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Best Tripods In 2021: Have Your Perfect Camera Balance

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Tripods For Photography

Photography has evolved over the past few years- and it is not only because of improved cameras and lenses. There are other factors like editing software, advanced features, and also- tripods. Yes, the three-legged friends. We are going to talk about it today! Nevertheless, the best tripod is what it’s all about!

Tripods have made photography relatively more convenient, and we can’t thank technology enough for that. However, the time has also increased its portability as we have smaller and more compact tripods these days. They can be carried around with ease and do not take much effort. These are the best tripods available in the market.

What is a Tripod?

Tripod is a three-legged portable stand used as a platform to support cameras and provide stability and sturdiness. Its three-legged design ensures good stability and better leverage for resisting tipping over due to lateral forces. In simpler words, we use them to click shake-free and crisp pictures.

Many tripods in the market are similar and distinct in their ways. Here’s a list of the 9 best tripods in India that needs your attention:

Best Tripods In India

Best Tripods Type Max Height(Cms) Load Ratings (Kgs) Mount Price
Tygot Gorilla Tripod Gorillapod 33 1 Ball-head Check Price
AmazonBasics 50-inch Travel Tripod 130 2 3-way Panhead Check Price
Kodak T210 Travel Tripod 159 3.5 3-way Panhead Check Price
Tygot Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Tripod Travel Tripod 105 2 3-way Panhead Check Price
DIGITEK DTR 550LW Studio Tripod 170 4.5 3-way Panhead Check Price
Osaka VCT660 Studio / Travel Tripod 150 3.5 3-way Panhead Check Price
Photron STEDY PRO 550 Travel Tripod 136 2.5 3-way Panhead Check Price
Digitek DTR 260 GT Gorillapod 33 1 Ball-head Check Price
Syvo WT 3130 Travel Tripod 130 2 3-way Panhead Check Price

Best Tripods In India: Reviews

1. Tygot Gorilla Tripod

Tygot Gorilla Tripod-mini

Tripods have taken different shapes over time to suit the user’s convenience, and that has been a way forward in the search for the best tripod. As evident by the name, the Tygot Gorilla Tripod is a Gorillapod for Mobile Phones, Action Cameras, and DSLRs. As if we are not curious already, let’s have a deeper look into it.

Tygot claims the Tygot Gorilla Tripod to be a Heavy Duty Tripod with its high build quality. The company claims to have brought a tripod with longer life compared to other plastic-based camera tripods. That said, the Tygot Gorilla Tripod has a plastic build and weighs only 120g. It stands at 13 inches and is of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Plastic compared to cheap plastic. ABS is considered a robust and long-running material.

Talking about the mount, it has a universal screw placed on a rotating sphere. It further has an angle lock that prevents your camera or mobile phone from toppling when bent over. The best tripod has a habit of making things more convenient, and it is definitely what this Gorillapod does. It provides a 360° rotation with its rotating sphere design. Further, it comes with a mobile holding clasp inside the box.

The tripod has flexible legs that ensure that you are worth every penny you spend. You can shoot whenever and from wherever you want. However, its highlighting feature is still under the covers. The tripod has a Bluetooth remote control that helps you click pictures without touching or pressing manually on the device. It connects to your device and shoots in one click from a far distance even.

Our Opinion

The Tygot Gorilla Tripod is the best tripod in the Gorillapod category under ₹500. There is no other tripod for ₹289 that does the job better than this. In contrast, you should know about its fair share of problems. As having a small size, the tripod performs well with mobile phones, mirrorless cameras, and action cameras- but it is not the case with DSLRs. Due to its size, it sometimes seems flimsy when using a DSLR with an unstable base. However, for the price and the Bluetooth remote it provides- there should be no complaining. It is the best tripod among Gorillapod at this price.
Lightweight & Compact design Small for DSLRs
Affordable price range Comparatively short height
Material quality is good. Shaky with heavy cameras
It comes with a Bluetooth remote
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Stability Sturdiness Durability
4.4 4.1 3.9 3.5
Best Buy Link:

2. AmazonBasics Lightweight Tripod 

AmazonBasics lightweight Tripod

Is someone still asking for the best tripod when Amazon brings its option on the table! The AmazonBasics 50-inch Lightweight Tripod is a fully functional travel tripod and is a boon for photographers with its multi-faceted benefits. Don’t believe us? Let’s know together.

With an Aluminum body and a weight of 567g, this tripod is a suitable option for digital, video, or still cameras. It extends up to a maximum height of 50 inches, thus making sure that all angles are covered well. It is beneficial equally for both novice and expert with its easy setup and usage.

Further, this tripod favors the number 3. The tripod’s 3-Way Head allows versatility, while the 3-sectioned Lever-Lock legs make sure that the tripod is stable also on uneven terrains. The 3-Way Head ensures changing of the orientation of the camera in one tilt motion. Its 360° swivel function enables panoramic possibilities of the accessory.

Lastly, the tripod’s Quick-release system takes the limelight. The tripod has a quick-release mounting plate that helps in easy and fast transitions between shots. With a compact collapsible size and a load rate of 2kgs, this tripod has everything a user can ask.

Our Opinion

The AmazonBasics 50-inch Lightweight Tripod is the best tripod under ₹1000 for travelers. Because the tripod has a small collapsible height of 16.5 inches, it can fit in any small luggage bag while traveling. Also, the bag that comes with the package keeps the tripod safe within itself. Despite the absence of a mobile holder, this tripod has almost all bases.
Premium looks & build quality No mobile phone holder
Height adjustment is good No out-of-the-box mobile phone support
Good stability Not sturdy enough
Small collapsible size with storage bag Average build quality
Affordable price range
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Stability Sturdiness Durability
4.2 4.1 4.0 3.8
Best Buy Link:

3. Kodak T210

KodakT210 Tripod-min

There are Travel Tripods, there are Studio Tripods, and then there are tripods that fall on the horizon of both. The Tygot T210 is one such tripod that falls in this category of tripods. It seems like a Travel tripod in the first instance but works like a Studio Tripod as well.

The Kodak T210, unlike its counterparts in the Travel tripod category, has an ergonomic design with some features similar to a Studio tripod. It weighs around 1kg and can extend to a maximum height of 160cms. A load rating of 3.5kg makes sure that every piece of equipment is handled very well with the tripod.

It has 3-section legs with an ergonomic toggle design that makes the design look premium and gives a longer running life to it. A bearing hook in the middle for extra stability and rubberized anti-slip feet make for a perfectly stable and sturdy experience when in use. The flip-lock design further adds to the features of the tripod.

The tripod has a hydraulic 3-way head interface that allows 360° panoramic capabilities. It makes sure that there is no feat untouched in terms of convenience and accessibility with this tripod. Although it doesn’t come with a mobile phone holder, it has a 1/4″ standard screw for DSLRs, Mirrorless Cameras, and Action cameras.

Our Opinion

The Kodak T210 is the best tripod for users seeking high-end functionality. There are many tripods in the market that claim to provide functionality better than their price. However, the Kodak T210 is one of few that deliver the promise. With a premium build quality, this tripod is a must-buy for beginners veterans alike who wish to enjoy every bit of their photography experience. It is one of the best travel tripods currently available in the market.
Good build quality No mobile phone holder
Adjustable base Low-quality knobs & clips
Bearing hook
Good load ratings
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Stability Sturdiness Durability
4.1 3.2 3.8 3.7
Best Buy Link:

4. Tygot Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Tripod

Tygot Adjustable tripod

Evident by the name, Tygot has created this Lightweight Adjustable Tripod that claims to be the most versatile option available. With a stylish-looking minimalistic design and a strong-looking build- this tripod seems a worthy competitor.

This tripod from Tygot is a Travel Tripod weighing 300g. The lighter weight makes sure that carrying it around is the easiest of the tasks. What better, the collapsible 3-section of the tripod allows a maximum height of 1050mm, ensuring that there’s no compromise on height for portability. A collapsible height of 350mm is what works wonders when traveling and fitting it inside the small check-in bag.

Compatible with all kinds of cameras, the tripod has a max load rating of 2kgs like most other travel tripods. However, its 3-way head allows a 360° convenience for better panoramic shots and group pictures. The level tester feature ensures that the tripod is balanced ideally on its feet. Its lever-lock legs further ensure stability and sturdiness with the ease at which they open and close. Finally, it comes with a bag and a universal mobile phone holder that allows compatibility to mobile phones out-of-the-box.

Our Opinion

The Tygot Adjustable Aluminum Alloy Tripod is the best tripod for travelers under ₹300. Looking at the tripod for once makes you feel that it will not handle the weight of a DSLR. Is that true? To some extent, yes. Travel Tripods are mostly portable tripods that are easy to carry, and hence they have to compromise a little on the weight. However, this tripod does the job well in balancing the heaviest of cameras without toppling over. Some of the best features are the 3-way head and level tester, mainly found in high-end tripods. Its mobile phone holder is another addition to the tripod’s glory.
Budget price range Comparatively low height
Lightweight design Flimsy for heavy cameras
Good material quality
Mobile phone holder with level tester
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Stability Sturdiness Durability
4.1 3.3 3.5 3.6
Best Buy LInk:

5. DIGITEK (DTR 550LW) Tripod

DIGITEK DTR Tripod-min

Studio tripods are a rarity these days, as most photographers have turned to landscape photography. In that case, a travel tripod does the job of a studio tripod with ease. However, a studio tripod is the best tripod for a reason. Nothing short of that is the DIGITEK DTR 550LW. The DTR 550LW is what you can call an ideal studio tripod as it is bulky, strong, stable, and tall. With a weight of 1200 grams, the tripod has an Aluminum frame that keeps the body in a sturdy position. Compared to other tripods, this one has a higher load capacity of 5kgs. It means using heavy camera equipment won’t be a hassle with this tripod.

The DTR 550LW has a maximum height of 5.57ft, making it an ideal accessory for people of all heights. In addition, its rubberized feet make sure that the tripod is sturdy enough when in use. Its versatile 3-way head allows a convenient change of orientation of the camera. Right when we think that we already have our best tripod, here’s more.

The tripod’s bubblehead makes sure that you are always leveled perfectly within the frame. Also, the quick-release head of the tripod makes sure that you are never in a tangle when hurrying. Easy mounting and unmounting are seamless by the quick release system of the tripod.
One major issue with a studio tripod is that it is not portable. It is that one problem Digitek solves for you. With a minimum collapsing height of 615mm and 3 sections that collapse to reduce the size to a minimum- it’s a bargain. A maximum tube diameter of 26.5mm further ensures that the tripod does not take much space in your baggage.

Our Opinion

The Digitek DTR 550LW is the best tripod for studio beginners. It provides everything a studio tripod needs but is still not as reliable for pros as it should be. However, it does a lot more compared to most studio tripods. Firstly- it is portable and easy to carry with its collapsible size. Second- it has a sturdy base that makes sure that the outdoors suit the tripod. Finally- it has a 3-way head that allows 360° movement to the pan. All this adds to the tripod’s merits and makes it a worthy component to try once. That said, it is worth its price, and that’s all you look for in the best tripod.
High load capacity Comparatively heavy
Sturdy design Average material build quality
Easy portable with maximum height adjustments
Good quality head
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Stability Sturdiness Durability
4.3 3.9 4.1 3.9
Best Buy Link:

6. Osaka VCT660 Camera Tripod

Osaka VCT660 Camera Tripod-min

The Osaka VCT660 is a Travel Tripod that works as smoothly as it looks. It has changed how people look at Travel tripods these days. The Osaka VCT660 is a highly rated product online, and here are the reasons why?

It weighs around 1200g and has a load capacity of 3.5kgs which seems believable for its weight. It claims to support all kinds of cameras on its powerful aluminum alloy legs. The tripod has a maximum height of 150cms, and we can’t complain looking at its build and the price it has. Further, the legs have 3 sections that lock by a quick flip system. It makes sure that extending and collapsing the tripod is easier than ever.

Talking about the collapsing height, it folds to a minimum of 610mm and doesn’t even feel like an extra accessory when carried. The camera is supported by a 3-way head mount on top. It allows a 360° view of the surroundings and a spectacular panoramic experience.

Our Opinion

The Osaka VCT660 is the best tripod for traveling purposes. However, here are a few gambles you have to do while you order it. As complained by most users, some units get delivered without a phone mount mentioned in the product description. Despite this, the tripod is full of features that are worth the money invested in it. Another thing that makes it a reliable product is its Indian manufacturing. In brief, the tripod’s compact size makes it a worthy buy for frequent travelers.
Easy carry design Average build quality
Easy setup & good stability No mobile holder
Lightweight & portable
Made in India
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Stability Sturdiness Durability
4.0 4.3 4.3 3.9
Best Buy Link:

7. Photron STEDY PRO 550

Photron STEDY Pro


There are plenty of Travel Tripods in India that are portable yet reliable for their price. Another addition to this list is the Photron Stedy Pro 550.

The Photron Stedy Pro 550 is a solid tripod made of aluminum alloy. It is a lightweight tripod that supports all mobile phones, mirrorless cameras, and DSLRs. In addition, it has a maximum working height of 130.6cm. It collapses to 42.5cm and fits easily in a small backpack.
It has a net weight of 580g that can be considered light compared to other tripods of the same segment. About its compactness, the tripod legs have a tube diameter of 17.5mm that adds to the size of the tripod and fits any travel bag perfectly.

It uses the traditional 3-way pan head to mount the camera or mobile phone. Enhancing its usage is a bubble leveler that helps in maintaining the balance of the tripod. It supports a maximum weight of 2.5kg that is suitable for small cameras and lightweight lenses. Finally, a quick-release plate sums up the features of this sleek and ergonomic tripod.

Our Opinion

The Photron Stedy Pro 550 is the best tripod for frequent travelers. This tripod has one of the best weight distributions in terms of the build. It also has a design that fits any traveler’s bag perfectly. Also, its compact collapsible size means it fulfills the requirements of a traveler not having to carry extra baggage for camera accessories. It comes at an affordable price that is justified by its features. It also comes with a mobile phone holder. What more do you want from your best tripod?
Compact size Relatively smaller height
Lightweight design Lower load rating
Mobile phone holder Not best for DSLRs
Bubble leveler
Value for money
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Stability Sturdiness Durability
4.4 4.1 4.2 4.0
Best Buy Link:

8. Digitek DTR 260 GT


A direct competitor of the Tygot Gorilla tripod is the Digitek DTR 260 GT with a very similar design and features. It has the same size, similar material, and the same Bluetooth remote. Is there anything different? Let’s know about it.

The Digitek DTR 260 GT is a Gorillapod that claims to be a heavy-duty tripod. It has a body of ABS plastic that is of the highest quality. This material makes sure that the tripod has a longer life compared to other plastic-based camera tripods. It has a rotating sphere on the mounting head that has an anodized finishing in addition to an angle lock. It ensures that the tripod easily handles the 1kg limit of weight mentioned in the description. Weighing only 150g by itself, it is one of the most portable kinds of tripods. Further, the ABS plastic makes it a perfect component for a long day without stressing the arms much.

Finally, it has a quick-release system in a clasp-based lock. It ensures that you are always on the go while using it. The Bluetooth remote that comes along with the tripod gives an edge to the user compared to handheld tripods with its one-touch clicking capabilities.

Our Opinion

The Digitek DTR 260 GT is the best tripod for vloggers and content creators. It has all the capabilities to be the best tripod. The only reason it remains on the backfoot is its similarity with the cheaper Tygot Gorillapod that has all the same specs but differs only in weight. However, the price difference is not much, and both the tripods are equally great. It’s on you to choose the one among them!
Ultra flexible Not suitable for heavy cameras
Bluetooth remote press button to click photos Average quality mobile holder
Travel compatible with high-quality ABS material 
It can withstand a maximum load of up to 1 kg.
Clasp lock for accurate angle mechanism
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Stability Sturdiness Durability
4.3 3.8 4.1 3.9
Best Buy Link:

9. Syvo WT 3130

Syvo WT 3130

Some tripods look alike, and then there are ones that perform alike. Here is the Syvo WT 3130 that looks similar to a favorite participant from the list- but is a different prospect.

The Syvo WT 3130 is a travel tripod that weighs around 690g. It extends to a maximum height of 50 inches and gives us a nostalgia for the AmazonBasics 50-inch tripod that looks similar. It supports cameras of all types and makes sure that it performs well with all of them.
Its lightweight build makes it one of the best tripods on this list. Talking about the mount, it has a standard 3-way head mount that allows the best angles with a 360° rotation. Its feet are made of non-slip rubbers and ensure a stable base for the equipment. It supports a maximum of 5kgs that gives the liberty to use high-end cameras mounted on it.

A bubble level indicator, quick release buckle locking system, and a universal mobile phone holder are some of the features that come equipped in this tripod and make it a perfect package.

Our Opinion

The Syvo WT 3130 is the best tripod to buy for premium build quality. It has some of the best materials used in terms of the build. The tripod makes sure that there are no doubts in the mind of the user regarding its quality. The carry bag and mobile phone holder always are cherries on the top. These are usually not bundled with many tripods that cut on their expense. This tripod is an all-rounder in terms of usability and experience. You can go for it without thinking twice.
Affordable price range Average mobile phone holder
Good build quality Average sturdiness
Lightweight design with bubble indicator Limited rotation
Mobile phone holder with carrying bag
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Stability Sturdiness Durability
4.3 4.3 4.0 4
Best Buy Link:

Best Tripods: Buying Guide

Buying the best tripod to quench your hunger for photography is not as easy as it may sound. However, here are a few factors to consider when buying the best tripod:

Types of Tripods:

There are various types of tripods, but the categories boil down to only 4 in a broad sense-

Pocket Tripod  it is a mini version of the standard tripod. Standing at a maximum of 8 inches, these are very lightweight and compact. People use these for selfies or group pictures by placing them on a platform. However, they can support only mobile phones or mirrorless cameras the most.

Travel Tripod – these are used mostly outdoors and preferred by travelers. They are usually portable and compact but compromise on functionality because of the same. You can easily carry them in your luggage without worrying much.

Studio Tripod  it is generally heavy and bulky compared to other tripods due to its functionality. These tripods carry heavy cameras with bulky equipment. However, they are preferred for static use like in studios as they are heavy to carry around.

Gorilla Tripod – these are special function tripods made to click photographs from unreachable angles or places. You can wrap its flexible legs around a stem or pole to grab some worthy clicks. However, they are not very durable in use.

Monopod – the modified version of a tripod is the monopod that has only one leg. Technically, not a tripod- a monopod provides support in contrast to stability. Vloggers and wildlife photographers mostly use them as they have to carry the weight of the cameras for longer durations. Any additional weight is a burden in that case.

Weight and Material

Weight is a vital aspect when choosing the best tripod. An ideal weight distribution sets apart the best tripod from good tripods. A heavy tripod is conventionally less preferred, but it all depends on your type of usage.

While the lightest of tripods are of carbon fiber, they are priced higher than others. Travelers and photographers who shoot outdoors use this mostly. Slightly heavier tripods made of aluminum can be beneficial for indoor photography in studios. In addition, they come with more features compared to the former.


Tripod height determines the ease of use while using it. It is why you should always consider buying a tripod with a maximum height similar to yours. It lets you have a perfect view through the camera without having to bend or crouch much. Make sure your jaw rests on the mount of the tripod without the camera. This way can ideally find the best tripod for your height.

Collapsing Size

In addition to a tripod’s height, its collapsible size should be another factor that you should know. It makes sure that you do not need much space in your travel bag to fit it in.


Contrary to belief, heavy tripods are not necessarily steady. A solid & sturdy design makes sure that your tripod handles every bump in the way, apart from adjusting to the harshest outdoor surfaces. We can assure that the camera with its lens is not tilted towards a direction when fully set up. The best tripod will make sure to adjust and balance the weight in the best possible way.

Load Rating

One of the first few things to notice in a tripod should be the amount of weight it can handle. The ideal way of choosing the best tripod that can support your equipment is by opting for a tripod that can support 1.5 – 2 times the weight of your total equipment (camera+lens). It will make sure to keep your camera safe.

Tripod Head

You can never underestimate the significance of a tripod head when choosing one, as these are detachable components. The most important among them are the tripod heads. You need to know the different types of tripod heads available.

There are 3 types of Tripod Heads-

a. Pan-tilt Head – This is the kind of tripod head used in cheaper tripods that come built-in. They have single or dual handles for vertical and horizontal movements.

b. Ball Head – Ball heads are easier to use compared to Pan-tilt heads. They only have an option to loosen or tighten the grip and move over a ball-like structure. Hence, they allow smooth functioning.

c. Gimbal Head – This is the kind of head used for heavier lenses. These allow the tripod to balance the weight of the camera and the lens perfectly. In addition, they do not require any tightening or loosening while moving the camera.

Tripod Legs

Tubular and Non-tubular are the two major types of legs found in tripods. One has to make sure that there are not more than 5 sections in the tripod, so it is more stable and sturdy in use.

Quick-release system

Manufacturers have found a new way in contrast to the redundant threaded system that required screwing and unscrewing your camera. With the popular quick-release system, tripods now have a simple plate that attaches to the camera, and we can remove that in one click. It makes sure that you can use the camera in its full might by unmounting it and living your best camera experience manually.

Best Tripods: FAQs

Do I need a tripod to click better pictures?

Yes and no. It depends on the situation. Depending on it, if you are shooting outdoors- you will need a tripod as moving objects get out of sight quickly and often produce blurry or shaky images. In such cases, keeping your camera steady is the main focus. However, indoor and outdoor portrait shoots do not necessarily require a tripod.

Are expensive tripods better?

Not necessarily. Various tripods in the market are relatively cheaper and do the job perfectly. However, high-end users usually go for expensive tripods as they are worth the money. In contrast, if you are a casual user, you can settle for the cheaper options.

Which brand’s tripod should I buy?

There is no such best manufacturer of tripods in the market. However, some companies are making some elegant tripods that are of great use. A few of them are Digitek, Tygot, Manfrotto, Benro, etc.

Which tripod is the best?

It is a purely subjective question, and the answer is- it depends on your type of usage, budget, the camera you are using, and the purpose. People these days prefer Gorillapod and mini tripods more compared to the older times. However, standard travel and studio tripods are better choices any day.

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