Havells Digitouch Alkaline 100% (RO+UV) Water Purifier 2020: Reviews & FAQs

Havells Digitouch Alkaline 100% (RO+UV) Water Purifier 2020: Reviews & FAQs

Havells Digitouch

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Havells Digitouch With 7 Stages Of Purification

Havells Digitouch Alkaline 100% (RO+UV) Water Purifier 2020

1. Membrane Performance Enhancer

It is the first stage in the purification process. The membrane performance Enhancer removes the hardness from the source water and increases the life of the RO membrane. It prevents scale formation on the RO membrane.

2. Sediment Cartridge

It removes coarse and fine suspended impurities such as sand, dust, silt, rust, and clay, etc. from the source water. Improves performance and enhances the life of Activated Carbon Cartridge and RO Membrane. 

3. Activated Carbon Cartridge

In this stage, a wide range of dissolved organic impurities such as pesticides, and herbicides are removed. It also removes chlorine and bad odor.

4. RO Membrane

The RO membrane removes dissolved impurities and harmful heavy metals like lead, arsenic, mercury, chromium, fluorides, and iron, etc.

5. Germicidal UV

Germicidal UV C at an optimum Wavelength of 253.7nm irradiation disinfects water and makes it free from microbiological impurities.

6. Mineralz Cartridge

Balances the pH level of purified water and re-mineralizes it by adding naturally occurring essential minerals and salts giving you healthier and tastier water.

7. Silver Impregnated Taste Enhancer

The last stage of purification removes organic residue and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) to improve the taste of water and adds a sparkling texture to it.

8. Revitalizer Cartridge

Revitalizer Cartridge restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically active to improve the hydration and mineral absorption. In general terms, this makes the purified water more healthy for our body as the hydration capacity of water is increased and our body is able to absorb minerals (present in purified water) more effectively.

Havells Digitouch Water Purifier Full-Specifications

Product Dimensions 48.4 cm x 36.1 cm x 22.2 cm
Weight ~ 9 Kg
Water Flow Rate Upto 15 Liters per Hour
Water Storage Capacity ~ 6 Liters
Purifying Technology RO + UV
Purifying Stages 8
Power Rating 60 Watts
Material Built ABS Food Grade Plastic
Pressure Rating 06-30 psi

Havells Digitouch (RO+UV) Water Purifier Detailed Features

  • RO + UV Filtration

This water purifier uses both RO & UV purification methods to purify the water. The purified water passes firstly through the RO membrane and then UV membrane to ensure absolutely safe and purified drinking water.

  • Double UV Purification

This helps to deliver the purified water round the clock. It also enhances the oxygen level in purified water and maintains hygiene in the water tank.

  • Mineralz

It corrects the pH value of water. It adds back the full spectrum of natural minerals and trace elements and delivers healthier and tastier water always. 

  • Revitalizer

It restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically active that improves hydration and mineral absorption.

  • iProtect Purification Monitor

It constantly monitors the purification process and ensures safe drinking water always.

  • Convenient Multi-Fill option

This feature measures and dispense the programmed volume of water in a glass or bottle. Free flow option for the large container. Zero splashes and hygienic water.

  • Auto Diagnosis

This feature checks or diagnoses the systematic performance of vital components to deliver the optimum performance and display error codes.

  • Maintenance Alerts

This feature alerts timely or periodic maintenance of the system.  

  • Cartridge life Indicator

It monitors and displays the filer life expectancy to help you plan comprehensive maintenance in advance.

  • Ingress Protection Tank Cover

It stops the external invasion of insects and dust particles.

Havells Digitouch Alkaline Water Purifier Pros & Cons

100% Water Purification No water dispensing without electricity
Delivers 8+ ph level of water Storage capacity is low comparatively 
Low Power consumption
Revitalizer improves the water molecules content
Uses double UV purification method
Advanced alert system(Filter change display monitor)
Feather-touch panel & Digital clock
Self-diagnosis feature
Purification process indicator
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3gOHOVV

1. How to do Havells digitouch water purifier installation?

=> Follow these guidelines for the installation purpose:

  • Once the product is received by the customer, you can contact them on 1800 11 0303,
    or 1800 103 1313.
  • The technician will charge Rs.350/- to Rs.500/- depending on the location and these charges are to be paid by the customer only.
  • The time taken by the technician to reach your location may vary from 12-72 hours.
  • The mobile number of the technician will be provided through SMS only.
  • It is the customer’s duty to check whether the installation is proper or not. The customer has to ask the technician to show the TDS of pure water (Keep TDS between 30 to 200 ppm). You have to check for leakages and all before giving the installation charges.
  • The customer has to pay the technician ₹ 350-₹ 500 for every visit.

2. What is the star rating of the Havells Digitouch water purifier?

=> Havells Digitouch water purifier comes with a star rating of 4.7.

3. What is the capacity of this water purifier?

=> Havells Digitouch Water Purifier comes with a capacity of 6 Liters.

4. What is the product dimension?

=> The product dimension is (LXHXW = 48.4 cm x 36.1 cm x 22.2 cm).

5. What are the color options available?

=> Havells Digitouch water purifier comes in a single color variant i.e Champagne & Black. 

6. What is the special feature of this model?

=> Havells Digitouch water purifier comes with the “Revitalizer” that restructures the water molecules and makes it biologically active that improves the hydration and mineral absorption shut-off feature.

7. How much is the warranty period of the Havells Digitouch water purifier?

=> The Havells Digitouch water purifier model comes with a warranty period of 1-Year on electrical parts, except UV Lamp. The warranty starts from the date of dispatch.

8. How much is the water filter life expectancy?

=> The life expectancy of the water filter depends on the quality of the water supply. If water quality is good filters life will be more, If water quality is bad (More turbidity or more TDS) filters life will be less. 

9. How much is the water purification capacity?

=> The water purification capacity of this model is up to 15 Liters Per hour purified water flow.

10. How many processes are applied to the filtration of water?

=> This model utilizes a two-stage water purification process i.e RO(Reverse Osmosis), UV(Ultraviolet) for the purification of water.

11. How many filters does this model have?

=> This model comes with the 7 filters for the filtration purpose.

12. Would we be able to dispense water if there is no electricity?

=>  Yes, you can dispense water from the purifier if there is no electricity. The water can be dispensed only if you have pre-filtered water stored in the tank if no electricity.

13. What is the TDS range after treatment?

=> You can adjust the TDS range according to your requirements.

14. What is the ph value of this model?

=> This model comes with a ph value of 8+.

15. Is it capable to remove iron and magnesium from the water?

=> Yes. This model uses a seven-stage filtration process. You get the purified form of water after filtration. So, yes it removes the magnesium and iron from the water. 

16. What is the height of this water purifier?

=> This water purifier comes with a height of around 48.4 cm.

17. Does it provide cold water?

=> No. It only cleanses and purifies the water. 

18. Can we use bore water for purification?

=> Yes. This water is capable of purifying all kinds of water. So, definitely you can use it for bore water purification.

19. Does it convert the salty or fluoride water to sweet water?

=> Yes. It converts the salty or fluoride water into sweet water. You can adjust the TDS level accordingly. 

20. Does this product run without electricity?

=> No. This is an electronic device. So, there must be an electric connection for the operation of the product.

21. Does it come with the filter fail alarm system?

=> Yes. It does indicates about the filter fail alarm system.

22. Does this model come with overflow protection or water level indicator?

=> Yes. It is featured with the tank full indicator. This model comes with the auto-shutoff feature. This means the model will stop working once the water level is full in the tank. 

23. How to check for the TDS source before buying a Water Purifier?

=> You must purchase a TDS meter before installing the water purifier. Given are the condition to check on the TDS level before installation of the water purifier.

• RO Water Purifier is best if TDS is greater than 200. 

• On the other hand, if TDS is greater than 2000- Domestic Water Purifier cannot be used. Buy a water softening solution.

24. What is the cost of maintenance after the warranty period?

=> The maintenance cost after the warranty period over is approximately ₹ 2000.

25. Can this product purify municipal tap water?

=> Yes. It can purify municipal tap water.

26. How many liters of water can it store?

=> The storage tank of this water purifier can store upto 6 liters of RO water.

27. How many filtration stages does this water purifier utilize?

=> This water purifier utilizes 7 stages for the purification purpose.

28. How frequently do I need to change the cartridges?

=> The water cartridges need to be changed every 8 months.

29. How many liters of filtered water does it provide per day?

=> It provides approximately 50 liters of purified water per day.

30. What is the Havells Digitouch customer care number?

=> The Havells Digitouch customer care number is +91 1800 11 0303.

31. Where are the Havells Digitouch water purifier service centers located?

=> Havells Digitouch water purifier service center is located in almost all cities in India. However, you can visit there Contact Us page for further guidelines.

32. Does the water purifier come with a digital clock?

=> Yes. Havells Digitouch water purifier is equipped with a digital clock.

Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3emOKYD 

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