completely safe to use the dehumidifier while using the bathroom unless you are splashing the water over the electrical parts.

Operating A Dehumidifier

1. Read the users manual to get the cheap and the best possible help available to you. Read through the entire owner’s manual for your machine so you are familiar with specific operations. Try to keep the manual in a location where you can reference it easily.

2. Measure the humidity inside your room using a hygrometer. Get an overview of the humidity level inside your room. An ideal humidity level is 45-50% RH(Relative Humidity). The humidity level above 50% may start mold growth. While below 30% humidity level may lead to structural damage such as cracked ceilings, separated wood floors, and other issues.

3. Plug your machine into a three-pronged grounded and polarized outlet for safety operations.

4. Now turn on the dehumidifier and adjust the setting accordingly.

5. Run the dehumidifier until you have reached the ideal RH level.

6. Close the doors and windows of the room to get the effective and efficient working of the dehumidifier.

7. Empty the water reservoir tank frequently to get a prolonged and effective working of the dehumidifier.

Cleaning And Maintaining A Dehumidifier

1. Read the user’s manual guide to get an overview about the cleaning instructions. 

2. Turn off the switch and unplug the dehumidifier before cleaning or maintaining the device. This will prevent you from electric shock and prevent the machine from damage.

3. Clean the water tank reservoir with warm water and dish-washing liquid. Rinse it well and wipe out with dry cloth thoroughly.

4. Check and clean the dust over the coils and filters to keep the dehumidifier free from dirt.

5. Change the air filter every six months to elongate the life span of the dehumidifier.

6. Try to maintain the gap of 10 minutes before restarting your dehumidifier.

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