Best Premium Ceiling Fans With Remote Control

Best Ceiling Fans With Remote Control 2020: Buyers Guide, Reviews & FAQs

Best Ceiling Fans With Remote Control To Buy Online In India

Ceiling Fans With Remote Control Room Size(In ft.) Operable Distance(In ft.) Warranty Price
Orient Electric Aeroslim Ceiling Fan with Remote Control Upto 220 ft 20 ft. 2-Years Check Price
Jupiter Tricopter  Upto 200 ft 20 ft. 3-Years Check Price
Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan With Remote Control 140-190 ft 20 ft. 2-Years Check Price
Luminous Newyork Tiffany Ceiling Fan with Remote Control Upto 200 ft 20 ft. 2-Years Check Price
Crompton Silent Pro Enso Upto 225 ft. 20 ft. 5-Years Check Price

Best Premium Ceiling Fans With Remote Control

1. Orient Electric Aeroslim 1200mm Smart Premium Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fans With Remote Control 2020

This is our topmost recommendation for the best ceiling fan with remote control from our list. Orient fans are widely trusted and appreciated brand in India. The product delivered by the manufacturer are good in build quality and are budget in the price range. This smart and premium ceiling fan from “Orient” comes with a tagline – “A Fan Unlike Any Other Fan” which stands true to its word. The unique “Inverter technology” keeps this fan ahead form various other brands. This helps to save 40% of energy consumption.

The IoT-enabled technology helps to control the fan operation through the App. You can use the “Orient Smart Application” to adjust the fan speed,  lighting preferences, different modes, set timer, and a lot more through your mobile. While it is also equipped with the voice assistant control supported by “Google” & “Alexa”. It also features the LED lamp which is placed between the fan to optimize the ceiling space. In the case of short-circuit, this fan protects from short-circuit fluctuation. The fan blades are made form dust-free material which enhances the durability of the product. The fan sweep speed is 1200mm which makes it a suitable purchase for medium room size.

Color: Black, White, Champagne Brown, Marble White

Product Dimensions: 66.3 x 39.8 x 41.2 cm

Weight: 5 Kg

2-Years Warranty on the product.

Highest Air Delivery rate Price is one higher side
Bend & Rust-proof ABS body
Comes with a built-in timer
Equipped with a sleep-mode function
Comes with a breeze-mode function
Enabled with Google & Alexa voice command 
Best Buy Link:

2. Jupiter Tricopter Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Best Premium Ceiling Fans With Remote Control

The seamless design and high gloss premium finish with PU paint/hydrographic finish make this fan a real eye-catcher. This smart ceiling fan with remote control comes with a longer warranty period. Jupiter Tricopter fan comes with a tagline – “The Efficient and Elegant Ceiling fan” which keeps its words. This ceiling fan is powered with a powerful BLDC motor which makes the operation noiseless without overheating the device. 

The dynamically designed balanced blades make the circulation of air to all corners of the room. It rotates swiftly through the air and generates better air current. The energy-efficient inverter drive function of this fan allows it to run up to three times longer than a standard ceiling fan when the power is supplied by an inverter. Thereby it nearly triples the inverter backup for fan operation. Its aerodynamic design makes it functional even in hot or cold weather conditions. Therefore, in summer it can generate a cool gust of air and in winter it can redistribute warm air to make your room feel warm and comfortable.

The fan is designed to rotate clockwise as well as anti-clockwise respectively. The automatic switch-off functions help to turn off the fan after 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours respectively. The fully functional remote control operation helps to control the power, modes, speed, and direction of operation. It is also recommended to disconnect the regulator before installing the fan.

Note:  It is also recommended to disconnect the regulator before installing the fan.

Color: Matt Brown

Product Dimensions: N/A

Weight: N/A

3-Years Warranty on the product

Highly efficient fans Design is not sturdy
auto-shutoff feature Can make noise
Functional to all-weather condition
Dynamically balanced blades
Forward and reverse operation
Enhanced Inverter operation
Best Buy Link: 

3. Atomberg Efficio 1400 mm BLDC Motor with Remote Ceiling Fan

Best Premium Ceiling Fans With Remote Control

Atomberg fans are the best reflection of aesthetic looks and powerful performance. The fan manufacturer is awarded by the United Nations, WWF & Government of India for the Innovations. It is termed as India’s Energy-Efficient fans in terms of product quality. The fan uses Unique Inverter Stabilization Technology that runs consistently at the same speed from a voltage range of 140-285V. The Super Energy-Efficient BLDC motor consumes only 32 Watts of energy to run the operation. 

The high-speed fans deliver the breezing air all-around the corner of the room and make the environment comfortable. The smart remote control operation is featured with functions like Boost, Sleep, Speed Control, Timer Mode. The fan can be used in bedroom, living room, office spaces & area lesser than 190 sq. ft. but more than 140 sq. ft.

The fan blades are constructed from Aluminum Alloy which makes the fans & the blades rust-free. The boost mode enables the highest speed of the fan, the fan speed is reduced by 1 Step every 2 Hours when you use the Boost Mode. It is capable to deliver the consistent speed even at the lower voltage. When compared to the normal ceiling fan, this remote-controlled fan runs 3-times longer on the inverter.

Color: White, Ivory, Matt Brown

Product Dimensions: 50 x 23 x 20 cm

Weight: N/A

2-Years Warranty on the product

Super efficient operation Comparatively high power consumption
Consistent speed Not comes with App-enabled function
Power surge operation
Boost mode
Smart remote control functions
Best Buy Link:

4. Luminous New York Tiffany Ceiling Fan with Remote Control

Best Premium Ceiling Fans With Remote Control

Luminous is famous in the Indian market due to its inverter batteries, Solar panel, etc. This product from Luminous is ‘A” design award winner of 2019. So, you can trust the product build quality and features provided in it. The fan is provided with a blade size of 1200 mm which is suitable for the middle-sized room. The high air delivery rate provides the output of 225 CCM that makes the product must-have in your room. It is termed as the “Sleekest Fan In India”.

The fan is not equipped with any capacitor or canopy that makes the installment easy and low on budget. The fan is made from a High-Grade Aluminum body that elongated the material life expectancy. While the anti-rust body design prevents the material from rusting in the long run. The high-heat dissipation capacity of the product provides cool air for the long hours of the run. The material is built with the voltage fluctuation proof which ensures the device durability. The low power operation makes the device runs more than the normal fans on the inverter.

Color: Midnight Black, Alice White

Product Dimensions: 56.2 x 47.5 x 56 cm

Weight: 5.5 Kg

2-Years Warranty on the product

Low noise operation Not comes with consistent speed
Optimum air delivery rate No boost mode
Powerful BLDC motor
Infrared remote control
High-grade ABS trims
Best Buy Link:

5. Crompton Silent Pro Enso Bldc Ceiling Fan With Remote

Best Premium Ceiling Fans With Remote Control

Looking for the silent pro smart remote controlled ceiling fan, then stop your search here. Crompton Silent Pro ceiling fan will satisfy all your requirements. It comes with a tagline – “Silence Bhi, Savings Bhi”. The company claims the fan is 2-times more silent in operation than the normal ceiling fans. The remote control operation makes it more smart and convenient for all age groups. 

It is equipped with a 1200 mm size blades that provide optimum delivery of cool and breezing air all-round the corners. The aerodynamic design of the abs body reduces air friction, thereby increasing the number of rotations per minute and assuring high performance in silence. The smart operation remembers the fan speed mode before switch off and runs on the same mode when switched on later.

The fluidic seamless design of the blades is modeled to ensure high air delivery – delivering comfort to you when you need it. The active-BLDC motor technology converts 98% of the input current to usable electricity (active power). This is considered to be one of the best in the industry. Sleep well timer function – setting the timer is now plain and simple. Press 1h to turn off the fan in 1 hour and likewise.

Color: White

Product Dimensions: N/A

Weight: N/A

5-Years Warranty on the product

Multi-pairing remote Design is not sturdy
Extra-silent operation Not comes with App-enabled function
Active BLDC technology
ABS body design
High air delivery rate & inverter friendly
Longer warranty period
Best Buy Link:

Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

  • Room Size Vs Fan Sweep size

Ceiling fans vary from size to size. They are available in various sizes ranging between 900 mm to 1400 mm(35 to 55 inches).  The most commonly available sweep size is 1200 mm (48 inches) that fits most of the room sizes.  The size of the room plays a significant role in selecting the optimum fan sweep size.

The Fan Sweep size is the diameter of the circle covered by the fan when it is in motion. Ideally, the fan should be in the center of the room to cover the maximum area. If you have large rooms in the house, you should adjust the location of the fans accordingly to ensure proper air circulation.

Room Size Fan Sweep Size
Less than 75 square feet 900 mm (35 – 36 inches)
Between 75 and 100 square feet 1050 mm (41 – 42 inches)
Between 100 and 130 square feet 1200 mm (48 inches)
Between 130 and 150 square feet 1400 mm (55 to 56 inches)
More than 150 square feet Better to use two ceiling fans

2. Number of blades

Technically, the number of blades in the fan plays a significant role in air circulation. The number of blades on the fan is one of aesthetics and personal taste. Most commonly used ceiling fans come with three blades. However, there are slight differences in the performance and the number of blades in the fan. Three blades fans look symmetrically good and does most of the job quietly and efficiently.

As the number of blades goes up, the fan opts to be quieter and circulates less air. Recently, some of the consumers have started using four blades fan. The addition of fan blades can be done accordingly as it improves the interior of the room. The addition of more blades increase the drag on a ceiling fan’s motor and slow it down. According to some of the research, fans with fewer blades can go faster and move more air. It creates little more noise than a fan with more blades.

The higher the number of fan blades, the lesser is the air circulation. However, fans with a higher number of blades make less noise in comparison. Fan having  4-blade and 5-blades, level the ideal balance between the amount of air circulated and the amount of tolerable ambient noise.

3. Fan Motor

It is the heart of the ceiling fan. The performance of the ceiling fan depends on the quality of the motor used in the device. Generally, there are two types of motors: Single Phase Induction Motor & BLDC Motor.

The single-phase induction motor is quiet famous among Indin fan manufacturers. This motor uses several wires and winding poles for supplying single-phase voltage to the fan’s rotors. These motors are considered good for the job but are not efficient.

The BLDC(Brushless DC) motor is efficient as they rotate at continuous speed without losing the RPM consistency. These motors do not make as much noise as the conventional single-phase induction motors. They are also low on budget as they consume low electricity and are more efficient.

4. Blade Tilt

The tilt of the blades plays an important role in maintaining the fan speed. As tilted blades can drag the fan speed making it inconvenient to make air-circulation. Hence, the blade should have a tilt and low drag shape. It helps in enhancing the efficiency of air circulation. The ideal tilting angle should be between 120 and 150. A tilt angle of more than 150 will put more pressure on the fan motor. It can affect the lifespan of the fan and increase your electricity bills.

5. RPM & CMM

RPM stands for the “Revolution Per Minutes”. It indicates the number of revolutions made by the fans on its axis per minute.

While CMM stands for the “Cubic Meter Per Minute” which is also referred to as the airflow. The measurement is considered based on when the ceiling fan is on its highest speed and uses both the volume of air and the rate at which it moves. The CMM depends on a few factors like the fan’s motor, the blade pitch, and the length and/or shape of the fan blades. Overall the greater the CMM will lead to movement of air more.

6. Features

Various fan manufacturers provide features that make the use of fans more comfortable and convenient. Nowadays you will get so many features on the fan-like remote control, led light, dustproof, Voice and Apps control, aluminum body, timer, invert support, blade design, and style.

7. Brand

Various fan manufacturers are available in the market. They claim you providing a good quality of fan with the budget price range, but the things are not as claimed. So, you must choose the fan from the manufacturers which have a good market brand value.

Advantages Of Ceiling Fans With Remote Control

  • Wide range of Accessibility
  • More efficient and saves space
  • No need to mess up with the wiring
  • One remote control for multiple fans
  • Beneficial for commercial use
  • Suitable option to choose for the old age groups or physically challenged people
  • Low maintenance cost
  • It offers many other options like sleep mode, speed control, time mode, etc. which are very good.

Why choose a Ceiling Fan With Remote?

=> Choosing the ceiling fan with remote control provides much more luxury and comfort compared to normal ceiling fans. It is easy to install and optimizes your room space. The remote-controlled ceiling fan provides that will provide you free accessibility to change the speed of the fan, turn it On/Off without standing or walking to the wall switch panel.

If you have got the mess wires inside your house, then it is a suitable option to purchase. It allows you to install the fixture lights and fan at one spot without any extra-wiring cost.

Along with that it also provides convenience to the old age groups who might have a problem with moving.

Maintenance Tips For Ceiling Fans

  • One should clean the fan blades every 15-20 days as it accumulates dust while running. The weight of dust may decrease the fan speed and can ruin the fan efficiency.
  • Clean the fan using Vacuum cleaners as it cleanses the device more efficiently.
  • Use the unique sets of blades as using the variable set of blades can ruin the fan speed and efficiency.
  • Ensure that the canopy is securely in place. A loose canopy can brush against the fan during rotation, thereby making an uncomfortable sound.
  • If you notice a reduction in the fan speed over a period, consult an electrician or a ceiling fan mechanic. The motor might need rewinding.

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