Best Cleaning Robot Under 25000 In India

Best Cleaning Robot Under 25000 In India(2021) – Buyers Guide & Reviews

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Best Cleaning Robot Under 25000

Best Cleaning Robot Dustbin capacity Suitability Power consumption Price
Mi Robot 500ml Tiles, Hard floor, Wood 33 Watts Check Price
Viomi SE 750ml Tiles, Hard floor, Wood 26 Watts Check Price
Irobot Roomba 692 600ml Carpet, Hard Floor, Tiles 28 Watts Check Price
Inalsa Taurus Robot 550ml Tiles, Hard floor, Carpet 25 Watts Check Price
Milagrow RedHawk 21 600ml Tiles, Hard floor, Wood, Carpet 24 Watts Check Price
ILIFE B5Max Robot 600ml Carpet, Hard Floor, Tiles 22 Watt Check Price
Eureka Forbes Robo 500ml Wood, Hard Floor, Tile 16 Watt Check Price
ILIFE V5s Pro 300ml Hard Floor 22 Watt Check Price

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The pandemic locked us in our house. We were likely to spend more time working at home. Due to the novel Coronavirus, it became more important to keep our house clean and safe. But most of us are busy working from home; therefore, making time to keep our spaces clean gets challenging.

However, the pandemic has proven that technology can be our best helper. Cleaning robots have served people all over the world, so the concept is not new to India. However, most Indians prefer to get things done with their hands. Therefore the concept and the high price adds to the unusually dusty conditions of cleaning robots.

Although, due to the pandemic, more people have shown interest in cleaning robots, resulting in a rise in demand.

Here is the Review of the best cleaning robots of 2021. Robotic Vacuum cleaners are pretty expensive, but you will not regret buying them.

1. MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

MI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robot cleaner can perform both vacuuming and mopping functions. It is thoughtfully designed for the cleaning path as it mops in a dual direction. It can repeatedly wipe the floor and clean stains. The range of sensors that it includes can tackle the obstacles and detect edges.

The new LDS Laser Navigation System allows this robot to mop faster with higher accuracy and a more extended scanning range. The robot smartly scans the entire floor meticulously and deals with complicated surroundings. We can say that this robot vacuum cleaner is an Ultimate Power Machine.

With a powerful 2100Pa suction and high-end brushless motor, thorough cleaning of dust and debris can be achieved in the blink of an eye. The device is coupled with a 3200mAh battery, can take just 60 to fully charged.

You have just to connect it to the Mi Home app to explore a plethora of options. You’ll get the options like – remote control, real-time mapping, scheduled cleaning, spot cleaning, etc. Bring this robot cleaner to your home and makes your life way easier.

Our Opinion

Mi Robot Vacuum is worth buying and adding to your arsenal of house cleaning equipment. This modal cost Rs 24,999 and is accessible to many middle-class households. It will make life a bachelor or those who are having a newborn easier. The gadget will clean the floor, and you can spend some quality time with your loved ones.
Effective Cleaning Needs Routine cleaning
Good battery life It doesn’t reach edges and narrow gaps
Perfect APP and features
Laser detect system for good navigation
Best Buy Link:

2. Viomi SE Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Viomi SE Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Viomi SE delivers incredible performance and has established itself in the market. It comes with technology that allows you to start immediately thoroughly clean your home at an economical price.

The circular robot vacuum cleaner comes with a diameter of 35 cm and a height of 9,45 cm. Its diameter allows it to fit under any furniture, beds, and raised sofas without giving too much effort and provide thorough and uniform cleaning.

The robot cleaner has Japanese-made KOSEN-NBR wheels that allow climbing up to 2 cm and other obstacles on the ground. There is a suction mouth adjacent to the wheels, which integrates the propeller brush with soft bristles. Sometimes, it may be possible that your and your pet’s hair is entangled. You can remove the brushes for routine maintenance by using supplied tool. You can find the tools under the lid of the robot.

The robot uses in-built speakers to give the operating status or report errors. Viomi SE robot vacuum cleaner comes with 12 sensors. The device relies on Artificial Intelligence to navigate the area. Thus it allows you to clean in less time and more effectively. With the available seven different programs, you can set the device to clean different areas of your house in one go.

Talking about the battery life, it takes 120 minutes to clean the 200 square feet area. It gets fully recharge in three to four hours.

Our Opinion

The Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop made it possible to do the cleaning by hand once a week rather than doing these chores every day. After buying, you will get a break from cleaning and give time to your family. The device is excellent for basic cleaning. It is beneficial for urgent clean-ups that tend to be necessary through a typical day at home. This modal cost Rs. 21,999. If your pocket allows, then you must get this Vacuum.
Real-time house mopping Low battery duration
Easy to use No Alexa or Google Assistant support
Vacuum + Mop
Excellent cleaning result
Customization of mops and cleaning programs
Best Buy Link:

3. Irobot Roomba 692 Vacuum Cleaning

iRobot Roomba 692 Robot Vacuum


The iRobot Roomba 692 is a budget-friendly robot vacuum. It does an excellent job of cleaning bare floors. It is well-built and decently maneuverable.  The device comes with a reasonably long battery life.

IRobot Roomba 692 comes with WiFi, and it is suitable for carpets and hard floors. The Dirt Detect Technology detects the dust and cleans up to fifty percent. It comes with three Stages Cleaning System, including grabbing dirt, dust, and debris from carpets and hard floors. You can set the stage according to your cleaning need.

You can control the device through Smart Home App. It also works with voice assistant compatibility through Google Assistant and Alexa-enabled devices. The robot adapts your habits and suggests schedules to meet your needs. It also gives you personalized Suggestions like extra cleaning during allergy season.

Dual multi-surface brushes grab everything from small dust to large debris from carpets and hard floors. iRobot has over 30 years of robotics expertise and innovation, with over 30 million home robots sold worldwide. It comes with a warranty of 24 months for the appliance and 12 months for the battery.

Our Opinion

The IRobot Roomba 692 is perfect for bare floors. Elegantly designed, this device gives you a reasonably premium feel. At the same time, sometimes pet hair can get caught in its brush rolls. Also, it does not suck up bulky and small debris, like cereal or rice. Many parts of this modal require routine maintenance whose recurring costs are pretty high. So, if you are buying this, then make sure you are taking care of its tools.
Impressive build quality Pet hairs stuck in its brush roll
Good result on bare floors High recurring costs
Longer battery life Demand routine maintenance
Best Buy Link:

4. Inalsa Taurus Robot

Inalsa Taurus Robot

This elegant Inalsa Taurus Robot Vacuum reaches every corner of the home with the Homeland Laser. You will tend to buy this robot vacuum cleaner as it scrubs, sweep and mop all the class and the most exclusive distinction.

The device features ten selectable cleaning modes- auto, select room, perimeter, spiral, manual, return home, maximum power, restriction area, restriction wall, spot-cleaning. You can schedule it to clean up regular dirt, dust, & debris with the app or voice assistant.

Dual Multi-Surface brushes grab the dirt from carpets & hard floors, and an Edge-Sweeping brush cleans the corners & edges. You don’t have to worry about the furniture & along edges. Advanced sensors detect the obstacles and prevent them from falling from stairs or bumping into the walls. It takes around three to four hours to recharge fully and runs for 120 minutes.

Our Opinion

Inalsa Taurus is the best robot vacuum cleaner that features ten cleaning modes: auto, select room, perimeter, spiral, manual, return home, maximum power, restriction area, restriction wall, spot cleaning. The model has a powerful turbine that maximizes the suction power up to 2300 Pa and gives excellent deep cleaning. It can perform both vacuuming and scrubbing simultaneously.
Allows vacuuming & scrubbing simultaneously No anti-fall technology
Deep Cleaning
Adaptive navigation
Best Buy Link:

5. Milagrow RedHawk21

Milagrow RedHawk21

Milagrow brings in their most potent Vacuum Cleaning Robot RedHawk 21, which comes with solid suction power up to 1500pa. The RedHawk 21 ensures that your floor has no dust particles left. Gyro Mapping technology cleans the floor in an elongated S pattern. It contains a 110 ml water tank and a 290 mm wide microfiber mop, ensuring the wet mopping robotic vacuum cleans the floor thoroughly. If you are living in a 2bhk flat, then this MilagrowRedHawk 21 is perfect for you.

The device is made to clean a smooth surface and comes with a large 600 ml dustbin with triple filters. Its dustbin and filters ensure that you get rid of daily cleaning. A 2600 mAh battery ensures the longevity of the battery up to 1000 recycles. It takes two to three hours to charge fully and can perform 110 minutes of cleaning. The robot is a doctor for itself. It can self-diagnose most problems & notify you. Also, it guides you on how to resolve them. It finds its way back to the docking station for self-charging.

Our Opinion

MilagrowRedHawk 21 is suitable for tiny houses. It costs 21,990, but worth buying for a small family. It ensures that your floor has no dust particles left. Also, it takes not more than three hours to charge.
Gyro-mopping technology Slow charging
High-suction delivers deep cleaning
Best Buy Link:

6. ILIFE B5Max Robot

ILIFE B5Max Robot Vacuum

The ILIFE B5 Max comes with a bag with a capacity of around 600 milliliters. The top door reveals the dustbin. The generous opening makes it easy to empty and clean the dustbin if the need arises. If you choose to use the bag, you can increase its capacity by 400-ml to 1000 milliliters. By increasing, you don’t need to empty the dustbin continually.

But there’s an issue with the bag. It is somewhat hard to slide, so you have to push it down and secure it in place firmly. It is somewhat hard to slide the cardboard piece down the slot. You will have to push it down to secure it in place firmly. Also, the bag doesn’t seal itself. So when you pull it out, keep in mind that the opening must be facing upward to avoid spills.

You can connect this cleaner with WIFI. You can operate it with your phone through the ILIFE Home app. Also, you can control it with your voice through Alexa.

Its brushes and mops ensure the cleaning of any type of floor. There is a slot available for the mopping pad. If you live in a big flat, don’t opt for this cleaner as it won’t mop a big room efficiently. It has low capacity and random navigation that may trouble you in your big room. It has excellent dispensing water with a capacity of 50 milliliters. You should avoid using a cleaning solution inside the tank as it can erode the internal components.

Our Opinion

The ILIFE B5 Max offers a bagged dirt disposal option and is the first robot vacuum cleaner. It also comes with a bag-less dustbin. The device effectively cleans the floor. There are enough functions to make it worthwhile and usable once used to its limitations and quirks.
Good at vacuuming and mopping Needs routine maintenance
Accessories & spares You cannot do vacuuming & mopping at the same time
Remote control Random navigation
Decent APP functionality
Best Buy Link:

7. Eureka Forbes Robo

 Eureka Forbes Robo

The cylindrical Robo Vac n Mop has a plastic body. It is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is 3.3 inches thick and weighs 3.4 kg. This modal has nine in-built sensors. The sensors detect obstacles to avoid collisions. It also navigates on hard wooden floors, marbled tiles, and even climb up thick carpets. This cleaning vacuum is powerful and efficient at cleaning as it has an excellent suction power rating of 1200 Pascal Pressure Unit (Pa).

The charging takes around three to four hours. If the battery is running out, it returns to the charging dock. The brushes clean the floor. Innovative Dust Tank system takes care of the dust bin, is placed correctly. It will alert you if placed wrongly.

This robotic cleaner comes with UV disinfection technology and High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. This HEPA filter collects the finest dust particles or contaminants that can cause allergy and asthma.

Our Opinion

Eureka Forbes is known for its range of primary and premium vacuum cleaners, which remove dust and allergens and sanitize your room. It can clean the room fastest and easiest way possible. This vacuum cleaner can perform both dry and wet cleaning. It also disinfects the floor using UV Lights. Eureka Forbes Robot vacuum cleaner supports multiple cleaning modes. The Spot cleaning function allows the vacuum cleaner to rotate in a spiral motion to clean dirt. The robot cleaner moves closer to walls and reaches every corner of your home during the edge cleaning mode. You can also clean the vacuum on default Auto cleaning mode if needed.  You can also schedule the vacuum cleaner as per your routine.

Mopping + Vacuuming It stuck on some furniture
Works with cleaning solution
Automatically avoids carpet when mopping.
Produces low noise
Best Buy Link:

8. ILIFE V5s Pro


If you live in a home with bare floors, then V5S Pro is an excellent option for you. It comes with a mopping feature. It does not have any motorized brush. The robotic cleaner includes a second-generation brushless motor that ensures long run time. Also, it can clean a larger area in a bit of period.

This robot uses 5 IR sensors and wall sensors that help it navigate and avoid obstacles. It goes in a random direction when the IR sensors detect an obstacle. You can control it with a remote.

The cleaner’s water tank has a valve that prevents water from dripping when the robot is off. But, it sometimes does not work, and you may have to encounter an issue. So make sure that you have removed the water when the robot is off. The run time is excellent. It can run up to 150 minutes and takes two to three hours to charge fully.

Our Opinion

ILIFE V5s Pro delivers good performance. This elegant modal costs rupees 16,900. If you just need the floor clean, then you should buy this. But if you need a mopping feature, then look for a better one.

Inexpensive The device cannot suction some debris completely
Gingerly approaches obstacles
Elegant design
Best Buy Link:

Best Cleaning robot: Buying Guide

Buying electronic gadgets can be a brainstorming task. Sometimes it became tough to understand the technicalities. So here is the guide for you that will help you make decisions and buy the best robot cleaner. Before buying, be sure that you have acknowledged the below-mentioned features.

Look for longer battery life.

The majority of robot cleaner comes with a battery dock. So the robot returns to the dock when it needs a charge. Many of these devices take a long time to charge fully.

Every hour of cleaning could take up to three hours to charge. So if you want to get things done quickly, look for a robot cleaner with good battery life.

Scheduling function

Go for a device that includes a scheduling function. In your busy hour, you can set a specific time during any day of the week. It will rise and begin cleaning automatically at the scheduled time.

If your budget allows, look for newer models as they come with WIFI capabilities. It will allow you to schedule cleanings from anywhere using your phone. Also, it informs you when your house gets spotless.

Mapping system

With the mapping system, the high-end robot vacuum cleaners map out the entire area before cleaning.

Generally, these cleaners include web cameras that capture pictures and store the location of your home in the device memory. You can also use these webcams as surveillance cameras. With your smartphone app, you can communicate with the machine. Also, you can remotely monitor your home.


Nowadays, almost every vacuum cleaner comes with a sensor. It detects the obstacles and walls, then stops at a wall or table before hitting them.

Corner cleaning effectiveness

Look for a robot that has corner cleaning effectiveness. Try to avoid bulky robot vacuums as they generally get stuck and skip corners as your maid does. Robot cleaner can effectively clean corners of your house that are not always within manual reach.

The bin

If you live where many dust particles get into your house, you should opt for a robot floor cleaner with a bigger dustbin. The size of the dustbin comes in liters, and the size ranges from 0.25 to 1 liter. If you are buying a cleaner with a smaller-sized dustbin, you will not get a satisfactory result. The room cleaning capacity of a robot vacuum cleaner with a smaller dustbin is less. Don’t buy a cleaner with a 0.25-liter bin as you will have to clean the floor manually.


Most of the robot cleaners create a lot of noise. It takes almost three times as long for them to clean as these are machines only and can’t be as efficient as humans. Try to buy a device that makes less noise. It’ll be suitable for your ears as well as for peace of mind.


Like any other electronic device, a robot cleaner may also require maintenance. Brushes and filters may need to be changed or replacing from time to time. So choose wisely. I will recommend buying a robot vacuum cleaner from a well-known brand. It will give you well-established support services that go a long way. Also, you will find the replacement parts easily.

Best Cleaning Robot: Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any benefit of owning a robot vacuum cleaner?

House cleaning is a necessary chore, but the busy life in this fast-paced world does not allow you to regularly time your house. Because of the latest features of robot vacuum cleaners like innovative maps and self-emptying dustbins, you can rely on products to get a complete scrubbing of your house. As the device is cleaning your house, you can spare some me time.

Are robot vacuum cleaners efficient and saves time?

Yes. Many vacuum robots come with a scheduler. It means that you can manually set a schedule of when you want your robot to clean the floor. The device will start cleaning your house at the scheduled time. Also, it goes back to its docking station after cleaning. It is both time-saving and energy-efficient.

Do robot vacuum cleaners work without surveillance?

Yes. The sensors of a high-quality robot vacuum cleaner will map and navigate the areas of your room that are being cleaned by the device. These devices automatically detect and avoid hurdles that might obstruct their path.

How does a robot vacuum cleaner work?

Robot vacuums navigate the entire house using their onboard sensors. As it is programmed in a way that, while navigating, it cleans the floor. It learns and saves the floor map for the sake of future navigation. Once cleaning is done, most devices make a beep sound or give another indication. Then it gets back to its docking station for a recharge.

What is a docking station?

Docking stations or charging stations are where the vacuum robot positions itself after cleaning. This station is the place where you recharge the batteries of your vacuum. Also, here the vacuum robots remove the collected dirt. So you do not have to worry about cleaning out your vacuum.

Does the docking station also need any maintenance?

Generally, a docking station did not require maintenance like the device. However, there are few key things that you should keep your eye on.

Dirt accumulates on the connectors of the docking station. Thus it can affect the connection between the device and docking station. It may affect charging. If it can charge, it often takes an increased charging time of the device. Therefore, clean the connector sections of your docking station once or twice a week. It will not take much time.

How long does the robot cleaner take to be fully recharged?

Generally, the device takes around 2 to charge fully. A fully charged robot vacuum can continuously operate for 1 to 2 hours, depending on the brand and model.

How to clean robotic vacuums?

To maintain optimal performance and functionality of vacuum robot cleaners, it is essential to clean them once a week and perform maintenance. Most devices come along with specific instructions for their cleaning and maintenance. The instruction manual contains all the necessary information to operate safely, clean, and maintain your cleaner.

The robot cleaner is slightly different from a traditional vacuum. It does not usually carry a debris collecting bag. These devices accumulate all of the dust and dirt, and you can easily remove the plastic bin attached to them. The plastic bag can be manually washed and re-installed. If you are the robot cleaner regularly, you should clean the filter and bin every three to four cleaning cycles.

Do I need to clean the tools of my vacuum robot?

Generally, pet hairs and humans get stuck in the robot cleaner’s brushes and wheel during the cleaning. It can block airflow. If you leave your device unchecked, it can damage the device.

So try to check it regularly and remove the hair that is stuck into the machine. Usually, a blade tool or hair-removing comb comes along with the robot cleaner. You can use these blades or combs to remove the hairs and dirt stuck beneath the device. However, you can also receive a standard household kitchen knife or scissors if you don’t get any tools like this.

Do I need to replace any parts of the robot vacuum cleaner?

You may be required to replace some small parts to maintain optimal performance. If you use the device heavily, it is advisable to replace brushes and filters after three to five months.

It is advisable to replace significant parts of the robot cleaner after a few years of mistreatment. After a couple of years of heavy use of the device, battery, and sensors, most models require a replacement. So it is up to you whether you want to replace the parts or want a new one.

What are virtual walls?

Everything has its limitations, so vacuum robots have. Usually, for navigation, these cleaner use infrared photocell sensors. These sensors can be called the eyes of the robot. It keeps it safe from bumping into walls and other obstacles.

Virtual walls or boundary strips act as magnetic or infrared barriers. It helps the vacuum robot to distinguish between different areas of the rooms and house. Virtual walls are the boundary for the robot that prevents it from leaving a particular space or bumping into valuable objects. A mini-tower-like device creates a virtual wall barrier. It emits infrared rays that can travel several feet in a direction. The sensors on the vacuum robot detect these infrared beams and turn or alter their path.

What is the use of a vacuum bag as compared to a dustbin?

Dust Bag helps to get away from the hassle of cleaning Dustbin. The bag is made of the same material as the HEPA filter to ensure only air passes through, not the Dust.

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