Symphony Wall Mounted Air Cooler 2020: Buy Guide & Reviews

Symphony Wall Mounted Air Cooler 2020: Buy Guide & Reviews

Symphony Wall Mounted Air Cooler

Symphony Wall Mounted Air Cooler

Symphony comes with the (tagline – the coolest invention of the decade). It is termed as India’s first wall-mounted air cooler. The Symphony cloud cooler fits perfectly on the wall saving the floor space. Along with its cool features, it also fits any decor. 

This smart cooler is powered by i-Pure technology including multi-stage air purification filters i.e. allergy filter, bacteria filter, smell filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and dust filter and cool flow dispenser, delivers fresh and filtered cool air. It has an intelligent remote which comes with four-speed cooling with a 10-hour timer function.

One of the cool features that makes it different from the normal cooler is its “Magic Fill” technology that automatically fills water inside the cooler ensuring your convenience. It also comes with the electronic humidity control feature that controls the humidity level inside the room which ultimately cuts out the requirements of Dehumidifiers

The auto-clean feature helps you to maintain hygiene automatically. It is also low on pocket as it consumes only 255 watts of energy, which ultimately cuts out the higher electricity bill. 

symphony cooler

While the multi-stage filters help to absorb all types of allergens or germs providing you with fresh and clean air.

Note:  For an effective cooling experience, you need to keep the door/window open for cross ventilation.

Symphony Wall Mounted Air Cooler 2020: Buy Guide & ReviewsFeatures of Symphony Wall Mounted Air-Cooler

  • Perfect fit for the room size upto 57 m3.
  • Larger tank capacity of 15 Liters.
  • Low power consumption upto 255 Watts.
  • Automatic water filling with magic fill technology.
  • It comes with the intelligent remote control with 10 hours of timer function.
  • Empty water tank alarm.
  • Easy drain system
  • Auto clean feature.
  • The electronic humidity control system
  • Silent/Turbo mode operation
  • Automatic horizontal/vertical swing function
  • Powered by i-Pure technology including multistage air purification filters – allergy filter, bacteria filter, smell filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and dust filter.

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Symphony Cloud wall-Mounted Air Cooler FAQs

1. How to fill the water in the tank?

=> The water can be filled up in the tank in two ways:

  • Either you connect the back of it to the water tank directly and it will take in water and stop when it is full, it has got a cut off inside.
  • Secondly, there is a magic full option that comes with this. Just dip that into a water bucket and that would automatically suck water.

2. How to install this cooler?

=> After receiving the product you must call the symphony customer support for the installation. Installation is free of cost by the company.

3. How does it get fresh air?

=> It gets fresh air from open windows and a ventilator in the room.

4. Do we need to change parts after 1 year?

=> There is no need to change any parts after 1-Year.

5. How many units of electricity does it consume?

=> It consumes 255 Watts or 1 Unit in 4 hours of working time.

6. How much is the noise production?

=> The noise level is smooth compared to other coolers.

7. Do we need to make cross holes into the walls for pipe?

=> No. Only 2 plastic bars would be fit on the wall and cooler will be hooked to those bars.  

8. What is the warranty period for the product?

=> It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

9. What is the cooling capacity of the cooler?

=> It provides the cooling an area of 220 sqft approx.

10. At what height should it be placed for cooling?

=> The cooler should be at the height of around 7 to 8 feet for a better cooling experience.

11. Does it work in the room where there is no ventilation?

=> As this air cooler comes with the non-humid cool system, it will work in the room where there is no ventilation.

12. Does it come with the air purification feature?

=> Yes. Symphony wall mounted air cooler comes with multistage air purification filters i.e. allergy filter, bacteria filter, smell filter, PM 2.5 wash filter, and dust filter to provide you fresh and filtered air all around.

13. Does it come with any smart feature?

=> Yes. The Symphony air cooler comes with an intelligent remote control system with 10 hours timer and auto-clean function.

14. Is the cooler environment-friendly?

=> Yes. The cooler is environment-friendly.

15. At what interval should I change the filter?

=> One should change the filter after 1-year for a better cooling experience.

16. How much is the air throw distance?

=> The air throw distance of the cooler is around 6 meters.

17. What is the product dimension?

=> The product dimension is: (LxBxH): 921 mm x 330 mm x 416 mm.

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Maintenance Tips:

  • Disconnect the power cord before servicing or maintenance.
  • Do not make loose wiring or use inferior material in servicing or maintenance to avoid fire hazards.
  • Please stop the device and contact the authorized service provider in case of an electric shock found on the cooler.
  • To clean the tank remove the drain plug from the bottom side. Drain out all the residual water to keep your surrounding hygienic.
  • Please disconnect the power supply before opening any cover to avoid injury due to the rotating part or electric shock.
  • To clean the cooling pad, please unplug the cooler; apply low water pressure with the help of a pipe on the cooling pad from outside. Depending on the surrounding environment, clean the pad at least once or twice a year.
  • Under no circumstances, customer should open the cooler.
  • In case of any difficulties, please contact the symphony customer care helpline number: 07930130111.
  • Always use clean tap water.

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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Causes Remedy
Less Cooling  

The pump is switched OFF


Humidity control OFF

No air circulation


Switch on the pump

Ensure the humidity control knob is ON

Ensure cross ventilation

Water Leakage  

Drain Plug is displaced


Grill Lock is disengaged

Cooling pad has sagged

Ensure that the drain plug is positioned properly

Relock the grill

Change the cooling pads

Fan Not Working Airflow switch is turned OFF

Loose contact at the socket

The switch or Motor malfunction

Switch ON the fan by selecting the required speed

Rectify faulty wiring/socket in the house

Call Symphony customer care helpline no. 07930130111

Shock on cooler Device malfunction Call Symphony customer care helpline no. 07930130111

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