Best Mixer Grinder India

Best Mixer Grinder Under 20000: Time To Replace The Old One

Best Mixer Grinder Under 20000

Best Mixer Grinder Wattage Accessories Warranty Price
Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000 W 4 Jars – Blender Jar, Dry Grinding Jar, Chutney Jar, Separate Juicer Jar 2-Years Check Price
Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder 500 W 4 jars – Blending Jar, Wet Jar, Dry Jar, Chutney Jar 1-Year Check Price
Philips HL7707/00 Black  750 W 4 jars – ChefPro Jar, Wet Jar, Multipurpose Jar, Chutney Jar 5-Years Check Price
USHA Trienergy Plus 800 W 4 jars – Blending Jar, Wet Jar, Dry Jar, Chutney Jar 5-Years Check Price
Maharaja Whiteline Powerclick+ 750 W 4 jars – Blending jar, liquidizing jar, grinder jar, chutney jar 2-Years Check Price
Havells ASPRO Mixer Grinder 500 W 3 jars – Chutney jar, dry/wet jar, blending jar 2-Years Check Price
SUJATA Powermatic Plus 900 W 2 jar – blender jar and grinding jar 1-Year Check Price

What is Mixer Grinder?

Mixers or Mixer Grinders are an appliance used to do the hard work of grinding spices or mixing an idli or dosa batter. Mixer Grinder has become an essential appliance for Indian cooking. Nowadays, with the advent of technology, there are multiple options available in the market. Also, there are mixer grinders that serve your multiple needs.

Reasons to add Mixer Grinder in your kitchen:

The older days are gone when people used to grind spices manually. Now, a mixer grinder has become a necessary appliance of any modern kitchen. The 90s born people have grown up listening to the high-pitched grinding noise of mixer grinder while their mother or father whipped up a tangy coriander chutney or pureed tomatoes. 

But, the intelligent mixer grinder does fine grinding with less noise. Whether you have to prepare the smooth batter or extract and blend fruit juices, the Mixer Grinder will be required for a wide variety of purposes. However, if you do not have a mixer grinder in your kitchen till now, the below-mentioned reasons are more than enough to urge you to buy one.

Excellent Multitasking Device

The first and most important reason to add a mixer grinder in the kitchen is that it can perform excellent multitasking. A mixer grinder mix and grind various food items quickly and easily. This kitchen appliance also ensures that you do not have to wait much longer to grind a food item that you need immediately.

Saves Time

In this busy life, time is precious, and investing in a mixer grinder saves a lot of it. Whether you are a working woman or a housewife, adding a mixer grinder saves a lot of your time. You don’t have to spend an hour or two in the kitchen.

Easy to Use

If you are not techno-friendly, no worries as it is easy to operate. You can use a mixer grinder effortlessly. You can make juice or get a fine paste within no time. Additionally, a mixer grinder is safe to use.


Budget always comes first. There is a wide range of budget-friendly best mixer grinders available in the market as well as online. However, it is recommendable to prioritize the features of a mixer grinder over the price tag because you wouldn’t want to spend money on regular repairs. The price of an average mixer grinder starts from 2,800 INR.

Best Mixer Grinder In India: Reviews

1. Bosch TrueMixx Pro

Bosch TrueMixx Pro

If you are finding the best Mixer Grinder, Bosch Mixer Grinder will be the right option. This Mixer Grinder features a unique stone pounding technology to recreate the traditional pounding effect for an authentic taste of dry grinding recipes. It also features a powerful 1000 Watt 3-C series motor. This motor gives high torque for high-performance grinding.

Bosch Mixer Grinder will give you enhanced aeration and high-performance grinding with an innovative Active Flow Breaker. Also, the Bosch mixer grinder includes MaxxJuice Extractor, which is good for juicing, blending, smoothies, and even coconut milk extraction. So, you don’t have to buy a juicer separately.

If your mixer grinder stops working, you don’t have to worry. This grinder comes with a 2-year warranty on the product. This Mixer Grinder comes with a plastic blender jar, fruit filter, Wet grinding jar, Dry grinding jar, Chutney grinding jar, Pounding Blade, and a Spatula.

Buy For

  • Completely hands-free operation
  • Concealed bush for contamination-free mixing and grinding
  • The ergonomic design of the jar handles easy operations
  • Overload protector for safe operations

Our Opinion

Bosch True Mixx Pro is the best mixer grinder in India. With its elegant finish look and stone pounding technology, it has become every household’s first choice. However, the price Bosch True Mixx Pro is rupees 10,687. With no leaking jars, this mixer grinder is bringing solutions for every Kitchen. The motor of the bosch mixer grinder is powerful enough to grind even the toughest ingredients.

Powerful Motor A bit noisy
Strong suction More power consumption
Unique dry grinding
Active flow breaker
Best Buy Link:

2. Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex Mixer Grinder

Bajaj Rex 500Watt Mixer Grinder can perform multiple functions and will assist your cooking within no time. You will experience new delights after adding this grinder as a part of your kitchen today. Bajaj Rex 500Watt Mixer Grinder comes with three detachable stainless steel jars – a liquidizing jar, a dry grinding jar, and a chutney jar.

Bajaj mixer grinder is two in one kitchen appliance that can perform a series of functions simultaneously. However, this mixer grinder comes with a 500W motor that is powerful enough to carry out several tasks. Further, the appliance features vacuum feet for ease of operation while preventing it from sliding.

Also, you can increase or decrease the speed of the grinder as per your needs without overloading the system. The mixer also includes an Incher for momentary operation. Bajaj Rex mixer grinder bears an elegant design that increases sturdiness and ensures easy grip on the handles of the liquidizing jar. It allows you to grind and blend ingredients of varying textures effortlessly and quickly.

The Rex 500W comes with a premium quality ABS plastic which ensures a sturdy rust-proof body. Besides, it also lends a shiny finesse to the appliance that will add style to your kitchen. The Rex 500W Mixer Grinder will take your culinary skills to a different level!

Buy For

  • Three-speed control comes with an incher to ensure quick function
  • Multi-functional blade
  • Jars with easy-grip handles
  • Motor overload protector
  • One year warranty on the product

Our Opinion

Bajaj mixer grinder is the best mixer grinder under budget. It is a must-buy appliance for daily tasks in the kitchen, like grinding and making chutneys. However, this mixer grinder is suitable for a small family. Additionally, Bajaj Rex is one of the top-performing mixer grinders under 2,000 INR. It provides up to 20000RPM blade speed. The elegant design coupled with a 500W powerful motor ensures a fine mixing and grinding experience.

Easy to clean The comparatively low warranty period
Less energy Consumption A bit noisy
Operates on inverter
Best Buy Link:

3. Philips HL7707/00 Mixer Grinder

Philips HL7707

Philips Mixer Grinder has become a necessary appliance of every kitchen as grinding, mixing, blending are essential parts of any cuisine. This mixer grinder delivers impeccable performance. However, the sturdy mixer grinder comes with a specifically designed motor which gives impressive performance for all kinds of food ingredients. It also includes an innovatively designed motor that prevents damage.

This grinder is a versatile all-purpose mixer grinder that will help you quickly prepare your favorite dishes in the best manner. Additionally, this Philips grinder also extracts juice from the pulp of fruits and vegetables. The revolutionary quick clean technology ensures cleaning within a minute.

Philips mixer grinder comes with dishwasher-safe jars and bowls, enabling you to grind batters, purees, dips, chutney, and make milkshakes and lassi. This grinder includes a long-lasting and highly efficient 750-watt motor.

Therefore, the mixer grinder supports the continuous grinding of hard ingredients and helps you prepare various dishes with minimum effort. You can do various functions with this versatile grinder. Moreover, the Philips mixer grinder is not only sturdy but also ensures impeccable performance. The grinder has a 5-year warranty on the motor.

It comes with a compact and ergonomic design. However, the gear drive technology ensures RPM reduction for low-speed food preparation. This mixer grinder features a power chop technology. It combines the blade shape, inner bowl, and cutting angle for a superior grinding experience.

Buy For

  • Quick Clean technology and Quick Clean sieve
  • Leak-proof jars
  • Gear Drive technology supports food processing
  • All pulp is collected in one place for easy disposal
  • Easy checking of the pulp with a see-through pulp container

Our Opinion

The Philips mixer grinder includes a powerful motor of 750W which, helps you prepare all your favorite recipes. The auto cut-off feature ensures your safety and enhances the life of the motor. It is one of the best mixer grinders that deliver impeccable performance with utmost safety. However, this product is value for money.
Dishwasher safe device
Sturdy operation
Powerful motor
Less vibration
Best Buy Link:

4. Usha Trienergy Plus 

Usha Trienergy Plus

Usha Trienergy Plus Mixer Grinder comes with a unique design that attracts the customer. You will get a chunk-free experience of cooking with this mixer grinder. Moreover, the product features the Quardi flow technology, which makes it different from others.

With its higher reliability and color operation, you will experience superior performance. The red color mixer grinder will enhance the look of your kitchen. Additionally, the high torque of the product is not only ideal for grinding but also for making smoothies within no time. Three different jars have different quantities.

The copper motor with 800 Watt ensures the long life of the mixer grinder. However, the Usha mixer grinder features a Quadri Flow blender jar that blends your even tougher ingredients faster and smoother. Also, this is India’s first square-shaped blender jar for blending.

Usha mixer grinder comes with six fin Whirlwind stainless steel blades for faster and delicate blending. You can grind turmeric, masala, or even Idli batter with a Usha mixer grinder but makes sure you are grinding with a wattage rating of 750 Watts or more.

However, the Usha mixer grinder comes with four unbreakable transparent PC blending Jars. The jars include lid locks for hands-free operation. The super suction bottom aids higher stability during the heavy grinding operation. If you want to make chutney, you can use the chutney jar.

Buy For

  • Powerful 800-watt mixer grinder
  • Self-lubricated bronze bush for longer life
  • 100% copper motor
  • 4 Stainless Steel Jars take care of all your needs
  • Specially designed hardened blades
  • Shock Proof ABS body
  • Great security features

Our Opinion

Usha Trienergy Plus Mixer Grinder is the best mixer grinder in India, with fantastic brand value and market presence. Usha is one of the most loved names of Indian households. If you are looking for trustworthy and reliable home appliances, Usha has always been the right choice. It is the first grinder that comes in a square shape with Quadri-flow. Its shape not only enhances its look good but also helps in improving its working efficiency.
Superior motor Heats up easily
Compact in design
Overload protector
Best Buy Link:

5. Maharaja Whiteline Powerclick+

Maharaja Whiteline Powerclick +

Maharaja Whiteline Powerclick + MX-204 mixer grinder features a unique and elegant shape or design. The body of this mixer grinder is oval that looks very nice. Not only this, but the jars of this mixer grinder have a unique design.

You will get three grinding jars with a very excellent build quality with massive capacities. It also includes a juice jar. The mixer grinder facilitates uniquely designed jar flow breakers to ensure all ingredients are ground to perfection to prepare the fine and smooth paste and batters. This mixer grinder features an Easy lock technology that ensures safety while the machine is in use.

You can grind coconut or turmeric with this mixer grinder as it is efficient enough to ground or juice continuously for 30 minutes that ensure consistency in flavors. Maharaja mixer grinder comes with a 750-Watt 100% copper motor that can grind even the toughest ingredients with ease and perfection. Also, the motor delivers fast and efficient performance.

Maharaja Powerclick Plus Mixer Grinder comes with a high-grade nylon 66 coupler that makes sure that the appliance runs for a longer time. However, the maharaja mixer grinder also includes a food-grade safe body that ensures the quality of your food is well maintained.

Buy For

  • Unique safety lock mechanism
  • The unique jar flow breakers reduce chunks
  • Anti-slip feet ensure optimum grip
  • 4 Versatile Jars
  • 5-in-1 Chutney Blades
  • 30 Minutes Continuous Grinding

Our Opinion

Maharaja Powerclick Plus Mixer Grinder is the best ade in India mixer grinder as of now. The features of this mixer grinder make it unique. Additionally, the simple rotating knob makes it very easy to use. However, this mixer grinder does not move while grinding as its anti-slip feet ensure optimum grip. Last but not least, due to its attractive and compact design, this mixer grinder fits easily into any kitchen and is a perfect gift for a family under budget.

Powerful motor
Excellent design
Easy to use
Safer to use
Best Buy Link:

6. Havells ASPRO Grinder

Havells ASPRO Grinder

The Havells ASPRO Mixer Grinder comes with a 500 Watts motor that offers an RPM of 21,000 while ensuring superior grinding. It includes three jars – a chutney jar, a dry or wet jar, and a blending jar. However, this mixer grinder features stainless steel blades which give fine grinding.

The jars feature in-built flow breakers that ensure excellent liquidizing. It also features an in-built overload protector that turns off the motor to prevent motor damage.

Don’t worry about the flavors of your recipes, as the Havells mixer grinder recreates the authentic tastes and textures of Indian masalas. This mixer grinder features an ergonomic design.

However, the exceptional features of Havells ASPRO make the process seamless and mess-free. So you can prepare your meals effortlessly as the Havells mixer grinder is here to rescue. Moreover, its vibrant color is perfect for the contemporary household. Meanwhile, its powerful motor makes it appropriate for the modern homemaker.

Buy For

  • Jars with ergonomic handles
  • Anti-slip grips prevent the mixer grinder from moving
  • Sleek design and color combination
  • Built-in overload protector ensures motor safety

Our Opinion

Havells mixer grinder is among the best mixer grinder under the 2000 price budget. This mixer grinder comes with blades made of 304 Grade stainless steel material that gives the best grinding results. Additionally, it includes 3-speed control with pulse function. However, this mixer grinder operates at a speed of 21000 RPM. The jars come with a Flow breaker mechanism that ensures better grinding and liquidizing. It is perfect for the modern Modular Kitchen with its appealing color and excellent performance. This mixer grinder comes with a warranty of 2 years on the product and five years on the motor.

User-friendly design
The speed at 21000 RPM
3-speed control with pulse
Best Buy Link:

7. SUJATA Grinder Mixer

SUJATA Grinder Mixer

Sujata Powermatic Plus mixer grinder can run efficiently for years and does not require much maintenance. This mixer grinder is also a centrifugal juicer. Moreover, it is suitable for long-term use as it can run continuously for 90 minutes. The product is durable. The Sujata 900 Watt Mixer Grinder comes with a 1-year product warranty.

The mixer grinder includes a unit Motor and a Juicer attachment. Also, the Sujata mixer grinder comes with two jars – a Blender Jar and a Grinder jar. This grinder features a juicer with a unique honeycomb filter mesh for perfect juice with a higher yield. Apart from the juicer jar, the Powermatic Plus also includes an efficient mixer jar that can easily tackle hard foods like beetroot, carrot, pulses, etc.

The rpm of this mixer grinder is 22,000 rpm operation. However, square shapes Sujata mixer grinder also retains the flavor and aroma of juices and food. You can use this Sujata mixer grinder for both home and commercial use in shops and restaurants. It is also totally shock-proof and safe to use. The price of the juicer is INR. 5,474.

Buy For

  • A juicer with a unique honeycomb filter mesh for more acceptable juice with a higher yield
  • 900-watt motor power
  • Strong stainless steel blades
  • 22000 rpm retains the original flavor
  • Safe to use

Our Opinion

The Powermatic Plus comes with a 900-watt motor. The motor is powerful enough to perform even the harsh grinding very quickly. However, its motor comes with double ball bearings that don’t require much maintenance. Sujatha is the best-made in India mixer grinder under budget. Moreover, the foods and juices retain their original flavor and aroma with 22000 rpm operation. Additionally, the juicer runs continuously for 90 minutes which is considered the best feature.
Suitable for house & commercial use No more color option
Suitable for long hours usage
Shock-proof design
Best Buy Link:

Best Mixer Grinder: Buying Guide

Mixer Grinder makes your kitchen chores easy. But it is necessary to choose the best mixer grinder. However, before selecting the mixer grinder with an elegant style, you have to consider few key points.


When it comes to a Mixer Grinder, the first thing you should check is that how much wattage it has. If you need to grind the more challenging ingredients faster, buy the grinder with higher wattage. However, the ideal wattage for an Indian kitchen ranges from 500 W to 750 W.


The Revolution Per Minute (RPM) of a mixer grinder decides how faster the mixer can grind. The deciding factor RPM tells you how faster the blade can rotate per minute. A mixer grinder ranging from 18000 to 23000 RPM is good enough for domestic purposes. 

However, a juicer mixer grinder will ideally require low to medium RPM for working efficiently. The grinder with higher RPM may not grind spices effectively. You should look for quality mixer grinders with a speed control knob or switch to change the settings as per your requirement.


Blades are the ones that perform all the tasks including, grinding and juicing. So, it becomes essential to verify the quality of the blades. Before buying any mixer grinder, you should check that the material is stainless steel and preferably of 304 grade.

The quality of steel matters as it tells you whether the steel is resistant to oxidation and corrosion. However, high-quality steel blades also retain their sharpness for a longer duration. 


Nowadays, technology is changing every second. So, always look for superior but updated technology while buying a mixer grinder. It will ensure excellent performance while conserving energy and last longer.


For different work, you will need different jars. The higher the number of jars, the more ingredients can be grinds. So, go for mixer grinders which come with at least 2 – 3 jars with varying capacities. You can use one jar for grinding spices, one for making chutneys, and another for juicing.

Jars with a durable body and a break-resistant lid are a must-have to withstand the daily wear and tear in the kitchen. Also, check for a handle with an ergonomic design for a good grip.


Most of the best mixer grinder comes with a warranty of 2 to 5 years. So if the product is offering the ideal warranty, you can rest assured that it is a quality product.

But, always look for an additional warranty on the motor. It will ensure that your appliance is safe for a longer duration.


Last but not least. The price of your mixer grinder will depend upon the features it offers you and the overall quality of the product. There are some inexpensive options in the market. If you do not have a higher budget, then you may opt for inexpensive ones. It may not be the best mixer grinder in India but, it will be the good one.

Mixer Grinder: Safety Hacks

Whether you buy the most expensive mixer grinder or the mixer grinder under your budget, it is essential to keep yourself safe. Mixer grinders are easy to use yet, there are few things that you should know before you use them to avoid any risks or accidents. 

Tips to keep yourself safe while using mixer grinder –  

  • Avoid pouring hot ingredients into the jars of the mixer grinders as it can affect the blades and the inner walls of the jars.
  • You should add enough water to the content to avoid overload on the motor.
  • Make sure that the mixer grinder has a proper earthing system to avoid electrical shocks.  
  • Before operating, let the air from the jar escape. Also, ensure that the lid of the jar is closed tightly to avoid spilling.  
  • Avoid pouring the ingredients while the switch is on as it may lead to shock accidents. 
  • To ensure stability, place the mixer grinder on a slip-proof surface.

Mixer Grinder: FAQs

What is RPM in Mixer Grinder?

The RPM or Rotation Per Minute of a mixer grinder indicates the speed of the blades per minute. The mixer grinder with rpm from 18000 to 23000 RPM is good enough for domestic purposes.

Can a mixer grinder be used as a blender?

No, You can not use a blender and a mixer grinder interchangeably. A mixer grinder can grate, chop, and grind dry food even without liquids. While a blender processes food as long as it flows through the blades, it needs juicy foods that remove liquid when crushed.

Can the mixer grinder run on the inverter?

Not every mixer grinder can run on an inverter. It depends on your inverter. However, 1KVA (1000 watts) can support the mixer grinder. But it will drain the battery fast. So, choose to use a mixer grinder on the inverter only in an emergency.

How to reduce the noise made by a mixer grinder?

Most of the mixer grinder makes noise while operating due to the high-power motor installed in them. It is very annoying and makes it hard to work with a noisy mixer grinder. 

You can place your mixer grinder on a medium-thick foam sheet or a double-folded towel to minimize the sound. However, it will only minimize the noise but to a large extent.

Is a 500-watt mixer grinder good?

It depends upon you. Whether you are a big family or a minor, a mixer grinder fulfills everyone’s requirements. However, if you have a big family, you should go with a wattage between 500 watts and 750watt.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you are at the end of this article. You have known about the features to consider before buying and product review about the best seven-mixer grinder in India for your home. The mixer grinder has become a household name as many people today are looking for a mixer grinder to buy. 

There are several options available in the market and, one may be confused about India’s Best Mixer Grinder Brand. However, every mixer grinder is unique in its way. But according to research that we have done, Bosch Mixer Grinder with 5 Jars is a clear winner. We say this based on the knobs for speed control, multi-function blade, performance, and price. Moreover, we have also provided you few safety tips. Always keep in mind those tips while operating any mixer grinder.

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