Powerpye Dehumidifier With Clothes Dryer & Air Purifier 2020: Reviews & FAQs

Powerpye Dehumidifier With Clothes Dryer & Air Purifier 2020: Reviews & FAQs

Powerpye Dehumidifier

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Powerpye Dehumidifier with Clothes Dryer and Air-Purifier

This dehumidifier is the top and the first recommendation for you. It not only comes with the large tank capacity but also has a higher dehumidification capacity level. This dehumidifier not only maintains the humidity level but also has a simple air purifier system that will keep your home dry and warm during rainy or wet seasons. It is capable to eliminate potentially dangerous variables or dust-mites that can affect your home, family, and even your beloved pets.

Powerpye dehumidifier is designed to be one of the quietest compressor dehumidifiers on the market. The quietest compressor dehumidifier in the market is available by “Powerpye”. It is capable of removing the large volume of water per day which makes it ideal for dealing with moisture, condensation, damp, bacterial growth, etc. 6.5 Liter tank size comes with the water level indicator which helps to get the precise information for the water level inside the tank.

It is perfect for the room size of 300 Sq.Ft. The dashboard comes with a large LCD panel with buttons that manages different functions such as frosting, fan speed, temperature, and humidity control. The digital display panel makes the device more attractive and shows the current humidity level always. The device can maintain the “Relative Humidity” level from 90%-30% within an hour. 

Along with the various function, this dehumidifier also comes with an automatic shut-off function which saves time and energy. This feature actively monitors the space climate and will shut down automatically once the desired humidity level is reached. The robust and sleek design doesn’t take up space inside your room and makes it easy to use and carry to your empty point. The auto-defrost feature helps to allow you to operate the unit without the worry of frost damage. The child lock feature helps to prevent little fingers from tampering your settings.

Powerpye Dehumidifier PROS & CONS

Perfect for the larger room size The tank capacity is small
Compact size and effective operation  not comes with the HEPA filter system
Lower noise operation
Large humidity removal capacity
It comes with the clothes dryer & air-purifier
Easy mobility
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2OgKSxM

Powerpye Dehumidifier FAQs

  • What do you mean by 6.5 L water storage capacity?

=> It means the storage tank is collecting the water from the air that is being processed by the dehumidifier. It simply collects the extracted water from the room humidity.

  • Does Powerpye Dehumidifier come with a HEPA filter?

=> No. Powerpye dehumidifier is not equipped with a HEPA filter.

  • What is the weight of this dehumidifier?

=> Powerpye dehumidifier weighs 15.5 Kg.

  • How much humidity level can this dehumidifier maintain?

=> This dehumidifier can maintain the humidity level from 90% to 30% in an hour.

  • What room size is this dehumidifier suitable for?

=> Powerpye dehumidifier is suitable for the room size of 300 Square feet.

  • Is this dehumidifier equipped with a child-lock feature?

=> Yes. Powerpye dehumidifier is provided with a child-lock feature to prevent little fingers from tampering.

  • What is the tank size of this dehumidifier?

=> It comes with a tank capacity of 6.5 liters.

  • Is this dehumidifier equipped with a water level indicator?

=> Yes. This dehumidifier is equipped with a water-level indicator to indicates whether the tank is full or empty.

  • Does it come with an auto-defrost feature?

=> Yes. Powerpye dehumidifier is equipped with an auto-defrost feature. It is beneficial for those using their device in a cooler climate.

  • Can it eliminate dust mites?

=> Yes. It is capable to emit dust-mites that are a common cause for many allergy-related.

  • Does it come with a timer setting?

=> Yes. This dehumidifier is equipped with 24-hours timer settings.

  • Can it be used as an air conditioner?

=> No. This is not an air conditioner. It is only a dehumidifier that is used to maintain the humidity level inside your home. 

  • Is this device easily movable?

=> Yes. This dehumidifier is equipped with the castor wheels which makes the device easily movable from one place to another.

  • How much is the humidification capacity of this device?

=> The Powerpye dehumidifier comes with a humidity removal capacity of 30 liters per day.

  • What does the front screen display?

=> The front screen displays the Relative Humidity(RH) level of percentage i.e. RH% in the room. 

  • Can I set the desired humidity level of the machine?

=> Yes. Powerpye dehumidifier allows you to set the desired humidity level of the machine. You can set the humidity level upto 40, 50, 60. You can also use the machine in CO (continuous) mode to reach below 40 RH%.

Cleaning And Maintaining A Dehumidifier

1. Read the user’s manual guide to get an overview about the cleaning instructions. 

2. Turn off the switch and unplug the dehumidifier before cleaning or maintaining the device. This will prevent you from electric shock and prevent the machine from damage.

3. Clean the water tank reservoir with warm water and dish-washing liquid. Rinse it well and wipe out with dry cloth thoroughly.

4. Check and clean the dust over the coils and filters to keep the dehumidifier free from dirt.

5. Change the air filter every six months to elongate the life span of the dehumidifier.

6. Try to maintain the gap of 10 minutes before restarting your dehumidifier.

Our Verdict

Powerpye dehumidifier is the overall smartly designed device to maintain the humidity level inside your home. This device not only maintains the humidity level but also helps too dry your clothes. Along with that it also helps to purify the air inside the room. In one word, this dehumidifier is a 3-in-1 device that not only budget in price range but also cuts down the need for separate clothes dryer or air-purifier. The device futuristic design and features keep it above various dehumidifiers. Overall, the device is essential for those who have many allergy-related symptoms and short breaths, and they thrive in humid, warm climates. As the device is usable in all the weather conditions which makes it a suitable device to purchase for your home.

Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/32bANu9

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