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Best Yoga Mat In India(Top Selling) 2021: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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Best Yoga Mats In India

Yoga Mat Dimensions Weight Thickness Material Price
Qatalyze Extra Thick Mat 183 x 66 x 8 Cms 1.5 Kg 8 mm Rubber Check Price
BODYYOGA Eco-Friendly Exercise Meditation Mat 58 x 10 x 10 Cms 950 g 8 mm Latex Check Price
Strauss TPE Eco Friendly Dual Layer Yoga Mat 12.7 x 12.7 x 61 Cms 840 g 6 mm Rubber-plastic Check Price
Curveit TPE MUDRA Yoga Mat 182.9 x 61 x 182.9 Cms 900 g 6 mm Rubber Check Price
Joyfit – Yoga Mat N/A 1 Kg 10 g 6 mm Rubber-foam Check Price
CRAFTSFY TPE Yoga Mat N/A 700 g 6 mm Other Check Price
VIFIKIT Yoga Mat N/A 989 g 8 mm Other Check Price
TEGO Stance Yoga Mat 182.9 x 61 x 1.3 Cms 1 Kg 600 g 5 mm PVC Check Price

Best Yoga Mat: Reviews

1. Qatalyze Extra Thick 8mm TPE Yoga Mat

the best yoga mat india

This yoga mat is the top recommendation for you in our run-down. The mat is broader and thicker than most other TPE mats. Compared to most of the mats, which come with just 6 mm thickness, this mat is provided with 8 mm thickness.

The extra thickness means a more comfortable cushion for your joints, knees, spine, hips, and elbows. This thickness also helps in comfortably doing all types of exercise on all kinds of hard floors. It is also extra wide in size compared to other models. This makes it suitable for people of all shapes and sizes that provide extra comfort for easy movement.

The model is dual-sided in nature, which means you can do your yoga or exercise utilizing both sides conveniently. At the same time, both sides are anti-skid in nature that letting you perform any movement without any worry. The subtly textured surface prevents hands & feet from slipping out of position. This feature makes it non-slip on the wood floor, tile floor, cement floor.

The yoga mat uses “Moisture Resistant Technology,” which makes it completely sweat resistant. This technology also makes it easily washable with soap and water. The body composition of the mat is made of TPE material. It is free from PVC, phthalates, silicone, latex, and other toxic materials, making it compatible with sports purposes. It uses anti-tear technology, and it won’t rip, shred, or stretch with use. The closed-cell surface locks out germs, dirt, and moisture to keep bacteria and stinky odors at bay.

Our Opinion

Qatalyze extra thick is the best yoga mat in India. The model is of the extra thick inbuilt quality, providing comfort for your joints, knees, spine, hips, and elbows. The model is dual-sided in nature, which means you can do your yoga or exercise utilizing both sides conveniently. The mat is made from durable and 100% non-toxic eco-friendly TPE material.
Durable & non-toxic material Comparatively heavier
You can use it on both the sides
Sweat or moisture-resistant and washable
Extra thick & extra wide
Carry strap & carry bag included
Hygienic & convenient to use
Best Buy Link:

2. BODYYOGA Eco-friendly Mat

BODYYOGA Eco-friendly Mat

This yoga mat in our rundown is made from excellent quality material. The model is extra-thick and provides a stable, sticky, and non-slip surface for yoga and exercise. This yoga mat is designed for beginners and intermediates. The mat’s surface is a double-sided texture that gives you the freedom to customize your experience according to your comfort. One side reduces slipping, and the other gives you the extra cushion, so you are free to choose how to enjoy the perfect mat.

Even following quite a while of sun salutations, vinyasa, and chair poses, you will, in any case, be pleased to flaunt this tangle. You’ll be the jealousy of the studio while you associate with your internal identity on the most agreeable yoga tangle. This yoga mat is more comfortable than the PVC mats that means no more knees or elbow soreness. Non-slip textures on both sides reduce the risk of falling when doing yoga.

The model bears an ideal length that makes it compatible with all types of physical activities. This durable mat will hold up to the wear and tear due to practice. Constructed using non-tear technology, it won’t rip, shred, or stretch with use. This lightweight yoga mat is convenient to carry anywhere you want. Using your yoga mat in the gym is more hygienic than using public shared mats.

New yoga mats have a protective covering that could make them dangerous; basically, wipe your yoga mat with mild water or liquor altogether and let it dry totally before utilizing it just because to show signs of improvement hold. The more you break in your mat, the better grasp you will get. Ordinary cleaning of your yoga mats is suggested. Dish cleanser or clothing cleanser are two of the ideal choices for mellow cleaners for your yoga mat.

Our Opinion

BODYYOGA mat is the best yoga mat under the ₹ 2000 price range. This yoga mat cherishes your inner strength while performing physical activities. The lightweight and attractive design make it an ideal fit while boosting your personality. Constructed using non-tear technology, it won’t rip, shred, or stretch with use.
Durable & non-toxic material Requires regular cleaning
Dual-layered mat with dual-color
Ideal length to fit people of all shapes & sizes 
Non-slippy & sturdy material
Eco-friendly & waterproof material
Best Buy Link:



Are you looking for a lightweight yoga mat? Then stop your search here. Craftsfy comes with an innovatively designed yoga mat to meet your exercise, yoga, or meditation sessions. This premium designed mat is made utilizing TPE material which is durable and sturdy in design. Yoga Mat is fundamentally made out of thermoplastic elastomers and other shut cell materials shaped under high temperatures, making it antimicrobial and straightforward to clean. It offers excellent versatility, a double-sided surface for brilliant traction, hostile to tear sturdiness, and is lightweight.

This high thickness mat gives the ideal measure of padding to help your joints without getting that “sinking” feeling. It’s particularly ideal for moderate-paced Kundalini or Restorative Yoga and anybody with back agony or knee issues. It utilizes closed-cell technology to prevent sweat & dirt from penetrating its surface, so your mat stays germ and odor-free. The material is easy to clean. Just wipe down or wash with mild soap & water and let air dry. It is made utilizing the sound texture design that makes it easy to sling over the shoulder and take with you. 

Our Opinion

Craftsfy premium is the best yoga mat to buy for a lightweight material. This mat is made from premium quality and eco-friendly material, making it innovative and durable compared to other models. It is hygienic in design and emits no smell. The model is waterproof and easy to clean with an affordable price range.
Eco-friendly yoga mat
Lightweight & easy to carry design
Waterproof & easy to clean
Hygienic & no-smell design
Excellent spring back ability
Best Buy Link:

4. Joyfit – Yoga Mat

best yoga mat for beginners

Are you looking for a yoga mat that is suitable for both beginners & intermediates? Then stop your search here. This multi-purpose yoga mat is an ideal choice for a healthy life. It can be used by people of all age groups and sex for different exercises. The mat is made utilizing a double-sided non-slip surface that makes it an ideal choice for stretching, yoga asanas, sun salutations, vinyasa, chair poses, and Pilates. You can use it on both sides for comfortable yoga. At the same time, the moisture-resistant textured surface provides a firm grip & prevents slippage during exercise.

The body of the material bears superior quality rubber foam, which provides the body a soft cushiony feel during a workout. This feature also helps in the protection of limbs and skin from scratches and bruises. You can use this multipurpose yoga mat for a whole range of workouts or exercises like basic Yoga, body stretching, meditation, Pilates, Surya Namaskar, among many others.

The model comes with an ideal length and width that people of any age can comfortably use without constraints on height and weight. It can be easily cleaned using water and detergent. You can also clean it by dusting it with a dry cloth after use. However, the Mat may release a harmless odor when first unwrapped. The mat made of rubber foam is extremely lightweight in design and easy to carry without hassle.

Our Opinion

Joyfit is the best yoga mat brand to buy for those who are beginners or intermediate. The body is made of rubber foam material which is lightweight in design and makes the mat easy to carry anywhere around. It is easily washable using detergent and water. The mat is a perfect fit for a whole range of exercises like basic Yoga, body stretching, meditation, Pilates, Surya Namaskar, among many others.
Best for beginners or intermediate Gets stretched mark
Lightweight and easy to carry design
Double-sided non-slip surface
Easily washable
Best Buy Link:

5. Curveit TPE MUDRA Anti-Slip

memory foam yoga mat

Are you looking for a memory foam yoga mat? Then stop your search here. This uniquely designed yoga mat is suitable for both men and women. The mat is made utilizing thick TPE, which is great for your knees and other bone joints, and it prevents them from getting hurt while doing asanas and exercises. The tagline – “Designed For Comfort” perfectly suits this model. It satisfies your daily yoga practices with extreme comfort and ease. It is extra-long in size, i.e., 6-feet and 2-feet wider compared to other models. This mat is specially designed to accommodate tall people.

This mat features two anti-slip surfaces that make your exercise sessions soothing and joyful. The earth-facing surface provides an excellent grip on the floor. At the same time, the top surface provides a firm grip and holds while performing yoga. The thick surface provides proper cushioning to your knees and elbows, helping you avoid any pain and soreness. The lightweight and convenient size of the model lets you carry it anywhere you want.

It comes with an over-the-shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry. The model is made of “Anti-Tear Technology” that easily holds or sustains the wear and tear of regular practice. It has a closed-cell surface that keeps the germs, dirt, moisture, and odor away. The model is made from top-notch quality foam, which is eco-friendly and odorless material. Along with that, it does not create any foul odor when used the first time.

Our Opinion

Curveit TPE Mudra is the only memory foam yoga mat on our list. It regains its shape after the session. The model has a thick surface that provides proper cushioning to your knees and elbows, helping you avoid any sort of pain and soreness. The foam of the model is made of top-notch quality, which is an eco-friendly and odorless material.
It is a memory foam yoga mat
Eco-friendly and odorless material
Non-slippery and extra soft cushion
Extra-long and wide mat
No tear or stretch when use
Best Buy Link:

6. Strauss TPE Eco-Friendly Dual Layer Yoga Mat

Strauss TPE Eco-Friendly Dual Layer Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is made from environmentally safe material. The model utilizes TPE material which is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. It is thicker in composition and performs better than any other mat. The Strauss yoga mats are produced with closed-cell rubber technology, which bears anti-microbial properties. This feature makes the mat hygienic by preventing sweat and dirt from penetrating the surface. 

The mat inherits a superior, denser, and unique composition that makes it ideal for perfectionists. With 6mm thickness, it offers maximum comfort for all-level yogis. The mat is made utilizing natural tree rubber and a super-absorbent microfiber that provides optimal grip, excellent cushioning, and non-slip texture. This yoga mat folds neatly and comes with a mat bag convenient for travel purposes or outdoor use.

The mat utilizes a particular engraving structure on the both-sides, which increases the maximum non-slip index. The model comprises a higher density than any other yoga mat. The higher quality TPE material can be stretched repeatedly, providing superior durability and extra cushioning. The model is moisture-resistant and is easy to clean with soap and water.

Our Opinion

Strauss TPE is the best yoga mat to buy for perfectionists. With 6mm thickness, it offers comfort to a great extent while performing. It is made from natural tree rubber and a super-absorbent microfiber that offers optimal grip, excellent cushioning, and non-slip texture. It is moisture-repellant and is easy to clean. 
Best buy for a perfectionist
More wear-resistant & durable
Lightweight and portable
Moisture and sweat resistant
Ideal for any form of yogas
Odors and hypoallergic free
Best Buy Link:

7. TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Mat 

TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Mat

This yoga mat is a perfect fit for a modern-day athlete. The brand introduces one of its kind in the Indian market. The product is engineered with integrity, using a unique blend of performance materials and emerging technologies to help you in your active pursuits. It adds functionality to your workout with a functional design and solid construction. 

The upper surface of the model is equipped with a functionally aesthetic design. The mode is best suited for beginners. It helps to track your posture while performing. The GuideAlign design consists of a Centre-point Mandala, a Straight Line running through the middle of the mat, and 45 degrees reference to keep your posture in check. This elegant reference map over the surface not only tracks your posture but also keeps you stand out from the crowd.

It also appears stylish compared to most of the mats. The design is made of 5mm dual-layered construction that provides a level of grounding and stability that very few mats can offer. The upper surface offers GuideAllign comfort for your joints, while the lower surface is made of an ultra-tactile hexagonal pattern that prevents you and the mat from slipping during fast-paced movements.

The closed-cell build of the mat makes it denser and resistant to wear and tear. It also prevents moisture from seeping in and prevents degradation by controlling bacterial growth, thereby increasing hygiene. The model offers a premium-designed carry bag that protects the mat and makes it portable.

Our Opinion

TEGO is the best yoga mat to buy for a beginner. It offers a GuideAllign over the surface of the mat that helps to maintain your posture. The upper surface offers excellent comfort, while the lower surface is made of an ultra-tactile hexagonal pattern that prevents you and the mat from slipping during fast-paced movements. It comes with a premium-designed carry bag that protects the mat and makes it portable.
Best buy for a beginner Heavier
Functional aesthetic design
Denser construction
Durable, stable, and comfort
Superior cushioning balanced with portability
Best Buy Link:

8. VIFITKIT Extra Thick

VIFITKIT Extra Thick mat

This VIFITKIT yoga mat is made with EVA material, which is incredibly durable and eco-friendly (endures up to multiple times more than ordinary plastic mats). It is a lightweight, durable, and non-slip twofold-sided surface that keeps you from slipping while at the same time playing out any movement. It is appropriate to use on a tiled floor, cemented floor, or wooden floor.

Its additional thick mat secures your joints without compromising on steadiness or support for good padding and strength. It accompanies total sweat-resistant and moisture resistance. At the same time, it is effectively washable with a cleanser and water. The mat is lightweight and easy to convey to anyplace and keeps you steady, protected, and comfortable, with enough cushioning. It comes in different shading choices and thicknesses, so pick the thickness according to your requirement. Likewise, a free yoga mat sack accompanies this yoga pack for its easy transportation.

Our Opinion

VIFIKIT is the best yoga mat that offers excellent functionality and features. It is an ideal fit for Gym workouts & flooring exercises for men and women. The material is eco-friendly and is suitable for tall-height people. It requires extra care and attention for cleaning compared to other mats.
Cheap and affordable material Needs extra care for cleaning
Double-sided non-slip texture
It comes with good cushioning and resilience.
Sweat, moisture, and water-resistant
Non-skid texture or no-slip material
Lightweight, durable, and easily washable
Best Buy Link:

Types Of Yoga Mats

1. Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) Yoga Mats

They are the standard type of material utilized for making a mat. These yoga mats are plastic-based material mats and are durable. It provides an excellent floor grip, making it one of the suitable materials for yoga or exercise sessions. They are easy to clean material. In the long run, these are not suitable materials for exercise or yoga.

One of the severe drawbacks of this material is that it cannot absorb sweat. If you sweat much while doing yoga or exercise, then this material is not of your purpose. They are also slippery. As PVC is a latex-free material, people with latex allergies can use this type of mat. These are not environment-friendly material as it is not bio-degradable.

Note: People having asthmas or skin-related issues should avoid using this type of mat.

2. Rubber Yoga Mats

Being biodegradable, and stretchable these mats are popular and are one of the most common choices for yoga or meditation. They are natural and renewable. These yoga mats are slip-resistance in nature and provide a lot of traction to the floor attached. They are also water or sweatproof and are easily washable. The material is also referred to as an open-cell structure as it provides sufficient suction or grip to the hands or feet, which provides a super sticky experience. It bounces back or does not squeeze after the work session. 

However, the surface is easily prone to get dirty or sweat left marks that require frequent cleaning. It provides a premium cushioning experience to joints and muscles while doing yoga. The impression marks can be leftover if too much pressure is applied. 

Note: If you are allergic to latex, then avoid using these types of mats. Consider jute or cotton mats for compatibility.

3. Cotton Mats

These types of yoga mats resemble the same texture as any other thick blanket. They are commonly found in Indian households. The material has a high capability of absorbing heat. At the same time, these mats are comparatively thinner in size and replicate the clothes-like feelings. They provide good grip while doing long or short sessions of yoga or exercise.

As compared to other materials, these mats are not very durable and can be torn out easily. They are easily prone to get wet if you sweat much during exercise. While compared to other materials, they are a bit expensive. However, they are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

4. Jute Yoga Mats

They are also termed go-green yoga mats. Nowadays, they are one of the preferred materials for yoga or meditation. Because of their excellent breathing capability, they are termed as the perfect companion for practicing several yoga asanas like Trikonasana, Tadasana, vrikshasana, and others. They are Eco-friendly and bio-degradable. They are durable and economical in the price range. However, they are not as comfortable and bouncy as the rubber of PVC mats.

Note: They are not suitable for pains or soreness.

5. TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) Yoga Mats

A combination makes this material of plastic and plastic polymers. They are trendy, durable, and elastic. At the same time, it provides very softly cushioning during your workout. They are suitable for heavy workout sessions. As its texture is ultra-soft and gel-like, these yoga mats are light in weight, high in quality, and last much longer.

Compared to PVC models, TPE mats are environmentally friendly and completely recyclable. However, they are less durable but still deliver good traction. Moreover, they are less expensive as well. They are suitable for people who are gym-goers.

6. Foam Yoga Mats

As the name suggests, this material is latex, phthalate, and synthetic-free. Due to their extra-thickness, they are comparatively heavy and weigh around 1-2 Kgs. These yoga mats are the eco-friendly version of the PVC mats. It is because it provides the same level of comfort and performance. Also, it does not have any harmful side effects. They are budget-friendly, which makes them suitable for studio use and those who practice yoga every day.

Best Yoga Mats: Buying Guide


It is a crucial point to consider before purchasing a yoga mat. The material utilized for making a yoga mat emphasizes durability, comfort, and performance. It also provides insight into how long the material will last. A yoga mat is made from a wide variety of materials. The most commonly found are PVC, Rubber, Cotton, Jute, TPE, and Foam. Most of the high-quality yoga mats are made from PVC or Vinyl. They are durable and high-performance in nature.

The thickness of the mat

Comfort directly depends on the thickness provided to the yoga mat. The more the thickness, the more comfortable the workout will be. The optimum thickness of the mat provides proper cushioning to the body. The thickness of the yoga mat is classified into four sections.

  • Thin Yoga Mat (1/16 or 2 mm)

The mat ranging this level of measurement is known as the thinnest yoga mat. They are suitable for those who practice yoga regularly or have more rigid bones. These types of mats maintain an excellent connection to the floor. The only drawback of these mats is they provide less cushioned support. They are not suitable for a person having chronic pains.

  • Standard Thickness Yoga Mat(1/8 Inch or 3 mm)

The mat ranging this level of thickness measurement is suitable for those who practice strong or flowing yoga daily. It provides a solid grip or connection to the ground surface, making it sturdy and stable to try different postures. Compared to a thick yoga mat, it does not move much and is suitable for healthy or fat people.

  • Thick Yoga Mat(1/4 Inch or 6 mm)

The mat ranging in this measurement provides extra cushioning and support. These mats are suitable for therapeutic purposes. They provide enough back support that is essential while working on the core muscles, inversions, and other postures that make your bones dig into the ground. If you are bony or have a slim body structure, this mat is a suitable companion. It provides extra support for the tender knees and achy joints. Being thick, they are not suitable for balancing postures.

  • Thickest Yoga Mats(1/2 Inch or 12 mm)

The mat ranging in this measurement is suitable for pilates. These types of mats have almost half an inch of thickness. They are not suitable materials for yoga or balancing postures. They are suitable for the skinny or slim fit body or those more prone to pains or soreness. These mats are suitable for a heavy workout session and are mostly preferred for the gym. Being thickest in size, they are challenging to carry around and are heavier.


It is essential to choose the right-sized mat to make your workout session easy and comfortable. An ideal yoga mat usually comes in a size of 6×2 feet dimension. The length of the mat is 6 feet, while 2 feet is the width of the mat. A mat ranging from this size is an ideal fit for tall or any size of people.

Texture or Traction

Texture or traction represents the grip and anti-slip feature in yoga mats. If you move a lot or perform many turning, twisting, or heavy workouts, this factor is essential in your yoga mat. The surface of a yoga mat has a raised texture or traction is beneficial for those who sweat a lot as it provides a good grip and prevents slippage.

Textures can be either artificial or natural because of material type. Usually, jute yoga mats have organic roughness to them. PVC yoga mats provide a softer feel with a slight texture surface.

Cotton or rubber mats have tactile and raised patterns. This additional grip and raised texture will prevent slipping and stay in place no matter how sweaty it gets.


It depends on the material utilized to make a yoga mat. It also refers to the grip or suction which holds the mat in place and maintains the proper alignment while you practice. This feature also prevents you from sliding over the surface.

Material Stickiness Level
PVC, Foam High
Rubber Moderate
Cotton, Jute Low


The weight of the yoga mat depends on the thickness of the material. The thicker the material, the heavier the mat will be. Some thin yoga mat weighs 1 kg to some quarter-inch yoga mat with the weight of 3 kgs. It is always recommended to purchase a mat having a thickness measurement of 3 mm or 6 mm. They are lightweight in design and can easily be carried out.


A yoga mat is available in various shapes like – circular, rectangular, square, or oval-shaped. It depends on the choice of the user in which shape you are convenient.


The term denotes the printed pattern made over the surface of a mat. It also denoted the color over the surface. A good-looking or stylish yoga mat can inspire you to practice a little more. At the same time, it also enhances focus and personality while performing.


If you are a nature lover, then you must buy an eco-friendly yoga mat. They are easily decomposable and prevent any harmful effects on your health. In my opinion, you should avoid using a yoga mat made of PVC material as they are challenging to recycle and does not break down easily. For eco-friendly material, you can purchase a mat made of cotton or jute. They are available in different thickness levels and are slicker than PVC mats. They are not durable compared to PVC mats but are cost-effective and eco-friendly.


As the name suggests, this means if You can easily carry the mat anywhere around. If you don’t have any fixed space in your home or studio, you must purchase a mat with easy portability. Portable yoga mats are thinner and small in size compared to most of the mats. They can easily be folded or rolled in a carry case or over-the-shoulder strap. They also take minimal space compared to a thicker and wide mat. It can be your travel companion. 


The price of a yoga mat varies from ₹ 500 – ₹ 2500. However, some of the top-notch models may require extra investment for purchase. The higher the price of the model, the mode or additional feature is there. So before making a purchase, you must decide the budget you want to spend around. However, an intelligent choice is to purchase a model having a price range of ₹ 1200 – ₹ 1500 for better compatibility and brand value.

Yoga Mats: FAQs

Is it worth buying a yoga mat?

=> Yes. If you are a fitness freak and loves to be in shape, then a yoga mat is worth buying. The mat is suitable to use both indoors and outdoors. A yoga mat does not require any significant investment and can be used by all age groups. They are durable and easy to clean. Moreover, most of them are easily disposable and eco-friendly. 

How much should I spend on a yoga mat?

=> The price range of a yoga mat varies between a minimum of ₹ 500 – ₹ 2500. However, a good model with a decent price value range from ₹ 800 – ₹ 2000. However, the intelligent choice is to spend at least ₹ 1000 to get a better product with a brand value. 

What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?

=> As learned above, the thickness of the yoga mat falls between 4-sections. The best thickness for a yoga mat ranges between 6 mm to 12 mm. However, it is always a suitable option to purchase a yoga mat of thickness 6mm-8mm as they are affordable in the price range and easily portable.

What are the best yoga mat brands in India?

=> The best yoga mat brands in India are listed below

Overall – BODYYOGA Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

For perfectionists – Strauss TPE Eco-Friendly Dual Layer Yoga Mat

For an eco-friendly yogi – Curveit TPE MUDRA Anti-Slip Yoga Mat

On a budget price – VIFITKIT Extra Thick Yoga Mat

The best lightweight yoga mat – CRAFTSFY TPE Yoga Mat

Mat for beginners – TEGO Stance Truly Reversible Mat

How to clean a yoga mat?

=> Cleaning of a yoga mat depends on the type of material used to build a mat. To clean a jute or cotton mat, just rinse, keep it in detergent water, rinse out the water, and let it dry. While cleaning a PVC mat, you just need a cleaning cloth, dip it in detergent water, and swipe over the mat manually. However, you can also use vinegar or lime water to clean it. 

What is the best yoga mat for hot yoga?

=> As the name suggests, hot yoga is performed under the Sunlight. It means you are performing yoga under hot and humid conditions, which compel more sweating. In this case, you need to choose a yoga mat that is water-repellant and offers excellent traction. Make sure the mat is easily washable and has an affordable price range.

Which is the best and affordable yoga mat?

=> TEGO yoga mat is the best and affordable to buy for a beginner. It offers a GuideAllign over the surface of the mat that helps to maintain your posture. The upper surface offers excellent comfort, while the lower surface is made of an ultra-tactile hexagonal pattern that prevents you and the mat from slipping during fast-paced movements. It comes with a premium-designed carry bag that protects the mat and makes it portable.

What is the best alternative to a yoga mat? 

=> I will suggest to you the two best alternatives to a yoga mat.

Rolled-Up Towel – These are the best and the cheap alternative to a yoga mat. They are best in need of cushioning against a hard floor.

Folded Woven Blanket – They are thicker than a rolled-up towel. This feature makes it an ideal fit for yoga practices. They are softer in material and come in a wide variety of color options.

What is the difference between a yoga mat and an exercise mat?

=> Below are the appropriate points to compare between a yoga mat and an exercise mat. They are as follows.

Yoga Mat Exercise Mat
Ultra-comfortable Ultra-durable
Suitable for yoga, stretching, and barefoot exercises Suitable for a heavy workout session
No shoes are required Requires your shoes on
Lighter but thicker for maximum comfort  Heavier to prevent sliding
Eco-friendly Eco-friendly
Non-slip top and bottom Non-slip top and bottom
Made of non-toxic material Made of non-toxic material
Cheaper in price Price is on the higher side

Do yoga mat smells when used the first time?

=> Yes. Some of the yoga mats smell when open or used for the first time. After purchasing a yoga mat, keep it in a dry place or under the sunlight for some time to skip the smell produced.  

How often should I clean a yoga mat?

=> For most of us, a yoga mat is a frequent or a daily used material. It may get dirty or soiled over the surface. Thus it is recommended to clean a yoga mat once every 4-5 days for a better result. The cleaning also enhances the durability of the material and keeps it germs-free for regular use.

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