best selling steam iron brands in India

Best Budget Steam Irons In India 2020: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Steam Iron Brands In India

Steam IronsSolePlate MaterialWeightPower ConsumptionWarrantyPrice
Philips EasySpeed PlusCoated Non-stick1.16 Kg2100 W2-YearsCheck Price
Tefal EasyGliss Steam IronDurilium Soleplate1.25 Kg2200 W2-YearsCheck Price
Morphy Richards Super GlideCeramic Coated1.49 Kg2000 W2-YearsCheck Price
Black & Decker BXIR2202IN Ceramic Coated1.40 Kg2200 W2-YearsCheck Price
Havells Magnum Steam IronNon-StickN/A1840 W2-YearsCheck Price
Usha Steam ProCeramic Coated Non-Stick1.2 Kg2000 W2-YearsCheck Price
Warmex SassyCeramic coated1.67 Kg2200 W1 Year & 3 MonthsCheck Price
Inalsa TitaniumTitanium soleplate1.3 Kg2000 W2-YearsCheck Price
Eveready SI1400Non-stick1.09 Kg1400 W2-YearsCheck Price
Bajaj Majesty MX3Non-stick820 g1250 W2-YearsCheck Price
AGARO Edge+Non-stick1.04 Kg1600 W2-YearsCheck Price

Types Of Steam Irons

There are mainly 3 types of steam iron which are differentiated according to the soleplate material, steam capacity, weight, size, and other features. These types differ in their performance capacity and have their quality of removing wrinkles from the clothes. Their working principle is almost the same however some of them produce more steam and glide easily compared to others.

1. Conventional Steam Irons

They are the most common steam irons which use normal tap water for making the steam. They produce a small amount of hot steams which removes the wrinkles and iron the fabric. This iron makes creases disappear faster. It is equipped with anti-calcium valves or resin filters that help to utilize normal tap water for the purpose.

2. Steam Ironing System

These kinds of pressing frameworks have a consistent progression of steam in high-pressure volumes. They take a great deal of room than some other ordinary iron. They can be set over a rack or seat toward the finish of the pressing board. These pressing frameworks set aside a great deal of effort for warming up. A portion of these gadgets doesn’t have the choice of a programmed turn off if it is left unattended. Because of good steam creation, this iron will eliminate all the difficult wrinkles even on dry cloth texture. These frameworks generally don’t have splash usefulness however the steam stream is sufficiently high.

3. Cordless Iron

These sorts of irons are like traditional ones in any case; they don’t have a power cord. For the most part, these irons are not noteworthy enough as far as giving execution. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are voyaging someplace they can be taken with you. They accompany battery and it very well may be revived according to necessity.

Best Steam Irons India: Reviews

1. Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron

Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron for best buy

This brand is our top recommendation on our list. The model offers a great brand-value experience. The iron is empowered with 2100 Watts power that enables constant high steam output and heats the iron quickly. It is capable to provide you with the best result in just one stroke. The model provides continuous steam upto 30g/min for steady and efficient performance. It comes with a 100g steam boost that helps to easily remove the stubborn creases effortlessly. While the triple precision tip and 360-degree swivel cord make the ironing strokes effortless, comfortable, and quick.

It features a 270ml water tank which ensures that filling and refilling is no longer a hassle. The steam iron comes with a sleek design, pointed tip, button groove which makes ironing maximum comfortable compared to other models. This even helps in reaching the tricky areas easily. The iron is also provided with a Drip-stop technology that lets you iron the delicate fabrics even at a low temperature. This helps in preventing water droplet stains. While the base of Philips Iron is coated with a special non-stick layer that provides easy gliding on all types of fabrics. The carefully crafted soleplate design ensures the even distribution of steam across the soleplate. It is also equipped with a built-in calc-clean slider that helps in removing the salt deposits of water in the tank. This enables the longer-lasting performance with any water used.   


Philips EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron is the best buy for the brand-value. The model is equipped with a powerful 2100 Watts power that provides quick heat up. It also provides 30g/min continuous steam for strong and steady performance. While the Steam Boost feature upto 100g/min helps to stubborn creases effortlessly. The calc-clean feature helps to easily remove the slat deposits for long-lasting performance. It comes with a 2-Years manufacturer warranty.  
Perfect for stubborn creasesNo shockproof design
Quick heat upNo self-clean feature
Strong & steady performance
Super smooth glide on various fabrics
Vertical steam function for hanging garments
Built-in Calc-clean slider
Best Buy Link:

2. Warmex Sassy Smart Steam Iron

best electronic press in India

Looking for the steam Iron that comes with the self-clean feature? Then stop your search here. Warmex Sassy is all you need for getting your fabrics crease-free at an ease. It features a nano-ceramic coated soleplate that glides smoothly over all types of fabrics. One of the unique features of this device is that it is equipped with a self-cleaning function that lends the appliance a longer life. This self-cleaning flushes out the deposits from the iron so that vents are not clogged. This also helps to maintain the higher-efficiency of the device.

While the steam bursting and spray function attack stubborn wrinkles and creases in no time providing you with the effortless ironing. The 350 ml large water tank ensures you do not have to fill the water tank at a regular interval. This also ensures the steam production for a longer period. The variable temperature control setting ensures you can steam iron all kind of clothes without worrying about damage. The self-clean function prevents any build-up of limescale deposits for the consistent steam supply. While the anti-drip feature prevents the dripping of water from the soleplate even the tank is full.

Note: Leakage has been observed if one uses the Iron without heating properly. Hence it is suggested to let the iron heat properly before use.
Perfect for regular useNo shockproof design
Durable & scratch-resistant soleplate– 
Automatic steam & temperature setting– 
Stable rest hill– 
Anti-scale & anti-drip feature– 
Long power cord for easy movement– 
Best Buy Link:

3. Tefal Easygliss Steam Iron

best selling steam irons in India

This product on our list holds great customer feedback. The design offers the fastest and easiest glide over the fabrics compared to other models. It is higher in performance and efficiency. While its ergonomic design and vibrant looks are a perfect addition to your modish home. The base(Soleplate) of the iron is designed using “Durilium Technology” that ensures fast and effortless ironing. This also ensures the durability of the model. The unique feature of the model is its Automatic steam and temperature setting that automatically adjust to the right setting without bothering you. 

It comes with the power rating of 2000-Watts which helps to quickly heat-up the iron for quick results. The model offers superb quality and functionality for effortless ironing. While the large tank capacity of 270 ml helps to efficiently generate the steam for a longer period. This helps to enhance your ironing experience and provides you with wrinkle-free clothes. It comes with a powerful steam boost of 110 gm/min which helps to easily remove stubborn creases from all types of fabrics. The iron is also featured with an anti-drip function that prevents water from dripping and staining your linen while ironing. Its precision tip allows for easy access to difficult areas like folds, creases, tucks, and pleats. While the anti-calc feature reduces the building up of limescale. This makes it an ideal fit for regular use.


Tefal Easygliss Steam Iron is the best buy because of the great customer feedback. The model features 2000-Watts power which makes heat-up really quick and effective. Its soleplate is designed with Durilium Technology which makes it durable and scratch-resistant. It provides a continuous steam output of 35g/min from the tip, side, and heart of the soleplate. While the 2m long power cord allows for easy and free movement. The model comes with the 2-Years Warranty.
Perfect for regular useNo shockproof design
Durable & scratch-resistant soleplate
Temperature setting is not broad
Automatic steam & temperature setting
Anti-scale & anti-drip feature
Long power cord for easy movement
Stable rest hill
Best Buy Link:

4. Morphy Richards Super Glide Steam Iron

best quality steam iron India

One of the widely known brand names on our list is “Morphy Richards”. This brand is most famously widely in western countries and is also widely appreciated in the Indian home. The steam iron made under this brand is an ISI certified product which ensures complete safety. The precision-engineered design steam iron is equipped with all the essential features that are required for the crisp and crease-free clothes. The extra-large soleplate provides a faster ironing experience. It features 46 steam holes for proper steam output every time.

The extra-large water tank of 350 ml capacity provides sufficient filling of water for the steam ironing. The 11 g of continuous steam provides crease-free and crisp clothes on the go. While the powerful steam shots of 150 gm/min help to remove the stubborn creases easily. The fine water spray to remove difficult creases on the go. It is equipped with 2000 W power that ensures quick heating of the soleplate and makes ironing comfortable. While other essential features of this iron are Vertical ironing, self-cleaning with anti-calc function for versatile usability.


Morphy Richards Steam iron is the best buy for the safety features. It is approved by ISI safety standards that ensure the device has passed all the tests and is safer for ironing. It also features 46 steam vents that provide sufficient steam burst at a time. The product also provides 11 g of continuous steam and  150 gm/min of powerful steam burst for removal of stubborn creases. It comes with 2-Years of Warranty. 
ISI certified productNo shockproof design
Extra-large soleplate for fine ironingComparatively heavier
Extra-large water tank
46 steam holes for sufficient spray bursts at a time
Vertical ironing, self-cleaning with anti-calc function
Best Buy Link:

5. Black+Decker Steam Iron

best steam iron with the budget price

Looking for an exceptional ironing experience? Then stop your search here. The model empowers 2200 Watts operating power that leads to quick heating of the iron. This results in faster steam production. This means getting rid of the tough wrinkles and creases won’t be any time-consuming. Its sleek-design is coupled with the latest technology that delivers the finest ironing experience and quality output. 

The base of the model features a ceramic-coated soleplate which helps in even heat distribution. This soleplate is also durable in design making the iron lightweight. It also ensures the easy gliding of the iron over any fabrics without making any harm to it. The handle of the model is ergonomic in design that provides an enhanced grip without slipping through the fingers.

While the steam bursting and spray function attack stubborn wrinkles and creases in no time providing you with the effortless ironing. The 380 ml large water tank ensures you do not have to fill the water tank at a regular interval. This also ensures the steam production for a longer period. The variable temperature control setting ensures you can steam iron all kind of clothes without worrying about damage. The self-clean function prevents any build-up of limescale deposits for the consistent steam supply. While the anti-drip feature prevents the dripping of water from the soleplate even the tank is full.


Black+Decker steam iron is the best brand you can get with the budget price-value. The model features a ceramic soleplate for even heat distribution for all types of clothes. It provides 35g/min continuous steam output and a 90g/min steam boost for efficient ironing experience. While the self-clean feature helps to clean the scale built-up for the durability of the product. It comes with 2-Years of Warranty. 
Ceramic coated soleplate for even heat distributionNo Auto-shutoff
Ideal for all type of fabrics
Steam burst and spray function
Anti-drip & self-clean function
Large water tank & anti-calc feature
Best Buy Link:

6. Havells Magnum Steam Iron

best budget steam iron brand in India

Havells is one of the most trusted brand names in India. When it comes to product quality and functionality, the brand offers a great design with good customer service support. This iron comes with a powerful steam output which makes it an ideal choice for your home. Because of its long-lasting performance, the model provides you with crisp and crease-free clothes in no time. The model features a non-stick coated soleplate that easily glides over all types of fabrics. This enhances the versatility of the iron and ensures that you can use the iron on a wider variety of fabrics.

The iron features a soft-grip ergonomically designed handle that easily fits the contours of your hand perfectly. This ensures the least amount of physical toll on your hands. The handle is smooth to touch and lifting is no tiring for you. It comes with a variable steam functionality which essentially allows controlling the steam according to your needs. This ingenious feature lets you get the perfect ironing every time.

While the large water tank capacity of 300 ml never lets you short of steam every time you iron your clothes. The water tank is also featured with a dedicated self-cleaning function. This feature itself cleanses the tank thoroughly thus saving your effort and time. It has a dual-sealed steam generator that enables an efficient performance and makes the iron spill-proof as well. While the anti-drip functionality ensures there is no spillage of water droplets on your clothes while ironing.


Havells Magnum Steam Iron is the best buy for the brand name value. Along with that it also offers great customer service. The model also provides a great vertical ironing experience. It comes with a large tank capacity of 300 ml that allows you to get a sufficient amount of steam for smooth and effortless ironing.  It comes with 2-Years of Warranty.
Non-stick coated soleplate Heating takes time
Soft grip handleNot suitable for stubborn creases
Large water tank capacity
Anti-drip & anti-calc function
Variable steam functionality
Self-clean function
Best Buy Link:

7. INALSA Steam Iron Geyser Titanium

Titanium plate steam iron

Wanna get a dynamic steam iron design? Then stop your search here. Inalsa Steam is the best available model in the market for achieving a maximum comfort level while ironing. The model emphasizes dynamic quick steam technology that makes it able to achieve steam in quick response of time. It is equipped with a 2000W power that heats the base or soleplate quickly. This means there is no longer waiting for the steam which makes operation quick on the go. 

The soleplate of the iron is made of “Titanium” which makes it durable in design compared to other models. Along with that, it comes with the “Rapid Even-Heat Technology” that provides perfect results every time you use it. While the auto-shutoff function makes it completely safe ironing without your attention. The unique feature of the model is its “True position axially aligned steam holes” that provides you with the maximum amount of steam while maintaining even heat distribution throughout the soleplate. The model generates 0.8 g/shot wrinkle-removing steam burst to ensure professional results. 

It comes with a pointed tip soleplate that makes ironing of tricky areas easily. The device is equipped with a user-friendly configuration for easy access to the functions. A big water inlet hole & large water-tank of 330ml capacity facilitates easy and super-fast filling of the water tank on the quick go. The temperature indicator light indicates when the iron is hot enough or ready to use.

Reasons To Buy

  • More steam powerful 160g steam burst
  • Active steam holes for the desired results
  • Large Water tank capacity of 300 ml
  • Super wide soleplate
  • Anti-drip & anti-calc function
  • Long-lasting self-clean function
  • Wide versatility
Titanium coated soleplate 
The longer-lasting self-clean function
Precision temperature & auto-steam control
Vertical steam for versatile use
Anti-drip & anti-calc function
Dedicated customer service
Best Buy Link:

8. Eveready Steam Iron

best budget steam iron in india

This steam iron from one of the renowned brands “Eveready” comes with the low power consumption providing effective results. The model utilizes 1400W power for ironing needs. This makes it consume less power while lowering the electricity bills. It comes with a wide water inlet that makes the easy filling of the water to the tank. This also comforts for easily refilling whenever required without spilling to the clothes or the board.

While the nozzle is pointed and is placed to the front head that provides concentrated spraying without spillage of water droplets. The spray function produces a fine mist that evenly moistens the fabric making it easier for the removal of the stubborn creases. While the spray and steam function over the head of the iron makes it convenient for handling while ironing the clothes. This steam iron features a linished soleplate that glides or floats smoothly over any fabrics. This also makes the soleplate scratch-resistant and long-lasting. It also prevents sticking of the clothes while using. While its self-cleaning facility flushes out the deposits from the iron so that the vents are not clogged. The dial temperature control knob allows adjusting the temperature according to your convenience. 


Eveready Steam Iron is the best buy for the lower electricity bills. The device utilizes 1400W power which makes iron low cost and effective. It features a linished soleplate which is scratch-resistant and long-lasting. While the pointed nozzle provides the concentrated sprays without spillage of the water droplets. It also features a self-cleaning facility that flushes out the calcium deposits for convenience usage.
Low electricity consumptionHeating up takes time
Soft grip handle
Vertical steam for wide compatibility
Lightweight & non-stick soleplate
Dry ironing function
Overheat safety protection
Best Buy Link:

9. AGARO Edge+ Steam Iron

top 5 steam irons

This steam on our list comes with a soothing color design which makes it adorable for the family use. The product features a non-stick coated soleplate that glides smoothly over any fabrics for convenience. This versatile feature helps you use the iron on a wide range of fabrics. The ergonomic design smart grip handle fits the contours to your hand perfectly without any slippage. The grip is soft to handle and comforts for the long hour use. 

The dial knob at the top of the iron can be used to select the desired amount of temperature according to the fabrics. It effortlessly changes the temperature of the ironing surface to ensure the fabric is ironed perfectly. The device features variable steam functionality that essentially allows you to control the amount of steam output. This ingenious feature allows getting the perfect ironing every time. While the spray rate of 0.5 g per spray provides sufficient steam to remove out the stubborn creases out of the fabrics. The iron also features an in-built overheat protection system that prevents the electrical mishaps. It also prevents the fabrics from getting damaged.


AGARO Edge+ steam iron is the best buy for improving the home interior. It features a soothing green color design. It also features a 200 ml large water tank capacity that allows for long ironing without refilling the tank repeatedly. The 360° swivel cord allows for maximum flexibility as you maneuver the iron along with the cloth. It comes with 2-Years of Warranty.
Low electricity consumptionHeating up takes time
Lightweight & soft-touch handleLow water tank capacity
360° swivel cord for maximum flexibility
Multi fabric temperature control knob
Variable steam function with overheat protection
Best Buy Link:

10. Bajaj Majesty MX 3 Steam Iron

best steam iron for home use

This product on our list comes with the budget price range. Bajaj is one of the most trusted brand names for the Indian household appliances. This steam iron comes with a non-stick coated soleplate which facilitates it easy gliding on all kinds of fabrics. This also prevents the sticking of the clothes to the base. As well as it also elongates the product life and ensures safety measures. It houses 23 steam vents on the soleplate which evenly distributes the strong bursts. This helps to flatten out the stubborn creases easily.

The uniform heat distribution provides immediate professional pressed quality clothes in no time. It also houses a powerful water spray system which helps to flatten out the tricky creases from seams and button areas. This steam iron features a 150 ml translucent water tank which stores a sufficient amount of water for the long working hours. This helps in prolonged steam bursts and water sprays during long ironing sessions. This also ensures you do not have to refill the water tank again and again while ironing a large pile of clothes. It is a very versatile appliance for home use. The unique vertical heating feature facilitates effortless steaming and ironing of your curtains and hanging clothes.


Bajaj Majesty Steam iron is the best buy for the budget price range. It is very lightweight in design compared to other brands. It features a non-stick coated soleplate for smooth and comfortable gliding over any fabrics. The product features a translucent water tank which makes it easier to fill and empty. Its vertical heating function facilitates effortless steaming and ironing of your curtains and hanging clothes.
Low electricity consumptionYou have to wait some time for heat
Non-stick coated soleplateLow capacity water tank
Self-clean functionThe steam output is low
The wide and thick soleplate
Variable steam output with thermal safety fuse
Long & 360° Swivel cord
Best Buy Link:

Best Steam Iron: Buying Guide

Water Tank Capacity

As we all know that a steam iron utilizes steam to make cloth crease-free or remove wrinkles from it. The larger the tank capacity the lesser time you have to fill it. This also means a sufficient amount of steam can be produced at a time. The tank capacity varies from 250 ml to 300 ml. While the bigger tank capacity offers continuous steam for a longer time and can make the appliance heavier. However, it is recommended to choose the steam iron with a sufficient tank capacity for a better investment.

Number of Steam Vents

It is an important factor to consider before making a purchase. More the number of steam vents more powerful and sufficient the steam vent is produced. A soleplate usually contains 16-46 steam holes or vents to burst out the steam produced by the iron when required. The more the number of steam vents more power or wattage is required for steam production. However, some irons have a spray valve with a push-button placed on the nose of the product. These spray valves are responsible to produce the fine mist to provide the extra dampness required by the tougher fabrics.


Soleplate is the heart of iron. An iron is incomplete or of no use without the soleplate. The wider the soleplate the large the area is covered in a less period. While the pointy front of the soleplate is responsible for tackling the difficult corners of the fabric such as collars, between buttons, and pleats.

In general, a soleplate is made utilizing various materials like aluminum or coated with titanium, poly-Teflon, ceramic, and other non-stick materials. Below I have discussed some of the common material used for making a soleplate.

  • Aluminum Soleplate: They are the cheapest material available to build the soleplate of the iron. These plates are not suitable for ironing. You need to give extra attention while ironing with these types of the soleplate.
  • Non-stick soleplate: These types of soleplate are made by using aluminum and metal plate. They are commonly available soleplate and provides smooth ironing.
  • Ceramic Soleplate: They are made by coating the meta and aluminum plate for smooth ironing. It provides almost no harmful to your clothes.
  • Stainless Steel: These soleplates are termed as the amazing soleplate for ironing purposes. They are less available in India.

Size Of Soleplate

The size of the soleplate plays an important role if you are looking for faster and effortless ironing. Smaller soleplate takes a longer time. Remember, the larger the soleplate size, the faster and effective the ironing will be.

Temperature Control

Look for the model that comes with the temperature control feature. As you know that every cloth does not get ironed at the same temperature. Ironing cotton clothes requires average temperature while the fabric requires a lower temperature setting. Additionally, a steam iron is equipped with a steam control feature that controls the amount of steam required to produce for a particular garment or fabric.

Auto Shut-off

It automatically shuts off the iron when it is heated. This protects the device from overheating or burns.

Cord Length

A cord length can cause hindrance in ironing. The length of the cord ranges from 2 – 6 meters. Make sure you purchase the model that comes with the maximum cord length.

Swivel Cord

It ensures the cord does not form swirl or bind.

Heat-up Time

An ideal stem iron usually takes 2-3 minutes to heat up to the right temperature. This is not a long time to wait for. Apart from that, it also takes a very little amount of time to produce steam. This ensures you can use steam and heat quickly to iron the clothes within a short amount of time.

Anti-Calcium Feature

This unique feature is equipped in most of the steam irons. It helps to lower or reduce our workload. When the water is heated inside it turns to vapor. Due to which the calcium carbonate in the water reacts to the heat applied thus forming lime residues as a byproduct. This limescale buildup inside the water tank clogs the steam vents preventing the function to perform or even hamper the functioning of the material. To prevent this scale build-up, an anti-scale feature comes into the picture. This feature works toward it by self-cleaning the water tank thus requires low-maintenance.

Handle grip

Make sure the handle provided by the model is ergonomic and easy to grip. This prevents you from hand pains.

Anti-Drip Design

Regular dripping of the water from the device can be frustrating. Some of the steam irons bear these issues. To overcome this problem, the anti-drip design comes into consideration. This feature ensures there is no drippage or spillage of the water droplets even if the water tank is full. This also prevents water leakage from any part or corners of the iron.


It is an important factor to consider before purchasing an iron. The wattage of the steam irons usually comes between 1000-2000 Watts. Remember higher the wattage quicker the ironing will be. However, higher wattage also increases your electricity bills. For the best result, choose the iron with wattage ranging from 1200-1500 Watts.

Steam Iron vs Dry Iron: Which one is better?

=> Well, depends on numerous factors to answer this question. However, a small difference table will guide you in a better way.

Dry IronsSteam irons
Ideal for the fabric or lightweight clothesNot ideal for lightweight clothes
Average ironing qualityHigher ironing quality
Not suitable for most of the fabricsSuitable for all types of fabrics
Easy to clean and maintainEffective crease removal
Budget-friendlySteam & spray option
Long-lasting materialAdvanced soleplate
Do not leave any marks on clothesHigher efficiency

How to clean a steam Iron tank?

=> Though a steam iron is equipped with an anti-calcium and self-cleaning features, it is important to clean it manually for a better result. This leads to the removal of any stubborn deposits or other materials ensuring extra-safety and longer life to the material. Below I have mentioned some of the simple and DIY steps to clean a steam iron tank wit much convenience.

  • Arrange pure vinegar, dry cloth, distilled water, and a tray at a place.
  • At first, pour down the pure vinegar into the water tank of the iron until it is filled to quarter. Now, turn ON the iron to medium setting.
  • Run the iron over any white cloth until the water tank gets empty.
  • Now fill the water tank again with the distilled water to the full.
  • Spray and iron the cloth several times and leave a sufficient amount of water in the tank for the next step.
  •  Take a metal tray, hold the steam iron at some distance, and spray to release the steam until the water tank is empty. Place it away until the water tank is completely dry and you are ready to use it again.

How to use steam Iron for best performance?

=> For high effective use of steam iron for best performance follow the basic steps mentioned below.

  • Do not fill the water tank. Leave a slight gap in the tank.
  • Wait for some time for the iron to heat up before starting to use the iron. This enables proper steam built up.
  • If you drastically change the temperature on the dial. Wait for some time before use to prevent water drip.

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