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Best Selling Geyser In India(Top Brands) 2021: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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10 Best Selling Water Geyser In India

Best Water Geyser Capacity Power Consumption BEE Star Ratings Warranty Price
AO Smith HeatBot-SZS-015 15-Liters 2000 Watts 5-Star 7-Years Check Price
V-Guard Victo Plus 25-Liters 2000 Watts 4-Star 2-Years Check Price
Bajaj New Shakti 25-Liters 2000 Watts 4-Star 2-Years Check Price
Havells Adonia 25-Liters 2000 Watts 5-Star 7-Years Check Price
Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo 15-Liters 2000 Watts 5-Star 2-Years Check Price
Racold Andris Lux 25-Liters 2000 Watts 5-Star 2-Years Check Price
Crompton Solarium Qube 15-Liters 2000 Watts 5-Star 7-Years Check Price
Black + Decker 15-Liters 2000 Watts 3-Star 2-Years Check Price
Orient Electric Aura 3-Liters 3000 Watts 4-Star 5-Years Check Price
American Micronic 25-Liters 2000 Watts 5-Star 2-Years Check Price

Best Selling Water Geyser: Reviews

1. AO Smith HeatBot-SZS-015 Water Geyser

Best Selling Geyser Brands In India

This model is one of the leading and top-selling water geyser brands in India. The model is termed “HeatBot.” The unique feature that leads this geyser to be top-selling is its “Remote Control Functionality.” The model comes with a tagline – “Built to be smart. Built to be beautiful“.

This water HeatBot comes with a specially designed Titanium Steel Tank, which makes it sturdy in design. This function ensures superior quality and longer life of the design. At the same time, the Titanium steel tank is combined with a patented “Blue-Diamond Technology” that makes the device highly resistive to corrosion even for complex water conditions. The heating element is coated with glass that provides uniform heating throughout the process. This feature also ensures continuous and maximum availability of hot water whenever you need it. The temperature control knob helps to access the required temperature for your bath easily. 

The device comes with a “PUF Injection Technology” that ensures uniform and high-density form distribution while heating. At the same time, the zero gaps between the tank and insulation ensure maximum energy efficiency and power savings. The model’s interior comes with an “Efficient Water Inlet Diffuser” that distributes the incoming water jet into smaller streams. It also changes the water flow from horizontal to vertical directions. Compared to ordinary water geysers, the model’s interior comes with a “Long-lasting Anode Rod” that works even great in complex water conditions and elongates the tank lifespan 2-times. 


AO Smith HeatBot Water Geyser is a masterpiece design from the brand in the water geyser world. The model comes with various futuristic features that keep it ahead of various ordinary water geysers. The unique feature is its remote-controlled functionality that makes bathing more accessible and comfortable. The product is the best buy for maximum comfortability.
Ergonomic design and attractive look Not sufficient for a big family size
Great for complex water conditions Installation requires space
Remote control operation
2x corrosion resistance
Energy-efficient & power-savings
Best Buy Link:

2. Havells Adonia Storage R 25 Water Heater

India best water geyser brands

Are you looking for the best-selling geyser that is made in India? Then stop your search here. Havells is the most adorable brand loved all over by the customers due to its quality and performance features. The device is mountable in design. It comes with a subtle color combination that blends easily with your bathroom color scheme. This water geyser comes with first-ever color-changing LED indicators along with a feather touch control panel.

The model features the “Fero-glass Technology” and Incoloy glass coating element” that provides the geyser superheating and ensures a longer lifespan. This function also makes the model excellent resistance to both oxidation and carbonation at high temperatures. The compact and sleek design of the model makes it fit any corner of the bathroom. It features an efficient digital temperature indicator for easy control of the device or operation.

The unique “Whirl-Flow Technology” avoids direct contact between cold and hot water flow for faster heating and optimized energy-saving resulting in 20% more hot water output. At the same time, the digital temperature indicator helps to view and control the settings easily. At the same time, the feather touch panel shows the temperature settings that range from 250 degrees C to 750 degrees. The tank has ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates that last longer comparatively. The heavy-duty magnesium anode rod with a steel core protects the enameled tank from rust and corrosion.


Havells Adonia water geyser is one of the suitable options that complement your bathroom interior. The model has a unique color-changing LED that changes color from blue to amber as the water heats to the desired temperature. While the whirl-flow technology also ensures faster heating and optimized energy-saving resulting in 20% more hot water output.
Compact design and attractive look No remote control operation
Unique color changing LED indicators
Feather touch control panel
The heavy-duty magnesium anode rod
Integrated Shock-resistant plug
Best Buy Link:

3. RACOLD Andris LUX Storage Water Geyser

best designer geyser for bathroom

Racold comes with one of the most sophisticated designed water geysers. The sleek design and various unique features make this model one of India’s best-selling water geyser brands. This model is a masterpiece conceptualized especially by the renowned Italian designer Umberto Palermo. The design brings art to your bathroom space. 

The model’s exterior is “Titanium Enamel Coating,” which provides the tank with extreme intensity and durability. This function also helps to strengthen the efficiency of the model while lowering energy consumption. The unique feature that keeps the device ahead of various other brands is its “Flexomix Technology.” The unique inlet flow of this storage water heater controls the system and helps to deliver energy efficiency by producing upto 10% more hot water than traditional water heaters. The “Temperature Regulation Knob” helps to regulate the heating of water as per need. At the same time, the thermal stability device enables energy saving, comfort, and safety.


Racold Andrix Lux water geyser is the best combination of art and features. The iconic design of the product resembles Italian art. The model is capable of adding compliments to your bathroom. At the same time, its “Flexomix Technology”  helps deliver energy efficiency by producing upto 10% more hot water than traditional water heaters.
Sleek design and attractive look No remote control operation
Unique Flexomix technology No feather touch panel
10% more hot water compared to traditional geysers
Efficient & energy-saving
Comfort and safety
Best Buy Link:

4. Black + Decker Storage Water Geyser

 best selling geyser in india

This best-selling water geyser is compact, advanced, and efficient in design and performance. Black & Decker is a widely known brand in the world. The brand products are outstanding in quality and performance, so does its water heater.  

The storage tank of the geyser is uniquely engineered with Quadro-glass technology that increases the life of the inner tank. The company claims this water heater is more robust and more corrosion resistant compared to most water heaters. It also features a Glass Coated Incoloy Heating Element that is designed to prevent heating. This function greatly helps in extending the life of the heating element. The model is also equipped with a high-precision thermostat that accurately sets the temperature between 25°C to 75°C. 

It can withstand high-rise pressure upto 8 bars and is an ideal design for higher building usage. When talking about the safety features, this model is provided with a preset thermal cut that automatically shut-off the geyser when it exceeds the pre-set temperature. The multi-function safety valve acts as an anti-vacuum, non-return drainage unit, making it one of the safest storage water geysers.


Black+Decker Water geyser is a uniquely engineered product for hot water. The model is best for high-rise buildings. It is provided with a preset thermal cut that automatically shut-off the geyser when it exceeds the pre-set temperature. The model is best for those who are looking for the safest water geyser design.
Best fit for horizontal space No remote control operation
Suitable for high-rise buildings No innovative water mix technology
Advanced, compact, and energy-efficient No temperature display panel
Multi-function safety valve
Auto shut-off feature
Best Buy Link:

5. American Micronic Horizontal Storage Water Geyser

 best selling geyser in india

This best-selling water geyser brand requires less space inside your bathroom. A horizontal water geyser is possibly the best solution available to you. It is the best fit for your bathroom when it comes from the world-known brand “American Micronic,” then it is the best fit for your bathroom. This sturdy bathroom water geyser is designed to withstand long-term usage and resist the effect of hard water and corrosion.

The tank of the geyser is coated with titanium enamel glass that provides stability and more extended durability. For added efficiency and durability, the tank is integrated with the SUS3136L heating element and an 18 x 110 mm Magnesium Anode for resistance against corrosion. The first geyser that comes with the IPX4 rating has resistance against weather and moisture. It is built to withstand a bathroom environment, especially in Indian water conditions. At the same time, the exterior coating of the heater prevents water splashes.

Once the geyser temperature reaches the desired or pre-set temperature, the water heater turns off automatically to prevent any damages. The adjustable temperature knob of the geyser helps control the temperature of the water from a minimum of 30°C to a maximum of 70°C. The ultra-thick water storage tank of 2-mm can withstand the water pressure of 8-bars.


American Micronic is one of the best-selling water geyser brands that are best suited for complex water conditions. At the same time, the ultra-thick water storage tank of 2-mm can withstand high water pressure. This function also makes it suitable for high-rise buildings. It also allows you to control the precise temperature settings from a minimum of 30°C to a maximum of 70°C
Best fit for Indian conditions No remote control operation
IPX4 rating to resist weather and moisture
Not provided with an intelligent mix technology
Ultra-thick inner tank to withstand high pressure
No LED display panel
The manual temperature control knob
Efficient & low-power consumption
Auto shut-off feature
Best Buy Link:

6. Crompton Solarium Qube Water Geyser

 top selling geyser brands in India

Are you looking for an energy-efficient water geyser? Then stop your search here. The exterior of the device comes with a superior coating that elongates earthly life. The model comes with a 1200 gm only heating element that ensures faster heating comparatively.  The company claims the model heats the water upto 45°C in 10 minutes. The model also comes with an intelligent design with standby cut-off features that automatically stops when not in use. 

The high-grade PUF insulation material ensures heat retention effectively. This function also lowers power consumption and ultimately lowers the electricity bills. At the same time, the 8-bar pressure rating makes this device suitable for high-rise buildings. It can withstand high temperatures as well as high-pressure conditions. The model has a superior thermostat and cut-out mechanisms that regulate water temperature and avoid overheating by switching the heating element when the desired temperature is reached. At the same time, the rust-proof body design offers toughness and high-heat resistance.

Crompton Solarium Qube is the best in class water geyser to provide you hot water whenever in need. The device is equipped with various safety levels & features to meet the hot water requirements. At the same time, the superior polymer coating rust-proof body elongates worldly life and durability. This function also adds safety to the device while using it. The model is the best to buy for faster and efficient heating. 
Best fit for Indian conditions No remote control operation
Faster and efficient heating Comparatively low storage
Rust-proof body The adjustable temperature control knob
Can withstand high temperatures and pressure
Auto cut-off feature
Advance 3-level safety
Best Buy Link:

7. Hindware Atlantic Ondeo Evo Water Geyser

Top 10 Best Selling Water Geyser In India

One of the most appreciated brands for the bathroom, “Hindware” brought you a truly innovative geyser for the mild winter. The compact design of the model easily fits any bathroom interior. While its low-weight design also makes it easily mountable. The model comes with an O’Pro technology that protects the tank and heating elements against corrosion. At the same time, the model’s tank comes with an Interior Core shield that provides superior protection to the tank against corrosion. 

The model also provides an optimized “Water Inlet Diffuser” that distributes the water gradually and keeps the water temperature equally balanced. The “Reinforced Technology” provides additional protection to the tank and heating element by optimizing the water temperature. At the same time, the model’s exterior comes with IP-24 ratings, which makes it water-resistant and prevents sediments from the water or splashes.


Hindware Water Geyser is more efficient than most BEE 5 star rated water heaters and ended up being more cost-effective by reducing your energy usage significantly. Along with that, the model also employs superior reinforced insulation that retains the heat for longer durations.
Best fit for Indian conditions Comparatively, more power consumption
Lightweight material The adjustable temperature control knob
Protection against water splashes
Retains heat for the longer duration
Keeps the water temperature equally balanced
Best Buy Link:

8. V-Guard Victo Plus Water Geyser

Best Selling Geyser Brands In India

This brand provides you with one of the safest water geysers for your bathroom. This new age geyser has variable storage capacities of 6 L, 10 L, 15 L, and 25 L. With reliable and robust build quality, this water geyser is perfect for modern households. The model is elegantly styled and highly energy-efficient in performance. 

Its eminent seven-segment digital display meter eliminates the need to guess the water temperature in the inner tank. This function allows us to specify the water temperature to our desirable range. The elegant front jog dial makes it convenient to regulate your water heater without any hassle. The outer body of the model is made of high-quality mild steel with anti-corrosive powder coating making it last longer, even in a highly humid bathroom environment. While. Its inner tank has been made of thick-gauge steel using single-line welding technology with Superior Glass-Lined coating that safeguards it from corrosion and adverse effects of hard water. This function ensures the longevity of the water geyser.


V-Guard Victo Plus Water Geyser is the best buy for safety measures. The model is incorporated with the four-layered safety system. Its Hi-tech thermostat and thermal cut-out mechanisms ensure precise temperature regulation and avoid overheating conditions by cutting off the power at a set temperature and during unusual circumstances. This geyser is also strong and comes with the reliable build quality.
Free Installation Storage is comparatively less
Elegant style and high-efficient No feather touch control panel
Four layered safety system Needs space for installation
Stress-free and User-free experience
Suitable for high-rise buildings
Best Buy Link:

9. Bajaj New Shakti Water Geyser

Top 10 Best Selling Water Geyser In India

This model is the best-selling water geyser brand that comes with market value. This model is the most recommended option for you from our list. The model is promoted with a tagline – “Start every day with the splash of comfort.” This storage water geyser is highly adaptable according to Indian conditions. The compact size and sleek design make it a perfect fit for most bathrooms. At the same time, its massive storage tank with a capacity of 25-Liters makes it a perfect fit for larger family sizes.

The model has highly adaptable design that perfectly suits your bathroom interior. At the same time, the interior of the model is made from highly durable material that lasts longer compared to other models. It retains the hot water for a more extended period even after switching off the water geyser to limit electricity consumption. The heater comes with PUF insulation that captures heat inside the tank and keeps the water hot for a more significant time. At the same time, the product’s exterior is durable and is resistant to corrosion and rustiness. The device uses multiple safety systems to safeguard against overheating, dry heating, and even excess pressure. 


Bajaj New Shakti is the most sophisticated geyser design presented by the Bajaj. The elegant and stylish finish of the model helps to enhance the kitchen interior. The product is suitable to withstand high-pressure and high-rise buildings. It also comes with multiple safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating, and overpressure. While the outer body material- prevents rusting and corrosion
Vertical mounting Bulky in design
The more extended heat retention period
Massive storage capacity
Adjustable thermostat
Suitable for high-rise buildings
Best Buy Link:

10. Orient Electric Aura Neo Water Geyser

Best Selling Geyser Brands In India

Are you looking for a reliable hot water heating solution? Then stop your search here. The tank is made of high-grade stainless steel, and an ABS outer body makes this instant water heater durable and shock-proof. This device comes with an attractive design to complement the interiors of your kitchen or bathroom. Its unique feature like pressure release valve and anti-siphon valve make it safe for use.

The device comes with a 3.0 kW heating element to offer you instant hot water on demand. It uses a heavy copper heating element for better conduction with nickel coating offering resistance to corrosion. It has a PRV (Pressure Release Valve), thermal cut-out, and thermostat for safety purposes and prevention of accidental hazards. 


Orient Electric Aura is the best buy for the Instant water heater. This model is compact in design and efficient in performance. It comes with a neon indicator that indicates power and heating. It comes with unique safety features like a pressure Release Valve & an Anti-Siphon Valve.
Compact and sleek design Comparatively, more power consumption
It can fit any bathroom interior No temperature indicator
ISI certified product
Neon Indicator for power & heating
Shockproof body
Suitable for complex water conditions
Best Buy Link:

Water Geysers: Buying Guide

Buying a geyser is not an easy task to deal with, especially for newbies. Various things should keep in mind before purchasing a good quality geyser. Some of them are listed below.

Size Or Capacity

Family Size Capacity Purpose
>2 Members 1 – 3 Liters Washing
2 – 3 Members 6 Liters(Instant Type Geyser) Bathing
2 – 3 Members 15 – 25 Liters Capacity Bathing
4 – 8 Members 1 – 3 Liters Washing
4 – 8 Members 15 – 25 Liters Bathing

Types Of Geyser

Broadly there are two types of geyser or water heaters available in the market. 

1. Tank type or storage water heater

=> As the name suggests, these geysers consist of a storage tank to reserve hot water. The temperature of water stored inside the tank is maintained or controlled with the help of automatic thermal control. The heating element switches On/Off periodically to maintain the temperature of the water. They usually come in two variants, i.e., gas and electric.


  • They are cheap.
  • Less power consumption


  • It takes time to heat the water
  • Limited hot water supply, can only heat water stored in the tank at a time.
  • Bulky and occupy more space.
  • The freshness and quality of water are declined due to the presence of sediments dissolved in the water.
2. Tank-less Water Tank or Geyser

=> As the name suggests, it does not contain the water storage tank. It is in the shape of a small rectangular box mounted on the wall and carries heating elements inside it, i.e., burner, thermal control knobs, and internal piping. They are convenient to use as they provide an endless supply of hot water. When the water tap is turned on, the water starts flowing through the heater pipes. The heater sensors sense the water flow, which fires the burner or heating element, thereby producing hot water. It is available both in electric as well as natural gas models.


  • Convenient and effective in use.
  • less space required
  • Never runs out of water
  • Longer life compared to the tank-type geyser


  • Costly
  • It requires more power for operation.

Material Of The Water Geyser

Material is an essential factor to consider before purchasing a water geyser.

  • Copper – Copper is considered a good conductor of heat. Most water heaters prefer copper material to make water heating easy and efficient. The only negative point is that it causes corrosion, loss of heat, and regular maintenance.
  • Stainless Steel – This material is commonly used in modern heaters. They are usually coated with anti-corrosive powder and glass lining, which prevents the tank from corrosion. The other factor is it requires less maintenance.
  • Thermoplastic – One of the lesser-known materials for a tank. However, they emphasize better non-corrosive features compared to other material types.

Anti-scale and Anti-corrosive

Before purchasing a water geyser check on, if the tank is made of anti-scale or anti-corrosive, if in your area a hard water supply is there, you can use water softeners – as they convert hard water to soft water.


Check if your geyser comes with the proper insulation. Insulation provides efficient heating of water inside the tank. The thicker the insulation is, the lesser the heat loss, and the faster the heating will occur. Some of the water geysers provide an insulation rating. You can look before purchasing. You can add more layers of extra insulation outside the heater to increase efficiency.

Auto-Off Feature

Most of the geysers come with intelligent features. The most common is the auto-off feature. This feature generally makes the heating much more accessible and effective by automatically shutting down the geyser if you forget to turn it off.

Power Consumption

It is an essential factor to look at. Most of the electric heaters these days operate at 1500-2000 Watts. You should purchase the heater with lower water flow rates(30-50 L/hour) as the higher flow rate can increase the power consumption.

Rating in the Water Geyser

All the water heater available in the market comes with the BEE star rating by the government of India. The higher the rating, the more efficient the device is, and the lower power consumption will be. You should purchase the geyser having a star rating of 4 and above for a better result.

After-Sale Service

Geysers are essential household appliances. Especially in winter, they are the preferable device in our home. There can happen wear and tear of the device if used often. So, you must look at the after-sale service of the device as it may require regular maintenance or checkup.


Just like any other household device, water geysers also need to check for the warranty period. You should opt for the geyser providing a warranty period of upto 2-5 years.

Signs to replace a water geyser

Age of heater

The older the heater gets, the more likely it’s about to break down. If your geyser is dated over 5-10 years and gets used regularly, then it has reached its life expectancy.

Leakage from the tank

The leakage in the tank is usually caused due to an internal problem. It may vary from small to big size. Before replacing the water heater, you must check if there is leakage through pipe fittings or the tank connections.

Visible rust in water

Have a check around the area around temperature – pressure valve and inlet-outlet connections. If there is visible rust in the water, then go for the change of water geyser. It is only a matter of time before rust damages the tank, making it leak.

Lukewarm or cold water

If the water from the outlet is not getting as hot as it used to be earlier, then the heating element of the water heater may be failing due to sediments built upon ages. This function is a sure indication that your water geyser needs a change.

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