Best Handheld Garment Steamer In India

Best Garment Steamer(Handheld) In India 2020: Buyers Guide & Reviews

9 Best Garment Steamers India To Buy Online

Best Selling Garment Steamer Water Tank Capacity Power Consumption Steam Time Warranty Price
Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer N/A 1550 Watts 15 Mins 1-Year Check Price
WisTec Reliable Dash Handheld Garment Steamer 300 ml 1500 Watts 30 Mins 1-Year Check Price
Rossmann Handheld Garment Steamer 300 ml 1500 Watts 25 Mins 1-Year Check Price
Philips Handheld Garment Steamer 70 ml 1200 Watts 7 Mins 2-Year Check Price
Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer 200 ml 1000 Watts 10 Mins 2-Year Check Price
Inalsa Handy Garment Steamer 120 ml 600 Watts 10 Mins 2-Year Check Price
Sokany Handheld Garment Steamer 260 ml 1200 Watts 12 Mins 1-Year Check Price
Smiledrive Portable Handheld Steamer 130 ml 700 Watts 10 Mins 6-Months Check Price
TaoTronics Garment Steamer 200 ml 1000 Watts 10 Mins 1-Year Check Price

Types Of Garment Steamers

1. Portable or Handheld Garment Steamer

As the name suggests, these steamers are lightweight in design. They are easy to use and can be carried anywhere around. These garment steamers can easily fit into your bag. These steamers heat-up quickly and are capable to produce continuous steam flow for around 20 minutes without refilling the storage tank.

They are compatible with all types of fabrics and are gentle even on delicate fabrics. It is designed with a water nozzle and the storage water tank close together in one unit.

This is a portable unit Not enough for thicker fabrics
It is less expensive than an upright model
Requires a separate cloth hanger

2. Floor/Upright/Professional Steamer

These steamers are comparatively bulky in size. It is not portable in size and can be used at only one location. These steamers are suitable for various garments with different fabrics.

It comes with mobility wheels and hose to which the steaming head is attached this helps you to pull along as you steam. This model comes with the cloth hanger at the top.

Suitable for all types of fabrics Heavy in design
It comes with a cloth hanger Comparatively expensive

Best Garment Steamers In India: Reviews

1. Conair Turbo Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer

10 Best Garment Steamers India To Buy Online

This is one of the most powerful garment steamers brands on our list. It is also the top recommendation due to its smart and enhanced engineered design. As the name suggests, this steamer comes with the advanced steam technology by Conair. The steamer is driven by 1550 Watts powerful steam generators providing with the hotter and faster result. The company claims, the model provides 50% more steam and 50% hotter steam, you will receive 67% faster results.

The handle is provided with the “TurboExtreme” button that provides hotter and more powerful steam. This handheld garment steamer quickly de-wrinkle clothing, drapery, pillows, and more with turbo power and protects your most delicate fabrics. It also freshens deep to smooth, eliminates tough odors and kills bedbugs and dust mites with the power of steam.

The model comes with a standup handle that makes it easy to use and store. The aluminum plate allows you to quickly get perfectly pressed professional results without the use of an iron and ironing board. The quilted pattern easily glides over the fabric to ensure the most professional-looking results. This handheld steamer includes 3-In-1 versatile attachments that are Silicone band that pulls fabric taut for easier steaming, Delicate fabric spacer to protect trims and safely steam fine fabrics, and Bristle brush to ensure steam penetrates fibers for a perfect press, even on heavy fabrics. The model is also equipped with the Bonus travel fabric shaver that safely removes fuzz, lint, and pilling.

Powerful handheld fabric steamer Heat up time is more(40 Secs)
50% more steam and 67% faster result Water storage capacity is low
Easy to store design
Steam time is more
Turbo button for maximum steam
Best Buy Link:

2. WisTec Reliable Dash Handheld Garment Steamer

10 Best Garment Steamers India To Buy Online

Looking for the garment steamer with the maximum steam time? Then stop your search here. This portable garment steamer is provided with the voluminous dry steam that ensures wrinkles are removed in no time and cloth is left smooth and fresh. The compact and sleek design of the model makes it easy to carry anywhere around and you can take it even traveling. 

The model provides you with both the Vertical steaming and horizontal pressing. The vertical steaming allows you to steam all your clothes, curtains, and any fabrics that can be hung vertically. While horizontal pressing allows for quick pressing touch-ups on cuffs, collars, and anything else that requires horizontal ironing. The one-touch control button provides you with the steam when it is needed with the press of your fingers. 

The device is provided with the stainless steel Ceramic Soleplate that distributes steam uniformly and evenly. The ergonomic design handle makes it easy to use for a longer time without feeling heavy to your hand. The model is also equipped with the steam ready light that indicates the device is ready to use. The quick heating time of 30 seconds makes it ready for operation with the touch of your hand. This portable clothes steamer with the high-end thermostat will control temp and the thermal fuse will cut off power supply keeping you safe if the temperature rises.

Provides vertical steaming and horizontal pressing More power consumption
Ergonomic and elegant design
Auto shut-off
Continuous steam time for 20-30 mins
Quick heat time with steam ready light
Ideal travel companion
Best Buy Link:

3. Rossmann Handheld Garment Steamer

10 Best Garment Steamers India To Buy Online

Looking for the garment steamer that is certified by ETL(Internal Safety Standards)? It comes with all the essential and safety features to make the steaming process soothing and relaxed. This portable steamer gets heat up quickly within 20 seconds that makes steaming time faster compared to other models. The mouth of the steamer is made of the ceramic soleplate that provides continuous and even steam flow. This helps get wrinkles out of clothes and fabrics quickly for a fresh, crease-free look.

The device is suitable for all-purpose fabrics such as cotton, silk, linen, polyester, wool, velvet, and other common blends and weaves. It saves extra accessories requirements as it does not require any ironing board. The model comes with a 2-in-1 fabric and lint brush with each steamer, to give you more versatility at home or on the go. 

The device is equipped with a “Unique Leak-proof Technology” with an electronic pump system that stops water from spitting and spilling. One-Touch Stop/Start makes it really easy to use for continuous steaming, no need to hold the button. The auto shut-off features stop the device from working whenever the steamer is too hot, or the water level is too low, to keep you safe from every kind of accident.

ETL certified product More power consumption
Unique Leak-proof technology Water filling is required from time to time
Auto shut-off
All-purpose fabric support
Safe and easy to use the model
Fast and efficient 
Best Buy Link:

4. Philips Handheld Garment Steamer

Best Garment Steamers India To Buy Online

This handheld garment is from the brand you can trust upon. “Philips” a well-known market leader comes with the elegant and efficient designed steamer to meet your clothing requirements. This compact steamer design comes with the capacity of continuous steam 22g/min for the effective drying of fabrics. Along with that, the model also kills 99.9% of bacteria and completely refreshes your cloths for the second wear. 

The steamer provides the functioning to steam vertically for quick de-wrinkling and to refresh hanging clothes without an ironing board. While the steam horizontally helps to get perfect results on difficult to iron areas like cuffs and collars. In either position powerful continuous steam provides great results. The device is equipped with the SmartFlow technology which means the steam plate is heated up to an optimal temperature, safe for all fabrics, and prevents wet spot.

This steamer is safe for all ironable fabrics and garments. Thanks to its brilliantly built steam plate that can be safely pressed against any clothing with no risk of burning. The detachable water tank provides easy water filling under the tap for hassle-free operation.

Vertical and horizontal steaming for convenience Water storage tank capacity is low
Automatic continuous steaming Steam time is comparatively low
Safe on all ironable fabrics Heat up may take time
Ideal design for travel purpose
Kills 99.9% bacteria & germs over clothes
Ready to use the light indicator
Best Buy Link:

5. Usha Techne Direct Garment Steamer

best garment steamer for home use india

Looking for a compact solution for easy de-wrinkling? This Handheld garment steamer from “Usha” is the best possible solution for you. The device comes with a water tank capacity of 200 ml that provides continuous steam for 15-20 mins. It is fast and effective in operation and is convenient in the removal of wrinkles. This fabric care appliance also helps to remove dust, germs from your clothes. 

The device is equipped with a detachable brush with a lint removal facility. This smart appliance also comes with a 360-degree swivel cord for easy maneuverability. It is equipped with an overheat shut-off thermostat function that shuts down the operation and makes the device safe to use. The device is also equipped with an indicator lamp that powers On/off while using. The body of the device is made from ABS plastic material that makes it durable and effective in the long run.

Vertical steaming for convenience Water storage tank capacity is low
Low power consumption Not good for the horizontal steaming
Detachable Fabric Brush with Lint removal Facility
The steam output capacity is low
Indicator Lamp for power ON/OFF
Auto shut-off feature
ABS plastic body
Best Buy Link:

6. Inalsa Garment Steamer Handy Steambest clothes steamer amazon

Looking for a handy steam garment steamer that blasts away wrinkles efficiently and easily? Then stop your search here. This elegantly designed garment steamer easily glides across various garments and provides the de-wrinkling of clothes within a few seconds. The handy design and the ergonomic handle makes the steaming operation easy and smooth with the touch of your fingers.

The model is provided with a 600 Watts powerful motor that blasts away wrinkles efficiently and effectively while costing lower on the electricity bills. The device takes 60 seconds to heat up and makes the operation convenient and effective. While the model is equipped with the detachable fabric brush that can take away dust and hair from your clothes making it clean and fresh wear every time. The user-friendly configuration allows you to master the device in no time. With great portability design, the device is easy to carry anywhere around and makes it completely safe to use. 

Vertical steaming for convenience Water storage tank capacity is low
Easy to move and maneuver Heat up takes time
Great portability Steam output capacity is low
Big nozzles
User-friendly configuration
Best Buy Link:

7. Sokany Handheld Garment Steamer

best handheld clothes steamer

Looking for the fabric steamer that provides steam in less time? Then stop your search here. This handheld clothes steamer from “sokany” provides steaming in less than 15 minutes and makes the steaming operation quick and efficient with the touch of your fingers. The device is equipped with a 1200 Watts motor to make the steaming quick and faster compared to other models. 

This handheld powerful steamer comes with a rotating non-bind power cord that provides easy and convenient operation whenever and wherever you want. This portable garment steamer includes a measuring cup, Stainless Steel Faceplate, detachable cleaning Wool Brush, etc. to meet modern clothing. The perfect stand up and stable design allows the steamer to stand on a flat surface for easy storage. While the high temperature steams helps to kill all bacteria in your clothes. The storage tank comes with the maximum tank fill indicator to prevent spillage or other mishaps.

Vertical and horizontal steaming for convenience Water storage tank capacity is low
Rotating non-bind power cord Steaming time is less
Low power consumption
Easy to fill and safe to use the model 
Sleek and stable design
Best Buy Link:

8. Smiledrive Portable Handheld Steam Iron

best garment steamer india

Looking for a small and powerful steamer model? Then stop your search here. Smiledrive Portable Fabric Steamer is a small but mighty powerful device to complete your steaming process in comparatively less time. This portable garment steamer makes wrinkle-busting a quick and fun activity you will love to do along. Effective motor heating capacity generates steam in less time and provides 10 minutes of continuous heating making it an easy and convenient way to make your clothes look & feel fresh.

The powerful nozzle drives the steam equally and evenly in all directions to provide a crisp and sharp finish operation. This helps to remove stubborn wrinkles from clothing, drapery, furniture upholstery, bedding, and table linens making it completely safe to use on all types of fabrics. Be it cotton or silk, expensive dresses, or everyday shirt, this Fabric Steamer works on every type of fabric and makes them look and feel fresh. The sturdy and stable design makes it stand upright to any flat surface while making the operation soothing and convenient. The device is compact and portable enough that it can fit into your carry bag which makes it an ideal device for travel purposes.

Vertical and horizontal steaming for convenience Water storage tank capacity is low
Low power consumption Heat up takes time
Powerful nozzle for even heat distribution Continuous steaming time is low
Idel design for travel purposes
Suitable for all types of fabrics
Best Buy Link:

9. TaoTronics Upgraded Garment Steamer

best clothes steamer

Still not satisfied with the above-mentioned products? Well, this device is going to meet all your requiements with the budget price range. The device is equipped with a safe tank and spout that prevent water leaking and excessive spouting. This feature helps to enjoy a safer steaming for both you and your clothes.

This garment steamer is optimized with a 200 ml vast water storage capacity tank that provides up to 10 minutes of continuous steaming for a smoother ironing experience with less or no interruptions whatsoever. The device is equipped with a plenty of accessories that come with a protective glove that offers extra support and prevents burns, a travel pouch for easily carrying the steamer on business or leisure trips, and a brush that’ll withstand high temperatures to smoothen all wrinkles out without damaging your clothing. 

Fullproof one-button design takes care of the most articulated pieces of your wardrobe without needing to bring them to the dry cleaning. The steamer is compatible with all kinds of fabric and its one-button operation makes making mistakes virtually impossible. Add some water, let it heat up for about 120 seconds, and press and hold the button to steam all creases out. Overheating & low water protection when ironing your clothes.

Vertical and horizontal steaming for convenience No auto shut-off feature
Quick and efficient steaming No temperature control feature
Low power consumption Continuous steaming time is low
Protective gloves that provide extra-support and prevent burns
Can withstand high temperature
Best Buy Link:

Pros & Cons Of A Garment Steamers

This is a portable unit Unable to give clothes sharp and crisp look
Less risk of burning delicate and soft fabrics Does not provide smooth creases to thick or tough fabrics
More convenient to use Refilling of water tank is required time to time
Gentler to clothes and are less prone to wear & tear
Wide compatibility

Things To Consider Before Buying A Garment Steamer: Buying Guide

Handheld Vs Portable/Professional

It is the first task to do before purchasing a garment steamer. If you travel more then its better to choose handheld garment steamer as they are portable in size. And if there is the usage more at home then it’s better to choose a portable/professional garment steamer.

Heat-up Time

It is recommended to check the heat up time before making a purchase. More the heat-up time longer the process will be. It is advisable to buy a steamer with short heat-up time. Short heat-up time means the water should reach the high temperature faster and steam comes out of the device is more efficient. The heat-up time for a handheld steamer is usually between 15-30 secs.

Ergonomic Handle

The handheld heater must have a better-designed handle so that it could be beneficial in the longer run. Make sure the handle is made form comfort material before making a purchase.

Size of the Water Tank

A water tank is one of the essential parts of a garment steamer. The water that is turned into steam is stored in a water tank. Larger the water tank more longer the steam time. The garment steamer with an average water tank capacity of 1 to 2.5 liters of water and can produce a steam time of 45 minutes to 1 hour. While the smaller model with 100 and 250ml of water can give 10 minutes of steam time.

Water Level Indicator

This helps to get an idea of how much and when you have to refill it from time to time. This saves the effort while making the device durable.

Adjustable Steam

This feature helps to control the steam produced by the device. This helps to generate a more efficient result.

Steam Functions

A garment steamer comes with basically three steam functions.

  • Continuous Steam

This function lets the device to produce the steam continuously. With the one press, until you turn off there should be a continuous flow.

  • Steam Settings

This feature allows you to control the steam flow through the device. Depending on your need you can use a steamer for both delicate and heavy fabrics. Check the information on the steamer model you are planning to buy for different steam settings you can operate.

  • Steaming Temperature

This helps to adjust the steaming temperature. If there is a high temperature, the wrinkles will fade fast but it could damage the delicate fabric. 248 degrees Fahrenheit, this temperature can handle delicate to heavy materials, this temperature goes through deep and relaxes fibers. There are different models of different maximum temperatures available in the market.


Before buying a steamer make sure the device is capable of removing the wrinkles from any type of fabric. You must purchase a steamer that could match all types of fabrics you need.

Auto Shut-off

Running the steamer without the water may lead to mishaps or breakage of the device. This feature helps to automatically shut down the device when the machine is running dry.

Power Consumption

Make sure the garment steamer does not come with a higher power rating. The higher the power rating, the quicker operation will be finished but along with that, it will also increase your electricity bills. It is advisable to choose the device with 1000-2000 Watts for ideal usage.

Size and Weight

If you travel more and have a few clothes, buy a lightweight or portable steamer that can fit in any space. If you are planning to handle bulky workloads, then heavyweight steamers are the best options.

Clothes Steamer VS Iron

Clothes Steamer Iron
Removes wrinkles in less time Suitable for both dry and steam
Kills germs and allergens A crisp and clean finish
Freshens items between washes More efficient
Freshens items not suitable for dry cleaning or laundry  Requires an iron board
No ironing board needed Requires extra equipment
Suitable for almost any types of fabrics Greater risk to burn

Garment Steamers – FAQs

Is garment steamer better than iron?

=> Yes. A garment steamer is better than iron in various ways.

  • A garment steamer is faster in operation.
  • They are portable and beat iron in terms of convenience.
  • A steamer consumes less power than iron

Is handheld garment steamers any good?

=> Yes. A handheld garment steamer is budget in the price range and is compact in size. It can excel in small cleaning jobs. They are suitable for cleaning kitchen surfaces, bathroom tiles or small windows, etc. A handheld steamer is the most affordable and ideal choice compared to iron. It also saves time and effort.

How can I best use a garment steamer?

=> Below are possibly the best ways to use a garment steamer. They are

  • Firstly pour down the cold water in the storage tank and switch on the device to turn the water inside into steam.
  • Hang the garment over a hanger to get the best possible result. It’s always easy and better to steam a garment when it is hanging.
  • Run the steamer in downward strokes along with the fabric for better results.
  • Let the garment dry for sometimes as it can be damp during the initial stage.

Which is the best garment steamer brand?

=> WisTec Techne Direct 1000-Watts Portable Handheld Garment Steamer is the best garment steamer brand in India. It comes with the ability to produce constant steam for about 15-20 minutes and provides easy and quick crease removal for the ideal garment steaming.

How do I know when to clean my steamer?

=> While using the steamer do check on if the nozzle is spraying the steam properly or is blocked. Check if the steam is being ejected equally from all the nozzle holes. If not then its time to clean the device

What fabrics should be steamed using a garment steamer?

=> A garment steamer is an ideal choice for some of the fabrics that include most of the cotton, silk, wool, and polyester. However, they are not good for waxed jackets, suede materials, or plastics that can melt.

Do I have to wash clothes before using garment steamer?

=>  Yes. It’s always a good option to wash the cloth before using a garment steamer. As we know a garment steamer only removes wrinkles of the fabrics.

Do a garment steamer kills bacteria and odor?

=> Yes. Steaming the cloth with a garment steamer does not only helps to remove wrinkles but also kills most of the germs. They are effective in cleaning bed bugs in all the stages of development.

Does steaming remove stains?

=> Yes. They are suitable and effective in removing stains from the fabrics. It not only removes the embedded stains but also removes grease and dirt. It also sanitizes all surfaces, removes allergens, and kills bacteria, mold, viruses, dust mites, bedbugs, and most pathogens.

Does steaming remove smoke smell?

=> Yes. A garment steamer is effective in removing smoke smell from the garments.

How to use a garment steamer?

=> Follow the basic instructions to use the garment steamer in the best possible ways. 

  • Attach the fabric brush on the steam head
  • Fill water up to the level marked ‘Max’ indicated on the side of the water tank and close the water inlet cover
  • Plugin the power cord of the steamer to the power supply outlet. The pilot light turns ON indicating that the steamer is heating up
  • Keep the steam button pressed while the steamer is heating up to ensure power supply to the steamer
  • Upon reaching the working temperature, the pilot light will turn off, indicating the steamer is ready to use
  • Hang the wrinkled article of clothing on a clothes hanger and pull the clothing tight with one hand
  • Gently press the fabric brush against the clothing and move the fabric brush down the fabric. Keep pressing the steam button
  • Once the steaming of the garments is done disconnect the appliance from the main supply outlet

Tips To Take Care For Delicate Garments

  • Use a soft garment brush to remove dust and lint from the fabrics to keep the garment looking fresh and new. 
  • Hang the fabric on a wide wooden or padded hanger to keep the garment in shape.
  • Avoid clamming the fabric into an overcrowded closet, it should be given room to breathe.
  • Always use a steamer to remove wrinkles from the delicate fabric.
  • Have the garment dry cleaned after 2-3 uses to prevent oil and dirt build up around the collar and cuffs, remove wrinkles, and refresh the fabric. This will ensure the garment remains fresh and lasts longer.

Safety Guidelines To Follow While Using A Cloth Steamer

  • To know which fabrics can be steamed and which one cannot. Fabrics like cotton, silk, wools, and polyester are good for steaming while waxed jackets, suede materials, or plastics that can melt are not good for steaming. Always check for fabric care labels prior to steaming.
  • Be careful when steaming delicate fabrics. Fabrics made from silk, chiffon, sheer, or velvet should be treated with care.
  • Maintain a few inches distance between the steamer and the fabric for a better result. Do not steam for one place of fabric for too long.
  • Do not dry start the steamer. Pour the cold water in the storage tank before starting the operation. Make sure all the parts are closed tightly before starting the operation.
  • Check steam from all the nozzles are coming out proportionally.
  • Hang the garment on a cloth hanger to get the operation completed smoothly.
  • Do not press hard or push the fabric against anything. This may lead to unwanted wear and tear of the fabric.
  • Run the steamer in downward strokes along with the fabric.
  • Let your garment dry as it will feel damp for sometimes. This may usually take 5-10 minutes after steaming.
  • Clean the water reservoir after each use as it may lead mold to grow inside.
  • Do not expose your hand or fingers directly to the steam flow. As it can cause serious burns.

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