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Top 5 Water Cleaners 2021: Do Check Out

Water Cleaner

Are you aware of the risks associated with increased water contamination? If not, then let us guide you through this post. 

Due to the rapid increase in water levels, most people are suffering from innumerable waterborne diseases. As a result, it leads to many harmful infections, including diarrhea, cholera, and polio. Also, polluted water can disturb other ecosystems by increasing the toxicity levels that might cause harm to the aquatic organisms. 

However, it is revealed that water pollution can be increased through manufactured or natural causes, both of which will adversely affect the environment. So, many experts have stated that water cleaners can also mitigate the risk of water contamination through the filtering process. 

Thus, we will discuss some topwater cleaners throughout the post, depending upon the customers’ reviews and thorough research. We will also determine the difference between water cleaners and filters, which will help us assess water cleaners’ worthiness. 

So let us initiate our post to determine a few more facts about the water cleaners. 

Water Filter Vs. Water Cleaner

Water Filters Water Cleaners
Form of dirt removed
They make use of physical barriers such as filters to prevent contamination. Moreover, it helps remove contaminants, including dust, silt, sediments, clay, and other harmful substances.

If the appliance is provided with carbon filters, they might help retain the odor and chlorine content present in the water.

 But, it can’t remove hard particles present in water, including heavy materials, dissolved solids, and harmful pollutants.

But, the water cleaners effectively mitigate the risk of several health problems by detaching excess heavy metals and other harmful substances. Also, they mainly act as an advanced filter to pass out only essential nutrients.

Thus it is recommended to choose a better Water cleaner machine for a healthy life.

Distillation Intensity
These water filters use the primary form of distillation by implementing 2-3 layers of purification. Moreover, they ensure clean water bypassing the aqua through the filters present. By using it, filters can remove certain impurities, but if you’re hunting for pure water, then water filters might be able to fulfill your need. In contrast, these cleaners use enlightened tactics to clear out harmful substances such as heavy metals by RO+UV and RO+UV+MF technologies. In addition, the cleaners also come with advanced purification stages to purify the water from all sorts of harmful substances. Also, topwater cleaners ensure that the texture, taste should be increased after the cleaning process.

For example, ‘Pureit’ makes the water palatable through 6-7 purification levels. Also, it ensures that the water is 100% safe which is devoid of any harmful substances, including bacteria, heavy metals.

You can choose water filters if you live in areas that contain fewer impurities or the water quality in that area is refined. But you can’t utilize filters if the water is contaminated. However, if you reside in urban areas where the water quality is terrible, we highly recommend considering topwater cleaners as multiple treatments enhance the water quality.
Features Provided
The water purifiers are comparatively smaller than water cleaners and are supplied with some basic features. In addition, it requires more manual support during its operation. However, in non-electric water cleaners, you have to put in more water from time to time to get clean water. New-technology water cleaners don’t require more human intervention and thus are supplied by advanced features. Also, these cleaners are provided with tank indicators and water replacement options for saving time and effort.
The water filters provide clean drinking water. Clean drinking water indicates the absence of any visible harmful substance in the water, but not pure. On the contrary, water cleaner machines offer purified drinking water, consisting of pure water devoid of invisible impurities.

Thus, it is seen that the water cleaners are better than filters in all ways except in some cases.

Types Of Water Cleaner

Water is essential in our life, either directly or indirectly. But, one question may arise in your mind: Is drinking tap water safe? 

Before that, let us tell you that the consumption of tap water can hurt your life. So, we need pure water that has many beneficial effects on our life., which can be done by water cleaners. Also, it will help to remove all the harmful ingredients providing us a better option. 

Thus, let us determine the forms of water cleaners with their specifications and features for efficient buying. We have detected many water cleaner machines upon researching, but we’ll include the trendiest ones.

1. Gravity-based Cleaners

This cleaner is small and portable, designed for small houses and emergencies. In addition, it works when you hang the reservoir.

However, it uses the gravitational force with the filter to purify the water and thus make it dirt-free. Furthermore, this topwater cleaner doesn’t require electricity or running water. 

In the cleaner, the water flows from one direction to another, eliminating dust particles. However, the activated carbon module eradicates harmful particles such as parasites, viruses, and other heavy metals.

Pros Cons
It doesn’t require electricity. The flow rate is low.
They are easy to install. It can’t filter heavy metals.
It is a budget-friendly product. They can’t remove the disease-causing microorganisms.
It increases the water quality. It is not suitable for TDS water.
It is portable.

2. UV Cleaners

It stands for Ultraviolet Rays cleaner, as it uses UV rays to detach harmful particles, including viruses, germs, etc. Also, if you are hunting for how to clean water, you can consider this purifier form. 

Moreover, it helps to mitigate the risk of getting ill through various waterborne infections. Furthermore, it is regarded as the most efficient cleaner to clean the water utilizing electricity. However, these are more expensive than other types of filters. Unfortunately, they do not help remove the deposit from your water. 

Also, you may not consider this cleaner as it does not help remove solid particles from water. Thus, religiously recite this post for in-depth details if you want to reveal more topwater cleaners

Pros Cons
It has a low maintenance cost. The germs bodies are retained in the UV purified water.
The cleaner has a high purification rate. It doesn’t improve water quality or taste.
It consumes low energy. Effective in turbid or muddy water.
It offers minimal manual cleaning. UV purifiers don’t cleanse the hard water.
UV water purifiers don’t alter the water taste. This water cleaner machine cannot remove toxic chemicals.
It retains the essential vitamins and nutrients after processing.

3. RO Water Purifier

This electric purifier works by utilizing reverse osmosis to provide you with pure water. Furthermore, it also operates by rendering the impurities, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), and other disease-causing organisms. However, RO purifiers own the best purification system that is desirable to many customers.

Pros Cons
It helps remove dissolved solids, fluoride, and lead. It requires electricity to operate.
In addition, it is beneficial in detaching waterborne diseases. It also requires running water with optimum pressure.
This topwater cleaner removes germ’s dead bodies making pure water. These purifiers produce a loss of wastewater.
It improves the taste and odor of the water.
The cleaners are safe, cost-effective, and easy to handle.

4. Activated Carbon Water Cleaner

It is a form of carbon made of coal, coconut shell, and wood categorized into delicate pieces. Moreover, the activated carbon is made up of carbon. However, it removes most waterborne diseases caused by heavy metals and pesticides. 

Also, the water cleaner machine processed by it tastes sweet but smells terrible. It utilizes an adsorption process in which the harmful substances will stick to the carbon surface, thereby supplying pure water. 

Pros Cons
It helps remove harmful particles, including Chlorine and pesticides. It doesn’t discard bacteria and viruses.
The activated carbon increases the RO’s membrane by detaching particles, including Chlorine. Activated carbon can’t remove salts, thereby producing hard water.
It makes the water taste and smell good. They can produce microorganisms if the device is not used periodically.
They help remove metal particles.

5. Sediment Filter

You can use it with other RO and UV purifiers, in which the sediments were collected at the bottom, including metal parts, mud particles. Furthermore, the topwater cleaner captures unwanted dust and particles in water.

Pros Cons
It helps remove dust and mud particles. It doesn’t remove dissolved solids, heavy metals, and bacteria.
A sediment filter can discard the visible pollutants before the purification process. Independently, it does not help extract rusted particles.
Sediments and sand particles are also removed from this device, thereby increasing the RO, UV lifespan.

Best Water Cleaner Machine: Reviews

1. Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineraliser

Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineralizer

This Livpure Glo product has a 6 stage water purification process which is helpful to filter out harmful substances. In addition, the indicators are provided by the LED to determine the notification more precisely.

Furthermore, it has a 7-liter capacity which can stock vast amounts of water in the tank. Also, the water tank is insect-proof, ensuring that the water is safe and pure.

Our Opinion

Thus, this water cleaner machine will help you store more water since it has a 7-liter water capacity. You will also get pure water since the water will pass six purification layers before reaching you. However, it is supplied by an indicator that helps you to notify with every process. Therefore, kindly refer to this product for future shopping, which has various features.

Price range ₹7,197.00
Brand Livpure
Material Plastic
Colour White
Power source Corded Electric
Capacity 7 liters
Warranty 1 year on product
Uses This topwater cleaner acts as a mineralizer for water purification.
Item weight 15.43 lb
Voltage 300 volts
Purification method Ultraviolet, Reverse Osmosis
Usability Easy to install Storage capacity Durability
4.0 4.3 4.2
Buyer’s reaction
Most buyers have commented that the product is worthy, but installation may require a technician. While a few replied that the item has log durability with several features.

In contrast, other clients stated that the water cleaner machine is horrible and has a leakage issue. Similarly, some reported that it is an unprofessional brand. Thus, we have gained mixed reviews about the product.

Best Buy Link:

2. KENT Supreme

KENT Supreme

It is the most suitable water purifier of kent provided with RO+UF+TDS technology, enabling detection and removal of impurities. Moreover, its mineral RO technology will be beneficial in retaining the nutrients in the water.

Also, KENT Supreme is equipped with in-tank UV disinfection technology, keeping the water fresh and pure.

Our Opinion

You can keep an eye on the tank’s water level, which will help you determine the water’s availability. Also, the technologies provided in it will assist you in removing dirt particles. Thus, we highly advise you to consider this product if you’re looking for an affordable cleaner.

Price range ₹12,998.00
Brand KENT
Material Plastic
Colour White
Power source Corded Electric
Capacity 8 liters
Warranty 1 Year Warranty + 3 Years No Service Charge
Uses This water cleaner machine is provided with a TDS control system to manipulate the TDS levels.
Item weight 16.76 lb
Voltage 250
Purification method Ultraviolet, Reverse Osmosis
Easy to use Flavor Sheerness Value for money
4.4 4.3 4.4 4.1
Buyer’s Reaction
Few customers replied with positive remarks on the product since it comments that it is an excellent cleanser. However, on the other side, some clients were confused about the overall process.

On the contrary, most buyers have commented that the product is a wasteful, defective item. Also, some stated that it is not a zero wastage product.

Best Buy Link:

3. Aquaguard Aura

Aquaguard Aura

Aquaguard Aura is provided with a mineral guard technology that helps retain essential components like Magnesium and Calcium. Moreover, it has a TDS of 200, which indicates that it is a topwater cleaner

Also, the UV e-boiling technology will polish every water drop, thereby ensuring it is healthy and safe. The Active Copper Technology provides copper goodness in water. 

Our Opinion

This product has several health benefits since it has several valuable technologies like Active Copper Technology. This technology enables clarity in the water, thereby retaining the nutrient and vitamin content. Thus, if you desire a healthy sip, kindly look for this water cleaner machine religiously. 
Price range ₹10,498.00
Brand Eureka Forbes
Material Plastic
Colour Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‏ 9.88 x 12.44 x 18.19 in
Capacity 7 liters
Warranty 1-year warranty
Uses The presence of active copper enhances the water quality.
Item weight 14.11 lb
Originated Place India
Usability Easy to install Value for money Sheerness
4.3 4.2 4.6 4.4
Buyer’s Reaction

Some have reported that the water cleaner machine is good, with copper infusion and an elegant design. But, most buyers have reported that the installation executive threatened them to give a 5-star rate to this product. Moreover, others commented that the product was defective.

Best Buy Link:

4. Aquaguard Ivory

Aquaguard Ivory

The active copper technology embedded in the cleaner uses copper ions into the water, enabling growth and development. Also, the ions provide energy to the body with a healthy metabolism. 

In addition, the ultrafiltration technology keeps the water crystal clear that makes water palatable. Also, this topwater cleaner helps to ensure the complete removal of bacteria and germs. 

Our Opinion

Aquaguard Ivory cleaner provides 6 stage purification to your water, making it pesticide-free and pure water. Moreover, you can also control its features through an app, in which you appoint a technician directly. However, it automatically switches off when the tank gets water-loaded, preventing wastage of water. Also, the prime benefit of this cleaner is that you can enjoy pure water without electricity.

Price range ₹10,499.00
Brand Eureka Forbes
Material Plastic
Colour Black and White
Style Ivory UV+UF+Active Copper
Capacity 7 liters
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from the Date of Purchase.
Uses The water cleaner machine is equipped with a flexible indicator that provides the latest purification status.
Item weight 5 kg 300 g
Originated Place India
Purification method Ultraviolet
Usability Easy to install Value for money Sheerness
4.3 4.2 4.6 4.4
Buyer’s Reaction

Most clients are satisfied with the product and service provided by the company. In addition, some stated that the product is fantastic, and the installation process is pretty straightforward. However, a few reported that the item is not good and plastic quality is terrible.

Best Buy Link:

5. HUL Pureit Eco

HUL Pureit Eco Water Cleaner

This topwater cleaner has advanced cleaning technology that assists in removing harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. Also, it enriches the RO purified water with minerals like calcium and magnesium. 

Moreover, it is supplied with a special germ kill kit to warn before its expiration, preventing last-minute hassles. In addition, it has a 10L storage capacity that can capture a large amount of water. 

Our Opinion

HUL Pureit Water purifier can eradicate harmful germs by employing RO, UV technology. In addition, it possesses eco water saver technology to prevent wastage of excess water. However, it produces mineral-rich drinking water that keeps the bowel movements safe, thereby maintaining its metabolism. Also, the large storage tank will help you stock more water, which might help us in an emergency. If you want to keep yourself and your family safe, then religiously look at this water cleaner machine once.

Price range
Brand HUL Pureit
Material Plastic
Colour Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‏ 14.17 x 11.57 x 19.21 in
Capacity 10 liters
Warranty 1 year on the product
Item weight 10 kg 500 g
Origin Place India
Usability Easy to install Value for money Sheerness
4.6 4.4 4.5 4.5
Buyer’s Reaction
Mixed reviews have been gathered about the product, of which some imparted positive remarks, while few exhibited negative feedback. However, few stated that it is a topwater cleaner, but some commented that its quality is poor and leaking from body parts.
Best Buy Link:

Best Water Cleaners Buy Guide: Factors To Check

Let us now determine the essential factors you should consider to determine which water cleaner is the best?

Water quality 

Before choosing the right cleaner for yourself, kindly determine the origin of your tap water. It will help you to detect the hardness, salinity, and TDS content present in the water. 

Suppose, if your water’s TDS level is less than 500 ppm, then you can consume the water. However, water with more than 500 ppm can cause several difficulties, including water-borne diseases. 

As per the sources, we have revealed that the TDS levels are higher if you receive water from a tanker. In addition, levels above 1000 mg/liter can cause significant harm to your body. 

Water storage capacity

It is also the most vital criteria that you should consider while buying a topwater cleaner. However, it is advised that you should have a rough idea about the water quality your family needs. Then, you can decide about the most-fitted water cleaner after reviewing the customer’s reviews provided in this write-up.


The design of a particular item is usually made from plastic-type material. Also, you should be aware that the device should be made of engineering plastic for extended durability. 

However, it is also to keep in mind that the device’s body should be made of food-grade quality. Any other material will contaminate the overall productivity. 

If you don’t want to choose a good water cleaner machine, think about its design. 


Any device you purchase comes with a maintenance cost that requires some capital. However, it includes changing the filter or servicing the system. Therefore, it is upto you to decide on such devices that require less or no maintenance. However, there are very few companies that offer affordable care. 

A good water cleaner costs about Rs 2,000 per year, and it can go higher upto Rs 5,000 per year. Therefore, it is recommended to choose and decide wisely about the features of the water cleaner machine.  


It is revealed that most water cleaners don’t operate without electricity. Thus, it can be a significant drawback for the consumer if a power cut occurs. So, a UV cleaner will not work in those cases, as it uses electricity for importing UV rays. 

In the same lines, the RO system activates the RO membrane under electricity. However, some cleaners like carbon purifiers can operate without electricity, but they cannot even remove the dust particles. 


After deciding the energy-consuming and filtration type, you can determine the range of your budget. Moreover, it is a long-term investment, so you have to choose the cost. So, we can commend you for trusting a valuable brand that has achieved much appreciation and popularity. 

Thus, if you hunt for which water cleaner is the best, you should consider Rs 7,000 – Rs 8,000. But, if you increase the cost, then more features will increase to your device.   

All of these factors are essential to review before buying different topwater cleaners.

Our Favorite Pick

After thorough research, we have concluded that Aquaguard Ivory Water Purifier and HUL Pureit Eco Water Purifier are the most suitable water cleaners for 2021. However, if you have a low budget, you can consider Livpure Glo, and if you are hunting for better quality and long durability machines, then Aquaguard Ivory is the topwater cleaner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do water purifiers do?

A1. A good water purifier refines the water from components such as salts, bacteria, and microbes, thereby retaining essential vitamins and minerals.

Q2. How long do water purifiers last?

A2. The average lifespan of a good purifier is 6-12 months.

Q3. Are water purifiers necessary?

A3. Due to increased water contamination, water purifiers are required in every home.

Closing Thoughts

This article has taught us about various water cleaner machines along with their benefits. In addition, we have also reviewed the difference between the water purifiers and filters. Also, the reasons for using the cleaners and their importance in our daily lives are explored in this write-up.

However, the article has explained the factors that are useful in considering the best water cleaners. The top cleaners that you should include in your home, along with customer ratings, are described evenly in this post. Upon researching we have found that Aquaguard Ivory is the topwater cleaner, according to customer reviews.

Also, we have compared the products based on the reviews gathered to pick out the best ones.

What are your favorite water cleaners we have discovered now? Kindly put your words in the comment section provided below.

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