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Best Soup Maker Machines In India 2021: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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Best Soup Makers In India

Best Soup Makers Capacity No. Of Settings Power Consumption Warranty Price
Philips Viva Collection HR2201/81 Soup Maker 1.2 L 5 990 W 2 Years Check Price
Tefal Easy Soup Maker 1.2 L 4 1000 W 2-Years Check Price
Wonderchef Automatic 1.6 L 5 800 W 2-Years Check Price
Morphy Richards Soup Maker 1.6 L 4 1000 W 2-Years Check Price
Clearline CLR 009 1.2 L N/A 1000 W 1-Year Check Price

Best Soup Makers: Reviews

1. Philips Viva Collection HR2201/81 Soup Maker

philips best soup maker

This is our top recommendation for the soup maker from the various brands on our list. Philips is one of the widely trusted brand names in the home appliances world. The brand offers great product quality and are widely appreciated by housewives. 

This soup maker from Philips comes with an ergonomic design and has an appealing color blending exterior that fits any kitchen standard. The model features Stainless Steel housing that makes it durable in design and can easily fit for regular use or soup making. It comes with a simple user interface that comes out to be a boon for the newbies. The device is capable to perform hot and cold as well as manual blending functions. It comes with a large capacity of 1.2 Liters that makes it suitable for large family sizes. 

The model comes with a wide opening spout which makes easy pouring and avails with maximum versatility. As the device is automatic in operation so you don’t need to monitor it during cooking. There is a blender blade attached to the interior head of the device which makes the stirring process convenient and automatic. It offers a wide versatility which makes it suitable for soups, compotes, smoothies & more. The device is equipped with a keep-warm function that keeps your soup warm for up to 40 minutes. On the other hand, it is equipped with 5 pre-set programs that offer ultimate versatility. 


Philips Viva Collection HR2202/81 is the best soup maker to buy overall. The model comes with a large capacity of 1.2 liters that makes it a suitable purchase for 2-4 members family size. It comes with a simple user interface and has 5 pre-defined settings that offer wide versatility. It also offers hot and cold blending along with the manual blending function. The device keeps your soup warm for up to 40 minutes. It comes with 2-Years Warranty.
Perfect for 3-4 members family Price is on the higher side
Simple user interface Not suitable for a large family
Stainless steel housing that offers durability
Wide spout for easy pouring
Keep warm function for up to 40 minutes
Easy to clean & low power consumption
Best Buy Link:

2. Wonderchef – 63152446 Automatic Soup Maker

wonderchef best soup maker

Switch to hassle-free soup-making!! Switch to Wonderchef Automatic Soup maker. The brand avails you with quality kitchen products such as spoons, blenders, and others. This device is an ideal fit for large family size. It comes with a 1.6 Liters capacity which prepares the soup for almost 4-5 people at a time. There is no need to stir and monitor the device while cooking. The blender blades attached to its head blends, chunky soup, compotes for young babies hygienically without touching the food by hand.

The unique reason for this device that makes it a must-buy product for your kitchen is its nutrients extraction option. This option allows to easily retains the nutrients inside the vegetables and makes them healthier to consume. There is a capacity mark on the exterior of the product that allows you to pour the water and ingredients in the right quantity. The model is made of 304-grade Stainless Steel that makes the device safe and efficient for cooking. The model is also equipped with an intelligent control system that prevents dry-burning. 

The soup maker is also furnished with an elegant touch panel for smooth operation and an indicator light to know whether your soup is cooked or not. The device heats, boil and mix automatically giving you the perfect, healthy soup whenever you crave it.


Wonderchef Automatic is the best soup maker to buy for large family requirements. The device is an ideal deal for 4-5 members family. This soup maker allows you to make an array of chunky soups, blends, and compotes for babies, with utmost hygiene without touching the food by hand. It is also equipped with an intelligent control system that prevents dry-burning. It comes with 2-Years of Warranty.
Perfect for 4-5 members family Heavy
Hassle-free operation No pause function
304-grade stainless steel for durability
Intelligent control system to prevent dry burning 
Elegant touch panel and programmed indicator lights
Best Buy Link:

3. Tefal BL841140 Easy Soup Maker

best soup maker in India

Preparing your favorite homemade recipes has never been so easy! Switch to Tefal Soup maker. The model is a widely sold soup maker brand in India. While talking about the exterior the device is a perfect gift blend for your mother. The design is very appealing and comes with a stainless steel body design. Hence, the body is durable in design and can be used for a regular purpose.

The device allows you to prepare everything from a smoothie to even jams, soups, and others within very few minutes. The cooking time is up to 40 minutes or even less with a noise-free operation. With a large capacity of 1.2 liters, it can easily prepare soup for 2-4 people at a time. It also allows you to vary the ingredients to suits individual tastes. 

The easy to carry handle over the head provides convenience while preparing soup. The model is equipped with 4 automatic culinary options that prepare you soup at your fingertips. It alerts you by beeping 3 times whenever the program is about to end or your soup is ready. There are smart control panels with LED lights that inform you about the ongoing process. Also, you get a recipe book which has around 30 international recipes for making different types of soups.


TEFAL BL841140 Easy is the best soup maker in India. The model is a perfect blend for a gift purpose. The device comes with a 1.2 Liters capacity that can prepare soup for about 2-4 people at a time. It is also equipped with 4 automatic culinary options to prepare soup without your attention. It comes with 2-Years of warranty.
Perfect for 3-4 members family Heavy
Perfect for gift purposes
Elegant and durable in design
LED countdown display
Auto clean option
Best Buy Link:

4. Morphy Richards 310000 Soup Maker

morphy richards best soup maker

Morphy is one of the leading brand names in the kitchen world. So does its soup maker. One of the best reasons that make this device a must-buy product is its pause function. The function allows you to remove the lid and pour down the ingredients which you might have forgot to add before the start of cooking. It also features a saute feature which is first by any soup maker in India. The model also features 4 pre-programmed modes that cook a wholesome soup or snack or juice or smoothie within minutes as per your desired consistency

Another best feature of this device is its LED countdown display which easily shows how many minutes are left for your soup to be prepared. The soup maker is elegant and attractive in design. It enhances any kitchen interior. It comes with a top-down design that offers a capacity of 1.6 Liters which makes it a perfect fit for up to 4 servings at once. The device is very easy to clean. After the cooking is done, just give the jug a quick rinse under the tap and wipe it with a spongy soap. Your device is ready for the next use in no time. 

There is a non-stick coating at the base plate that prevents burning and makes the device easy to clean. The smooth program blends and gently prepare the soup in just 21 minutes while the Chunky program cooks wholesome soup with a thicker consistency in 28 minutes. There is a safety feature that, if the soup maker lid is not aligned with the jug correctly then the device will not perform. If you lift the lid the program will cut out and re-set back to the beginning.


Morphy Richards is the best soup maker to buy for overall functionalities and feature with a budget price value. The model is equipped with a pause function which is extremely beneficial whenever you miss the ingredients to add. It is also equipped with a saute function that makes soup making more hygienic and consistent. The model is the best suit for large family size. It comes with 2-Years of Warranty.
Perfect for 4-5 members family Functions are comparatively less
Comparatively safe to use A bit Noisy
Pause function for a smooth cooking
LED countdown display option & saute function
Easy to use and clean
Best Buy Link:

5. Clearline CLR 009 Soup Maker

clearline best soup maker

Clearline accompanies in robust quality kitchen pot, apparatuses food hotter, sandwich barbecue, soup maker, and others.

This is the ideal arrangement for the individuals who are searching for a mix of a soup maker and blender so they can undoubtedly set up their smoothie in no conceivable time.

It accompanies an indoor regulator for controlling the temperature so you can encounter the best soup or smoothie.

It’s anything but a blender processor as there is a major distinction between a processor, blender, and soup maker. This is a soup maker cum blender that can mix any food fixings into smoothies, soups, or even sticks.

Its most extreme limit is 1.2 liters that are ideal for any family which has 2-3 individuals.

Perfect for 3-4 members family Functions are comparatively less
Is a blender and soup maker Heavy
Programmable control panel Requires attention while preparing
Low noise powerful motor
Best Buy Link:

Soup Makers: Buying Guide

Various points need to be focused on before buying a soup maker. The below-mentioned points will help you choose the best quality soup maker in the market. Here are some of the important points that you should consider before making a purchase.

Types of Soup Maker

There are mainly two types of soup maker available in the market. The first one being the traditional soup maker or kettle style soup maker that is designed especially for the soup. This is also a budget in price. While the second one soup maker functions like a blender with additional features and functionalities. 

  • Kettle Style Soup Maker

kettle style soup maker

These are the most common types of soup maker available in the market. There is a blade attached directly to the upper lid. While the heated base plate cooks the ingredients inside. The device takes around 20-30 minutes to prepare the soup depending on whether you want to make smooth soup or chunky soup. It takes a long time to make chunky soup.

They are easy to clean as they come with a wide mouth opening. While some of the models also feature a non-stick interior. To clean the model just simply add some detergents, rinse and wipe them with a dry towel. They also allow you to make smoothies and milkshakes.

  • Soup Making Blenders

Soup making blenders

Compared to a conventional type they are very simple to operate and clean. This soup maker looks very similar to any ordinary jug blender. You can use the same device as a soup maker as well as a blender. It offers more features and functionalities when compared to a conventional soup maker. 

In this model, blades are typically fixed to the base of the glass jug. It uses a heating element or the heat generated by the rotation of the blades to cook the soup. As the glass jug is mostly transparent, you can see the cooking process. Also, you can remove or detach the jug while serving. In some models, apart from making soups, you can even prepare varieties of cold beverages and can be used to steam eggs too.


This is another important factor to consider before buying a soup maker. You must first think of how many people you are going to make the soup. Mostly a soup maker capacity ranges from 1-2 liters or more. A jug size of 1 liter is sufficient for a couple. However, a jug size of 1.6 liters and above seems to be sufficient for making soup for up to 4-6 people at a time.


You must prefer to choose a model that is lightweight in design. The model should be ergonomic in design so that it can easily fit your interior thus making it portable in design. Hence, check the weight of the soup maker before buying it.


Soup makers come in the size of a regular kettle. These are ergonomic in design and can be placed anywhere around your kitchen. These can prepare you about a liter of soup at a time. However, a large-sized soup maker can prepare you a comparatively more quantity of soup at a time. A large-sized bottle comes with a wide-mouth opening which makes it easy to clean. This can be helpful for larger families or if you want to cook soup in large quantities. The size of these soup makers is big, and it might take up extra space too. 


It defines the strength and durability of the motor. The power settings of a soup maker range from 800 W to 1000 W. The higher the power of the motor, the faster it can function or prepare the soup.

Cooking Time

This is also one of the important factors to take note of before buying a soup maker. Most people prefer buying a soup maker is that it saves a lot of time and effort. Generally, it takes around 20-30 minutes to prepare a soup in a soup maker. However, some of the soup makers do not allow to saute onions into it. Hence, making your task time-consuming. So, you must spend some extra penny to buy a model, that can perform all the preparation tasks to save your time and effort.


A soup maker must be multi-functional in operation so that it can save you time and effort. Some of the higher-end models allow you to sauté, boil, blend, reheat, make the puree, cut the ingredients into chunks, and many more. While some of the models also prepare sauces, smoothies, and many more.

If you want to make only hot soup, you might want a device that features blend, puree, and chunky settings. If you are looking forward to some advanced cooking experience, you can look for soup makers that feature some extra settings like sauteing, boil, etc.

Saute Feature

Sauteing or frying some of the ingredients make a flavorful soup. A soup maker with a hot plate base allows you to prepare some of the few ingredients to fry like garlic, onion, bacon, or other spices with some little oil that makes the task convenient. This also helps to improve the flavor of the soup drastically. However, some of the models allow you to you can fry or sauté the vegetables or meat before cooking.

Interrupt Feature

This feature is very much helpful if you forget to add some ingredients before the cooking process starts. This feature allows you to pause the process in the middle and you can add the ingredients inside. After the adding of ingredients is done, the process will resume again.

Ease of Cleaning  

You must check upon this feature before buying a soup maker. This feature is also termed a self-cleaning program. It eases the cleaning task which can be boring or hectic for most of us at a time. To resume this feature, just simply add the dishwashing liquids with water and turn ON the function. 

However, this feature might not be sufficient for the burnt food particles. Though, this feature eases the cleaning task and can prevent your fingers from the blades while cleaning. You can also choose the soup maker that is dishwasher safe or comes with the non-stick coating base plate.

Easy To Use

You must choose the model that comes with the easy to use the feature or offers easy functionalities. A soup maker comes with too many functions and settings that might be complicated to use especially for the newbies. A good model of soup maker is the one that is easy to set up and comes with a clear set of instructions.


A soup maker’s prices range from ₹ 1500 – ₹ 3000. Some of the high-end models come with a higher price value. The price range varies according to the model capacity and functionalities. However, you should make some calculations before purchasing a soup maker. The calculation required is family size, capacity, functionality, etc that might suit your budget and requirements.


It is always good to buy a kitchen appliance that comes with a warranty period. The electronic gadgets can shut down any time and if you want to repair them without spending extra money, a warranty is a must. Most brands offer a warranty of 2-4 years on the soup makers.

FAQs: Best Soup Makers

Is a soup maker worth buying?

=> A soup maker especially in winter is worth buying. It is one of the suitable product,s especially for fitness freaks. The device does not let the nutrients values in our food die and extracts the nutrients completely and can be used by 4-5 people. Along with that, the device does not require any supervision at the time of operation. The device is also convenient to use and saves time and effort making it easy to wash as well.

How to use a soup maker?

=> As soup maker is an automatic electric device, it is super easy to use or operate. To make soup, just simply chop all the vegetables into small to medium size and add the ingredients to the soup maker. You can also saute first if there is a function given to the model. 

Or simply visit the link, How to use a soup maker for appropriate guidance. 

Can I put raw meat in a soup maker?

=> No. As the soup maker is designed just to gently heat the ingredients inside. So, you have to first cook the meat separately before transferring it into your soup maker. 

Can I put the frozen veggies in a soup maker?

=> The soup maker is a device that gently heats the ingredients to prepare you soothing and gulping soup. So to prepare soup inside, you have to put the right amount of veggies to get the desired result. If you are putting a large number of frozen veggies at a time, then it may damage the soup maker.

What size of the veggies or ingredients be placed inside a soup maker?

=> The smaller the size of the ingredients, the better is the result. So the vegetable pieces should be smaller in size as this will help you to get the best smoothie or soup ever.

Does the soup maker make noise?

=> Well, all the soup maker doesn’t make noise. It all depends on the model to model. The major fact is that if a soup maker takes a little time or less than 20 minutes to prepare then it can make noise. However, the longer the preparation time is, the lesser noise is produced. So choose the one model which takes up to 40 minutes to prepare the soup.

How can I make the soup thicker in a soup maker?

=> To make the soup thicker, you can add thickening ingredients like – Flour, Cornstarch, or Other thickener starches. 

How long does it take to prepare soup in the soup maker?

=> The smooth soup program prepares the soup in just 20-30 minutes while the chunky soup programs take 30-40 minutes approximately before it’s ready to enjoy.

Best Utilization Of A Soup Maker

Here are some of the basics and easy tips to follow while making the best out of a soup maker. These steps will give you the best result every time you follow them.

  • You must add the water first to warm. This is done before adding the ingredients into the soup maker. Heating the water prevents the food ingredients from burning or sticking to the base plate. 
  • Chop the ingredients finely and evenly. Getting the smaller chunks of ingredients will help in cooking the soup easily and evenly. 
  • The vegetables which are high in vitamin B & C must be added in the end. As these veggies are sensitive to heat they might lose their vitamin value if overcooked. 
  • To thicken the texture of the soup use lentils as they are higher in fibers and proteins.
  • You can use a little bit of oil to sauté onion or garlic in the beginning. It won’t add any fat to the soup. Instead, it will add more flavor to the soup.

Safety Features To Follow While Using A Soup Maker

  • Ensure the power cable is fully inserted into the base of the soup maker securely before use. If this is not fully inserted the item may not switch on or may turn off during its cycle
  • Align the soup maker lid with the jug to ensure the lid slots into the unit correctly. If not aligned correctly the soup maker will not perform
  • Do not overfill the jug as this could lift the lid during the cooking process and cause the program to reset. Note there is a maximum fill line in the body of the unit. Please do not exceed this amount

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