Realme Buds Q[True Wireless Earbuds]

Realme Buds Q[True Wireless Earbuds]2021: Buy Guide & FAQs

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Realme Buds Q – [True Wireless EarBuds]

Realme Buds Q is a Truly Wireless Earbuds from “Realme” in 2020 with the budget price range. The design is supported by the tagline – “Music Never Ends“. This wireless Bud has been designed by Jose Levy. The company claims that this TWS provides the runtime upto 33% more than its competitors like Redmi’s earbuds.

It is also said that its 10 mm large dynamic bass boost driver provides 33% more sound clarity than its competitors. The boost driver has been made with a PEEK&PU special polymer composite diaphragm. This provides great sound experience and clarity in the mid and high-range frequencies. The control functions are easy to understand and operate. The realme link-App allows easy access and customized the touch controls of Buds Q.

Realme Buds Q Features

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Cobble design with fine and smooth finish
  • IPX4 water-resistance
  • Durable design
  • Large battery life
  • Dynamic Bass Boost Driver
  • Instant connection with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Super Low latency gaming mode

Realme Buds Q Controls & Functions

  • Double-tap to play/pause music
  • Double-tap to answer a call
  • Triple-tap to play the next song
  • Press and hold one-side to end a call
  • Press and hold both side to enter/exit the gaming mode
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Realme Buds Q: FAQs

Is Realme Buds Q worth buying?

=> Realme Buds Q is the latest add-on to the realme wireless earbuds world. The device comes with innovative design and control features compared to other models. Along with that, the model is available in three color variants and is budget in price value. These sound good compared to various models in this price range. Along with that, the model also adopts a quick pairing function. 

What is Realme Buds Q weight?

=> The device weighs 3.6 grams. 

Is Buds Q water-resistant?

=> Yes. The device features IPX4 water resistance to prevent sweat and rain.

How is Buds Q good for gaming?

=> The bud has been provided with “Super Low Latency Gaming Mode”. This mode drastically reduces the gaming sound latency to 119ms providing the perfect sync between audio and visuals.

How long does it take to charge the device? 

=> It takes usually upto 90 minutes to fully charge the device.

What is the run-time of the device?

=> The device run-time has upto 20 hours of battery life which allows all-day-use. It provides 4.5 hours of single continuous music listening time, 5 hours of single continuous gaming time, 3.5 hours of continuous calling time, 6 hours of continuous video watch time. 

How is the connection of the device?

=> The buds Q comes with a powerful R1Q chip that supports a new generation of Bluetooth 5.0.

How to wear the device?

=> To wear the device correctly see the pictorial below to get a clear view.

Realme Buds Q[True Wireless Earbuds]2020

What color options are available for Buds Q?

=> The Buds Q comes with three color options: Yellow Pebble, Black Pebble, and White Pebble.

How to check the battery level status of Realme Buds Q?

=> To check the battery level status there is an indicator flashlight on the charging box.

Red Light – Less than 30%

Yellow Light – Between 30% – 60%

Green Light – More than 60%

Is there an App for these wireless earbuds?

=> It supports all new realme-link App. This helps to customize the touch controls of Buds Q.

Are the functions different than any other realme earbuds?

=> No. The functions are the same as any other realme earbuds like Realme EarBuds Air.

Redmi Earbuds S vs Realme Buds Q

Realme Buds Q Redmi Earbuds S
10 mm driver 7.2 mm driver
Weighs 3.6 grams Weighs 4.1 grams
Audio codec supports SBC, AAC Audio codec supports only SBC
Low latency gaming-mode upto 119 milli-seconds 122 milli-seconds latency in gaming-mode
Earbuds 40 mAh capacity Earbuds 43 mAh capacity
Charging case: 400 mAh Charging Case: 300 mAh
4.5 hours of playtime 4 hours of playtime
App-pairing, Realme-Link No App-pairing
Color: Yellow, Black, White Color: Black
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