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Top 10 Hand-Picked Survival Gadgets For Adventure 2021: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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Survival Gadgets for Adventure

Adventuring is the thing everyone loves to do. It fascinates each of us with nature’s wonders. Some love doing adventure in the winter season, while some love is doing it in summer. Some love adventuring by themselves while some go with their relatives or friends. Nearing holiday season starts adventurers pumping to go out and live the nature’s wonders.

Making an adventure plan to an unknown location is something that thrills our nerves & can be dangerous in a while. Some adventures may lead to survival risks. So backpacking according to the place of adventure, which can help lower the survival risk, can be challenging for many. Here we will talk about some of the survival gadgets that you must require for your adventure.

As this world is full of wonders, so does gadgets. Some cool gadgets can help you lead awesome adventures which you wish without any survival risk. Survival is the last thing for all the adventurers. So if you are planning for your adventure trip, let me help you. I have picked some cool gadgets for your backpacking. I will share the list of the top 10 hand-picked survival gadgets you need to have for your thrilling adventures through this post.

10 Best Survival Gadgets: Reviews

1. Tesla Lighter

best survival gadgetsTesla lighter holds the prior position in our handpicked list of survival gadgets. Sometimes during adventures, we need to set fire to escape from the cold or heat our food. This can be a challenging task with the standard gas lighter. Tesla Lighter is an excellent device presented by the company, which sometimes can benefit your survival. This lighter is pretty tiny in size and can fit easily in your pocket. This lighter comes with electric spark ignition techniques. The dual arching electrical current lights objects with electric heat which cannot blow out. This excellent Lighter comes with Waterproof, Windproof & Stormproof. These features make this lighter worth owing for your survival.

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2. The Bio-Lite Camp Stove

survival gadgetsThe Bio-Lite camp stove can be another surviving stuff that you must need for the adventure. Being stuck in a difficult situation where you need some hot water to drink or prepare food or have heat to fire up can lead to severe survival damage. So, to overcome such a situation, the Bio-Lite Camp stove proves to be a must need stuff for the camper or adventurer. This Bio-Lite camp stove is not only a camping stove but also works as a charger. This Bio-Lite generates power from burning Bio-mass, which can charge your mobile phone for hours of use.

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3. Power Bank Solar Battery Charger

survival gadgetsWhen you are on an adventure, you have some devices which require charging occasionally. Here comes the solar power bank battery charger. As the name suggests, it does not require any other medium for charging except Sun. As the device is compact, it easily fits into your backpack, or you can either fix it on your backpack hand. This charger has a rugged design that is Water-proof, dust-proof, Impact-proof. It is compatible with any phone type, i.e., AndroidiPhones, etc. This device powers any electronic device fast. This device comes with a built-in LED  Flashlight to light your way on the go. 

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4. Tact-Bivvy(Sleeping Bag)

survival gadgetsTact-Bivvy isn’t a survival gadget. Yes, you heard it true. It is much more than a gadget you must have in your backpack before going for any adventure. From a “life-saving” fact, it is hard to beat Tact-Bivvy in terms of its features. It is like a portable shelter, and it’s light in weight compared to any other heavy camp shelter. If you have ever been in a survival situation in freezing temperature, you will be glad to have a Tact-Bivvy with you. This portable shelter is capable of holding heat dissipated from it. When you hop inside, it traps your body heat and helps maintain your core temperature even in sub-zero temperatures. It can quickly come inside your backpack, or you can hold it in your hand.

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5. Water-Proof Socks

survival gadgetsWater-Proof Socks can be termed as a true lifesaver whenever you are on your adventure. This lifesaver is a must need for your adventure. Whenever you are hiking or bugging out a long distance, your feet will take a beating. And if they get wet, the situation can turn out to be nasty, and you can get Trench foot. So in such a situation, these Water-Proof Socks prove to be a boon trekker or camper. Made with modern design and ingenuity, this can keep our feet dry even in wet conditions. When talking about its features, it comes with “Wind-proof,” “Water-proof,” & “Mud-proof.”

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6. Watch Recon

You must have heard about the Apple Watch, which comes with fantastic design and features. But most of you are unaware of this survival watch named “Watch Recon.” It consists of only one electric component, a flashlight, but it has many other tools essential for survival, usually in a wild area. This survival watch has two divisions, i.e., upper & lower divisions. The upper-division consists of:- liquid compass/small rod to lit fire/whistle/magnifying glass. The lower division consists of:- a glass for signal/a 24-foot long fishing rod etc. The watch also has a small led for night sight. Its straps are helpful in various other ways like cutting blade/bottle opener etc.

7. The Estream

Top 10 Hand-Picked Survival Gadgets(2019) For Adventure[Updated]This device is another handpicked gadget you must have in your backpack. This power generator looks like a thermos bottle as well as in size. This portable power generating tool consists of a generator with a turbine screw and a convenient camping clamp. This device converts into a power generating source when placed inside the running water. It is capable of generating 2-7 Watts of energy inside a running water stream. It takes 4.5 hours to charge this device fully. Whenever you are low with energy, drop this device into some moving water and anchor it. The turbine blade spins and generates power which you can store in your attached battery pack.

8. The Ultra-Pocket Shot

The Ultra-Pocket ShotAs the name sounds, it is a portable shooting device that can easily fit in your backpack. This pocket shot is the must-have gadgets for adventurers or campers from our handpicked list. This slingshot device is both practical and portable. Whenever you are stuck in a situation where you need a shooting gun, this device can fulfill your need. This device is made from plastic and has a rubber that holds shooting materials. It shoots rocks, bb’s, and even arrows and fits into your pocket. This device can work as a silent hunting device whenever you search for food during your trip or camping. This device is worth owning and must have a place inside your backpack.

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9. Etekcity – Personal Water Filter

Etekcity – Personal Water FilterThis filter is the must-have gadget in your backpack whenever you are on adventure or camping. It is hard to refresh water to drink whenever you are on an adventure. And it is also not possible to carry water-filter from home. Drinking water from the stream or lake can lead your health worst during the adventure, leading to a difficult survival situation. So this portable device with handy use helps to overcome such a situation. Like many other water filters, “Etekcity” can filter about 99.99% of pathogenic micro-organisms and bacteria from the water. Due to its intelligent filtration technique, this device is easy to use. To Filter the kit, a small syringe is provided, which makes cleaning easy and relaxed. 

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10. Leatherman One-Hand Tool

Leatherman One-Hand ToolDuring your adventure or trekking, you must need various cutting stuff like a knife, screw, etc. This small stuff makes your backpack messy and sometimes may lead to loss which can sometimes lead to survival risk. If you need to come out from the worst survival situations, then this is the must-have tool in your backpack. This tool, in this case, helps to save a lot of space in your bag, and You can achieve the proper placing of tools through this. It features 16 different knife types, which can be helpful in various survival cases. It’s also straightforward to identify each tool via imprints left on the handle.

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