Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

Best Personal Blender For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

Top 10 Best Personal Blenders for Protein Shakes

1. Usha Nutrichef Power Blender/Smoothie Maker BL-3470

This smoothie maker is the preferred brand name on our list. “Usha” comes with an elegant design and necessity features. It is made for the tougher kinds of usages. The blender is a perfect blender for tougher ingredients or time involving functions. The “Usha” blender is your one-stop solution that is innovatively designed using the highest quality of materials and components. The premium brushed black stainless steel makes the blender looks just as good as it functions.

The blender is powered with 6-speed settings with a turbo mode to help you with all your needs. The powerful 700W motor capable of carrying out the toughest blending operation quite easily and smoothly. The large 1.5-liter glass jar helps you keep more control over the blending operation. The top removable cup helps you add ingredients to the jar during the operation. The LCD display panel provides you clearer visibility and monitoring so you can enjoy the operation while performing. So if you want to make the right choice in choosing the smoothie maker select this option for better results.Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

Perfect for the Indian kitchen Heavy in weight
Food grade blade with Digital display panel Slightly higher in price
7-speed settings With Turbo mode No auto-shutoff feature
Safety lock features 
Easy to clean
Best Buy Link:

2. Cello Blend N Grind Jucimatic 800-Watt Juicer

Switch to “Cello” which provides you optimum juicing and blending experience. The 800W powerful motor provides you with a smooth and amazing juice in no time. The juicer is packed with the multi-function operation that finishes multiple tasks quickly like preparing a smoothie, juice grinding, coffee grinding, ice crushing, etc. The 600 ml jar can hold all the essential ingredients to prepare your smoothie.  

The blender is provided with the safety lock features which makes your task much easier and safe. The juicer comes with a multipurpose bottle made of hygienic Tritan material that can be used for blending and the same bottle can be used as a drinking bottle. The trendy design and carabiner provide you with maximum comfort carrying juice or beverage outdoor. It comes with a vacuum lid that helps to generate vacuum inside the bottle which ultimately keeps stored beverage fresh and healthy for long. This intelligent blender is made with Auto shutoff features which automatically turns off when the operation is done. Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

1-Year warranty on the product.

Comes with soft and hard blending mode Higher in price
Auto shutoff feature Jar size is small
Easy to carry handy carabiner clip Not have an LCD display panel
Comes with 4-speed modes Not suitable for crushing
Vacuum lid – keeps the juice fresh for a longer duration
Best Buy Link:

3. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Juicer Mixer Grinder 

Looking for a perfect companion for grinding, then stop your search here. The excellently designed “Wonderchef” Nutri-blend is a perfect companion which provides hassle-free and smooth operation. This multipurpose mixer grinder is compact in size and enhances the interior of your kitchen. Stylish design and elegant construction prepare you a smoothie in no time.

It comes with the superfast motor and sharpest blades that break down the food completely extracting all the nutrients within a minute. The mixer comes with the 2-interchangeable jars that are transparent and allows you a convenient view of the food. It comes with a non-skid rubber feature that adds safety to the operation. The carefully designed mixer grinder is easy and convenient to clean and maintain. The compact design consumes less space as compared to the bulky food processors and mixers.Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

Comes with soft and hard blending mode Slightly higher in price
Non-skid rubber footing Low capacity jar
Easy to clean
Quick and fast operation
Best Buy Link:

4. Whipsip Smoothie Blender

Grind and blend like never before with this sophisticated and smartly designed blender. This powerful blender is powered with a powerful motor that can stir instant freshly packed drinks. This convenient blender is made of high-quality components that are built to last longer. It has a silicone O-ring that seals the jar tight and prevents spillage while in operation. It comes with a one-touch operation that begins working at just a push of a button. This smoothie blender is powered by a 350-Watt powerful motor that completes your operation within a minute. It can whip up delicious juices, purees or protein shakes in just 30 seconds.

The 600ml jar doubles up as a stylish sports bottle that can be used to blend, store and carry the prepared juice. The portable yet powerful grinder attachment provided with this blender allows you to prepare nutritious and delectable protein drinks at home. The blender is equipped with a high-precision blade that can pulverize a variety of ingredients effortlessly. It is made of stainless steel thus has the ability to retain the sharpness and its edges even with repeated usage. Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

Elegant and smart design Slightly higher in price
Food grade jar – 
Safety lock feature – 
Easy to clean – 
Best Buy Link:

5. Koryo Personal Blender

The well-known brand name in the kitchen world. Brilliantly build “Koryo” personal blender comes with every requirement and possibility that you might need for your grinding, blending or smoothie preparation. This multipurpose blender comes with a Tritan 500ml jar with a drinking lid which makes it a perfect fit for any kind of operation. Along with that, there is a 600ml Blender Jar, 300ml small jar for Grinder operation. 

The powerful 400W motor makes your blending operation quick and easy. The blender is equipped with one knob which makes the operation simple and easy to do. Just fill the ingredients inside the jar, attach the required blade, secure lock to the blender and twist the knob to do the blending operation. The blender sports 2-speed and pulse function. With the 2-speed function, the blender can be adjusted to two-speed modes to operate. While the pulse function makes the blender work at its maximum speed. It’s sleek, vertical and slender like design makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen design. And overall it also adds beauty to your kitchen.Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

1-Year warranty on the product.

Sleek, Vertical and slender design Doesn’t grind dry spices
Comes with 2-speed and pulse operation mode
ABS plastic material
Three jar sizes
Best Buy Link:

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6. DUVERRA Powerful Nutri Fresh Personal Blender

“Duverra” personal blender comes with the high-grade stainless steel that is capable of blending any types of ingredients. On the other hand, the stainless steel is rust-proof which makes the design durable and safe for the operation. It is also equipped with the super motor and comes with the overload protection for the safe performance of the operation. The high power motor with heavy rated blending makes the operation quick and easy to perform. 

This personal blender is provided with 2 leak-proof, shockproof and easy to carry design that makes it perfect for all the age group people. Two bottles come with sizes of 600 ml and 520 ml which makes it easy to carry design. The bottled is also termed as kids-friendly that allows them to make their energy drinks with leak-proof, BPA-free bottles containing a flip-top lid. It is equipped with one knob which makes the operation quick and simple to perform.Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

2-Years warranty on the product.

Overload protection Not suitable for grinding spices
Sturdy and durable motor design
Quick, compact and convenient
The double-wall vacuum bottle design
Best Buy Link:

7. AMERICAN MICRONIC Personal Blender

Transform your health with this brilliantly designed smoothie maker or personal blender. “American Micronic” is a renowned brand name that makes powerful personal blender that helps you in making deliciously nutritious juices, smoothies and shakes. The blender comes with simple and easy to handle design which makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen purpose. While its elegant and stylish design also helps to improve your kitchen interior. The interchangeable jar (600 ml and 300 ml) made of BPA-Free food-grade plastic that enhances the utilization purpose.

It is equipped with a powerful 300W motor which can pulverize any kind of ingredients within a matter of seconds. It can also be used for the dry grinding purpose which makes it a ready to purchase design compared to other blenders. The razor-sharp cutting blade of this blender is made of stainless steel that makes it withstand regular usage and process all kinds of ingredients. Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

One button operation Operation is not quick
Anti-slip feet design
BPA free Tritan jars
Compact and stable body
Best Buy Link:

8. Glen Electric Blender 4047

The next powerful blender in our list is from the well-known brand name “Glen”. Glen electric blender is a compact yet powerful and trendy blender that allows one-touch blending operation. Glen brings to the discerning Indian woman products that are an ideal combination of aesthetics and performance. Now, energize your day with the healthy drink within no time. Thanks to its compact and powerful blender which fits any kitchen size and enhances its beauty. 

The blender features two separate sport BPA free bottles which allow to choose you the right size of a bottle according to your needs. The spill-free spout lets you sip on the go. It comes with a stainless steel blade which makes it durable and is rust-resistant. If you want to make the best investment to electric blender “Glen Electric Blender” is a suitable option to choose from.Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

One button operation Operation is not quick
Compact and elegant design Not a powerful motor
Fill and carry a bottle design
Food grade material
Best Buy Link:

9. Amazon Brand – Solimo Personal Blender

Now energize your day with the awesome blended juice from this personal blender. Yes, the “Solimo” blender gives your kitchen an extra-edge of satisfaction. This personal blender comes with the two portable jars that come with a capacity of 600 ml. The jar lid and blade are interchangeable which transforms the mixing container into a drinking bottle.

Note: This Product is designed for 1-minute continuous use. If used for over 1 minute continuously, there is a risk of fuse failure. If you want to use it for more time, kindly wait for 2 mins before re-starting the product.

Now prepare your smoothie within a fraction of seconds. The compact and elegant designed product provides you all the necessary operation for mixing & grinding purposes. The stylish look helps to add beauty to your kitchen. The blender comes with simple and easy to handle design which makes it a perfect fit for any kitchen purpose.Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

1-Year Warranty on the product.

One button operation Operation is not quick
Food grade plastic material Not suitable for grinding spices
Best for shake and smoothie only  Not sharp blade
Best Buy Link:

10. Brayden Fito Rush Portable Power Blender

Still not satisfied with the above-displayed products? Well, this blender is all that you need for the operation. It comes with the trendy design and looks which enhances your kitchen beauty. The amazing feature of this blender is that it comes with the rechargeable feature. Yes, you heard right. This portable blender is powered with a 4000 mAH battery can be charged fast within 4-6 hours.

It is a perfect fit to prepare anything and anywhere from Protein shakes for your gym, fruit-infused water for yoga, booster juice for your office, milkshakes for your breakfast, mixed fruit juice for your cycling. This product is more than just a blender. The powerful motor with a stainless steel blade surely prepares your best smoothie blend within a minutes. If you want to get more from a blender switch to this product.Best Blenders For Protein Shakes(2019) – Comprehensive Buy Guide

One button operation Operation is not quick
Rechargeable The motor is not powerful
Easy to carry design
Easy to clean
Best Buy Link:

Frequently Asked Questions about the Blenders 

1. Which is the best blender to choose from?

=>  “Usha Nutrichef” is the best blenders to choose for if you want to go with a big size. If you want a portable and rechargeable blender to choose the “Brayden Fito Rush” blender is the perfect fit. 

2. What is the difference between a Blender and a Juicer?

=> The juicer is capable to extract only the juice from the rest of a vegetable or fruit. While the blender combines the whole fruit or vegetable, helping to create a thicker liquid. 

3. What is the blender containers made of?

=> The blender container is usually made of plastic, stainless steel, glass, etc. Each of the materials has its own benefits and drawbacks.

  • Stainless Steel – It is considered to be the best material for the blender containers. As they are durable in design. But the only drawback is it makes a lot of noise and you have to open the lid time-to-time to check the progress. 
  • Glass – It is more resistant to staining and odors. They are also dishwasher safe. But due to their heavyweight and ductility, they are not considered t be the best material for the blender. 
  • Plastic – It is the commonly used material to make a blender container. Because of their lightweight and withstand constant use feature. They also allow you to see the running operation which provides better control over the operation. 

4. Do blenders produce noise?

=> Yes. They produce noise. As the blending operation needs fast running of the blade which is powered by a powerful motor. The cutting of the ingredients inside the container does produce noise due to its regular cutting. However, the noise produced is not annoying.

5. Which is the cheap and the best blender?

=> “Brayden Fito Rush” is considered to be cheap and the best blender as it is compact in size and comes with a rechargeable battery feature.

6. What are the best blenders for smoothies?

=> Cello, Glen, Usha, Brayden, etc electric blender are considered to be the best blenders for smoothies.

Features To Consider Before Purchasing A Blender

Material – You should ensure that the material that is used to make a blender should be food-grade material. BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics. Some research has shown that BPA might seep into food and drinks. If it’s a concern to you, you should look for a blender that’s BPA free.

Safety features – Material should be equipped with all the safety features. It includes jar lock, spill-proof container, anti-slip feet, auto-shutoff features.

Controls – You should ensure that the product comes with all the control functions. Functions like Power ON/Off, speed control, mixing, grinding, blending, etc. which makes the working environment more easy and fruitful. While some of the blenders feature touch-button control which makes the operation quite easy compared to other types of touch buttons.

Container size – Various sizes of containers blenders are available in the market. You must choose the container size depending upon your needs.

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