Best Coffee Maker In India 2022: Have A Great Morning Sip!!

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Your day is always imperfect and incomplete without a cup of coffee if you are a workaholic cum coffee aficionado. Being a workaholic means you are always short on time, and in that case- boiling the milk/water, adding coffee, sweeteners, and waiting for it to heat up is all too much work. What if we tell you that this can be made easy with a small investment.

It is specifically where these best coffee maker machines step up. These not only make your coffee brewing process more comfortable but also make sure that you have your first cup of coffee in your comfort, at your own home, saving a few bucks in the process. However, many people don’t exactly know about the utility of the best coffee makers. Here’s what they offer.

What is a Coffee Maker?

Primarily, a Coffee Maker is a cooking appliance used to brew hot and fresh coffee. It is an electric countertop machine that consists of a hot plate, a coffee pot, a filter basket, and a liquid reservoir. It is a simple, low-tech, efficient, and convenient machine, ideal for coffee lovers. In simple words, it is a machine that makes your coffee brewing experience fun and enjoyable.

Are you still in doubt if you need a coffee maker or not? We are here to clear all your doubts.

Let’s not waste any more time bringing you the best coffee maker machines in India. Enjoy!

Best Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker Capacity Power (Watt) Warranty Price
Morphy Richards New Europa 4 cups 800 2 years Check Price
Pigeon by Stovekraft Brewster 5 cups 600 2 years Check Price
InstaCuppa French Press 5 cups 1 year Check Price
Bialetti Moka Express 3 cups Check Price
DeLonghi EC685.BK 1350 1 year Check Price
Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 450 1 year Check Price
Morphy Richards Fresco 4 800 2 years Check Price
Nespresso Inissia 9 Check Price

Best Coffee Maker: Reviews

1. Morphy Richards New Europa

Morphy Richards New Europa-min

It would be great if coffee brewing becomes as enjoyable as having it on a cold winter morning. The reason is, not many coffee makers are as convenient as they promise to be. In that case, the Morphy Richards New Europa is the coffee maker you are looking for around.

The Morphy Richards New Europa is a Drip Type coffee maker that makes Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, and also; Latte for you. With this already starting to sound delicious, the appliance has an 800W motor that is both reliable and efficient in the long run. It weighs around 2850g that is fine for a machine offering such capacity.

Talking about the capacity, this coffee maker offers up to 4 cups of coffee in a single round of brewing. Furthermore, as we mention the features of this machine- there are many advanced options available with it.

First comes the Turbo Cappuccino Nozzle that ensures that your Cappuccino is never any less frothy than it should be. Then, the Coffee Strength selector helps you choose how strong or mild you like your coffee. Moreover, an attractive and solid heat-resistant carafe at the bottom ensures safety and efficiency as you collect the brewed coffee. Finally, a stainless steel 2-cup filter assures that every drop of your coffee has the flavor of the slightest coffee particle in the machine.

Are you done with making the coffee? This coffee maker also ensures that cleaning it is easy with a removable drip tray that can be detached and washed separately in case of spillage.

Our Opinion

The Morphy Richards New Europa is the best coffee maker to buy overall. The Turbo Cappuccino Nozzle takes the limelight despite many other advanced features in this coffee maker. It is an in-built froth maker that is a blessing for Cappuccino lovers as they get the ideal amount of froth in their cup of coffee. Despite the debate- the more the froth, the better. It is a must-buy for coffee lovers who wish to have the best Cappuccino of their lives.
Best buy overall Comparatively heavy.
It delivers coffee up to 4 cups. Slightly longer brewing time.
The built-in milk froth maker Not the best for Espressos.
Best for Cappuccino
Stainless steel filter & easy to clean
Best Buy Link:

2. Pigeon by Stovekraft Brewster Coffee Maker

Pigeon by stovekraft coffee maker-min

It is always great to have companions while having a hot cup of coffee. To have more people around who like coffee is a blessing for a coffee lover. However, the problem arises when your coffee maker does not have enough room for that one extra cup of coffee. There is no reason to be stressed with the Pigeon Brewster, as it solves all your problems at once.

The Pigeon by Stovekraft Brewster is the best coffee maker that allows a capacity of up to 6 cups of freshly brewed coffee. Yes, you read that right. With a body of food-grade material- the machine weighs nearly 1kg that is excellent for a coffee machine with that capacity.
This best coffee maker by Pigeon works on advanced brewing technology with a mesh filter that ensures your coffee tastes better than ever. It has rubber grip legs that guarantee safety and sturdiness as you place it on a countertop. About safety features, the machine has a drip-stop function that interrupts the flow of coffee from the nozzle as soon as we remove the collecting carafe.

Our Opinion

The Pigeon by Stovekraft Brewster is the best coffee maker with an anti-drip valve. Apart from being a machine that offers some extra cups of coffee, it also makes sure that you are not spilling any coffee on the counter or the drip tray. It simply means that you will be spending less time cleaning it. You can also move it without much hassle because of its lightweight. As a result, these features bring this coffee maker to the list of the best coffee makers.
It comes with the 5 cups capacity Average build quality
Budget-friendly design Fragile carafe
Anti-drip valve
2-Years warranty
Best Buy Link:

3. InstaCuppa French Press

Instacuppa french press-min

Versatility is what everyone seeks with their taste in everything. Be it tech, food, work, or even coffee. Yes, a perfect filter coffee brewed in the best coffee maker is a dream start for any day. Did someone talk about the InstaCuppa French Press when they said the best coffee maker?

The InstaCuppa French Press is a non-electric brewer cum coffee maker that reminds you of nothing you have ever seen. It is a simple yet elegant-looking jar with a premium 18/8 stainless steel construction. Moreover, its carafe is made out of tough borosilicate glass. It gives almost 6 cups of coffee in a single brew. All you have got to do is, add your favorite coffee powder, pour boiling water, press the plunger, and have your best coffee brewed in the best coffee maker.

About the filters, it has a 4 level filtration that makes sure that you don’t have cloudy coffee anymore with coffee powder swimming in it. Furthermore, it comes with measurement markings on the glass carafe, ensuring that little to no coffee goes to waste after brewing.

The InstaCuppa French Press comes close to being the best coffee maker with some extra accessories it provides. It gives 2 spare Mesh filters, a cleaning brush, and a coffee measuring scoop. About the versatility- it is a coffee maker that allows tea brewing, milk frothing, and also squashing fruits to make juices.

Our Opinion

The InstaCuppa French Press is the best coffee maker with Versatile functionality. There are a few coffee makers that allow functionality to this level. Through this, you can do the unthinkable. In addition, you can make all kinds of coffees, from Espresso and Americano to Cappuccino and Latte. There is no limit to the usability of this coffee maker. So, grab your favorite coffee powder, boil some water, and let the best coffee maker bring you the best filter coffee of your life.
No need for electricity to run the device  Perfect only for filter coffee
Spare mesh filters Requires manual work
It comes with a coffee measuring cup
Faster brewing time
Heat-resistant handle
Best Buy Link:

4. Bialetti Moka Express

Bialleti moka express-min

Espresso is the way to go for many coffee connoisseurs. It is as rich and delicious as it is tough to brew. Add to it our fast-paced lives, and there is no inch left to enjoy our best taste of the perfect espresso. The best coffee maker in the Bialetti Moka Express comes into the picture.

The Bialetti Moka Express is a Stovetop Espresso maker with a capacity of up to 6 cups in a single brew. Espresso- an Italian style of brewing coffee is processed smoothly by this Italian coffee maker from Bialetti. It has a high-quality polished aluminum body built in an octagon shape kettle.

Stovetop coffee makers are easy to use and effective. All you need to do is, add water, ground coffee, put it on flame, and enjoy as it boils down to the last particle of coffee. Further, it has an ergonomic heat-resistant handle to pour the coffee out of the pot. However, the company suggests keeping the flame’s intensity below the base of the jar at all times to avoid any damage or burnt taste.

Our Opinion

The Bialetti Moka Express is the best coffee maker to buy among the Stovetop brewers. It has the best of both worlds as it brews some delicious espresso while saving some of your electricity and money. It means we are in for a longer and tastier brewing experience. Apart from that, it is durable, easy to disassemble, and clean. It is convenient, portable, and manufactured with high-quality aluminum. We can find all these qualities in the best coffee maker, and it would be wrong to say that we haven’t got ours.
Small & compact design Too manual in use
It doesn’t require electricity It takes longer to brew
The model comes with 6 cups capacity
Ideal for the espresso lover
Best Buy Link:

5. DeLonghi EC685.BK

De'longhi espresso machine-min

Longing for your best shot of espresso you haven’t had for the longest time? Lazy enough to pour water, coffee and brew all that manually? Looking for a miracle that can bring you the best espresso of your life? The DeLonghi EC685.BK is your savior, for sure!

The DeLonghi EC685.BK is an electric espresso machine that is reliable, efficient, powerful, and effective. Its reliability is reflected through the 1350W motor that runs the business inside the machine. Moreover, it can make the perfect Italian espresso with a 15 bar pressure. Its patented thermoblock technology provides an optimum brewing temperature in less than 40 seconds.

The machine also has an automatic standby that ensures an economical experience as you also save some money in the process. Its filter holder makes it the best coffee maker as it is made of aluminum and holds every particle of ground coffee. Furthermore, the machine provides a cup warmer to warm up your cup before the coffee brews. In addition, its double drip tray allows mugs and glasses up to 12cm in height.

Our Opinion

The DeLonghi EC685.BK is the best coffee maker with the premium build quality. The best part- you can also make a cappuccino with this machine using the milk frother. In addition, it has many advanced features that make this machine a good buy. Also, you can easily clean the brewer by removing the detachable water tank and drip tray. The best coffee makers are the ones that tick all your boxes, and you would be lying if you say that this one doesn’t.
It is the best pick for premium quality Comparatively heavy
It comes with a removal tray Ideal only for espresso
Built-in milk frother Low capacity design
It comes with a powerful motor
Best Buy Link:

6. Preeti Cafe Zest CM210

Preethi zest coffee maker

Indians have a way with coffee that only Indians can understand. Many foreign manufacturers who bring various advanced features to the best coffee makers fail to suffice an Indian’s cravings. In that case, the Preethi Cafe Zest is what we need. It is a Made in India product and one of the best options.

The Preethi Cafe Zest or the Preethi Cafe Zest CM210 is an Electric drip coffee maker that looks like a replica of some older brewers. Despite its vintage look, this machine offers all the newest technologies like the water level indicator in the machine that makes sure you have enough water for the required amount of coffee. It also has a heat-sensitive thermal fuse that keeps the device safe from any malfunctions due to overheating.

The concealed 450W heating element of the machine allows faster brewing along with its microfine filter, providing the finest decoction. It also has an anti-drip system that stops the brewer when removing the carafe, preventing spillage.

Our Opinion

The Preethi Cafe Zest is the best coffee maker to buy for Indians. It is a simple, elegant, yet effective machine as it does the job with ease. Despite its slightly older look, the Preethi Cafe Zest stands tall among other best coffee maker machines and even outplays them in a few aspects. It is also a lightweight and portable device that is tough to find in drip coffee makers.
Lightweight & portable design Traditional or vintage design
Faster brewing time Lesser durable plastic build
Anti-drip valve Ideal only for Americano
Heat-sensitive thermal fuse
Best Buy Link:

7. Morphy Richards Fresco

Morphy richards coffee maker-min

Espresso makers have dominated our list so far, and with more and more popular brewers coming into the picture- choosing the best is becoming tricky. However, at the same time, it becomes easy to compare and buy the best one among them. Next on the list is the Morphy Richards Fresco, which is more than another Espresso machine.

The Morphy Richards Fresco is an espresso machine that brews up to 4 cups of coffee in a single brew. The coffee maker runs on an 800W motor that ensures power and reliability about its functionality. Some more advanced features in the coffee maker include the turbo cappuccino nozzle for that perfect froth you had been longing for as a cappuccino lover.

It has a durable, heat-resistant carafe that collects the brewed coffee, and a removable drip tray means you don’t have to worry about spilling the coffee anymore. Furthermore, the brewer has a temperature indicator dial that means you can monitor the temperature at your convenience. Talking about safety, it has the overheat-protection that cuts off the connection as soon as it detects overheating, preventing any mishap.

Our Opinion

The Morphy Richards Fresco is the best coffee maker among Espresso machines. It nearly has all the best features of all the brewers listed here. Some extra features like the coffee strength selector and the stainless steel 2 cup filter ensure that your morning coffee is in the right hands. In addition, it also provides a 2-year warranty that is the cherry on the cake for daily users.
It comes with the capacity of 4 cups Comparatively heavy
Removable drip tray for easy cleaning Smaller carafe
Milk frother for cappuccinos Price is on the higher side
It comes with a 2-years warranty.
Best Buy Link:

8. Nespresso Inissia

Nespresso Inissia Espresso-min

You spend loads of money on your kitchen interiors to match the theme of the house. Planning every little cabinet becomes a part of your kitchen planning. When a bland-looking black or white kitchen appliance takes its shape, all of that goes to waste. What if we tell you- it won’t be the same with your coffee maker at least? Did anyone say Nespresso?

The Nespresso Inissia is a single-serve brewer with a compact and lightweight body. It comes in all vibrant colors, out of which you can choose the one that suits your choice of interior. It makes up to 9 coffees in a single brew. Further, two dedicated buttons for Espresso and Lungo preparation make the process even easier.

This coffee maker uses a high-pressure pump to deliver up to 19 bar pressure, perfect for coffee brewing. Nespresso also gives a welcome set of 16 capsules containing individual aromas. These are things you will only find with the best coffee makers.

Our Opinion

The Nespresso Inissia is the best coffee maker among single-serve brewers. The brewer is available in various colors of your choice. Apart from being stylish, it is fast, efficient, and convenient. It also has a removable 700ml water tank that we can clean easily. In addition, it is also highly energy-efficient as the power cuts off automatically after 9 minutes of inactivity. In conclusion, it is one of the best coffee makers that deserves a try.
Lightweight & compact design Price is on the higher side
Available in vibrant colors
Dedicated buttons for Espresso & Lungo
Welcome set of 16 capsules
Best Buy Link:

Best Coffee Maker: Reviews

We wish- choosing the best Coffee Maker was as easy as brewing some hot and fresh coffee with them. However, we are your saviors for the day as we bring you a guide that helps you buy your ideal coffee maker.

So, here are a few aspects of a perfect coffee maker you should be aware of before buying one.


The list of types of coffee makers is longer than you expect. However, there are broadly 5 types of coffee makers available in the market, and it is good to know the difference between them before buying the best coffee maker.

Non-electric Brewers

Like electric coffee makers are synonymous with convenience, non-electric brewers are the best portable coffee makers. These include French Press, Aero Press, Stovetop Espresso Pots, and Pour-over machines.

As evident by the name, they do not need electricity to brew the coffee, and as a result, most of them require you to pour hot water externally (Pour-over and French Press). These are the best coffee makers that are smaller, movable, and could be stored in a cabinet when not in use. Despite being more manual in operation, many coffee lovers prefer this over electric coffee makers.

Electric Drip Coffee Makers

Drip coffee makers are the most simplistic and easiest-to-use brewers. They are the epitome of convenience as they allow you the ease of choosing your ideal type of coffee and how strong you want it. While there are also more simplistic machines in the market- the best coffee maker machines have advanced features to do just more than brewing plain coffee.

Single-serve Machines

These are the single-serve versions of the standard drip coffee makers. They offer the convenience of not needing to brew a whole pot of coffee for a single person and freshly brew a cup of coffee whenever required.

Espresso Machines

Dedicated espresso machines are coffee brewers ideal for espresso lovers. They come in both electric and non-electric formats. While most espresso machines dedicatedly brew just espresso, you can also find coffee makers that brew regular coffee and espresso both. However, the best coffee maker is always the multipurpose one, and these are the ideal ones.

Cold-brew Coffee Makers

It is a different end of the coffee brewing world as it allows making cold or iced coffee. These take much time to filter the coffee due to the temperature and often require you to keep the coffee sleeping overnight. Because of the temperature, you get a rich and full-bodied brew with this method.

There are other types of coffee makers you can read about here – Coffeeaffection


You expect the best coffee maker machines to increase your convenience by making the process more and more automatic. However, it depends from one to another. While less automated electric brewers require attention, high-end coffee makers can brew your hot cup of coffee right as you wake up. Other machines like French press brewers and Stovetop pots require complete attention and manual processes. It depends on you and your requirement to choose the best one possible.

Type of Coffee

Regular coffee makers and espresso machines are mostly different ends of the same peripheral. However, newer technology means we have machines that can do both simultaneously. Similarly, there are other types of coffee that you can make with different types of machines. Although experts suggest you have multipurpose machines, there is always a compromise. Yes, you don’t get the best quality in both kinds of beverages.

Brew Size

It depends mostly on your family size or the number of coffee lovers in an office. Single-cup brewers are ideal for you if you are a bachelor living alone. However, there is always an option to go for big. Best coffee makers provide more massive quantities of up to 12 cups in a single brew. It doesn’t matter if you are a small family, big family, or just a single person- always check the capacity of your best coffee maker before making a choice.


As we mentioned, coffee making should be as joyful as consuming. In contrast, it takes time and effort more than anything. While coffee makers take care of the effort part with ease- the time part is still a doubt. While electric brewers often take less time than non-electric brewers, the latter offers a richer and nicer taste. Again, it is a subjective decision to choose the best coffee maker that entirely depends on your choice.


The size of the machine is as important as the coffee itself. Finding extra space in the kitchen counter is always a hassle to fit in more appliances. In that case, if you have a smaller coffee machine that fits in the tiniest of the corners- you are in for a treat. While the Drip coffee makers and espresso machines take extra space, non-electric brewers like the French Press, Aero Press, and Countertop take less space, and we can also move them if needed.

Custom Options

More of the advanced options in the brewer, the better. While some machines do not offer much functionality, there is no end to some of these functions in a few high-end brewers. They can range from temperature control, brew strength, brew sizes, and many more. The best coffee maker machines often have these features that add to the product’s value.


The chief aspect out of all this is the price. Always be wary of the cost of the machine. Make sure to compare the rate of the same product on various websites. Check if the product offers the usefulness it promises to deliver. While electric brewers are a little expensive, they are always good choices with lasting durability and efficiency. However, there is no bad in going for traditional non-electric brewers for a richer taste of your morning coffee. Eventually, it’s all about the best coffee maker!


Most products do not come with additional accessories, and it is always good to check if some of them do. Machines with filters need removal and replacement of the filter after a time, and what better than having some extra filters in the box. Similarly, accessories play a huge role in a product’s success in the market. These decide whether the machine will make it to the best coffee makers list or not!

Best Coffee Maker: FAQs

Which coffee maker lasts the longest?

The easiest way to put it- the coffee maker with the least functional parts lasts the longest. In this case, the more manual brewers like the French Press, Aero Press, or the Stovetop percolators last longer than electric coffee makers. However, no one such best coffee maker to name lasts the longest.

Can we replace the coffee maker carafes?

It depends. While some coffee makers come with a universal carafe that fits almost all machines, most brewers have a standard carafe size. It means that you will have to hustle and find a replacement if you break or lose your carafe by any chance.

Can a coffee maker boil water?

It may seem surprising but, no. The sole purpose of these brewers is coffee brewing. They reach close to the boiling temperature of the water and remain stable near that. Here, heating does not mean boiling by any chance. The best brew is often in these ranges, which is why all the best coffee makers maintain this optimum temperature (~212°F).

Can a coffee maker make tea?

It again depends on the type of coffee maker you are using. Some more simplistic coffee makers bring this functionality, where you can brew a tea of any kind in the brewer. It is a blessing to have such a brewer. These features add up to the best coffee makers in 2021.

Will a coffee maker start a fire?

Yes, it can. If not handled properly, the coffee maker can start a fire on its own. Overheating issues, malfunctioning thermostats, or even short-circuits inside the machine can cause fire around the brewer that can spread further. Hence, experts advise you to keep your brewer checked at regular intervals.

When to clean a coffee maker?

We suggest you clean your coffee maker after every use. Apart from being a hygienic habit, it keeps your machine safe and healthy. You can remove the grounds, clean the brew basket, carafe, drip tray, and ensure that your best coffee maker is neat for your later use.

Which is the best coffee maker?

All coffee makers are best irrespective of their usage, types of coffee, capacity, convenience, price, and more. Every coffee maker is unique in its features, and that’s why all stand together at the top. You can follow our list and understand your needs before buying the best coffee maker for you.

Closing Thoughts

We came across 8 of the best coffee makers in India in this list. As a result, we also learned about their importance in day-to-day life. However, still claiming one of them being the best would be unfair.

While some are best at making expressos, some are masters at Cappuccino. Some have the most high-end safety features, and others rely on manual operation. Considering all the above points- the Morphy Richards New Europa is the best coffee maker in India with its ability to do a little bit of everything with ease. However, you can also check out Nespresso Inissia once.

So, that’s it for this list. We hope you are here with us for the next article with that hot cuppa coffee brewed in your coffee maker!

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