best thermos flask bottle in India

Best Thermos Flask Bottles In India Under ₹1000: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Thermos Flask Bottles In India

Thermos Flask BottlesCapacity(In Liters)Material UsedWarrantyPrice
Cello Swift1 LHigh-quality steel1-YearCheck Price
Borosil Hydra Bolt Trans1 LStainless Steel1-YearCheck Price
InstaCuppa Thermos Bottle1 LStainless Steel1-YearCheck Price
Pinnacle Palladium1 LStainless Steel1-YearCheck Price
Milton Duo DLX1.5 LStainless Steel1-YearCheck Price
Traniac Thermos Bottle1 LStainless Steel1-YearCheck Price
Signoraware Thermos Flask1 LStainless Steel1-YearCheck Price
 Wonderchef Aqua-Bot Flask1 LStainless Steel1-YearCheck Price 
Frabble8 Flask Bottle1 LStainless Steel1-YearCheck Price
Prestige Thermopro Vacuum Water Bottle1 LStainless Steel1-YearCheck Price

How does a Thermos Flask work?

=> A thermos flask is a type of bottle that ensures the drink temperature is maintained for a respected period. While some of them do it for a longer period of time. It is made of plastic or stainless steel. A thermos bottle is built using two vessels in the interior between which the vacuum is filled.

The flask utilizes two mechanisms that are either vacuum or foam insulation for the purpose. The vacuum is created between the thermos wall that is the interior and exterior of the thermos. This vacuum resists the temperature conduction through the wall. It is also provided with a tight stopper or lid that prevents the transfer of heat through convection. The copper or the reflective coating works on reflecting the heat to the liquid. The same mechanism is used for both hot and cold liquids. 

Best Thermos Flask In India: Reviews

1. Cello Swift Stainless Steel Flask

 thermos flask best in India

For over two decades, Cello brings out the extra-ordinary products that complement our lifestyle. When coming to talk about the thermos flask, the brand has received great feedback from users. It offers an unmatched range of double-wall insulated stainless steel body that offers great compliments for the drink. The product is made utilizing 18/8 highly graded quality stainless steel which is insulated to a great level. It comprises vacuum and steel technology that converts it to unique technology i.e. Vacuusteel Technology. This helps to keep your beverages hotter or colder for almost 24 hours a day under an ideal condition.

The flask consists of a strong insulating layer ‘Thermoseal Layer’ and copper coating for better heat retention. It features an airtight leakproof top that retains the heat or cold temperature for a longer duration of time. This also makes the lid sweat-free making it comfortable to stash anywhere around. They are composed such that the flask cap impedes drink to turn out from the container this avoids the spillage of your favorite drink. It can easily be carried in your office bag, travel bag, etc. It conveniently fits into the side pockets of your bags. Neither too big nor too small has Cello offered you just what you need.


Cello Flask bottle is the best buy for premium quality material. The device is comprised of pro-grade stainless steel that won’t transfer any flavors and is strong enough for the adventure, or camp. It can easily be carried in your office bag, travel bag, etc. It offers 1-Years of Warranty.
Pro-grade stainless steel material
Convenient & user-friendly
Maintains temperature up to 24 hours
Ideal for Office & outdoor use
Airtight plastic cap
Best Buy Link:

2. Borosil Stainless Steel Hydra Bolt Trans Flask

best thermos flask bottle in India

Borosil presents you with one of the elegant and stylish thermos flasks for your beverage needs. The product is promoted with a tagline – “Cold Stays Cold. Hot Stays Hot.” The flask with the curvy silhouette is a bestselling classic design on our list. The device not only looks good but does well too. This flask is made with 100% food-grade material which makes it suitable for consumption purposes. While the 18/8 high-quality rustproof steel makes it durable in design.

Its material is made of an insulated double-wall vacuum with a copper coating that retains the temperature of beverages for a longer duration. Its cutting edge technology ensures the beverage you are carrying has maximum temperature retention no matter how hot or cold it is. The company claims all the plastic part in this product is BPA and phthalate-free. This ensures the beverage is free from any toxins or chemicals that migrate. The model is available in variable sizes ranging from 500 ml, 750 ml, & 1000 ml. These sizes just rightly fit any of your needs. While the model features a specially designed mouth that enables drip-free sipping. This is also wide enough that enables enough space for ice-cubes, for those who like their drinks extra-chilled. 

The specially crafted exterior is condensation free which ensures your bag and hands stay dry. This also ensures the flask does not slip when you hold it. The compact design of the bottle allows easy accommodation in backpacks and rucksacks, making it well-suited for carrying on expeditions and trips. It can be accommodated in the office and school bags as well. It can also fit neatly inside your gym bag or sports bag.


Borosil Stainless Steel Flask bottle is the best buy to compliments your personality while maintaining your beverage temperature. Its cutting-edge technology ensures the beverage achieves maximum temperature retention. While the copper-coated insulated double-wall enriches the flavors or vitamins of your beverages. It is available in various sizes ranging from 500 ml, 750 ml, & 1000 ml which makes it suitable for office, school, gym, etc.
Made with 100% food-grade material
Rustproof interior & exterior
All plastic parts are BPA & Phthalate-free
Available in variable sizes
Easy to pour mouth opening
Best Buy Link:

3. InstaCuppa Thermos Bottle

stylish thermos bottle in India

If you want to drink in style and be a trendsetter, then switch to InstaCuppa Thermos Flask. The elegant and unique bottle design gets everyone around you talking. This thermos bottle helps you drink your favorite beverages in style. The design of the bottle is sleek, stylish, and modern. The matte exterior finish provides this bottle a premium look. This travel bottle is very easy to carry around and fits easily into your backpacks. 

The bottle is featured with advanced temperature retention that ensures your beverage will remain hot or cold for a long time. The hot beverages will remain hot for up to 12 hours. While the cold beverages will remain cold for up to 24 hours. The vacuum insulation ensures the thermos bottle is airtight and prevents any spillage of the water droplets.

This also helps to retain the original flavor of the beverages for a longer time. Note, this bottle is BPA free. This means the water is completely hygienic to drink. This thermos bottle utilizes premium quality material for its build-up. It is a double-wall vacuum insulated and made from premium 304-grade stainless steel which makes durable in design. This makes the material rust-proof and long-lasting in design. 

Note: Do not deep freeze or microwave the bottle.


InstaCuppa Thermos Flask bottle is the best to buy for the trendsetter. The bottle features advanced temperature retention that ensures your beverage will remain hot or cold for a longer time. The vacuum insulation ensures airtight lock and prevents water spillage. It is lightweight in design i.e. 490 gms which makes it easy to carry anywhere around. This innovative dual-layer bottle offers a slip-resistant surface that’s free of sweat and condensation. Ideal for work, school, or on the go use. 
Made with 100% food-grade material
Lightweight in design
The airtight lid to prevent water spillage
Slip-resistant & sweat resistant
Advanced temperature control & eliminates condensation
Leak-proof & eco-friendly
Best Buy Link:

4. Pinnacle Palladium Vacuum Flask

best thermos flask bottle for outdoor use

This thermos flask is made in India product. Pinnacle is the Indian brand famous across the world for its premium quality home-ware products. The brand product is loved by people across over 80 countries. This thermos bottle is FDA(Food & Drug Administration) approved and is built with precision. The bottle is shaped like a bullet design which makes it attractive and astonishing in look. The Lid of the bottle is flip-style which makes it easy pouring. 

This flask is made from high-grade-304 Stainless steel which makes it durable in design. The interior of the bottle is made from Copper(Cu) which is great to retain the temperature of the water. It is provided with an extra-layer of Copper coating which ensures better temperature retention and makes the bottle rust-proof in design.

The bottle is equipped with a “VacuuShield” technology with unique double-wall vacuum insulation that preserves your beverages for long hours. This ensures no heat or condensation is forming on the outside of the flask. The exterior of the material comes with a double-layered scratch-resistant coating making it perfect for the outdoor and on-the-go use. While there is a smart silicon fitting at the bottom that ensures your flask stays in place wherever you place it. The special flip-lid design lets you pour your beverage with ease without any spillage. You will get easy to carry a protective bag along with the Pinnacle Palladium bottle. 


Pinnacle Palladium flask bottle is perfect to buy for outdoor and on the go use. The product is made in India and is loved by people across 80 countries. The “VacuuShield” technology with the unique double-wall insulation preserves your beverages for long hours. This ensures no heat or condensation is forming on the outside of the flask. The double-layered scratch-resistant coating on the exterior makes it durable and scratch-proof. It comes with a 1-Year warranty.
Equipped with the “VacuumShield” technologyComparatively heavier
100% rust-proof material
100% BPA free Lid with flip and leak-proof seal
Food grade stainless steel body
Scratch-proof body with an anti-skid base
Leak-proof and easy to clean
Best Buy Link:

5. Milton Duo DLX Thermos Bottle

best thermos flask bottle for Indian conditions

Milton is one of the most trusted brands in India. The reason behind is its product quality and standard. The flask bottle made under this brand lets you enjoy fresh brews the way you do at home. This insulated double-walled vacuum water bottle is designed for maximum temperature retention. This helps to keep your favorite drinks hot/cold without altering their temperatures for a prolonged period of time.

This convenient vacuum bottle has been constructed with a sturdy steel body that maintains its durability. This also lets the water bottle withstand and temperature or pressure. The vacuum insulated construction of the bottle retains the temperature of both hot and cold beverages to consume for a long duration. The flask is corrosion resistant in nature. This portable and easy to carry a bottle is ideal for storing your liquid safely. Its corrosion-resistant and rust-free body give you the confidence of a safe sip of your favorite beverage every time.

Its unique construction aids in heat retention to keep hot and cold beverages keep hot and cold beverages from reaching room temperature for hours. The upper of the bottle is provided with a threaded closure. This enables you to take a swig of your favorite beverage easily at any time. The kid is smaller in shape and size and allows the bottle to carry easily anywhere. The sturdy, screw-top cap makes the bottle leak-proof and holds the liquid in all the times. This prevents the risk of spillage.


Milton Duo DLX flask bottle is the best buy for the Indian conditions. This convenient bottle is made of a sturdy steel body which makes it durable in design. The corrosion-resistant and rust-free body provide you the confidence for a safe sip. This water bottle is made from an 18/8 stainless steel body which makes it withstand any temperature or pressure. It comes with 1-Year of manufacturing warranty.
Keeps beverage hot or cold for 24 hoursNot equipped with the “VacuumShield” technology
Inside copper coating for better heat retention
Study steel exterior and interior
Attractive design & vacuum insulated bottle
Leak-proof & easy to carry design
Best Buy Link:

6. TRANIAC Stainless Steel Flask

best thermos flask bottle for all purposes

This thermos flask is the next level of innovation in its field. The water bottle you will love to have wherever you go. From bottle design to features, and accessibility the flask is equipped with all the essentials you may require. The product is designed to retain hot and cold drink temperatures for longer than the standard drink bottles. The bottle is easy to refill and reuse. It features a wide mouth opening for faster filling and evacuating. 

The Traniac metal water bottle retains a cold temperature for up to 36 hours and hot temperatures for up to 13 hours. The bottle also holds double-wall layering and superior temperature retention. It can easily withstand up to 1000 ml of liquid or beverages no matter what the temperature or pressure is. This allows you to keep freshwater with you at the gym, enjoy a bit of hot coffee at work, or even take some fresh tea on a hike this summer.

This vacuum-insulated double-walled steel bottle is made for durability, resilience, and long-lasting use. it’s made with a stain, odor, and mildew-resistant stainless steel that’s food-grade safe and easy to clean. While the double-powder coating provides you a sure grip and increased durability. This all-purpose water bottles for men, women, and kids feature a smart, slip-resistant rubber grip handle for maximum portability.


TRANIAC thermos flask is the best buy for the all-purpose water bottle. It effortlessly suits athletes, outdoor adventurers, and people who live life on the go. The bottle also features a wide mouth strong cap and a wide mouth spout sports sipper lid for easy accessibility. It is made for durability, resilience, and long-lasting use. It is made with a stain, odor, and mildew-resistant stainless steel that’s food-grade safe and easy to clean. While the exterior of the bottle is provided with a double powder coating for a sure grip.
All-purpose water bottleHot water resistant time is comparatively low
Keeps beverage hot for 13 hrs & cold for 36 hrsThe copper coating is not provided
Equipped with the “VacuumShield” technology
Food-grade safe and easy to clean
Double powder coating exterior for a sure grip
Leakproof & BPA free material
Extra sports mode lid included
Best Buy Link:

7. Signoraware Steel Vacuum Bottle

best thermos flask bottle for Indian

This water drink bottle is your one-stop solution for carrying your drinks to your picnic, office, day trips, and even those lazy days at home when you don’t feel like leaving your book and go to the kitchen to get a hot cup of coffee. Along with the temperature, it also protects the taste and nutritional values of your drinks. The material is stylish in design. The company never compromises with the material they are made of. This product from “Signoraware” is made of 100% stainless steel with zero toxins. 

The model utilizes Double-wall vacuum insulation technology that retains the temperature, flavor, freshness and nutritional value of the drink inside. The superior thermal retention keeps the water hot or cold for up to 24 hours. The exterior of the bottle is made of Stainless steel and the interior is made of 18/8 304 steel which makes it durable in design. This makes the material 100% rust-free and hygienic to consume beverages.

The product is made of 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, non-leaching, and food-grade which makes it a completely safe product inside your home. The anti-drip lid with leak-proof silicone gasket ensures your finger grip to the bottle with no condensation. This also helps to keep your bottle dry and un-frostbite. Its compact design can fit most standard drink holders and car cup holders. It is also lightweight and highly portable.


The Signoraware Steel Vacuum bottle is the highly appreciated flask bottle for Indians. The bottle accommodates double-wall vacuum insulation technology that retains the temperature for up to 24 hours. The exterior and interior of the bottle are made of stainless steel which is durable in design. It is made of 100% BPA-free, non-toxic, non-leaching, and food-grade which makes it a completely safe product inside your home.
Sleek and stylish flask bottleNo wide mouth opening
Lightweight and affordable price rangeNo sipper is included
Anti-drip lid with leak-proof silicone gasketNot provided with a rubber grip
Can easily fit most of the car cup holders
Rust-proof & easy to carry design
Best Buy Link:

8. Wonderchef Aqua-Bot Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

best thermos flask bottle with affordable price range

This flask bottle can be your ultimate hydration partner. Unlike other flask bottles on our list, this is a disposable bottle for your need. Wonderchef flask bottle definitely compliments your drinking standards. This product is inspired by Italian design and adhere to German Quality standards. The quality and the specifications provided in the product makes the customer flaunts the product. This flask features double-layered, vacuum-insulated construction, with copper plating inside that helps to keep your beverages hot or cold for long stretches of time. The product is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel that does not rust and lasts you a lifetime.

The shiny subdued steel look on the exterior reflects its elegance. The beautiful and slender shape makes a statement as you sip. The flask is made of 100% BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic, and non-leaching which makes it completely safe for drinking purposes. The superior, food-grade stainless steel construction allows for refilling and reusing the flask easily which reduces the need for single-use plastic water bottles. It features a leak-free lid that prevents spillage. 


Wonderchef flask bottle is the best product to buy for a lightweight & affordable price range. It offers Italian design and adheres to German quality standards. The flask bottle is made of high-quality stainless steel and is rust-proof & reusable in design. The elegant and shiny finish exterior makes a statement as you sip. It offers a 1-Year warranty.
Very lightweight designNo wide mouth opening
100% BPA-free & Phthalate-free material
Superior food-grade stainless steel
Rust-proof & leak-free lid
Best Buy Link:


Best Thermos Flask Bottles: Buy Guide


The material of the thermos flask bottle is one of the important factors to consider before buying. It has a great impact on maintaining the temperature of the beverages. Good quality material offers good thermal insulation. Some of the widely used cheaper material utilized in a flask is plastic. They are not good insulators and can maintain the temperature for only a few hours.

However, Double Walled Stainless Steel is considered to be the best material among all for a flask bottle. This material type is mostly preferred by some popular models. Though this material product is higher in price but offers better insulation. It is much durable than plastic and is also resistant to corrosion. It also makes bottle rust-free for a longer duration of time. The only drawback of this material is that it is comparatively heavier.

Note: The material should be 100% food-grade and BPA-free. Make sure it is corrosion and rust-free.


The next important factor is the thermos flask storage capacity. The flask bottle comes in a different capacity and sizes of 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000 ml, or 1050ml. The sizes of the bottle are proportion to the price. The more the capacity the higher the price is. You must choose the bottle according to your requirements.

Heat Retention

It defines the amount of time the flask can keep the beverages hot or cold. The lower end flask model offers a heat retention time of 4-5 hours. However, the higher-end model offers a heat retention time of more than 12+ hours. The more the heat retention time the better the flask is. These flasks are useful for long working hours or long drive or adventure. Make sure the bottle is double-wall vacuum insulated. This can retain the temperature of the beverage for a longer time.

Types of Insulation(Foam Or Vacuum)

The most common types of insulation used in a thermos flask are – vacuum and foam.

  • Vacuum Insulation – As the name suggests, there is a vacuum created between the inner and exterior walls of the flask. This insulation works by preventing the heat from outside of the bottle to the inside. The vacuum prevents the convection between the wall. This is how the temperature of the beverage is maintained to the bottle.
  • Foam Insulation – In this mechanism instead of a vacuum the foam is placed between the wall. It strictly prevents the air to move around the foam.

When compared, flasks with vacuum insulation maintain the temperature for a longer time than the flasks using foam insulation.


The design of the bottle ensures the portability of it according to the requirements. The people who are into hiking to trekking prefer a thermos flask with a carabiner loop lock to ensure that the bottle is spill-proof or leak-proof. However, the different brand offers variable design and style to their flask. You must choose according to your requirements.

Mouth Opening

The mouth opening of the flask ensures the liquid delivery system is adopted by the product. Some of the flask models come with the straw inside. However, some other model offers an adjustable mouthpiece or a sipping hole. An easy delivery system allows you to access the drink easily without spilling.


This mechanism prevents spillage of the water droplets from the flask. It ensures the lid is securely tight and properly locked.


It is the major point to concern before buying a flask. The heavier the flask the more inconvenient it becomes to carry. Make sure the flask is lightweight in design. This also ensures consuming less space.


You must check the warranty period of the product before making a purchase. Some of the reliable brands offer 1-3 years of Warranty. The longer the warranty period reliable the product is.

Thermos Flask Bottles: FAQs

Which is the best thermos flask bottle for all-purpose?

=> TRANIAC Stainless Steel flask is the best thermos flask bottle for all-purpose.

Which is the best thermos flask bottle in India?

=> Signoraware Steel Vacuum Bottle is the best thermos flask in India.

How can I get the best temperature retention from my Vacuum flask?

=> To get the best temperature retention from your thermos flask pre-heating or pre-cooling must be done before filling. Before filling your beverage, fill the flask with hot or cold liquid according to your beverages, and let it stand for 3-5 minutes. After that rinse the water off and fill the bottle with the desired liquid.

What item should I avoid putting in the thermos?

=> You must avoid keeping dairy products inside the bottle. The dairy product is easily prone to bacteria and can build up pressure over time. Apart from this, you should not put dry ice also in a sealed container for a long period of time. In a closed space, the evaporation of CO2 from solid to gas can build an unwanted pressure inside the flask.

What material is safe for a thermos flask?

=> The thermos flask made of food-grade material is completely safe to use. Make sure the bottle is rust-free and BPA-free. Please check the specifications before you purchase.

Are thermos products lead-free?

=> A thermos flask goes through various testing by independent testing labs. As a result, we can assure you that the product is lead-free and does not pose a risk of lead exposure.

How can I remove the bad smell or odor from the thermos flask?

=> A thermos flask is an enclosed tight material and withhold any pressure or temperature of the beverages. It is made from high-quality material so they do not smell bad. However, in case if it smells pour down the baking soda and lemon squeeze inside the bottle with warm water. Place it with the lemon peels inside and leave it for the whole night. Pour down the liquid in the morning and make it completely dry. Now, your flask is free from odor or smell.

How can I remove the discoloration inside my thermos?

=> If there is discoloration occurring inside your thermos it’s because of the coffee/tea build-up inside the container. Coffee pot cleaner or denture tablets usually work the best for getting out stubborn stains and odors. Put two denture tablets in your product with hot water and let it soak overnight then wash with soap and water and rinse well, and if applicable, allow to dry, before use. However, lemon juice can also be used as cheap and the best possible solution.

What should I do if my thermos flask is leaking?

=> All the thermos flask are leak-proof in design. If it is leaking make sure that your product is not overfilled and all silicone parts are intact. Leave at least 1 cm of space between the tip of the stopper and the contents to prevent leakage. 

Can I wash my thermos flask in a sterilizer?

=> It is recommended, that do not use the thermos flask in a sterilizer. As it could result in product discoloration, paint peeling, and deformation.

How can I remove the rubber smell from the silicon gasket of the flask?

=> Follow the cleaning methods below to get a rubber smell removed from the silicon gasket of the flask.

  • Detach the silicone parts, mouthpiece, and stopper from the product’s body.

  • Fill a bowl with vinegar and water with a ratio of 1:10.

  • Soak them into the bowl for 1 to 3 hours.

  • Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry with a clean towel.

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