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Best Lint Remover In India: What’s Your Pick For Fuzz-free Fabrics?


What were you doing the last time you heard- Winter is coming! Probably, trying to pick lint and bobbles from your woolens manually. Yes, you had enough time then to do it sitting at your homes, locked down!

However, it is not the same now. Winters are coming again, and as we bring out our woolens- we notice short pieces of fabric stuck in them. These not only ruin the appearance of the cloth but also make it look old and fuzzy. In this case, having the best lint remover is indeed a blessing. They do not only keep our woolens fuzz-free but also work magic on linen, cotton, and others.

Most people, however, do not know the utility of a lint remover and hence do not give it a serious thought. Today, in this article, we will ensure that you are convinced to buy one out of these best lint removers for your fabrics. In return, these best lint remover devices will ensure you fall in love with your clothes.

What is lint?

Lint is a build-up of textile fibers and yarns on the surface of the fabric. They detach from the cloth fabric while washing and get stuck on the clothes, making them look old and fuzzy.

What is a lint remover?

A lint remover is a manual or automatic tool used to remove lint and bobbles from the fabrics. These are both electric and non-electric and work miraculously well on clothes that need care. They are saviors for people who wish to have the perfect appearance and want their clothes to look new for longer durations.

So, let’s not waste any more time bringing you a list of the best lint removers that will help you smoothen your fabrics without much effort.

Best Lint Remover

Lint Remover Type USP Warranty Price
Philips GC026/30 Battery-operated 8800rpm 2-Years Check Price
Scotch-Brite IE840101083 Lint Roller 30 sheets On-Site Check Price
StyleHouse Lint Remover Corded 9000 rpm 1-Year Check Price
STUSH Lint Remover Lint Roller 240 sheets 7000 swaps Check Price
House of Quirk Fabric Shaver Chargeable Safety Lock On-Site Check Price
Royalkart Lint Roller Lint Roller 240 sheets On-Site Check Price
Demokrazy New Nova
Corded On-Site Check Price

Best Lint Remover: Reviews

1. Philips GC026/30 Fabric Shaver

Philips Fabric Shaver-min

Removing lint from clothes is by no means a fun process. It requires a lot of patience and time to do it manually. How about we tell you that some of the best lint remover devices allow you to have lint-free clothes in a flash. All this without getting frustrated or being precise. Yes, we are talking about the Philips GC026/30.

Philips has been the market leader for many electronic devices over the years. Similarly, with this lint remover- Philips delivers the promise. The Philips GC026/30 is an automatic, battery-operated lint remover cum fabric shaver that is powerful, reliable, and durable to the least. It has a stylish, compact design for users’ easy operation while holding.

The device has a powerful motor that allows up to 8800 rotations per minute to the blades, giving some of the best lint removers a run for their money. What is better- it does not require an external electrical connection to work. It runs on 2AA batteries that are included with the product and offer about 3 months of usage. The lint remover has 3 different-sized holes that ensure perfect cleaning of all sizes of pills and bobbles. Hence, it is ideal for sweaters, blankets, and even carpets.

Our Opinion

The Philips GC026/30 is the best lint remover to buy overall. It has all the essential features to make it to the top of the list, and with all the positive reviews online- it rightly does. Moreover, it is a portable, efficient, and very effective device for homemakers and singles alike. It also comes with a cleaning brush, making sure that the post-removal process is never a headache. In addition, you can detach the lint container to clean easily. In brief, you are surely missing out on a lot not buying this best lint remover!
Best lint remover overall Few heating issues
Compact & portable unit
It comes with a powerful motor.
No need for electricity to operate
2-Years of Warranty
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Easy To Clean Durability Value For Money
4.6 4.5 4.2 4.0
Best Buy Link:

2. Scotch-Brite Lint Roller

Scotch-brite lint roller-min

The chief purpose of a lint remover is to remove the bobbles and pills from the clothes conveniently. While some people prefer expensive and premium electric removers, some prefer handling the process on their own with affordable options. It is where the reliable brand Scotch Brite comes up with its lint roller.

The Scotch Brite IE840101083 is a lint roller that pretty much does the job. About the build, the handle is of good quality plastic that sports a roller. The roller has a proprietary 3M adhesive sheet that allows efficient lint removal. All you have to do is- use the roller on the surface of fabrics or clothing furniture, and it picks the lint, dust, or even pet hair from them. You can then tear the used sheet and wrap it with a protective wrap to use later.

Furthermore, the roller comes with 30 equally effective sheets. Its unique handle rotates 360° and hence becomes easy to handle for beginners as well. Moreover, with its compact size and convenient drum shape- it is ideal to be carried in a travel bag.

Our Opinion

The Scotch Brite is the best lint remover to use on the go. In simpler words, it is a tool that can be carried and used easily without much hassle and effort. It is a high-quality product, unlike many other lint rollers. Its removable sheets offer a clean and complete tearing without any mess after use. Finally, it has all the features to be the best lint remover, as it is ideal for dust, lint, pet hair, and everything else.
Best lint remover to use on-the-go Only 30 sheets included
Compact & travel-friendly device Price is on the higher side
Lightweight & convenient design
It comes with a 3M adhesive.
Ergonomic handle
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Easy To Clean Durability Value For Money
4.2 4.1 3.9 3.7
Best Buy Link:

3. StyleHouse Lint Shaver

Stylehouse lint remover-min

Portability is what we seek in an accessory we buy these days. More so when it is about something we choose to take with us while traveling. This lint remover from StyleHouse makes sure that you do not compromise on the performance for the size.

The StyleHouse Lint Shaver is an electronic lint remover ideal for travelers with its small size and easy-to-use design. You can work the magic by simply pushing the switch, skimming it across the fabric in a circular motion, and you have the job done. It has a 180° handle that is easy to grip and allows smoother movement.

The blade functions via a powerful motor that achieves 9000 rotations per minute, and we find it in the best lint remover machines. Furthermore, the device has stainless steel blades that allow quick-pruning pulling for furniture fabric and other similar surfaces. About the storage unit- the device sports a lint container that can clean up to 3 coats without a requirement to clean up in between.

Also, it is a very safe device with its adjustable height spacer that protects the garments from damage by snagging or cutting. The package also includes a cleaning brush, using which you can clean the blades of any excessive hairballs or stuck lint.

Our Opinion

The StyleHouse lint shaver is the best lint remover for continuous usage. While its compact size allows the users to keep using it for hours without feeling the weight or size, it offers convenience with an ergonomic 180° handle. It is travel-friendly and can also be carried easily because for the same reasons. It is the best lint remover for users who seek comfort while making their clothes lint-free.
Best lint remover for continuous usage Corded design
Compact size Average build quality
It comes with a powerful motor
Travel-friendly design
Dual-blade protection design
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Easy To Clean Durability Value For Money
4.4 4.8 3.9 4.1
Best Buy Link:

4. STUSH Lint Roller

STUSH lint remover-min

What do you seek in a perfect lint roller? Sturdiness? Strong adhesive? Rolling comfort? Durability? What makes the matter worse is that you don’t get all of these in one product. In that case, we won’t be wrong in saying that this lint roller by STUSH ticks all your boxes and doesn’t even stop there.

The STUSH lint roller is one of the best lint remover tools, and we are going to prove that to you. About the build quality, the tool uses ABS plastic for the body and shaft, making the product long-lasting and durable. It sports a 360° ergonomic roller that fits comfortably in your hand and does not feel like a foreign object.

The roller has 60 sheets and an additional refill roll of 180 sheets inside the package, taking it to 240. These sticky sheets of paper have 3M premium and a strong adhesive that leaves no stones unturned in cleaning your fabrics, making them look new. What is better- the sheets can be removed diagonally, which makes the process even easier.

Our Opinion

The STUSH roller is the best lint remover among the lint rollers. It has a premium build and convenient design, offering much more than just lint removal from clothes. In addition, a warranty of up to 7000 swaps, unlike any other, gives extra reliability to the users. Moreover, a secure cover prevents the roller adhesive from attracting dust. Hence, being among the best lint removers is not a difficult task for this roller.
Best lint remover with 3M adhesive Slightly expensive
240 sheets included
ABS plastic build
Warranty up to 7000 swaps
Plastic cover
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Easy To Clean Durability Value For Money
4.3 4.5 4.2 4.1
Best Buy Link:

5. House of Quirk Fabric Shaver

House of quirk fabric shaver-min

Having children around while working is always a dangerous situation. You never know when they get in the mood to fiddle with anything around. It becomes even more haphazard with electrical devices. Especially when you are dealing with blades, you have to be extra cautious. It is precisely where the House of Quirk Fabric Shaver steps up.

The House of Quirk Fabric Shaver is an electric lint remover with an ergonomic body and a comfortable design. It sports a honeycomb foil shaver net over the blades, which run via a powerful motor. The body is made of ABS plastic and is thus a reliable device.

Because of its larger head size, the tool becomes even more useful for larger surfaces. One can easily clean pills and bobbles from sofa fabrics, blankets, bedsheets, and more. Furthermore, it has a large lint storage unit that stores the mess. However, the highlight of the product is yet to come.

This lint remover has a safety lock system that ensures the shaver head never touches the user. You can find that all the best lint remover devices take care of safety, and the same is here. It stops working as soon as it detects that the blade cover is open or loose.

Our Opinion

The House of Quirk Fabric Shaver is the best lint remover to buy for safety features. It has everything to be called one of the best lint remover devices. It is lightweight, compact, reliable, efficient, and, also, budget-friendly. However, the best part remains its safety feature that takes away all the points. You can solely buy this product for that one functionality.
Best lint remover to buy for safety features Chargeable
Lightweight & small design Included cord not as per Indian standard
It has a safety lock mechanism
It comes with a honeycomb mesh.
Strong suction & economical
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Easy To Clean Durability Value For Money
3.9 4.1 3.5 3.8
Best Buy Link:

6. Royalkart Lint Roller

Royalkart lint roller-min

Having a pet at home is like having a friend. Most people who love their pets often compromise on cleanliness owing to their furry animals shedding hair on the sofa. How about we tell you that we have a lint roller that claims to be manufactured especially for pet hair removal from furniture? Yes, we are talking about the Royalkart Lint Roller.

As evident by the name, this Royalkart product is a lint roller cum pet hair remover. First of all, it sports a long and strong handle that won’t break no matter how fast you roll it on the surface. You can easily clean anything from lint, fuzz, bobbles, pills; to cat hair, dog hair, food debris, and even dandruff. Moreover, one can apply it on all types of surfaces. It does not matter if it is a soft surface like your sofa fabric or a hard surface like your car dashboard or kitchen platform- it does the job smoothly.

It is ideal to use for pants, coats, sweaters, dresses, suits, and more. The lint roller comes with 60 sheets attached to the roller by default. However, the highlight of this product is that it comes with 3 refills. It simply means that you are going to have 240 fun and joyful rounds of experience cleaning your pet’s hair from your furniture without putting nearly any effort.

Our Opinion

The Royalkart lint roller is the best lint remover for pet hair removal from fabrics. It is one of the best lint remover tools because of its usability and effectiveness. It is perfect to have a clean and hygienic living room with pets being around. Also, the cover that prevents the sticky papers from getting exposed is a plus point. The best part- this lint roller also comes in different options with a higher number of refills in the package.
Best lint remover to buy for pet hair removal Fragile looks & build
Lightweight & compact design Difficult to remove the cover
240 sheets included
Affordable price range
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Easy To Clean Durability Value For Money
4.6 4.2 4.5 4.4
Best Buy Link:

7. Demokrazy New Nova

Demokrazy new nova-min

You are always worried if you are spending extra on electronic accessories you do not even want. In the same place, savior brands like Nova make sure that you have the most economical option of that particular product. That’s what we are here for today.

The Demokrazy New Nova Fuzz shaver is a corded lint remover that is powerful yet very elegant in looks. It has a large shaving head and a comfortable grip handle that allow easy handling of the accessory when in use. You can clean the lint by simply moving the tool over the fabric and waiting for it to pick up all the dust and pills.

It also has a detachable lint catcher that stores the lint, and you can clean it easily. Furthermore, the dual protection provided by the adjustable height spacer ensures that your fabrics are safe and healthy. It also adds a cleaning brush to the package to enhance the cleaning experience.

Our Opinion

The Demokrazy New Nova is the best lint remover to buy for the budget price range. Nova is known to deliver budget-friendly products, and it doesn’t disappoint. The machine offers great functionality along with being economical. It is designed smartly for more extended usage without getting tired, and that should be the norm.

Best lint remover to buy for budget-price range Corded design
Compact & travel-friendly design
Convenient to use
Big lint storage
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Easy To Clean Durability Value For Money
4.0 3.8 3.2 4.3
Best Buy Link:

Best Lint Remover: Buying Guide

Electric Lint Remover

It is similar to an electric shaver that is hand-held and is mostly battery-operated. This remover sports a concealed blade- designed to pick up the hair, fuzz, lint, bobbles, and pills from the clothes. It is fast and efficient, allowing the removal of lint from different types of clothes.

Lint Rollers

The lint rollers are tools having a one-sided sticky paper wrapped on a plastic handle or cardboard barrel. They are mounted on a spindle and feature a handle that you hold while in use. It is operated by simply rolling it on the clothes as it quickly picks up the fuzz, lint, and hair out of them.

Electric Shaver

An electric shaver or fuzz shaver sports a precision copper blade and tooth cutter that lifts the lint from the clothes. It is a convenient tool that removes the fuzz and pills without damaging the underlying fabric. You can use it on curtains, carpets, beddings, and more.

Lint Brushes

A lint brush has an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable grip, and we use it for the effortless lint removing process. It is used by brushing over the cloth, upholstery, furniture, and more. Relatively, it is less effective than the other lint removers. However, it is the most economical out of the four.

Now, choosing the ideal lint remover for you becomes more comfortable. Starting with the electric lint removers- they are effective but need the power to operate. Lint rollers are easy to use but have a slight chance of damaging the clothes. Lint brushes are simple, effective, but tough to clean. Fuzz shavers are efficient but create a mess. Now, choose the best one for yourself out of these!


It is vital to choose the right-sized lint remover to get the best out of it. It becomes even more critical if you are a frequent traveler. In that case, opting for one that fits into your bag is a must. Also, make sure that you don’t have a fuzz shaver with blades when taking a plane. Always be wary of the size of the razor, too, because it will determine the time taken to clean larger surfaces.


The best lint remover should be able to remove cloth balls from the clothes without damaging them. Therefore making sure that the device is safe to use on all types of fabric should be done first.

Similarly, if you have kids or pets around, you have to be extra choosy, selecting your lint remover. Ones like the fuzz shaver are not safe around kids because of open blades. Lint rollers and electric removers, in this case, are better options.


The best lint remover should always be easy to use and clean later. Also, some clothes take longer to tide up than others. In that case, having a comfortable lint remover is a blessing. Always remember to go for the one with an ergonomic handle.


While electric lint removers have storage space for the removed pills, the lint rollers and brushes do not have a separate space. The latter process usually makes a big mess during use. Hence, in the case of an electric option, you should go for the best lint remover with more spacious storage for lint.

Multi-surface use

Having multiple lint removers for different surfaces is not an ideal choice economically. In that case, having a tool that works on all surfaces helps a lot. You can always check the description to know about the types of fabrics it suits.


Less is the damage to the fabric- the performance can be considered better in that case. Devices with protective grids, different levels of blades, and custom rotation speeds ensure that the fabric is safe and the performance is reliable. As a fact, the best lint remover never exposes too much fabric.


To choose between a Corded and cordless device, you should know about your purpose of use. Where the cordless lint removers offer mobility, the corded options are relatively more powerful ones. Hence, choosing the best lint remover between them becomes a subjective choice.


It is always better to have some extra features in your machine for more convenient usage. Look for a device with custom speed settings, special blades, or a unique design that sets the tone for the best lint remover.

Blade Quality and Speed

Better blade quality ensures better product reliability and performance in the best lint remover. High-quality material and sharpness allow the blade to clean the lint without damaging the clothes to a large extent.

In addition, higher blade speed ensures efficiency. Experts suggest choosing the best lint remover with a rotation speed of at least 8000 rounds/min.

Build quality

Lightweight yet durable should be your fundamental requirement from the best lint remover. As you do not buy lint removers every day, it is good to know about the build quality of the tool.

Value for money

The features, reliability, and functionality of the device determine its worth. If all these tick your boxes, you can be assured that you are worth your money. Furthermore, the after-sales service, warranty, and handling also ensure if you have the best package. Hence, always make sure that you know about these aspects before opting for the best.

Lint Remover: FAQs

Can lint removers work on hard surfaces?

Depending on the purpose, you can use lint removers on hard surfaces like car dashboards, kitchen platforms, and many more. Some lint removers also pick up food debris, and in that case, they become efficient for platforms and furniture.

Are electric lint removers dangerous for kids?

Yes, because of the blades inside the machine- electric lint removers become dangerous for kids. However, some of the best lint removers come with a safety lock system that stops the blades if the lid is loose or open.

Can lint removers be used on foot mats?

Yes, you can easily use lint removers on foot mats to remove any pet hair or dust settling on it. The best lint remover picks up the pills readily from such surfaces as well.

Can we travel in a plane with a lint remover?

Yes, you can. The only thing you have to avoid is to never travel with a fuzz shaver in your bag, as these have open blades. Except for these, all other types of lint removers are allowed on a plane.

Can lint removers clean pet hair?

Most of the lint removers have a design to clean pet hair from furniture fabrics as well. While some do it better than others, there is always a scope to do it with all types of lint removers.

Does lint remover damage clothes?

If not operated properly, yes. Not if you are careful while using the tool on your clothes. You can quickly avoid this by putting the cloth on a flat surface while cleaning so that it does not come in direct contact with the brush. It prevents any cuts or snags on the clothes.

Final Thoughts

So, these were the 7 best lint remover devices in India. Let’s be honest! We all have our clear favorites from today’s list, and it is obvious! Before getting to that- let’s address the elephant in the room.

Today, by this guide, we are sure that you are now aware of everything that goes around choosing the best lint remover. We have done our part with this detailed buying guide, bringing you the best options from around the corners. Now, it’s yours to choose your best possible option.

Talking about the best, we have our best lint remover in the Philips GC026/30 that tops the list in the electric category. However, the list doesn’t end here. The best lint roller medal goes to the STUSH roller, without a doubt. Choosing between these two automatic and manual devices, respectively, now the ball is in your court.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best lint removers, and we hope you have fuzz-free Winters this year!

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