Best UV-C Sanitizer Box[COVID Fighter] For Home Use in India

Best UV-C Sanitizer Box[COVID Fighter] For Home Use in India 2020: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

9 Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber For Home Use

UV-C Sanitizer Box Capacity(In Liters) Weight Warranty Price
Innomac UV Sterilizer 21 N/A 6 Months Check Price
ULTRA STERILIZER BOX 21 N/A 1-Year Check Price
Hindpower UVC Strerilizing Chamber 1.0 21 N/A 1-Year Check Price 
Powerpak UV-C Sterilization 50 22 Kg 6-Months Check Price
UV multi sanitizer chamber 53 N/A 6-Months Check Price
VITTHAL UV Sanitizer Chamber 22 N/A 6-Months Check Price
Unique Scientific UV Sterilizer Box 22 N/A 6-Months Check Price
Hindpower The Commercial Use 2.0 23 22 1-Year Check Price
Pyrotech Make Disinfection Box 20 N/A 1-Year Check Price
Philips UV-C Disinfection Box 30 N/A 1-Year Check Price

Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber In India: Reviews

1. Innomac UV Sterilizer Box to kill Viruses, Bacterias

Best UV Sanitizer Box[COVID Fighter] For Home Use in India 2020

This device is our topmost recommendation on our list of UV Sanitizer box. This device is used to disinfect the surfaces using the UV-C rays.  designed for disinfecting personal belongings like Mobile Phone, Laptop, Parcels, Purse, Currency, Groceries, Medical Devices, Watch, and Ornaments, etc. Its 21 Liters large capacity chamber can hold any of your personal belongings inside to make it disinfectant free.

Another point to note is that the device is capable to kill the viruses within one minute. The device has been tested at IISC lab facilities, NABL accredited laboratory, and confirmed that it is generating required intensity radiation to kill viruses. The device is made from stainless steel which makes it durable in design. This Sanitizer box utilizes 4 Bulbs(11W each) to make the operation quick and effective compared to other models. The safety interlock feature prevents the device from any mishandling during operation. The device is also equipped with the smart timer based auto control system that starts and cut-off the device automatically whenever required.

Steel powder coated exterior-wall The warranty period is low
Low power consumption
Large capacity chamber
Safety interlock & auto cut-off system
Smart timer-based system
Best Buy Link:

2. Philips UV-C Disinfection System

Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber In India

Looking for a UV-C sanitizer box from the brand name you can trust? Then stop your search here. “Philips” UV-C sanitizer box is the ultimate device that can make any of your belongings virus or bacteria-free. This easy to use device comes with a large capacity that can hold most of your belongings at a time. It makes the disinfection task quick and easy. The device uses 2 germicidal bulbs(8W each) that make the operation cost comparatively low.

This device is suitable for most of the common belongings like electronic products, currencies, food, and packages, personal products, baby products, etc disinfectant free. The company claims the device is capable to kill upto 99.9% of germs. It is equipped with the preset timer to disinfect common items accordingly. The pre-set modes come with 2, 5, or 8 minutes & standard timer of 3 minutes which can be quickly activated by pressing the start button twice.  The device goes auto cut-off whenever the door is opened.

1-Year warranty on the product

Large capacity chamber Heavy
Kills 99.9% of germs
Pre-set timer for different objects
Special glass door for easy viewing
Auto cut-off feature
Silent operation
Best Buy Link:

3. Hindpower UVC Strerilizing Chamber 1.0

9 Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber For Home Use

Looking for the best COVID fighter with an affordable price range? Then stop your search here. Hindpower is one of the most affordable and trustable brands for the necessity. This dual body UV-C sterilization chamber is used to sterilize mobiles, laptops, vegetables, Eatables, Tiffin & Files. It kills the virus, bacteria, and pathogens in a couple of minutes. The device is suitable to use in Hospitals, Corporate offices, Factories, and homes.

The smart and adaptive design of the product makes it suitable for small scale use. The easy to use design makes it compatible to use by any age groups. Simply place the item into the chamber, and close the door. Then after a recommended time i.e after one minute or more the item can be removed or is sanitized or disinfected. 

Large capacity chamber with a durable body Heavy
Timer system
Low power consumption
Easy to use one-button operation
Sealed door with auto interlock
Best Buy Link:

4. ULTRA STERILIZER BOX Multi-Functional UV Sterilization Box

9 Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber For Home Use

Looking for the adaptive device to fight against the deadly virus in this pandemic? Then stop your search here. This multi-function device is capable of killing upto 99.9% of ill-bacterial viruses within minutes. The premium build quality of the material makes it feasible to withstand any condition. The compact and easy to carry design makes it capable to stand on any flat surface. The one-touch button feature makes the operation quick and efficient.

This “Medical Grade” material designed for home use is capable to kill Harmful Germs Including Salmonella, E. Coli, and Flu Viruses. Switch to this smart device to sterilize not only mask or smartphone but almost all of your household or daily usable accessories. The low power operation also lowers on the pocket or electricity bill. 

Put the item into the chamber of the multi-functional sterilizer, press the disinfection key, the item begins to disinfect after three minutes disinfect completes. The sterilizer case also works great with a toothbrush, underpants, jewelry, makeup brushes, watches, keys, earphones, and other small items. The device also features wireless charging for mobiles. 

Large capacity chamber with a durable body Not comes with a mobile charger
Ideal for small scale use
Quick and easy operation
Medical grade material
Best Buy Link:

5. Powerpak UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber

Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber In India

Looking for the sanitizer box with the maximum capacity chamber? Then stop your search here. This power pack device meets all your daily requirements and makes your accessories disinfectant free within minutes. This portable sterilizer box uses UV-C type of rays to kills the harmful insecticides or bacteria from your phone or usable accessories. It can be applied to sterilize kinds of daily necessities and personal health care products, like masks, goggles, watches, etc.

With a large capacity chamber of 51 Liters, it fits all your daily accessories at a time making the operation quick and effective. The device uses a germicidal UV-C lamp that is placed on the top and bottom to provide 360-degree sterilization. The product is made of durable engineered wood with one side pre-fix reflective aluminum sheet that makes the device durable in operation. It is equipped with the auto-off features that ensure the operation is stopped if the door is left open. 

Large capacity chamber Comparatively heavier
Auto-off feature Not equipped with a voice recognition feature
One button operation
Durable material
Low power consumption
Best Buy Link:

6. Vitthal UV Light Sanitization Box

9 Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber For Home Use

Looking for the “Made In India” sanitizer box? Then stop your search here. This our suitable and top recommended for the Indian consumers. This UV box is equipped with a high-efficiency chamber that is designed to safely decontaminate the regularly used accessories while providing a safer work environment for the operator. This sanitizer box can be used to disinfect Mask, Mobile, Newspaper, Wallet, Groceries, Baby Toys, Keys, Books, Paper, Remotes, Groceries & Personal Gadgets. 

With the large capacity of 22 Liters volume, the product is ideal for use at Home, Hospital, Shops, Offices, Schools & Colleges. The device uses 254nm UV lamps to destroy all exposed Virus & Bacteria on items within the chamber in 2 to 5 minutes. It is equipped with the UV timer that allows the user to set specific disinfectant or decontamination time for effective time and cycle. 

The interior of the device comes with the reflective surfaces that naturally reflects the UV radiation to ensure contents are fully irradiated from all directions. While the UV absorbing chamber protects the user from UV light radiating from the chamber for safer and efficient operation.

Large capacity chamber Comparatively heavier
Simple to use and efficient Wire length is short
UV Timer to set specific decontamination Time & Cycle.
Ideal for a small scale use
Auto shut-off feature
Best Buy Link:

7. COVID Fighter UV-C Sterilization Box Commercial Use 2.0

9 Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber For Home Use

Again the product from Hindpower “A UV-C Sanitizer Box” can be used for a small scale. This ideal sterilizer is the perfect fit for a small scale business. This dual body sterilization chamber is made from eco-friendly material and a cost-effective tool that uses ultraviolet C (UV-C) light sterilization to kill viruses and other pathogens. The UV-C rays fix key vulnerabilities found in the cell phone, salons, beauty parlors, industries, offices, medical and research labs, hospitals, etc. 

Due to the effect of the global pandemic, the sterilization of the daily used accessories is necessary to prevent ill-bacterial diseases. The quick and efficient sterilization operation makes this device the top recommendation on our list. Simply place the item inside the box, close the lid and wait for a material to get the material disinfectant. Multiple devices can be placed at a time for sterilization.

Large capacity chamber Comparatively heavier
Compatible with the several materials No wireless charging feature
Easy to clean device
One button operation
Quick sterilization process
Best Buy Link:

8. Pyrotech Sanitizer Box

9 Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber For Home Use

Looking for the large UV-C sanitizer box that is certified by NABL and DRDO Govt of India, then stop your search here. This UV sanitizer box is made from medical grade material that makes it eco-friendly and ideal for home use. With the capacity of 20 Liters, the device can disinfect mask, mobile phones, papers. vegetables. currencies, laptops, etc. The compact design of the device allows you to place it anywhere you want and blends right into your everyday life. 

It is capable to kill upto 99.9% of harmful germs including Salmonella, E. Coli, and Flu Viruses. The Ultra-fast and easy-to-use device makes your accessories or belongings disinfect within 300 seconds. With the patented 360-degree UVC light technology, the device leaves no corner of the belongings to make infection or viruses free. The device comes with the alarm sounds that alert you after the operation is complete. 

Large capacity chamber
NABL & DRDO certified product
Alarm sound on completion of the process
Auto shut-off feature
Door interlock system
Best Buy Link:

9. Unique Scientific UV Sanitizer Box

9 Best UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber For Home Use

Though this is the last but not the least product on our list. This UV-C sanitizer box ensures the items placed inside is free from infection or virus as soon as it is placed. It is suitable for small items such as phones, cash, masks, gloves, bottle caps, etc. The UV Box One uses UV-C (peak wavelength 253.7nm) light with a strong power of 9W to disinfect items in the chamber from all sides in less than 10 min.

This UV sterilization Box provides 360-degree disinfection inside the chamber making every corner of the item is viruses or bacteria-free. The case is lightweight, portable, and can be easily plugged directly into a wall socket. As the machine does not produce any noise making it soothing to use inside the house. The aromatherapy function helps to control the device functioning within the touch of your finger. The device is equipped with a safety feature that automatically shuts off the operation whenever the lid is open. The UV-C light can penetrate crevices and slits where even cleaning wipes can not reach and disinfect the material. The device does not use any heat, liquid, or chemical for sterilization that makes it environment-friendly and safe to use. 

Large capacity chamber Disinfection time is more
Eco-friendly material Not suitable for larger items
Durable and safe design
360-degree disinfection operation
Quick and effective
Best Buy Link:

A UV-C Sanitizer Box: Buying Guide

1. Storage Capacity

It is the first thing to notice before purchasing a UV-C sanitizer box. Looking for the storage capacity according to your requirements always makes the purchasing safe. A sanitizer box comes with the variable size options from small sanitizer boxes to larger size ones. Buying a small size just to save money is not always a smart move in all cases. Let us assume you have a medium-big family size and you end up purchasing a small-sized box that may lead all your money to go in vain. Because it won’t satisfy all your family member need. So, you again have to purchase a new one that will cost you more. So, it’s always better to purchase a large UV-C sanitizer box.

2. Material Build

As a sanitizer box does not do any harsh operation. It’s always better to purchase the product that is made from good material. While purchasing a sanitizer box make sure the product is made from Stainless Steel. This ensures the safety and durability of the product while elongating the material life.

3. Power Consumption

A UV-C sanitizer chamber or box uses UV-C light to remove the viruses from the surface of the material. It uses 2-4 bulbs depending on the size of the material for operation. This makes the product always low on electricity bills. Though it is always better to choose the product which operates on low power.

4. Timer

This function is one of the necessary features to look before purchasing a UV-C sanitizer box. The timer function allows you to set the operation timing accordingly. You can set the timer for the process depending on the type of material placed inside the box. This ensures the safety and effectiveness of the operation.

5. Auto Shut-off feature

The auto shut-off feature ensures the operation is safe while using. As the UV-C sanitizer box uses UV light for the operation these rays can be harmful to humans if exposed for a long time. This feature makes sure the device not to operate if the door is left open.

6. Eco-friendly

Make sure the device you are purchasing is made from eco-friendly material. This ensures the device is safer to use and is not making any harm to your surrounding or nature.

6. Warranty

Last but not least. Warranty of a UV-C sanitizer chamber. As this device operates using the electricity. There may be some electric burn or mislead if the product is mishandled. The product with the warranty period ensures if there is any fault or breakage in the device it can be easily replaceable. This saves your time and provides you with mental-peace while using the product.

What are the features to look for a UV-C Sanitizer Box/Chamber?

  • Chemical-free operation or disinfection
  • Sealed door with auto-lock feature
  • Maximizes Bio-safety protocols
  • One minute disinfection cycle(Maximum)
  • Rugged shelving support for heavy items
  • LED indication bulb for Switch ON and sanitization
  • Auto shut-off door for protection against accidental exposure
  • Easy to use one-button operation
  • Durable body design
  • Anti-skid feet

UV-C Sanitizer Box For Home Use: FAQs

1. Why should I use a UV-C sanitizer box?

=> In this pandemic, a UV-C sanitizer box has emerged as the most useful device in our house. The device is useful to make our belongings COVID-free or virus-free for safer use. Here are a few reasons that make a UV-C sanitizer box a useful device in your house. They are:

  • It is an environment-friendly device
  • This box disinfects without the use of any chemicals which makes it safer in use.
  • The device is effective against all germs
  • It makes quick and easy disinfection of your belongings.

2. What are the objects that can be made disinfectant using the UV-C sterilizer box?

=> A UV-C sterilization box/chamber is capable to make any surface or object disinfectant. The most common are

  • Mobiles/Laptops
  • Keys
  • Glasses
  • Earphone/Headphone/Earbuds
  • Currencies/coins
  • Fruits
  • Watches
  • Wallet
  • Books
  • Helmets
  • Toys, etc.

3. How does a UV-C sanitizer box work?

=> An UV-C sanitizer box uses the most effective and reliable method to make your belongings safe and virus free. A UV-C sanitizer box uses Ultra Violet(UV)-C type of light to kill any bacteria or germs over the surface. Ultra-Violet light is considered to be an effective and efficient method to kill germs. As it kills or eliminates the DNA of the bacteria and the DNA or RNA of the viruses. Studies have shown that UVC at 254 nm is effective against all foodborne pathogens, natural microbiota, molds, and yeasts.

4. Can I sterilize food using UV-C light?

=> Yes. UV-C light can be used to sterilize the food items. This process is referred to as irradiation. The light does not add radiation to food or make food radioactive in any way.

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