Best Wireless Earpods 2019

Best Wireless Earbuds[Best Apple Airpods Alternatives] under ₹1000 to buy in 2019

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Reasons to choose Wireless Earbuds

  • Wire-free connectivity.
  • It’s not visible/hidden from direct seeing.
  • Connectivity is easy and stable.
  • They are easy to carry around.
  • Sound quality is enhanced and improved compared to most of the wired earphones😊.
  • Durable and comes with great design and features.
  • It can be an awesome device for Athletes, Travelers or Gamers.
Our Top Picks for Best Wireless Earbuds

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Wired Earphones – Gone days of Sound Connectivity

Best Apple Airpods Alternatives] under ₹1000

Gone are the days, when we used to have those wired earphones for music listening. Though they were simple and easy to use. But the weird part was its messy wires. Those wires always get entangled wherever it was kept. Sometimes the wire used to get torn out if not placed/used properly. Another thing to mention is that it also used to take a large amount of area because of its long wire. Below are some of the problems related to wired earphones. They are –

  • The ear-cups are hard/are not comfortable with ears.
  • They often get fall out from ears.
  • The cord gets tangles on its own.
  • The sound quality is not up to the mark.
  • The mic picks up everything except your voice😄.
  • Sound often gets stop playing in one ear.
  • You get trapped by the cord😰.
  • The wire often gets wear and tear.

Wireless Earbuds – The New Era of Sound Connectivity

Wireless earbuds are the new concept portable earpieces that come with wire-free technology. They are lightweight and easy to connect devices. These earbuds are mostly the size of your earbuds, so they are termed as “Earbuds”. They finally drive the new way of connectivity to your earpiece. Now, no more worry of messy wires, wear and tear with these simple earbuds. These earbuds break all the restrictions of connectivity.

Wireless earbuds use Infrared singles for the connectivity. This means there is no interruption of sound connectivity. 

Now you can connect with the smartphone, stereo speaker, television, gaming console, computer or other electronic devices, without the hurdle of wire. Wireless earbuds are popular mostly among gamers, athletes or travelers. But with the growing technology, they are expanding its reach to most of the common people.

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Best Wireless Earbuds You Can Buy This Year

1. Muzili Wireless Earbuds

Muzili Bluetooth earphone tops our ranking list in terms of wireless earbuds under ₹1000. This amazing earphone with awesome looks also features best in quality sound and technology. This earbud comes with the latest version of Bluetooth connectivity i.e v5.0 which helps to build the strong connection between your device and earbuds. 

The fast pairing, stable connection & signal transmission helps you to enjoy the music listening on the go. This earbud is capable of connecting two devices simultaneously at the same time with a range of 10 meters. It also comes with the charging case of 300mAh capacity which enables you to charge your earbud 6-7 times.

How to use it

The use of this device or link of this device with your device can be done in 3 simple steps.

  • First, take your earbud out.
  • Touch the button for 6s for enabling pairing mode.
  • It gets automatically connected with your device within 2s.

Best Wireless Earbuds[Best Apple Airpods Alternatives] under ₹1000Features

  • Fastest connectivity.
  • High sound quality.
  • Waterproof.
  • Lightweight (31.8 g).
  • 2-3 hours talk time/30-hours of standby time.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Comfortable for long-time wearing.
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2. Portronics Harmonics Bluetooth Earbuds

If you are one of the music lovers, then you must have heard of the name “Portronics” in your life span. Yes, Portronics makes a large variety of gadgets which are best in technology and advantage. The latest Portronics Bluetooth earbud is also one of the best in terms of wireless earbuds under ₹1000. 

As the name suggests, the earbud uses the latest power energy Bluetooth v4.2 to establish a connection. The version of Bluetooth doesn’t allow draining of battery easily and establish a strong connection. The faster device connectivity makes this wireless earbud one of the shouted brand. 

The Portronics harmonica comes with a strong magnetic speaker that provides the best in sound quality. It also features echo reduction technology as well as enhanced noise cancellation technology which enables the sound quality clearer to the listener on the other side of the call. The earbud can get connected to two devices simultaneously at the same time. Just 4 gm in weight makes this device smaller, lighter and more invisible.

Best Wireless EarbudsFeatures

  • Multipoint connectivity.
  • Echo reduction & noise cancellation function.
  • 4 hours of talk time/playtime in a single charge.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Standby time – 70 hours.
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3. Boult Audio Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

This offering from one of the most shouted brand names in earphone world named “Boult” came with awesome Wireless earbuds under ₹1000. A long variety of wireless earbuds options is available to this brand. This earbud provides you long battery life which makes it perfect for the long movies/music sessions. 

The lightweight design and incredible mini size make it the best fit for your formal or casual activities. Now, no more hassle with this amazing wireless earbud. It provides you with wide range connectivity upto 10 m. The flexible and snug fit design make it the best fit for your exercise, yoga or gaming sessions. It also comes with smart lock features that prevent it from falling off.

It is compatible with all the Bluetooth enabled devices. The monopod powerhouse helps you to enjoy uninterrupted calling for 6 hours or more than a day standby time.

Best Wireless EarbudsFeatures

  • Wide compatibility (TV/laptops/mobile/tablets)
  • Condenser microphone for HD calling.
  • Accept/reject the call button.
  • HD 3d acoustics sound quality.
  • Fast connection with long battery and standby time.
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4. iBall B9 Wireless Earbuds

You must have come to know this company name “iBall”. It comes with a large variety of smart devices with a low price range. So is the case here. “iBall B9” earbuds are the best low price device with futuristic technology. It is also termed as “Nano Ear-wear Ring-Dock”. The device comes along with the innovative portable charging case, which charges the device with a go. 

It comes with a reliable automatic connection, means you needn’t connect each time you switch your device on. It lets you connect with the two devices simultaneously at one time. Ultra-lightweight and tiny designs make it the best fit for any ear type. It fits well into your ears and makes it the best fit for most of the session.

Best Wireless EarbudsFeatures

  • Long battery life upto 6-8 hours.
  • The bass or sound quality is good.
  • The connectivity range is upto 8-10 m.
  • The charging case provides 3 times charging with a single charge.
  • Automatic connection with last paired device.
  • Voice Prompt Alerts for Power On / Off.
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5. Mate Orate Wireless Earbuds

The awesome designed wireless earbud is also in our top list. This latest technology earbuds are great in design and features. They are ultra-light & tiny in design. The ergonomic design of this Bluetooth earpiece makes this best for all types of ears. When talking about sound quality, they come with great bass provides top-notch sound quality.

The multipoint technology helps you to connect with two devices simultaneously. It provides you the stable connectivity with your device with its latest Bluetooth v4.1. Now, you can enjoy hassle-free music whenever you required. The ambient battery capacity helps you enjoy the music for a longer time. 

Best Wireless Earbuds[Best Apple Airpods Alternatives] under ₹1000Features

  • Comes with voice prompt alerts for power on / off.
  • 2 devices connectivity simultaneously.
  • Weight (13.6 g)
  • Compatible with all android and apple devices.
  • Built-in Mic
  • Standby time upto 80 hrs.

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6. Molife Molecule Bluetooth Earbud

Another Bluetooth earbud from one of the well-known market brand covers on our list. This wireless headset lets you enjoy the wire-free music listening or talking on the go. The larger battery capacity of the headset helps you enjoy music for a longer period. 

This latest earbud is featured with Bluetooth v5.0 which provides strong connectivity with your device. The super HD sound quality and snug fit and feather-light design make it one of the best fit for your gym, gaming or yoga sessions. it provides you music listening upto 4-hrs in a single charge. The earcups feel comfortable to your ears although used for a long time.

Best Wireless Earbuds[Best Apple Airpods Alternatives] under ₹1000Features

  • Weight (10.9 g).
  • Pair 2 phones at the same time.
  • Sweat & Splashproof.
  • It also features Siri and Google commands.
  • Standby time upto 70 hrs.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth devices.
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7. BS Power E-Tech Wireless Earbud

If you want to enjoy wire-free music listening then this wireless earbud finishes your search here. With the low price range and still with top-notch specifications makes this earphone place in our top list.  This wireless earphone is comfortable to wear and it provides the fastest connectivity features. Compatible with all the Bluetooth enabled devices makes this device the best fit for you.

Either being on personal as well as the professional front, this wireless earbud enhances your personality. The ergonomic design helps it to stay in your ear securely and never fall off even during your running or exercise sessions.

The built-in high definition microphone helps you enjoy hands-free and smooth communication.  The voice prompt feature confirms you about the incoming call. Long battery life and fast charging capacity also make this device best fit in the low price range.

Best Wireless Earbuds[Best Apple Airpods Alternatives] under ₹1000Features

  • It comes with Bluetooth v4.1.
  • 4-6 hrs of talk time.
  • Standby time upto 80 hours.
  • Weight (10 g)
  • Compatible with all Android as well as iPhone devices.
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8. Techhark Wireless Earbuds

A wireless earphone can bring you a lot of joy while playing games or listening to music. And when it comes to the budget price wireless earbuds “Techhark” provides you the best with comfort and sound quality. These earbuds provide you with amazing sound quality and give immense comfort to your ears while playing/listening to music for hours. While talking for its design, it easily fits any ear size.

The latest Bluetooth v4.2 enables this device to easily connect on the go. So, if you wanna enjoy your music session at the next level without any hassle, you can opt for this option within this price range.

Best Wireless Earbuds[Best Apple Airpods Alternatives] under ₹1000Features

  • Large area connectivity upto 33 feet.
  • Music playtime upto 4-6 hours.
  • Standby time upto 80 hours.
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.
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