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Best Wet Grinders(Table Top) In India 2021: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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7 Best Wet Grinders Brands In India

Wet Grinders Weight Capacity Warranty Price
Elgi Ultra Grind+ 13.94 Kg 2 L 5 Years Check Price
Prestige PWG 08 11.56 Kg 2 L 1 Year Check Price
Butterfly Rhino Plus 12.66 Kg 2 L 2 Years Check Price
Panasonic MK-GW200 11.3 Kg 2 L 2 Years Check Price
Sowbhagya Edge 12.68 Kg 2 L 2 Years Check Price
Vidiem Wet Grinder 12.36 Kg 2 L 2 Years Check Price
ONIX enthusing generations 11.5 Kg 2 L 3 Years Check Price

Why should I buy a wet grinder?

=> A wet grinder is termed to be an effective tool in every kitchen. It can be a beneficial device if you are in love with dosas, idlis, or other kinds of south Indian dishes regularly. Unlike the traditional mixer grinders, a wet grinder uses grinding stones for grinding purposes. A wet grinder also does not produce heat and retains most of the nutrients for processed food.

  • It provides you with fast and effective grinding
  • It can grind foods into a good or even batter
  • The device does not produce heat and can operate for the constantly more extended period
  • The device can be utilized to grind pulses or grains in the more significant amount
  • Retains the essential nutrients of the food or ingredients

Best Wet Grinder India: Reviews

1. Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold Wet Grinder

best table top wet grinder brands

This wet grinder is the top recommendation on our list. The model features a great combination of style and features. It provides a smooth experience with no worry of a burning smell when the mixer grinder is run first. The model’s exterior has an ABS body that makes it durable in the long run. The model’s sleek look and great features make your kitchen shine brighter and classy. While the drum of the model is made using AISI 304 Stainless steel, which makes it rust-resistant and durable.

These rust-resistant drums can store batter for a more extended period. At the same time, heavy-duty motor provides swift, even, and perfect grinding. This wet grinder comes with a patented conical grinding stone that generates less heat while grinding. This feature results in a higher fermentation rise. At the same time, the 2 L convenience and spacious design allow you to make a large quantity of batter at a time. The model comes with a batter cleaner attachment that helps to remove the batter from conical stones.

Our Opinion

Elgi Ultra Grind+ Gold is the ultimate wet grinder to buy Overall. The model features intelligent and intelligent features for smooth operation. Its multi-utility drum also helps to store the batter in the same drum after grinding. At the same time, the sizeable spacious design helps to make and store a large quantity of batter at a time. The model provides you with a more extended warranty period of 5-Years. 
Spacious and convenient design Heavier in weight
Multi-utility drum Rice & dal grinding takes time
Transparent lid
No burning smell when running for the first time. 
Food-grade plastic
Sturdy and durable material
Noiseless and vibration-free operation
Best Buy Link:

2. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08

Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 08

Are you looking for a wet grinder that comes with a brand value? Then stop your search here. The model comes with the highest quality material designed primarily to handle the grinding operation effortlessly. The device is quicker and quieter in operation. It comes with high-quality grinding stones that ensure effective and smooth grinding for the batter. This function also ensures the longer life and durability of the material.

The model looks stylish and has a compact table-top design. The heavy-duty motor lets you make a large quantity of batter at a time. This thoughtfully designed stainless steel wet grinder features a stainless steel drum that adds durability to the material. This feature also makes the device easy to clean and maintain. The transparent lid lets you visualize the ongoing operation so that you can optimize the outcomes. The air vent provided on the model does not let the material heat efficiently and allows it to operate longer.

Our Opinion

Prestige PWG 08 is the best wet grinder to buy for those who are looking for Grinding batter for crisp dosas, soft idlis, and fluffy vadas. The model comes with a sleek and compact design that easily fits any kitchen counter. It is also suitable for performing heavy-duty operations. The model is also capable of providing fast and consistent grinding. 
Compact and Slim Design Grinding masalas take time
High-quality grinding stones
Heavy-duty motor
Quicker & quieter
Fast & consistent grinding
Best Buy Link:

3. Panasonic MK-GW200 Super Wet Grinder

Panasonic MK-GW200 Super

Are you looking for the ultimate wet grinder? Then stop your search here. This mode is from the widely renowned brand name “Panasonic.” The device is provided with high-quality material to manufacture. The specially engineered parts and material allow you to handle your wet grinding job effortlessly. The device is a truly versatile companion for most of your kitchen purpose.

This automatic super wet grinder comes with a cutting-edge 3D Alpha Flow technology that delivers 15% more efficient grinding. The model is provided with a spatula slot to check the batter without opening the lid. While the low power operation also lowers down the electricity bills. The model comes with a superior grinding stone. The stones have two cutting grooves for fine grinding. This multi-use wet grinder comes with a solid transparent lid that comes with a safety lock. This function helps to cover the drum safely and provides you with a smooth process. 

Our Opinion

Panasonic is the best wet grinder to buy for crisp Dosas, soft Idlis, or fluffy Vadas; knead the dough for soft Chapatis or Rotis. The model has a versatile, high-quality stainless steel drum that does not react to the food. It comes with a two superior grinding stone that has two cutting grooves for fine grinding. The transparent lid with a safety lock provides extra safety while operating the device.
15% more efficient grinding No auto shut-off feature
Transparent lid with a safety lock
Superior grinding stone
Sturdy and stable design
Multi-utility drum
Best Buy Link:

4. Butterfly Rhino PlusButterfly Rhino Plus

Are you looking for a wet grinder that is compact enough in design? Then stop your search here. The design is compact enough to fit a small space into your kitchen. The material has an ABS plastic body that makes it stable and sturdy in design. The plastic is strong enough to cover and protect the motor inside and hold the cylinder intact. This function also acts as a shock-proof and heat-resistant body.

This mixer grinder packs three aesthetically designed body big jars, mixer mate jar, and medium jar with Polycarbonate lids for each. The lids of the jars are designed in such a way that makes the latching very flexible. The motor is compatible with the Power of 230 V Ac-50 Hz.

The motor is designed in such a way that it protects from abnormalities due to overheating or overload. The model has a coconut scrapper and a dough kneader that lets you scrap the complete shell within a short duration. This function makes the operation time-saving and straightforward to use.

Our Opinion

Butterfly Rhino Plus is the best wet grinder buy for a safety feature. The model features an ABS plastic body. It is also compact enough that it can fit any kitchen interior. While its aesthetically designed body also improves the kitchen interior. It also protects from overload and overheats.
Aesthetically designed body The burning smell appears if used for the first time
Compact and slim to fit any interior
High-quality ABS material body
Overload & overheat protection
Easy to clean and maintain
Best Buy Link:

5. Vidiem WG ST 303 Wet Grinder

best wet grinders in india

This model is just half in every feature and design compared to an ordinary wet grinder. The device is a uniquely compact design and fits anywhere you want. The model can fit easily into your bag for convenience. It uses a robust engineering plastic body that makes it lightweight and fit for most kitchen purposes. 

The design is equipped with a precision machined stone base that provides a smooth and quick grinding operation. This feature also makes the processed ingredients hygienic and safe. At the same time, the stainless steel stone holder is strong enough to do any operation and will not wrap and break easily.

The extra-wide stone rollers provide fine grinding without heating the ingredients. This function also leaves no residue behind after operation. The stainless steel drum makes the body rust-proof and is suitable for heavy-duty operation. The model comes with a broad face wiper that provides uniform grinding with no intervention.

Our Opinion

Vidiem 303 is the best buy Wet Grinder for just half in every feature and design. The model is just half the size, half the weight, half the power consumption & half the effort compared to other wet grinders. The model also provides a 100% Copper Motor with Beltless Direct Drive Gear System that provides maintenance-free operation. 
Half the size compared to other models Gets heat-up easily
Half the weight & power-consumption No auto shut-off feature
The rust-proof stainless steel drum No overload & overheat protection
Maintenance-free operation & long-life motor
Hygenic & safe
Best Buy Link:

6. ONIX enthusing generations Wet Grinder

wet grinder best in India

Are you looking for a faster and smooth grinding partner? ONIX introduces an elegant and stylish wet grinder for your kitchen. This feature helps in easy grinding and maintenance. The model comes with a high-grade motor for faster and consistent grinding performance. This function makes the grinding task easy and hassle-free. 

The model is smooth and produces less sound compared to other models. This function makes the operation comfortable and will not irritate while grinding. The model provides you with fast and consistent grinding and saves your time. It comes with a polycarbonate lid that provides ultimate protection while grinding.

The model is also long-lasting in quality and can be a perfect partner for your kitchen. This model comes with accessories like coconut scrapper and atta kneader with the package for multi-purpose operation. The 2-Liter capacity bowl allows you to grind a larger quantity of material at a time.

Our Opinion

ONIX is the best buy wet grinder for a fast and smooth grinding operation. The model is elegant and stylish in design. It has a polycarbonate lid that provides ultimate protection while grinding. The model is also low-noise in operation compared to other models.
Comparatively low-sound operation No auto shut-off feature
Stylish and elegant design No overload & overheat protection
High-grade motor
Faster and consistent grinding
Transparent polycarbonate lid
Low power consumption
Best Buy Link:

7. Sowbaghya Edge Wet Grinder

Sowbaghya Edge Wet Grinder

Not satisfied with the above-listed wet grinders? Then stop your search here. This model is the last recommendation on our list but is not the most miniature product compared to the above models. The model is brilliantly designed to take on the challenging task of grinding. The model comes with a powerful motor with an impressive rpm of 1440 rpm that can grind for a batter with just the right texture for tasty and soft dosas and idlis.

The exterior of the model is shock-proof material that makes it altogether safer to use. The motor is silent in operation, even at a full load. While the easy thread-lock, quickly removable drums, and stone help hands-free operation.

The specially designed ABS body is provided with a body cooling unique ventilation design that makes it suitable for the long run. The unbreakable transparent lid helps easy visibility during the operation. The high-quality stones provide you with the proper grinding experience to make the batter softer. The easily removable drums help in easy cleaning.

Our Opinion

Sowbhagya Edge is the best Wet Grinder buy for smooth and long-run grinding purposes. The model comes with a high-quality motor capable of taking on the challenging task of grinding. The model features an ABS body and a body cooling unique ventilation design for more extended operation.
Sleek and attractive design No auto shut-off feature
Shockproof ABS body No overload & overheat protection
High-quality grinding stone
Suitable for the long run operation
Unbreakable transparent cover & grinding stones
Best Buy Link:

Types Of Wet Grinders

1. Regular Wet Grinder

As the name suggests, this grinder is generally used for commercial purposes like hotels, restaurants, and food courts. These types of wet grinders come with a large capacity drum and can grind large quantities of ingredients at a time. It usually contains a single stone and a steel rod to hold the stone with the help of an iron belt.

These grinders are suitable for small family sizes. The drum rotates counter-clockwise direction, and the stone does an excellent job grinding the food processing ingredients. It is a heavy-weight appliance and requires some effort to clean and maintain. 

2. Tilting Wet Grinders

You can easily tilt down these grinders to empty the bowl contents into other containers, as the name suggests. These are the traditional type of wet grinders. They are bulky in design and also require more kitchen space. It is a suitable design to escape the overflow of batter and excess heat. Compared to the table-top and regular wet grinders, these are better in performance and provide smooth grinding. The drums and stones are easy to clean and maintain after use. 

3. Table-Top wet Grinders

These days, tabletop wet grinders are of incredible interest because of their robust nature and flexible usefulness. This model is a minor size adaptation of the standard wet grinder appropriate for individual use. This processor accompanies 2/3 round and hollow or cone-like formed pounding stones and limits 1.5-2 liters. The drum that holds the stones is usually made of hardened steel.

You can segregate the drum from the machine and store the batter without moving to different holders or bowls. Besides, it arrives in a lightweight structure that assists with moving unreservedly, starting with one area then onto the next.

How Can I use Wet Grinders?

=> Follow the below-mentioned steps to use a wet grinder properly.

  • Place the drum on the center of the rod. Now rotate the drum until it settles down into place.
  • Place the roller mechanism into the drum and close the lid.
  • Press and lock down the roller to fix it in place
  • Add a cup of water and cover the device with a lid
  • Switch ON the wet grinder
  • Through the open lid, add the ingredients in a small amount. Add enough water to keep the mixture moist.
  • Continue adding water and other ingredients until you get the required batter consistency.
  • Switch OFF the appliance and release the lock to the free arm
  • Now pull up to remove the rollers from the drum
  • Remove the batter manually after placing the batter cleanser over the drum.
  • Now, clean the rollers, drum, and other parts before assembling them again.

Wet Grinders Vs Mixer Grinders

Wet Grinders Mixer grinders
Used to make batters Used to make grind spices or masalas
Good for heavy-duty purpose Suitable for subtler mixing
Higher in price Comparatively lower in price
Requires more space Requires less space
Easy to use Requires time to command
Heavier in weight Lightweight design

Table-Top Vs. Regular Vs. Tilting Wet Grinders

Table-Top Wet Grinders Regular Wet Grinders Tilting Wet Grinders
Suitable for small/medium families Suitable for large families For small/medium-sized family
Smaller in Size Bigger & bulky in size Smaller in size
Less space is required Requires less space More space is required
Easy to clean A bit difficult to clean Easy to clean
Suitable for normal-duty operation Can perform the heavy-duty operation Suitable for medium-duty operation
Affordable price range Economical But expensive

How To Clean A Wet Grinder?

=> Follow the below-mentioned steps to get your wet grinder cleaned quickly and effectively.

  • Pour in some water and run it for a while before switching OFF the wet grinder. Cover it with a lid or plate so that the water splashes do not spill around the kitchen corner.
  • Now unplug the appliance from the socket.
  • Remove the drum, roller stones assembly to clean the device properly
  • Use a brush or dry clothes to clean off the smudges or scrubs of all types inside the grinder. Use damp cloth only for the drum and roller stones, and external parts
  • Now thoroughly wash the stones and wipe them off with a dry cloth
  • Wipe off the motor with a dry cloth. Make sure there are no water droplets over it.
  • Add oil or lubricating material to condition the belt.
  • Re-assemble the entire removed parts to the proper place. You are ready to use the device again.

Wet Grinders: FAQs

Can I use a wet grinder as a mixer grinder?

=> No. A wet grinder is suitable for performing a low-medium duty operation. They are suitable for making the batter and dough. A wet grinder cannot perform dry grinding. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time to clean a wet grinder. At the same time, a mixer grinder is suitable to perform various types of mixing and grinding operations. They are lightweight in design and are easy to clean devices. 

What capacity range is available for a wet grinder?

=> A wet grinder capacity range varies from 2-Liters for the lower model to 15-Liters for the high-end model. The more capacity you can prepare, the more batter at a time.

Can a wet grinder be only used for making batter?

=> Yes. Most of them. While some of the brands offer a wide range of attachments to versatile performance. These attachments include a flour kneader and coconut grater etc. This function makes them useful for various other purposes.

What are the advantages of using a wet grinder?

=> There are various advantages of using a wet grinder. They are as follows.

  • It provides you with fast and effective grinding
  • It can grind foods into a good or even batter
  • The device does not produce heat and can operate for a constantly more extended period.
  • The device can grind pulses or grains in a more significant amount.
  • Retains the essential nutrients of the food or ingredients

What is the warranty period available for a wet grinder?

=> A wet grinder usually comes with a warranty period varying from 1-5 Years. While some of the high-end models offer a warranty period of upto 10-15 Years.

Does a wet grinder comes with an overload or overheat protection?

=> Yes. Many brands provide wet grinders with overload or overheat protection. It depends on the price range of the model. While most of the model does not.

Is it difficult to install a wet grinder?

=> Not at all. Modern type wet grinders are compact and are engineered with essential plug-and-play features. This feature makes a grinder extremely easy to install and operate.

Essential Tips To Maintain A Wet Grinder

=> Below, I have mentioned some of the essential points and tips that will help you to maintain a wet grinder condition. These tips will help you maintain a wet grinder for a more extended period and in excellent condition.

  • Clean the drum or wipe with the wet cloth before every use to prevent contamination.
  • Dry the wet grinder thoroughly when not in use. 
  • Remove the stone roller and clean it thoroughly after every use as it may accumulate dirt and debris and may begin to smell.
  • After every clean up makes sure, the roller stones are correctly fitted.
  • Do not run the wet grinder when there is nothing inside it. It will not only damage the roller stones, but the empty load run will damage the motor as well.
  • Do not dump all ingredients inside the wet grinder at once. Add them slowly in smaller quantities. This function will ground the batter evenly and help increase the life of the wet grinder. 
  • Lubricate the motor and the belt once in a while to ensure its longevity. 
  • While the machine is running, make sure you are keeping your hands away from the drum. You can unlock the arm while the grinder is turned on. 
  • Always buy and use parts from authorized vendors/dealers or directly buy from the brand for better compatibility.
  • Try and get an additional or extended warranty from the brand. This function will add mental peace.

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