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Best Portable Indoor Grill In US 2021: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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9 Best Indoor Grills For Home Countertop

Best Indoor Grills Settings Power Consumption Warranty Price
Ninja FG551 Foodie 6 1760 Watts On-Site Check Price
Hamilton Beach 5 1200 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Cuisinart Griddler, Elite 6 1200 Watts 3-Years Check Price
DeLonghi America CGH1020D 5 1800 Watts On-Site Check Price
Power XL Indoor Grill 5 1200 Watts On-Site Check Price
Techwood Indoor Grill  6 1500 Watts 3-Years Check Price
George Foreman GFO3320GM N/A 1600 Watts 3-Years Check Price
T-Fal GC7 Opti-Grill 6 1800 Watts On-Site Check Price
Tenergy RediGrill 3 1660 Watts On-Site Check Price

Best Portable Indoor Grills: Reviews

1. Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL Indoor Grill

Ninza foodi best indoor grills US

This model is the top-most recommendation from our list. The model enhances your grilling experience with its smart cook system. Its smart cook system eliminates the guesswork of cooking. The measurement of the doneness can be checked through its “Foodi-Smart Thermometer”. This thermometer continuously monitors the food temperatures and automatically shuts-off the grill when your food is cooked.

The device is also equipped with the Multiple Smart Cook systems. This setting allows you to choose between 4-smart settings including beef. poultry, seafood, and pork. Along with that, the model also assists 9-customizable doneness levels that allow you to perfectly cook whatever you want. The bigger size of the grill assists up to 50% more food compared to the other models to prepare bigger family-sized meals.

Apart from grilling, the model also can air-fry, bake, dehydrate, roast, and broil. It is equipped with a 4-qt sized basket that can prepare up to 2 lbs of guilt-free fried foods. It is also composed of the 500°F Cyclonic Grilling Technology that makes air circulate the food for amazing surround searing. While the 500°F grill grates give delicious char-grilled marks and flavors to the food.

One of the fantastic features of the device is its “Smoke Control System”. This feature reduces the smoke around and keeps it out of your kitchen. It can also transform the frozen foods into char-grilled in as little as 25 minutes. This is suitable for quick and easy weeknight meals.


Ninja FG551 Foodi is the best indoor grills to buy for the smart and XL grill. It can grill 50% more food compared to the other models. Apart from grilling, the device also can air-fry, bake, dehydrate, roast, and broil. It can transform the frozen foods into a perfectly char-grilled in under 25 minutes. This smart XL grill consumes 1750 Watts of power that makes the operation quick. It also has a unique smoke control system that reduces the smoke around and keeps it out of your kitchen. While the feather-touch control buttons make the operation smooth and easy. 
Equipped with the smart-cook system Heavier
Comes with the 9-customizable doneness levels
Can grill 50% more foods at a time
Equipped with the 5 additional cooking functions
The unique smoke control system
Foodi-smart thermometer for even results
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2. Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Grill

Hamilton Beach best portable grill Indoor

Switch to a portable unit for grilling. Switch to Hamilton. The manufacture is one of the widely-known brand names in the kitchen world. It manufactures wide varieties of kitchen products like – sandwich maker, grill, food processor, electric kettle, etc. This ergonomically designed grill unit lets you enjoy perfectly grilled meats and veggies every time you cook.

This Hamilton Indoor grill produces a restaurant-quality result that doesn’t have to come from a steakhouse. It comes with a high-heat searing temperature that locks in juices and flavors giving your meat taste, texture, and appearance. You can also adjust the sear at 450°C or you can use an adjustable temperature dial to grill at a lower heat for the optimal grilling. 

The model hood is equipped with a convenient window lid that lets you watch food cook while keeping heat inside. As the indoor grill hood, plate, and extra-large drip tray all are removable, this makes the device easy to clean. The device is also dishwasher safe. The model is also equipped with an extra-large drip tray at the base that catches all the extra juices. This also makes your kitchen countertop less messy.

It also comes with the power and pre-heat lights that eliminate the guesswork with the visible cook lights.   


Hamilton Beach is the best indoor grill to buy for an easy and safe grilling experience. This grill comes with a large grill window that lets you watch your food while cooking. The hood-plate and extra-large drip tray are all removable and make the device easy to clean & dishwasher safe. It has an adjustable control that ranges from 200 degrees to a high searing temperature of 450 degrees that makes your cooking versatile. It comes with a 1-Year Warranty. 
Lightweight & portable unit No smoke control system
A large viewing window Dial-knob
Removable & easy-to-clean non-stick plate
Extra-large drip plate
Power & preheat lights
Low power consumption
Best Buy Link:

3. Cuisinart Griddler, Elite

Cuisinart best griddle

Switch to the sleek and slim indoor grill for an easy and convenient cooking experience. This device boasts 6 impressive cooking functions that meet most of your cooking needs. While the exterior of the device features sleek brushed Stainless Steel that enhances your kitchen countertop.

This smart grill can tackle multi-task like a grill, griddle, half grill, half griddle, panini press, and top melt sandwiches, meats, and appetizers that make it a perfect suit for most of the kitchen. The device encompasses a large electronic display that lets you set the control or functions as per your requirements. It also features a 60-minute countdown timer that makes your cooking more convenient.

While a large 240-Inches cooking surface lets you cook multiple food items at a time. You can griddle an egg on one plate while you can grill bacon on the other cooking surface. 

The model is equipped with the superior SearBlast feature with the reversible plates that lock flavor into steaks even at 500˚F. While the top-cover is fully adjustable and makes cooking perfectly customized and precise every time. It also features conveniently removable grill plates that are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.


Cuisinart Griddler is the best indoor grill to buy for a versatile cooking experience. The device features a large 240-Inches large cooking surface to get even the big jobs done conveniently. This versatile cooking appliance features dual-zone temperature control to cook multiple foods at a time. The model features 6-cooking options for versatile cooking. While a large LCD offers you easy visibility of the control or settings. It also comes with a 60-minute countdown timer for effortless cooking. It comes with 3 years of Warranty.
Sleek & Slim indoor grill No smoke control system
6-cooking options for versatile cooking Comparatively heavier
A large cooking surface with a large LCD Dial-knobs
60-minutes countdown timer
Dual-zone temperature control
Removable, reversible nonstick grill/griddle plates
Integrated drip tray & dishwasher safe
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4. DeLonghi America CGH1020D Livenza Grill

DeLonghi America best portable Grill US

This All-Day Grill with FlexPress system is the perfect kitchen appliance. The device encompasses a unique grill feature that comes with interchangeable sets of the high-performance grill and griddle plates. These interchangeable plates help you cook efficiently and healthily.   

The device features a large cooking surface that accommodates multiple servings for your family. The interior of the device features the embedded heating element that creates an evenly heated cooking surface. 

It features a floating hinge that grills thick sandwiches without crushing them. You can even ‘float’ the top grill to broil a steak or crostini.

This device accommodates 5 functions that make it versatile for cooking. The device can function as a contact grill & Panini press, open full grill, open full griddle, half grill half griddle that can prepare according to your requirements. 

Both the grill plates’ temperature can be set accordingly to prepare the food you like. While the temperature is controlled through the control knobs placed in front of the device. It also features a large, bright, and easy-to-read display that can be monitored from the distance. The removable non-stick grill plates are removable and are dishwasher safe. 


DeLonghi America is the best grill plates to buy for all-day purposes. The device features a large cooking surface that can accommodate a large family size. It features 5-cooking functions that make it suitable for most of the cooking. The dishwasher-safe die-cast plates come with embedded heating elements that provide you with evenly cooked food. While the large LCD with a bright display makes it easy to monitor the device from the distance.   
Features 5-cooking functions No smoke control system
Removable & dishwasher-safe grill plates
Large cooking surface
Self-adjustable hinge to prevent crushing
Digital control LED panel
Temperature control knobs for both plates
Best Buy Link:

5. Power XL Smokeless Electric Indoor Grill

best portable electric Indoor grill

Unleash the height of versatility with this brilliantly built portable grill machine. This extra-large indoor grill provides you with a smokeless grilling experience inside your kitchen. This indoor grill virtually eliminates the harmful smoke produced due to cooking that can be a problem for people breathing the air around.

The device comes with the grill and griddle combo. It features a flat grill surface that is interchangeable with a griddle surface which makes it a suitable device for eggs, pancakes, grilled paninis, and grilled cheese recipes. The grilling surface is non-stick in nature making it easy to clean up. This surface also helps delicate foods stay together instead of sticking or breaking. 

The PowerXL grill quickly heats up to 450°F and maintains a constant temperature, letting you Cook food faster. It also features a see-through silicone sealed glass lid that lets you see when you cook. 

The device also features a collection pan or water tray at the base where you can add the ingredients to enhance your food flavor. The parts are easy to remove and clean. These are dishwasher-safe. There is a drip tray provided at the base which collects all the extracted oils or fats. 


Power XL is the best portable electric Indoor grill to buy for a smokeless grilling experience. It features an extra-large removable grill and griddle that makes it suitable for versatile cooking. The grill plates are easy to remove and are dishwasher-safe. The device also features a collection pan or water tray at the base where you can add the ingredients to enhance your food flavor. While the LED smart temperature control allows you to customize the heat up to 450°F to get the perfect amount of doneness you want.
Features 5-cooking functions
Turbo-smoke extraction feature
LED smart temperature control
Non-stick ceramic & removable grill plate
Drip tray to catch extra or excess fat
Best Buy Link:

6. Techwood Indoor Smokeless Grill

Techwood Indoor Smokeless Grill

Techwood indoor grill is an ergonomically designed device to meet your daily grilling activities. This smart grill provides you with evenly grilled, juicy, tasty, and browning results. The device heats up quickly and is equipped with a precise control system for an effortless cooking experience. 

This indoor grill comes with a LED accurate digital temperature control that allows you to get the cooking temperature correct from 220° F to 450° F. It maintains the constant temperature throughout the entire cooking process. 

This electric indoor grill is equipped with advanced air flow technology and a hidden fan that gradually reduces the smoke produced indoor for a hassle-free cooking experience. 

The 1500 Watts heating elements heats-up the device to an even, constant temperature across the grill surface that makes the device an ideal fit for chargrilled steaks to crispy vegetables. It is also provided with a non-stick cooking surface and a drip-tray underneath that ensures a healthy grilled food with little to no oil indoors. The grill plate and drip tray can be removed and washed in the dishwasher even wash it by hands.


Techwood electric grill is the best indoor grill to buy overall. The device comes in a compact shape and design that easily fits any kitchen countertop. It is provided with a see-through glass lid that allows you to see while you cook. While the feature touch control panel with LED allows you to get the cooking temperature correct from 220° F to 450° F. It is equipped with the turbo-extractor technology that virtually removes out the extracted smokes for hassle-free cooking.
Features 6-cooking functions
Turbo smoke extractor Technology
Feather-touch control panel
Dishwasher-safe & easy clean grill plates
Heats up quickly & precise control
Best Buy Link:

Portable Electric Indoor Grills: Buying Guide

An electric grill is one of the essential kitchen appliances to meet most of your grilling or culinary skills. Buying electric indoor grills can be a hectic task if you are a newbie. As there are several grills available in the market, it becomes difficult for you to find which feature is suitable for you and which is not. 

We have listed below some of the basic points which you must keep in mind before making a purchase. This guide will help you understand which feature you want and which you don’t.

  • Size of the Grill

It is an important factor to notice before purchasing a grill. The size of the grill decides how much food you can cook in one go. You must make calculations for the number of members inside your family. If you have a large-sized family and you buy a small area of grilling you may end up purchasing the wrong kind of grill. However, it is always recommended to purchase a grill having a large grill size. 

  • Grates

Grates are often termed grill plates. This is the cooking surface on which you grill or cook your food. The grates must be high-temperature resistant as it has to withstand variable temperature. These grates are prepared using various materials. However, the cast-iron grates are considered to be a good choice for grilling plates. It is recommended to find non-stick grill plates as they skip the need for cleaning over time. This also prevents the food from burning or sticking to the surface.

  • Power

The power rating always resembles Watts. Higher the power ratings, quicker the cooking process. This also indicates how much time does a device takes to heat-up. The electric grill power ratings usually vary from a minimum of 1200 Watts to 2200 Watts. The increase in power ratings also means an increase in the grill price. 

  • Weight

It is an important factor to consider before buying an electric grill. You must choose the grill that comes with the low weight. This makes the grill easily portable and easy to carry around.

  • Turbo smoke extractor Technology

Though this feature is a new technology equipped in some of the models. While most of the model does not accompany this feature. This feature helps to extract the smoke indoors. There is an extractor fan at the side panel or at the base of the grill plates that blows off the smoke coming out of the food cooking. This makes the cooking environment compatible with people having asthma, sinus, or breathing problems.

  • Temperature Control Settings

This factor is important to notice while using an electric grill. It is very important to control the temperature of the food cooking to get even results. You must look for the number of temperature control settings provided in your grill.

An electric grill comes with a minimum of 3 to the maximum of 7 temperature control settings. More the number of temperature control settings more versatile the cooking process is. So, it is always preferred to buy a model that offers a wide number of temperature settings.

  • Thermometer or Temperature Gauge

A thermometer or temperature gauge helps you be aware of the real-time temperature of your cooking grill. You can then decide whether to add or remove heat from your grill to cook your food better.

Thus, having a thermometer in your grill allows you to control the heat effectively inside your grill. We will recommend you always include this feature in your purchase.

  • Drip Tray

The drip tray collects all the extracted or excessive oils from the food. You must look for the model that comes with a drip-tray feature. It is placed at the base of the device that makes the excess oil collection easier. This makes the device easy to clean and also keeps your counter space neat.

  • Auto-shutoff & Timer

If you love multitasking while cooking then this feature needs your attention. This feature automatically shuts-off the device when the cooking is done. This prevents the food from overcooking or burning. 

This timer feature lets you set cooking time on your grill for particular minutes. Once the set time is reached the grill automatically stops getting heated.

  • Warranty

Most of the electric grills come with a warranty period of a minimum 1-Year to a maximum of 3-Years. However, some of the high-end models come with a lifetime warranty.  However, it is always a better choice to purchase a model that comes with the maximum warranty period.

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