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Best Mops For Floor Cleaning In India 2021: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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9 Best Mops For Floor Cleaning In India

Best Mops Mop Type Mop Head Material Weight Warranty Price
Duverra Floor Cleaning Mop Spin Microfiber 3.52 Kgs 3-Months Check Price
Scotch Brite jumper Mop Spin & Flat Microfiber 2.95 Kgs N/A Check Price
Gala Turbo Mop Spin Microfiber 1.70 Kgs 1-Year Check Price
Bathla Ultra Clean Plus Spin Microfiber 3.14 Kgs N/A Check Price
Deerma TB500 Insta Clean Spray Microfiber 1.96 Kgs N/A Check Price
Prestige Home Clean PSB 10 Spin & Flat Microfiber 2.89 Kgs 6-Months Check Price
Worta Floor Mop Flat Microfiber 499 gms 1-Year Check Price
York Floor Mop Flat Spray Microfiber 1.02 Kgs N/A Check Price
Spotzero By Milton Ace Spin Microfiber 1.26 Kgs 1-Year Check Price

Best Floor Cleaning Mops: Reviews

1. Spotzero By Milton Ace Spin Mop

Spotzero By Milton Ace Spin Mop

This mop by Milton is the largest selling mop in India. It also has received great customer reviews. This mop from Milton is made utilizing plastic and comes in an Aqaugreen color. The major advantage of this mop is its quality and durability. It provides you with convenient cleaning options. The ace spin mop is equipped with microfiber cleaning technology that quickly picks up dirt, pet hair, crumbs, and more. It comes with a twin bucket which is used for wringing and drying the mop thus aiding the efficient cleaning.

It has an extendable handle that provides 360° movement to the mop head for efficient cleaning. The ergonomically designed handle provides you with a convenient grip and lets you have a firm hold over it by avoiding slippage and inconvenience. The adjustable handle lets you adjust the height according to your comfort. Its microfiber threads can clean the dirt from both the dry and wet surface efficiently. This spin mop comes with a twin bucket which has two separate compartments. One compartment is for drying and the other is for cleaning. 


Spotzero by Milton Ace Spin mop is the best buy product according to customer feedback. The mop comes with an ergonomically designed height adjustable handle for convenient cleaning. Its mop head is equipped with microfiber threads that make cleaning easy for all types of floor. While the oval-shaped bucket design has two separate compartments for drying and cleaning. It comes with 1-Year of Warranty.
Has great customer feedback The bucket is made of plastic 
Height-adjustable handle with 360° movement No easy mobility wheels
Convenient grip and easy cleaning
Twin bucket for cleaning & drying
Easy to store, use, and carry
Easy and convenient drain spout
Best Buy Link:

2. DUVERRA Spin Mop

best mop Duverra

Enjoy a fast and fun floor cleaning experience with Duverra spin mop. The device comes with the stainless steel spinner bucket set which is easily detachable. You can clean the bucket separately. The bucket is made utilizing high-grade virgin plastic which makes it lightweight in design and durable in nature. While the spinner of the material is made of high-grade stainless steel that enhances durability. The 360° stainless steel spinner makes the cleaning task much easier.

The mop head of the product is made from superfine microfiber that makes it a perfect cleaning device for all types of floor. This deep-cleaning microfiber removes and absorbs tough dirt and grime which is attached to the floor surface. You can easily wash the mop head by just straight pushing down and pulling up the pole several times. This spin mop has 2 good quality stainless-steel rod attachments for height adjustment and convenience. This comes with a wonderful lock design that is easy to operate. The high-grade stainless-steel is highly durable and requires less maintenance. Its handle angle may be adjusted from 45° to 180° for the most comfortable mopping position.


Duverra spin mop is the best mop to buy for durable design and a fun cleaning experience. The device is made from high-grade stainless steel that makes it highly durable and requires less maintenance. The mop has 2 high-grade stainless-steel rod attachments for height adjustment and convenience. While the spinner bucket is detachable and easy to clean. It comes with 3-Months of Warranty.
Offers great cleaning experience Price is one the higher side
Detachable bucket for easy cleaning No easy mobility wheels
360° stainless steel spinner Heavier
Height adjustment rod with wonder lock design
Highly durable design with low maintenance
Best Buy Link:

3. Scotch-Brite Jumper Spin Mop

best mop scotch-brite spin mop

Tired of using traditional mop? Switch to the Scotch-Brite spin mop that comes with a unique single bucket design that can be conveniently carried around the house. The lightweight designed bucket makes it comfortable to carry around without any hassle. This spin mop comes with a specially designed microfiber that can trap the dirt. It ensures you have a spotless free floor with no dirt. This Jumper clean technology can do both cleaning and wringing in the same bucket.

It comes with a 360-degree telescopic handle to reach nooks and corners easily. While the water bucket has an outlet for easy water drainage. Its strong and sturdy bucket design helps save space for storage. The model comes with a very simple refill removal system once you are done with the cleaning. All you have to do is pull the refill off and it will come out very smoothly with no hassle. While the package includes necessary accessories like – 1 Unit Spin Mop Bucket, 1 Unit Stainless Steel Handle, 1 Round Refill, 1 Flat Refill for an effortless cleaning experience.


Scotch-Brite Jumper is the best mop to buy for compact and space-saving design. The mop head is built utilizing microfibre technology that helps to lift and trap dirt with a unique easy-clean surface for superior cleanliness. It has a 360° telescopic handle that easily reaches nooks and every corner. The bucket is made from plastic that has a water outlet for easy drainage. 
Compact and space-saving design Heavier
Cleaning & wringing in the same bucket No easy mobility wheels
Microfiber mop head for superior cleaning
Comes with both spin & flat mop types
Lightweight handle for ease usage
Best Buy Link:

4. Gala Turbo Spin Mop

Gala turbo spin mop

Sanitize your home effortlessly with this new “Gala Turbo Spin Mop”. This spin mop is equipped with the patented turbo clean fibers that help remove over 99% bacteria with water. Unlike regular spin mop head, this mop comes with a triangular mop head design that can reach every corner effortlessly. The model comes with sturdy big wheels and an easy puller handle that makes the movement of the bucket effortless. 

Compared to other models, the design utilizes new technology friction-free wringer and washer that reduces the efforts required for wringing and washing by over 20%. The improved design with the stylish cleaning components blends flair and comfort to your cleaning. Along with that, it also improves your home interior. It is equipped with an extendable rubberized long handle rod that helps to clean without blending. The package includes – 1 Gala Turbo Spin Mop Bucket, 1 Gala Rubber Grip Spin Mop Rod, 1 Triangular Head, 2 Gala Patented Turbo spin mop refill(1+1). 


Gala Turbo is the best mop to buy for easy sanitization and mobility. The model utilizes a new friction-free wringer and washer that reduces the efforts required for wringing and washing by over 20%. While its stylish and aesthetically designed body improves your home decor by killing up to 99% of bacteria. It comes with sturdy wheels and an easy puller handle for effortless movement of the bucket. It comes with 1-Year of Warranty.
Compact and space-saving design No in-built solution dispenser
Ergonomically designed sturdy wheels
Turbo clean fiber to remove 99% of bacteria
Reduces effort by over 20%
Triangular mop head for easy corner cleaning
Best Buy Link:

5. Bathla Ultra Clean Plus – Heavy Duty Spin Mop

Bathla Ultra-Clean mop

Switch to superior mopping experience. Switch to Bathla Ultra Clean Plus. One of the unique features of this mop is that it is provided with a solution dispenser. You can fill the dispenser with the required solution and use it over time to meet your cleaning task on the go. This optimally designed spin mop comes with several convenient features that provide you with an ultra-clean floor in no time. This mop is built utilizing high-quality material that ensures durability and increased life. The mop head is made from high-density polymer plastic material that provides you with a superior cleaning experience. This also makes it suitable to clean all types of floor. 

The product comes with an aesthetically designed telescopic pole that makes cleaning easy and convenient. You can adjust the height of the as per your requirements. When talking about the bucket design, it comes with two precision-molded plastic handles. One extra-wide handle for lifting and another concealed handle for lifting. It comes with a stainless-steel precision-molded wringer that is corrosion-resistance in nature and provides smoother drainage of the mop on the go. The durable plastic bucket is equipped with a carry handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere around. 


Bathla Ultra Clean Plus is the best mop to buy for a superior mopping experience. It is equipped with several convenient features to provide you hassle-free cleaning. The product comes with an ultra-premium 360-degree microfiber mop that makes cleaning easy and enhances product durability. The durable bucket is provided with extra-large wheels for easy movement. It is also equipped with an optimally placed drainage knob for improved easy-of-use 
Compact and space-saving design Heavier
Stainless-steel wringer
High-quality pole with adjustable height
Dual-handles for convenient movement
Provided with an in-built solution dispenser
Best Buy Link:

6. Deerma TB500 Insta Clean Spray Mop

best spray mop Deerma

Stop carrying a bucket of water around to clean. Switch to spray mop for a convenient cleaning experience. The product is equipped with the “Spray Klean Technology” that sprays water instantly and clean leaving no trace of water. It has a 350 ml re-fillable water tank that makes it sufficient for cleaning purposes. You can add the floor cleaner solution at your convenience to the water tank to get a smoother cleaning experience. The spray can reach a distance of 95cm, forming a wide and fan-shaped spray area and saving time. It has a Techno Head mop that is 3 cm slim and thin making it reach flanged portions earlier. 

The model has 360° rotating head swivels to clean hard to reach corners with ease. This makes the mop head reaching a wider area possible. The lightweight mop design weighing just 0.75 kg makes it easy to lift and do the cleaning job more conveniently. When talking about the body of the mop it is made from high-quality ABS/PP material making it durable and last long. The handle is made from re-inforced aluminum material that makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. 


Deerma TB500 is the best spray mop to buy for both dry and clean rooms. The device is ideal for any type of floor like vitrified tiles, marbles, and proves to be the best spray mop for hardwood floors. The 1.2 m long mop stick helps you reach any corners and heights in your house. The product is made from high-quality ABS material that makes it durable in design. 
Spray mop for dry & clean rooms Water tank capacity is low
Lightweight & durable design with high-quality ABS body
Multi-purpose Use
Easy to attach & detach for comfortable cleaning
Long mop stick to reach any corners & heights 
Best Buy Link:

7. Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Plastic Magic Mop

best mop India prestige

Switch to a quick and easy way to a spotless floor. Switch to Prestige magic mop. This mop is the product from one of India’s most trusted brand names. Prestige manufactures a wide range of products ranging from the cooker, kettle, mixer & grinder, etc. Its products are made of quality material and are widely appreciated by Indian housewives. This magic mop is made of high-grade plastic material which is lightweight and durable in design. This also makes the device easy to use. 

It has a unique way of in-built rinser with a solution dispenser function that allows you to use just the right amount of water and solution to avoid wastage. The aesthetically designed bucket with 2 wheels makes it easy transportation around the house while cleaning. It has 2 steel rods for height adjustment and convenience with low maintenance requirements. This comes with high durability and is long-lasting. There is a convenient spout system at the bottom of the bucket to drain dirty water easily. 

Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 is the best mop to buy for brand value. This magic mop is made of high-grade plastic material which is lightweight and durable in design. It has a unique way of in-built rinser with a solution dispenser function to avoid wastage. The aesthetically designed bucket with 2 wheels makes it easy transportation around the house while cleaning. It comes with 6-Months of Warranty.
Suitable for all type of floors
Light, durable, and easy to use the mop
Aesthetically designed body made of high-grade plastic
Convenient spout to drain dirty water
In-built rinser with solution dispenser function
Best Buy Link:

Types Of Cleaning Mops

Depending on the built design and nature a mop can be classified into four types. They are flat, rag, sponge, steam, and string. Let’s discuss them below in a detail.

Flat Mops

flat mops best in India

These are the common type of mops available in the market. One of these types must-have in your house. As the name suggests, these mops have a flat, elongated, and rectangular head which makes it easy to clean even small areas. These mops are further classified into two types – Dust mops and microfiber mops.

  •  Dust Mops

A dust mop is a long-handled mop that is used to clean dry dust around the floors and sometimes even walls, ceiling, and high places. It is also termed as a dry mop. They are generally applied to the floors before wet mopping.

  • Microfiber Mops

These mops allow you to clean smarter not harder. Before wet cleaning, use these mops in the area having a high amount of dust. It helps to gather dust particles quickly and easily.

Sponge Mops

sponge mops best India

As the name suggests, these mops consist of a spongy head that usually has an attached wringer. These are considered to be the best alternatives for cleaning the tile and other uneven surfaces. Some of the models may contain a removable head that allows for easier rinsing and replacement when necessary. These mops are easily prone to bacteria so you need to properly maintain and care for them. For safety measures, when the sponge on the mop begins to break apart, or if the mop begins to smell or discolor, replace the mop head.

String Mops

string mops best india

These mops are considered to be the oldest mops available in the market. It consists of the long looped cotton strings that make up the cleaning head. They are majorly divided into two types – Cotton and Synthetic. Cotton mops are considered the most economical string mop. Although they are cheap mops but are not effective at cleaning hard floors. 

While synthetic mops are more absorbent, faster drying, and much more durable than cotton mops.  

Steam Mops

best steam mops

These are the electronic-based cleaning mops that come with a refilling tank for water. It works basically by turning the water into steam that is released by the trigger. The steam is released through a reusable mopping pad onto the floor. These are the most effective and advanced mops available in the market. They clean and disinfect the floor at the same time. Compared to the traditional mops they are the best solution for cleaning mops and are comfortable. But are expensive.  

Mop For Floor Cleaning: Buying Guide

Suitable Material

There are various types of mop available in the market. But most of them are not suitable for every type of floor cleaning. You can find a suitable mop as mentioned above. In my consideration, microfiber mops are considered to be the best among all types of floor mops for cleaning. They are super absorbent material and collect all types of dust from every corner and small spaces as well. It can be used both water and without water for cleaning as per requirements. 

Size Of Mop

The larger the mop head is, the better the cleaning will be. The bigger mop size covers the maximum area for cleaning at a time. On a quick view, if you have less furniture around your house then get yourself a bigger sized mop. This will make cleaning easy and in one stroke.

On the other hand, if you have more furniture around your house then getting a big mop might cause a problem in cleaning all the floors. With hundreds of different types of mops out there, get yourself the one that is not big and can easily be maneuvered through the furniture.


The price of the mops depends upon the size and features available to them. You must consider buying a mop that comes with an affordable price range and has all the attractive features. While some of the higher-end models offer great functionalities and convenience compared to the cheap ones. However, do a little research and compare the price value according to your budget and requirements.

Mop Accessories

Most of the floor cleaning mops available today come in a set along with extra refills, a bucket with built-in wheels and/or a handle to pull it along, a drainage outlet in the bucket so that you don’t need to touch the dirty water, and so on. Depending on your requirements, you should choose the mop that works best for you and comes with useful accessories and features that make cleaning an easy task.

How to select mop according to floor type?

=> All mops available in the market are not suitable for cleaning all types of floors. Below I have mentioned a shortlist for the best mop available in the market according to floor type. Do read to get a quick review about them.

  • Wooden Or Laminate Floor: Most of the wooden floors are easily prone to water. And overusage of water to the floor can hamper or damage the floor quality. Not proper cleaning of it can lead to bacterial increment. If you have a wooden floor, you need to ensure that it gets cleaned with the least amount f water possible. The best mop available for cleaning such a floor is dry vacuuming and using a damp microfiber mop.
  • Ceramic Or Porcelain Floor: As these floors are slippery so dust particles can easily be removed. These floors can easily be cleaned by using sponge mops or microfibre mops. 
  • Concrete Floor: These floors can easily get cleaned by using dust mops or flat mops. If there is a sticky floor just adding a very little cleaning solution to the mop, provides you with the best result.
  • Stone Floor: Any type of mop provides you with the best result in such types of floor. Just add natural cleansing solutions with plain water before mopping the floor.
  • Vinyl or Linoleum Floor: Microfiber mopping or steam mopping followed by a dry sponge mop to make sure the floor doesn’t remain sticky is the best way to clean vinyl or linoleum flooring.

Tips For Maintaining Floor Mops

  • Always clean the dirty mops with bleach and water after every use.
  • Rinse the mop head thoroughly after every use.
  • Dry the mop head in the sunlight to get remove the foul odor or bad smell.
  • Some of the mop heads are dishwasher compatible. So it is advisable to clean them in the dishwasher for better results. 
  • It is advisable to change the mop heads every three months if you are using them regularly.
  • If you are using a bucket mop or steam mop, make sure to empty the reservoir and wipe it down with a dry cloth.

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