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Best Sandwich Maker Brands In India(Top Selling) 2021: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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Best Sandwich Maker In India

Sandwich Makers Cooking Plate Power Consumption Warranty Price
Panasonic NF-GW1 Non-Stick 760 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Prestige PGMFB Sandwich Maker Non-stick 800 Watts 1-Year Check Price
AGARO Elegant Sandwich Maker Non-stick 1500 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Warmex Inox Sandwich Maker Non-stick 700 Watts 2-Years Check Price
Borosil Super Jumbo Non-stick 2000 Watts 2-Years Check Price
Inalsa Super Jumbo Max-Grill Non-Stick 2000 Watts 2-Years Check Price
KENT Sandwich Grill Non-Toxic Ceramic 700 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Kenwood SM650 Sandwich Maker Non-Stick 750 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Morphy Richards SM3006 Non-Stick 750 Watts 2-Years Check Price
Bajaj Majesty SWX40 Non-stick 700 Watts 1-Year Check Price

Best Sandwich Maker India: Reviews

1. Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 Sandwich Maker

Borosil Super Jumbo BGRILLSS23 Sandwich Maker

This model is our top-most recommendation for the best sandwich maker on our list. It comes with a super jumbo size that can prepare sandwiches for a whole family at a time. The tagline – “Perfectly Grilled Sandwiches For The Whole Family” superbly fits the model. The jumbo size grilling plate can make upto 4 jumbo bread size sandwiches at a time. The exterior of the model is made of Stainless Steel that makes it durable in design. At the same time, there is an auto-temperature control knob between the top-head. The Red/Green indicator indicates the power or heating function.

It is also provided with a slide-type plate locking on the right side. This feature prevents the door from unlocking and prevents heat access to the environment. The model comes with a wide opening of 105° that provides easy access for feeding the ingredients inside. At the same time, the non-stick grill plate prevents the sticking of the ingredients to the surface inside.

The model consumes 2000W power that making the operation quick and efficient. At the same time, the cool touch handle provides safety while filling or taking out the prepared sandwich. It is also provided with a drip tray collector for the collection of extracted oil from the ingredients. It makes the ingredients healthier and safer to consume without any extra effort. At the same time, the thermal-fuse auto shut off the operation once the process is done.

Our Opinion

Borosil Super Jumbo is the best sandwich maker to buy for those looking for a jumbo-sized sandwich maker. The model comes with a non-stick interior with slide-type plate locking. It is also quicker and efficient in operation. It is also provided with a drip tray collector for the collection of extracted oil from the ingredients.
Large plate for 4 slice grill Power consumption is more
Quicker & efficient operation Design is heavier
Slide type plate locking
The auto temperature control knob
Cord wrap for easy storage
Thermal fuse & cool-touch handle for extra safety
Best Buy Link:

2. AGARO Elegant

AGARO Elegant

Are you looking for a sandwich maker that is multi-purpose in operation? Then stop your search here. Agaro Sandwich maker is the must-have device for your kitchen. It comes with an elegant finish on both the interior and exterior. You can prepare a sandwich in a few minutes.

The device’s interior comes with Teflon-coated non-stick grill plates that prevent sticking of the ingredients inside. This option also utilizes no or even less butter or oil for preparation. It also offers you the choice to prepare a healthy snack or a delicious meal accordingly.

This device utilizes 1500W power for food preparation. It makes food preparation quicker and efficient. It is provided with a temperature control knob that allows you to set the temperature accordingly.

The model is also equipped with the oil-collector tray to base. It helps to collect the extracted oil from the ingredients to make food healthier. This feature also makes the operation hassle-free and prevents extra-oil spillage around. The non-stick plates are easy to clean and use. The cool-touch handle prevents the burning of the hand while operating the device. It is also shock-proof in design.

Our Opinion

AGARO Elegant is the best sandwich maker to buy for those who want to get a multi-purpose device. It can prepare other meals like Grilled Paneer, fried eggs, French toasts, and Pizza Pockets. The model improves your kitchen interior with its elegant design and smooth finish. The device utilizes 1500 W power that making food preparation quick and easy. The Teflon-coated non-stick grill plates prevent sticking of the ingredients inside. This feature makes the device easy to use and clean.
Elegant & smooth finish Power consumption is more
Cool-touch handle with shock-proof design The mouth of the plate is a low opening
The auto temperature control knob
Non-stick interior 
Easy to use and clean
The in-built oil collection tray
Best Buy Link:

3. Panasonic NF-GW1

Panasonic NF-GW1

Dazzle your family with a flavorful spread of sandwiches utilizing the well-prepared Panasonic NF-GW1 sandwich maker. Ideal for being utilized in homes just as workplaces, the Panasonic sandwich maker is straightforward to work with and ends up being a significant resource for your kitchen.

This model permits you to make entirely toasted sandwiches in a matter of a few moments. It includes a smooth plan combined with notable highlights like an excellent non-warming plate. Aside from being incredibly simple to clean, the non-stick cooking plates guarantee that you get fresh sandwiches without utilizing an excessive amount of oil or spread, making your sandwich scrumptious just as solid.

Structured by the necessities of the current kitchen, the Panasonic 700 watt sandwich maker fuses an incredibly more minor plan making it simple for you to store. Furthermore, the beautiful completion of the device upgrades the tasteful intrigue of your kitchen’s stylistic theme in any event when it is kept outside.

Fitted with extra-wide warming plates, this sandwich maker from Panasonic permits you to oblige four cuts one after another. Besides, the Panasonic 4 cut sandwich maker has a wholly covered outer body limiting the danger of mishaps during utilization.

Our Opinion

Panasonic is the best sandwich maker for those who want it for homes as well as offices. The model is straightforward to use. The non-toxic and non-stick coating plate makes it convenient to use and clean. The power ON & OFF indicators helps you keep an eye on your sandwich while managing your other work. It comes with a fully coated external body minimizing the risk of accidents during usage.
Ideal for use in home or offices No auto temperature control knob
Lightweight & Non-stick heating plate The mouth of the plate is a low opening
Fully covered body for safety
Low power consumption 
Non-skid feet
Best Buy Link:

4. Inalsa Super Jumbo Max-grill

Inalsa Super Jumbo Max-grill

Are you looking for a sandwich maker that comes with a wide mouth opening? Then stop your search here. Inalsa has been the favorite of each Indian for more than 50 years. It is a quickly developing organization and comes with a fantastic item – the Inalsa Super Jumbo Sandwich maker, which will make it simple for you to cook during busy days and occasions or gatherings. This enormous jumbo grill toaster is anything but easy to utilize and has a vast surface territory for preparing more food in a restricted time.

A customizable temperature control knob helps in getting the temperature directly for a crispier taste. This sandwich maker has non-stick-covered preparing plates, so food doesn’t stick or cook unevenly all through and is anything but easy to clean. It offers additional security, dependability, and solace with massive non-stick plates and a cool-touch sliding handle.

Inalsa exceeds expectations in assembling home apparatuses under ISO quality. It has been conveying excellent items and expert administrations to its clients and has an imaginative item scope of machines. The sandwich maker model can be opened up to 180° for including more sandwiches and burgers one after another effortlessly. It is advantageous to clean.

Our Opinion

Inalsa is the best buy Sandwich maker for those who want a comprehensive mouth opening model. Along with that, it is an ISO-certified product. It comes with a non-stick-covered preparing plate to prevent sticking of the food ingredients. At the same time, its jumbo size makes it simple for you to cook during busy days and occasions or gatherings.
Wide mouth openings Comparatively, more power consumption
An ISO certified product Comparatively heavier
Cool-touch sliding handle
Huge non-stick plate
The customizable temperature control knob
In-built detachable oil tray
Best Buy Link:

5. Warmex Inox Electric Sandwich Maker

Warmex Inox Electric Sandwich Maker

Are you in search of a compact-sized sandwich maker? Then stop your search here. An innovative design from Warmex is the best available option for your home. This model is also lightweight in design compared to the other models. The appliance is provided with a non-stick coating plate that allows you to use less oil or butter for the preparation. It means you get a healthier smack for yourself every time.

The model comes with a cool-touch body design that makes it safe to touch anytime without any concerns. The opening of the model opens upto 90° that adds convenience to placing your food items. The model consumes 700 W power to heat the plates. This feature makes it easy to reach the maximum temperature in a quick reference of time while making the grilling process easy. 

When talking about the model’s exterior, it is built utilizing high-quality Bakelite that offers high heat resistance for comfortable cooking. It also increases the durability of the material. At the same time, the surface is smooth enough to clean easily.

This sandwich maker comes with a safety lock. Simply push down to securely close and lock the sandwich maker. The sandwich maker comes with integrated Power On/Off & Dish Ready Indicators so that you can keep an eye on your sandwich while managing your other work and prevent the sandwich from getting burnt.

Our Opinion

Warmex Inox is the best Sandwich maker device to buy for those looking for a compact-sized model. The device utilizes 700 W power to get the operation done quickly. At the same time, the model’s exterior is built from high-quality Bakelite, which makes it durable enough. The smooth finish design makes it easy to clean. 
High-quality material Comparatively, more power consumption
Easy to use and clean The mouth opening is comparatively low
Quick & efficient operation No handle
Cool-touch body
Non-skid feet
Power ON & dish ready indicators
Best Buy Link:

6. Morphy Richards SM3006

best sandwich maker for home Morphy Richards SM3006

Are you looking for an efficient sandwich maker? Then stop your search here. Morphy Richard comes with a design that will enrich your kitchen interior while adding comfort to your snack preparation. This device can save you a lot of time when it comes to preparing sandwiches. The model comes with an oil-drip bottom surface that prevents it from getting messy. This feature also prevents the sogginess of the sandwich and saves you from unnecessary oil consumption.

It also provided you with a ready-to-cook indicator that indicates whether the device is ready to cook. At the same time, the cool-touch body prevents unnecessary heat while cooking. The remarkable feature is that it is provided with a comfortable front handle for carrying it around.

While the model is compact enough to be stored in your laptop bag and carried around, the non-stick cook plates make it easy to cook the ingredients and clean the device. The appliance utilizes 750 W power that making the operation quick and efficient. This feature lets you prepare your sandwich in a jiffy.

Our Opinion

Morphy Richards Sandwich Maker is the best device to buy for efficient operation. If you are in an instant! This device is a suitable option for you. The oil-drip bottom surface prevents the device from getting messy and keeps the sogginess of the sandwich at bay. The cord winding facility makes it easy to store neatly.
Highly efficient & lightweight device Comparatively, more power consumption
Quicker operation
Cool-touch body & handle
Ready to cook indicator
Non-stick cook plates
Easy to use & clean device
Best Buy Link:

7. Prestige PGMFB

best sandwich maker brand in India Prestige PGMFB

The following item in our rundown originates from Prestige, a notable brand for its electronic machines. It is one of the most mainstream brands for electronics in India, and the name of the item is Prestige PGMFB 800-Watt Grill Sandwich Toaster, Black.

It includes a nonstick warming plate like the leading sandwich maker in the rundown that keeps the food adhering to plates. The ergonomic handle is dissimilar to different producers that accompany an ordinary handle. It makes holding the handle a simple undertaking, which accompanies heat-safe material that shields us from consuming.

Likewise, it accompanies an indicator light like different makers in the rundown, which demonstrates when the device is ready to cook, connected, the flame broil is preheated. It accompanies two light pointers, one is red and is green. The red one shows power, while the green one demonstrates barbecue is prepared.

You can likewise check this thing from this brand if the cost isn’t a requirement, which accompanies a flame broil work Prestige Electric Commercial Grill Toaster. It utilizes 850 watts which are practically the same as Philips producer.

It accompanies one year guarantee from the maker, dissimilar to the initial two in the rundown, which accompanies two years of guarantee.

The main issue with the gadget is that it is with string length. It is little, much the same as the Philips creator, on the off chance that you are quick to get the producer with a long string. At that point, this isn’t for you.

Our Opinion

Prestige is the best Sandwich maker to buy for those who are looking for brand value. The device accomplishes non-toxic & non-stick plates that make it two-time durable compared to the other models. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to hold and use, while the indicator lights let you know when your grill is plugged in and when the grill is preheated and ready to cook up a tasty meal. 
Non-stick & non-toxic plates No oil drip tray
Ergonomic handle No temperature control knob
The indicator lights for easy cooking
Low power consumption
Easy to use & clean
Best Buy Link:

8. KENT 16025 Sandwich Maker

KENT 16025 Sandwich Maker

Are you looking for a multi-functional sandwich maker? Then stop your search here. This ideal device is the perfect buy for grilling, toasting, and making perfect cheesy sandwiches within minutes.

The device is outstanding amongst other sandwich presses, and the KENT is a panini flame broil type sandwich maker that could make a wide range of sorts of tasty sandwiches without any problem.

With non-removable barbecuing plates, the panini sandwich producer has impeccably bolted pivots. It makes barbecuing of sandwiches and such a dish extremely simple. Additionally, the body of the KENT is twofold covered with Teflon non-stick warming material. This non-stick is an excellent base for planning without oil non-stick sandwiches.

Working at a voltage of around 220-240 Volts, the gadget expends around 700 watts of power. Such power is sufficient and can warm up the barbecue quickly. Likewise, the non-slide highlight of the accomplishment ensures that the gadget doesn’t slip or slide when set on a level surface. The unique feature of the appliance makes it easy to adjust the height of the appliance according to the size of the food items.

A programmed indoor regulator control accessible inside the sandwich creator keeps the sandwiches from wrecking due to overheating. There is a red light marker present close to the opening. This feature demonstrates when the gadget is on and kills the gadget when the sandwiches are finished. You should put the bread in the creator and approach your work. You can anticipate excellent and appropriately cooked hot sandwiches.

An in general, this gadget is worth a buy and accompanies a 1-year maker’s guarantee for any deformities to the item during the residency of the guarantee.

Our Opinion

KENT is the best buy sandwich maker device for those who are looking for multi-purpose cooking needs. The appliance comes with a dual cooking surface which ensures that each side of the grilled snacks or sandwiches is cooked to perfection. The unique feature of the appliance makes it easy to adjust the height of the appliance according to the size of the food items.
Multi-functional grill, toaster, etc. No oil drip tray
Ergonomic handle with auto shut-off No temperature control knob
Easy to use, clean, & store
Non-toxic ceramic coating
Adjustable height
Dual cooking surface for cooking perfection
Best Buy Link:

Sandwich Maker: Buying Guide

Nearly everybody cherishes sandwiches, burgers, and significantly more. You can spare the time which you may be spending on cooking sandwiches in gas ovens. Not just this, a sandwich producer ensures that you don’t go void stomach to the workplace, home, or even college.

Indeed, there are several advantages to a sandwich maker. However, let us examine the things which you ought to consider in it:


There are positively two kinds of sandwich makers:

  • Panini Press – A Panini press sandwich creator accompanies two barbecues, one on the top and the second on the base. The bread is kept on the base flame broil, squeezed by the top coasting pivoted barbecue. Typically, you can discover a Panini press sandwich in burger shops, and it can make anything beginning from bread to meat and vegetables. In any case, it is very costly than the four triangle sandwich creator.
  • Four triangle – You can undoubtedly get it by name as it is the most widely recognized sort of sandwich creator, which different individuals have utilized for a long time. This creator cuts the sandwich into four three-sided shapes and toasts your sandwiches (recall, it doesn’t flame broil them). The purpose of this is the warming plates are isolated into the triangle or square-cut triangles. Likewise, you can consider this one a simple sandwich producer as it is found in most homes and is very reasonable.


There are typically two kinds of sandwich makers where you can get two sandwiches one after another and the other four at once. In this way, on the off chance that you are a group of two or lone rangers, at that point, a 2 sandwich creator could do the trick as you would get 4 three-sided molded sandwiches. Additionally, on the off chance that you are going for an excursion or a group of 4 and then some, a 4 sandwich producer could be okay.


On the off chance that your sandwich maker is minimized and lightweight, at that point, you can, without much of a stretch, keep it anyplace in the kitchen and convey it anyplace. Generally, 41 X 38 X 15 cm is ideal for picking an enormous sandwich creator. Additionally, a little estimated sandwich creator of 26 X 24 X 11 cm can get the job done for a group of two.

Surface sort

There are different sorts of surfaces that have been utilized to make a sandwich-like iron and Teflon. The iron surface would be highly modest when contrasted with Teflon. The surface will get clingy after you scratch it with a scrubber. Indeed, a Teflon-based surface is an ideal decision as the sandwich doesn’t stick.

You can likewise search for the sandwich makers, which accompany a non-stick surface and warm up quickly.


The force chooses how rapidly You can cook your sandwich. Usually, a little estimated sandwich creator that accompanies an intensity of 750-1200 watts can assist you with making sandwiches quickly, and 2000-3000 watts of intensity can fit into the instance of a bigger one.


Pick a non-stick covering for your sandwich maker as this can lessen the use of oil on it. Simply because of the non-stick covering, the sandwich wouldn’t stick on it, and you can, without much of a stretch, wash it too.


Any item needs to be truly solid as this will just choose the life span of the item. Along these lines, treated steel, excellent plastic materials offer the most extreme sturdiness to your items at an exceptionally little time. Additionally, search for the scratch-safe one as it can assist you with washing the creator pleasantly. A non-stick coating is another element that we need you to zero in on as it gives greater dependability.

Temperature Control

While the Panini press producers accompany different temperature control choices that permit you to cook anything at your own pace, investigate the one which holds the limit of dispersing warmth to each zone equitably for better toasting or flame broiling experience. Mainly, the four triangle sandwich makers don’t accompany a temperature control choice. You need to do all that manually(switch off the maker when you get the delightful smell).


Some sandwich makers accompany fixed plates though some accompany removable plates(it permits you to cook a few things like chicken). Additionally, the removable plates have barbecued ones where the edges are marginally raised.

Sort of handle

The sandwich maker accompanies a handle so you can convey it effectively at the hour of warming or non-warming. Indeed, when you are toasting the sandwich, you would need a handle that doesn’t feel hot, and that is why to go for the one which is a decent safe of warmth.

You can either pick plastic or steel handles. Indeed, the two have their upsides and downsides. A plastic handle is heat-safe. However, it gets the opportunity to break effectively, making it harder for you to convey your sandwich creator. Furthermore, then again, a steel-made handle will be hot yet keep going long.

Rope length

So having a long rope has favorable circumstances and burdens as you won’t need to hold your producer or be close to the creator while the sandwich is being readied. In any case, it is somewhat hazardous, too, because you may tumble down if you don’t investigate the more extended rope beneath. Henceforth, the decision is yours. Going for a rope length of 1.5 to 2 m can help you in without strain tasks.


These are significant on the off chance that you utilize a Panini press sandwich producer in such a case that there is a gliding pivot, then it can, without much of a stretch, cook various shapes and sizes of bread(depending on the thickness).

While choosing a sandwich maker dependent on the pivots, then a drifting one could be an ideal decision as it very well may be utilized in a creator regardless of their sizes, shapes, or loads.

Different highlights

When we cook, numerous things like oil or crumbs tumble off, which makes our kitchen chaotic, and that is why going for a sandwich maker with a plunge plate is a wise decision. Additionally, similar to the light sign procedure that has been utilized in irons, sandwich makers likewise accompany the light markers, which empower us to know as and when we have to turn the producer off.


On the off chance that you need to perform other family unit tasks while toasting a sandwich, you should go for this alternative. The auto-shutoff choice will guarantee that your sandwich isn’t roasted, and in the interim, you can total your incompleted undertakings without much of a stretch.


You can discover a guarantee for 1-3 years on these sandwich makers. Indeed, as we generally state, that guarantee causes us to settle on the quality and durability of the material. That is why consistently go for an item that gives enough guarantee. Additionally, after-deals administration is one of the most concerning factors as the majority of the clients aren’t content with numerous items’ after-deals administration. Numerous different items offer stunning types of assistance like that of an on the web.


Different kinds of sandwich creators come at a financial plan amicable cost and fill the most extreme need, for example, toasting a flavorful sandwich. Additionally, some sandwich producers contain different details (removable plates, utilized for burgers and all), which is the cost higher than common ones.

Pick the one which fits into your spending plan and satisfies all the prerequisites.

You can locate a decent quality little estimated sandwich maker at 1000-2000 INR and a huge measured at 2000-4000 INR.

We would recommend not stressing over the cost as putting resources into a sandwich producer will lessen the expense of sandwiches for the since quite a while ago run.

Simplicity of Cleaning

If you have pieces of hard cheddar on a superficial level, at that point, cleaning could be genuinely extreme. Likewise, on account of an adhesive surface, you may discover the bread materials, which can be irritating now and again. Indeed, that is the reason searching for a non-stick highlight is of most extreme significance, and the simplicity of cleaning relies on the utilization also. If you don’t have a removable plates sandwich producer, at that point as well, the cleaning may be somewhat troublesome.


Indeed, there is an assortment of sandwich makers present in the market, and you should purchase a marked one. What hangs out in these brands is the quality and solidness, as they never neglect to offer any of those. We have made a bullet point article of certain top brands that have controlled the market of sandwich makers:






Operating A Sandwich Maker

  • Interface or connect the machine to a suitable attachment.
  • The control lights enlighten, and the toasting surfaces heat up.
  • You must warm up the machine before barbecuing. In the meantime, set up your food.
  • When the machine has warmed up, the control light goes OFF.
  • You can now begin grilling.
  • Open the machine at the catch.
  • Close the machine, ensuring that the catch is locked in.
  • Alert; If the ingredient has excess filling on it, it won’t be hard to close the machine. Take a portion of the filling off. Never use force to close the machine.
  • During toasting, the temperature regulator thermostat turns ON and OFF again. The control light likewise turns ON and OFF again.
  • After fulfillment of the barbecuing cycle (approx. 2-3 minutes), open the catch and remove the ingredients with the assistance of a level wooden or plastic spatula. Never utilize sharp or metal items (for example, blades, metal spatulas, and so forth).
  • If you wish to barbecue more food, close the machine again and hold until the toasting surfaces have warmed adequately.
  • When the control light enlightens again, you can repeat the toasting cycle as described above.
  • After completion of the grilling process, disconnect the mains plug immediately. With the appliance open, allow it to cool down.

Cleaning Tips For A Sandwich Maker

  • Firstly, disconnect the mains plug!
  • Only clean when the appliance has completely cooled down.
  • Clean the housing surface and the toasting surfaces of the sandwich toaster with a soft, damp cloth.
  • It is easiest to remove toast or food crumbs with a very soft brush.
  • Never use abrasive cleaning agents or sharp objects (e.g., Scrubbing brush or knife) for cleaning.
  • Caution: Do not immerse the appliance in water or other liquids.

Safety Instructions To Follow While Using A Sandwich Maker

  • Please read these operating instructions thoroughly before operating the sandwich toaster and keep them in a safe place.
  • This device isn’t reasonable for business use nor uses in the outdoors.
  • Before embedding the attachment into the mains attachment, kindly watch that the current and force flexibly agree to the sorting plate’s details.
  • Detach the mains plug from the attachment when the machine isn’t being used and before cleaning.
  • Parts of the machine become hot during use. In this condition, the device should just be held by the handle.
  • Try not to utilize the machine if the primary link or attachment give indications of harm.
  • Ensure that the mains cable isn’t loomed over sharp edges and get it far from hot articles and open flares.
  • Ensure that the mains cable isn’t squeezed between the preparing plates or contact the heating plate edge in ordinary use
  • Spot the machine on a steady, level surface and not portion to hot items or open flames( plates).
  • Never leave the apparatus unattended during use.
  • The temperature of available surfaces might be high when the machine is working.

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