Top Hand Blender In India[Best Sellers] – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Top 10 Best Hand Blenders Brands In India 2020: Buyers Guide & Reviews

10 Best Hand Blenders In India To Buy Online

Best Hand Blenders Weight Material Build Power Consumption Warranty Price
INALSA Robot Inox 1000 Hand Blender 1.4 Kg Stainless Steel 1000 Watts 2-Years Check Price
Panasonic MX-SS1 Hand Blender 1.91 Kg Stainless Steel 600 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Ideal Model HB106 Hand Blender N/A Stainless Steel 800 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Braun MQ100 Hand Blender N/A Plastic 450 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Russell Hobbs RHB400SM Hand Blender 1.20 Kg Stainless Steel  600 Watts 2-Year Check Price
Warmex Hand Blender 1.52 Kg Stainless Steel 1000 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Black+Decker BXBL6002IN Hand Blender 1.44 Kg Stainless Steel 600 Watts 2-Year Check Price
Philips HR1363 Hand Blender 1.68 Kg Stainless Steel 600 Watts 2-Year Check Price
AGARO Marvel Hand Blender 1.30 Kg Stainless Steel 800 Watts 2-Year Check Price
Morphy Richards HBCP Hand Blender 1.28 Kg Stainless Steel 400 Watts 2-Year Check Price

What is a hand blender?

A kitchen appliance that could finish most of your kitchen tasks easily and without time-consuming is a hand blender. It is also known as an immersion blender or a food processor. A hand blender is a small stick-like device. The device consists of chopping blades on the top which rotates with the help of a motor that turns down the items into a very smooth puree. The immersion blender can be put directly into a bowl or other container and immerse food or liquid into a blend.

Now, you may have a question that the immersion blender and hand mixers the same appliance? No. They are different appliances. Though they have similar names and functionalities, the hand blender and hand mixers are two different appliances with different uses. A hand blender is commonly used to make shakes, smoothies, frozen drinks, etc. It is also used to make fresh sauces, purees, or simple lemonade. This is an essential appliance for a bartender. While on the other hand, a hand mixer combines different ingredients to prepare batter or dough but you can’t use it to make smoothies or shakes for yourself. It does not necessarily turn ingredients into the liquid.

Best Electric Hand Blenders In India: Reviews

1. Inalsa Hand Blender

This blender from one of the top brand makers has been placed first in our list. It is considered to be the best hand blender for whipping cream. The device is equipped with all the necessary features and equipment. This amazing hand blender is easily available in the Indian market and is suitable for Indian kitchen purposes. The 800 Watts DC motor makes the bending operation quick and smooth. While its design and style make it a perfect suit for any kitchen type.

The super sharp blades at the foot make purees, prepare baby food or even tasty and healthy smoothies within a go. The comfortable grip and anti-slip handle makes it a perfect device for blending operation. While it’s high-quality food-grade stainless steel with a blade shield design ensures splash-free blending. This electric hand blender is powered with an adjustable speed regulator which ensures you prepare any types of recipe you like.  

Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

2-Years warranty on the product.

Perfect for the Indian kitchen purpose Poor chopper quality
It comes with a multipurpose jar Power switch ceases to function
Powerful DC motor
Detachable stainless steel blades
Variable speed settings
Anti-splash design
Best Buy Link:

2. Panasonic MX-SS1 Hand Blender

Looking for your perfect kitchen assistant for mixing or blending purposes? Stop your search here. This hand blender can be a perfect companion inside your kitchen. Either to make smoothies, purees, or other blending purposes, this hand blender is a suitable option to choose for. 

Panasonic” is a well-known brand in the market and is preferred by the Indian ladies. The three-in-one hand blending operation within one device makes it a perfect fit for everyday purposes. The single touch On/Off button makes the handling operation easy and comfort in use. While the ergonomically designed handle allows you to handle the blender quite easily. The blender is equipped with a powerful motor which makes the blending operation quick and easy. The super sharp stainless steel blade is perfect for blending smoothies, shakes, baby food, etc.

It is made of high-quality durable plastic that ensures long term durability. The device is sturdy in design and easy to use. The simple touch and smooth operation ensure you about the utility & safety of the device.  

Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

1-Year warranty on the product.

Stylish and attractive design Poor chopper quality
Easy-grip handle A bit noisy in operation
Powerful motor
Comes with 3-speed settings
Lightweight and easy to clean design
Best Buy Link:

3. Ideal Model HB106 Hand Blender

Blending made simple with this awesomely designed hand blender. This Ideal hand blender is made of German technology which ensures built-in quality and perfect kitchen operation. It is made from high-quality stainless steel which makes it a perfect suit to any blending operation. The ergonomic handle design makes the operation easy and comfortable to use. The device is equipped with the powerful 800 Watts DC motor which provides perfect smoothies or purees within a go. 

The variable speed setting allows you to adjust the speed of the device according to your cooking requirements. While the turbo speed setting provides you sufficient power for the heavier usage or operation. The Blue indicator light provides information about the usage of the device and looks fabulous in the design.Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Perfect for all age groups Noisy in operation
Ergonomic handle Quickly heatens up
Powerful motor
Affordable in the price range
Best Buy Link:

4. Braun MQ100 DIP Hand Blender

Looking for a budget-friendly hand blender? This option will satisfy your search. Braun is a widely known brand name and is preferable to most of the housewives in the kitchen. The brand usually makes the device embedded with the latest technology and innovation. 

This hand blender is powered by the Powerball technology ensures more cutting per rotation. The extra milling blades ensure the cutting of larger pieces of food with more smoothness and ease with less effort. The 450 Watts powerful motor guarantees the smooth blending of food in a quick time. It is embedded with a soft grip handle that allows you to do the task with much ease and comfort. While a compact and convenient design helps to carry anywhere you want without taking any space. This mini hand blender also comes with a splash-control technology which helps to keep your kitchen counter clean and spotless. The optimal control provides you perfect results without any mess for any type of kitchen operation. Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Multi-quick in operation Noisy in operation
compact and convenient to store Not suitable for heavier operation
Finer and even food processing
Splash-control technology
Comfort grip & easy to use
Best Buy Link:

5. Russell Hobbs RHB400SM Hand Blender

If you want to make a smart investment in your kitchen need switch to this 4-in-1 hand blender. This multipurpose hand blender comes with attachments which accordingly fit for different types of cooking requirements. This Russel-Hobbs hand blender can be the most suitable option for blending, chopping, and whisking operation as it comes with innovative design and necessary attachments. The motor provided in the hand blender adjusts the speed according to the requirements that mean it works normally on 400 Watts but can extend upto 600 Watts during blending which is maximum locked power.

It is made from the ABS plastic material which provides maximum durability for the material. While the ergonomically designed handle provides you easy grip and maximum comfort during operation. The two-speed control setting helps to adjust the device operates according to the food requirements. The low noise operation helps you skip from annoying noise inside your kitchen which is better compared to other models. It is considered as the best hand blender for mayonnaise.Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

2-Years warranty on the product.

ABS plastic body Noisy in operation
Low noise operation Does not comes with LED light 
Normal & Turbo mode – 
Splash free design – 
Powerful motor & comfortable grip handle – 
Easy to clean & sturdy body – 
Best Buy Link:


6. Warmex Electric Hand Blender

It is a one-stop solution for all your blending, chopping, and whisking need within your kitchen. Warmex hand blender is a preferred brand name according to the Indian kitchen requirements. This handy blender aid you in your multitasking needs inside your kitchen. It is equipped with the most powerful motor of 1000 Watts DC motor which makes the blending operation quick and easy compared to the other brands.

The light ergonomic design fits perfectly in your hand for simple and comfortable use. The variable speed control device is embedded with an LED light that looks very bright and enhances your interior and work environment. The hand blender is provided with a hanging loop that means you can hang the blender post usage for easy drying. The super sharp Stainless steel provides you perfect and even result in every time. The low noise operation provides you pleasant and comfortable use. So if you want to make the smart move, this electric hand blender is a perfect suit for preparing dips, sauces, soups, mayonnaise, and baby food as well as for mixing and milkshakes.Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

1-Year warranty on the product.

Slim and ergonomic body Not comes in ABS plastic design
Low noise operation No turbo mode operation
Variable speed control with LED light
A quick and smooth result
Wide opening mouth for easy cleaning 
Powerful motor & durable design 
Best Buy Link:

7. Black+Decker Hand Blender

Looking for a powerful and multipurpose blending and pureeing device? Stop your search here. This smart device is a one-stop solution for your everyday chopping and bending operation inside your kitchen. This multipurpose stainless steel blender provides you even and perfect results every time. From whisking eggs to get the perfect, fluffy omelet to chopping onions and other veggies for a quick dinner preparation this hand blender is a suitable option to choose for.

The variable speed control gives you the power to choose the setting of the blender according to your task and requirements. The detachable shaft provides you quick and easy clean of the device. The blender is equipped with a 600 Watts powerful motor which provides sufficient speed and control for the cooking fine and even cooking purpose. The ergonomically designed handle provides you an easy grip and comfort while operating. Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

2-Years warranty on the product.

Durable and sturdy plastic body Average body design
Multipurpose stainless steel Not comes with turbo speed mode
Variable speed control No LED light for indication
Easy clean & low noise operation
The grip is good and comfortable
Best Buy Link:

8. Philips Hand Blender

You are just a button away from getting the perfect blending operation. Switch to this smart and handy electric hand blender. This handy appliance is the most essential tool for your pre-cooking preparations which saves you a lot of time and effort. This daily purpose hand bender is a perfect combination of exemplifying performance and simple handling. It is powered with a 600 Watts powerful motor which lets you carry out various chopping, mixing and chopping quickly and easily.

The soft-touch button embedded over the top of the blender makes the cooking operation easy and comfortable. This rich in feature devices simplifies most of your daily tasks within a go. It is also equipped with an anti-splash guard that avoids unwanted spillage of foods and helps in keeping your kitchen cabinet clean. The double-action blades provide you with wonderfully smooth results within a seconds. Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

2-Years warranty on the product.

Durable and sturdy plastic body Little noisy in operation
Equipped with turbo mode operation Not comes with food-grade material
Soft-touch and comfort grip
Anti-splash blade guard
Easy to detach and clean
Best Buy Link:

9. AGARO Marvel Hand Blender

Want to enjoy the effortless blending? Switch over to this perfect companion for your kitchen. The slim and handy blender is a great tool for smoothies, milkshakes & salad dressings. On the other hand, the stylish look and design enhance the luxury of your kitchen. The powerful motor is capable to provide you delicious blends within a minute. It is also capable of crush ice and is a suitable device for heavier purposes.  

The stainless steel blades act as a powerful cutting tool that provides smoothies or purees quickly and efficiently. The BPA free and food-grade material make this device a perfect fit for any type of kitchen usage. It comes with a dual-mode operation: Mode 1 (For the puree, chopping, mixing) and Mode 2 (For Milkshakes, Smoothies, Crushing Ice). The speed regulator helps to vary and maintain the speed according to our requirements. The device is equipped with a detachable blending shaft with a stainless steel blade and protective guard for easy and safe operation. Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

2-Years warranty on the product.

100% BPA free and food-grade plastic Not provide even blend every time
Ergonomic and stylish handle design Not comes with a splash-free design
Powerful motor
Detachable parts and easy to clean design
Durable and efficient in operation
Best Buy Link:

10. Morphy Richards Hand Blender

This option is the last and the best hand blender in India on our list. Morphy Richards is widely known for its product quality and durability. The hand blender is reliable and efficient in operation which provides you perfect food blending within a go. No no worry of time and hassle working environment with this awesomely built hand blender. This hand blender is a must-have device within your kitchen which also enhances the kitchen interior.

The appliance is powered with the 400 Watts motor which delivers the optimum amount of power. The slim and ergonomic design handle fits perfectly to your hands and ensures the comfortable blending. The detachable parts with an easy locking system make this device easy to clean and safe to operate. The 2 variable speed control allows you to customize the speed of the blender according to your needs and requirements.Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

2-Years warranty on the product.

Handy and reliable blender Not provide even blend every time
Easily detachable parts The motor is less powerful
Slim and ergonomic design Not comes with turbo speed mode
Variable speed control
Best Buy Link:


Types of Hand Blenders

1. Household Hand Blenders

Best Hand Blenders In India – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Hand blenders are compact in size and handy material which are mostly used for mixing eggs whites, cakes, or juice materials. These are lightweight in design and comfortable to carry anywhere in the house and blend any light and soft material within a fraction of seconds with the help of a button. It is also known as an immersion or stick blender. It is very easy to use as it requires less effort or no effort. You will have to put the blades over the things you are blending it for. It doesn’t blend automatically.


The design comprises a handle and a switch that is placed at the top and blade at the bottom. The motor and other essential materials are covered in a plastic or metal to prevent any unwanted outcome while using. They are mostly made up of plastic. While some of the models do comes in the metal design.

Ease of Use

It offers you the freedom to use anywhere you want either in the kitchen or dining table especially if it is a cordless design. Some models even offer several attachments to put on the blade to achieve different results depending on your needs. You just need to switch ON the button and the machine will do its work.


It doesn’t require any time and effort for cleaning. You just need to put the blender on a pot filled with soapy water and let it clean itself for a few seconds. After then rinse the water and wipe out with a piece of clothes to wipe the residue from the blades.


A hand blender offers versatile functions. It is perfect for anyone who wants to save installation time. They offer an easier way to blend small amounts of ingredients. On the other hand, it can be used by anyone from a small child to the big one in proper attention.

2. Commercial Hand Blenders

Most people confuse between the household hand blender and commercial hand blenders. But let me tell you they are not the same. They may resemble similar looks but they differ in many factors. They are larger and comes with various useful and tricky features that are useful for chefs and semi-industrial usage.


This model is mostly built with high-quality material because it is mostly used for heavy-duty operations. They vary in sizes though. Their sizes differ from 12-Inches to 2-feet or a little more. The motor is powerful and the shaft is pretty long to handle. It usually comes with several controls to change speed and more.


It is not easy to clean this blender. You’ll have to clean it directly with a towel or with a heavy rinse of water.


They are most useful in professional cuisines or industrial environments. In any place where it is essential to blend several dozen pounds or liters of something – a commercial immersion blender comes like a perfect option. Still, the smallest 12-inches model can work almost as quickly and effectively as a hand blender for smoothies, soups, sauces, and more.

What are the advantages of a hand blender?

  • Affordable in price
  • Small and portable in design
  • Versatile applications
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to maintain
  • High efficiency
  • Low power consumption

Hand Blenders are used for

  • Beating eggs
  • Blending pancake batter
  • Pureeing soup
  • Making smoothies and milkshakes
  • Whipping up homemade Mayonnaise
  • Making pesto sauce
  • Mixing salad dressings

What are the differences between a Hand blender and a Hand mixer?

Hand Blender Hand Mixer
It turns things into a liquid It only works to combine ingredients
Great for making smoothies, milkshakes, etc. Great for dough and batters
Can make thinner liquid Good for processing thicker liquid
Largely used for chopping and blending foods Great tool for mixing wet or dry ingredients


Hand Blenders Buying Guide

A hand blender is an essential tool inside your kitchen. It can finish most of your pre-cooking tasks daily without consuming any effort and time. It is considered to be an important piece of equipment for making smoothies, purees, and soups. Some of these devices also come with additional accessories that help you with chopping and slicing.

Our buying guide will help you learn various essential and important features to consider before buying a hand blender.

1. Motor

It is an important factor to consider before buying a hand blender. The result of the food processing completely depends on the quality and capacity of the motor used in an immersion blender. The motor provides sufficient torque to create the vortex such that food ingredients pass through rotatory blades. The hand blender is usually rated in Watts which indicates the capacity and power of the device. The power of the motor usually varies from 200-1500 Watts. However, we recommend you to buy a hand blender of 250-600 Watts which is sufficient for any type of kitchen usage.

2. Speed Regulator

Speed plays an important role while blending food ingredients. Variable speed control helps you maintain food processing according to your necessity and requirements. A nice slow speed is perfect for delicate jobs like whisking and emulsification. While the high-speed setting is suitable for pulverizing or blitzing things. Some hand blenders come with Turbo speed settings which is suitable for ice crushing and heavier operation.

3. Cage

The area around the blender that holds the blades is represented as the cage. It provides control over how fine the ingredients should be blended. An ideal cage provides enough cutouts and gaps that allow proper food circulation while blending. The Stainless steel cage is considered to be the most durable cage for a blender and lasts pretty long.

4. Blade Material

The blade is responsible for cutting and blending of the food materials. It is an important factor to consider before buying the best hand blender. A sharp enough blade completes the operation quickly and easily. Prefer blades made from stainless steel which are more durable and are available in either regular or tri-blade. 

5. Removable blending Wand

A hand blender comes with detachable wands that are much easier to clean and also prevents the motor from getting wet while washing. It also makes the cleaning operation quick and easy.

6. Blender Length

Blender length is an important factor to consider in a hand blender. The taller wand can be beneficial for blending in deep pots. The shaft should be long enough o reach the bottom which helps to get even blending. On the other hand, if the blender is too tall, then it can become bulky to operate. So, if you make soups regularly, then a lengthy wand can be beneficial as it will reach the bottom of your soup pot and provide a smooth and fine blend.

7. Grip or handle

A handle helps to make the operation in a controlled manner. It must be handy in design and comfortable to use. You must prefer the hand blender which is rubberized and ergonomic as it makes the blending easy even during the long run.

8. Heat Accumulation

Overheating is the most common issue faced in a different hand blender. The overheating is usually caused due to cheaper used material and for using a longer period. Before purchasing a hand blender make sure to choose a model that can disperse the heat or has overheat protection.

9. Weight

A handheld blender weight varies from 500 grams to 2 kg. As hand blender is used with one hand so choosing a heavyweight can make our task annoying and tough to handle. So you must choose a hand blender which is lightweight and design and can fit your hand with comfort and easy.

10. Noise

A hand blender produces noise during operation. However, choose the brand which produces less noise to get a pleasant environment inside your kitchen.

11. Warranty

Most of the immersion blenders available in India come with at least a 1-year warranty. But some high-end models provide 2 to 3 years of warranty based on price, model, and features. However, don’t purchase a blender that doesn’t come with a warranty.

12. After-Sale Service

Similar to the warranty period, good after-sales service is also important. It helps the users feel safe and get any required support directly from the brand.


Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Hand Blenders(FAQs)

1. What is the best Hand Blender?

=> The best blender should include the best in features, style quality, and brand values. The hand blenders vary from the company to the company and from person to person’s choice. You should consider all the essential points and your needs before choosing the hand blender.

Some of the popular and the best hand blenders are:

Name Motor Warranty Price
AGARO Marvel 800-Watts 2-Years Check Price
Prestige 200-Watts 1-Year Check Price
Philips 600-Watts 2-Years Check Price
Warmex 1000-Watts 1-Year Check Price
Panasonic 600-Watts  1-Year Check Price

2. Can I use a hand blender for whipping cream?

=> Yes. A hand blender is a perfect device for whipping cream. It is equipped with all the necessities you may require for whipping cream. Along with that it also curbs the time taken. It will also reduce the stress on your hands and wrists that are commonly experienced during whipping the cream manually. Inalsa Hand blender is the best hand blender choice for whipping cream.

3. Is it possible to crush Ice using a hand blender?

=> Yes. A hand bender is capable of crushing Ice. It is equipped with the study and reliable stainless steel blade which works using a powerful motor that can crush ice within a minute. Warmex electric hand blender is a suitable hand blender for Ice crushing.

4. Are parts of hand blender dishwasher safe?

=> Yes. They are completely dishwasher safe. Do read the manual instruction before purchasing a hand bender which will provide you an idea according to your requirements.

5. Which is the best hand blender to buy under ₹4000 in India?

=> Panasonic MX-SS1 Hand Blender is considered to be the best hand blender to buy under ₹4000 in India.


  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Powerful motor
  • Comes with a 3-speed setting
  • Capable of crushing Ice
  • Lightweight and portable in design
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Easy to clean design

6. Can I make cold coffee using a hand blender?

=> Yes. A hand blender is capable enough to prepare you for a cold coffee. Switch to the hand blender which is capable of crushing ice within a minute can be a perfect choice for preparing a cold coffee.

7. Can I mince meat using a hand blender?

=> Though the hand blender is capable enough for performing various operations. But meat mincer will be a good choice if you want to mincemeat. HomeFast Meat Grinders Electric Food Processor is considered to be a suitable option to choose from.

8. What is a hand blender really for? What does it do that a regular blender can’t?

=> An immersion blender or hand blender is considered to be an essential tool for various pre-cooking requirements. From making smoothing, purees, mayonnaise, or crushing ice a hand blender is capable of performing various operations within a minute. A regular blender has the blades positioned at the bottom and relies on the “whirlpool action” to pull the food down to them. With an immersion blender, you can use an “up and down” motion to process or whip the food more efficiently and quicker. Along with that clean is easier with a hand blender compared to a regular blender.

Final Words

A hand blender is an essential tool for all kitchen. It is considered to be the perfect pre-cooking tool inside your kitchen. The device is capable enough for preparing different food items quickly. 

Our top pick from the list is Warmex Electric hand blender which is an awesomely built device and is good at chopping, blending, and whisking. It is equipped with a powerful motor, SS blades, variable speed regulator for making the operation smooth and quick.

I hope you liked the article. Still, if you have any doubts regarding hand blenders or using any of the above-mentioned models, let us know in the comment section given below. We’ll clarify them as early as possible.

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