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Best Budget Fan Heater Brands In India 2021: Buyers Guide & Reviews

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10 Best Fan Heater Brands In India

Best Fan Heater Weight Power Consumption Warranty Price
Havells Calido 2.78 Kg 2000 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Orient Electric HC2003D 3.46 Kg 2000 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Orpat OEH-1260 1.3 Kg 2000 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Bajaj Blow Hot 3.74 Kg 2000 Watts 2-Years Check Price
Usha Fan Heater 2.44 Kg 1500 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Morphy Richards Aristo 2.1 Kg 2000 Watts 2-Years Check Price
Warmex Fan Heater 1.08 Kg 2000 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Amazon Brand – Solimo 1.54 Kg 2000 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Lifelong Flare 1.40 Kg 2000 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Glen Fan Heater 2 Kg 2000 Watts 1-Year Check Price

Best Fan Heaters In India: Reviews

1. Havells Calido PTC Fan Heater

best fan heater for any room size

Havells is one of the leading Pioneer brand names in The market and so does its heater. This PTC fan heater is the superb heating solution on our list. It is a suitable purchase for extra comfort and warmth inside your room. When talking about the product body, it is made up of durable plastic material. The plastic used is tough, corrosion & chemical resistant. This makes the product lightweight. The body emphasizes a wonderful color combination that makes it visually appealing. 

The thermostat is placed over the head of the heater which helps in temperature regulation. It controls the heating system through a series of air-filled control tubes. This control air system responds to the pressure alterations in the control tube to activate heating when needed. There is a red indicator light on the front which helps to comprehend whether the heater is turned ON or OFF.

The heater comes with two heat settings at 1300 W and 2000 W respectively so that you can choose a different option depending upon the climatic conditions. It also consists of the PTC ceramic heating element which provides faster, safer, and energy-efficient heating to enjoy the comforting warmth. The oscillation function helps to deliver the heat in multi-direction. The unique feature about this heater is, it is comprised of a cleanable dust filter that prevents the dust from entering the device thus making it easy to clean. The device automatically goes switched OFF if it falls or tips over accidentally.


Havells Calido is the best fan heater to buy for any room size. It comes with two power settings are 1300 W and 2000 W respectively so that users can choose a different option depending upon the climatic condition. The design is soothing and improves your room interior. It comes with 1-Year of Warranty.
Perfect for any room size Price is on the higher side
2-Heat settings for users comfort
Faster, safer, and energy-efficient heating
Cleanable dust filter
Fall/tips and over-heat protection
Best Buy Link:

2. Glen Fan Heater 7020 Beige

best fan heater with durable and stable body

Looking for a fan heater that comes with a durable and stable body design? Then stop your search here. Glen brings you the highly optimized and efficient fan heater to make your winter cozier. Having a durable body, it also features a safety grill that keeps the element locked in making it a safe companion for your home. The body of this fan heater is smartly designed in a compact shape that ensures easy portability and efficient heating across the room.

It comes with a twin-turbo design. It can also be used as a normal fan heater for air circulation. This heater comes with two heat settings of 1000W & 2000W that allows you to set the temperature according to your desired level. The heater is provided with an easy-grip handle that enables you to move easily around the room. The provision of the thermostat knob for temperature control is given for convenient usage. It is also equipped with a safety thermal cut-off that switches OFF the device if tipped accidentally.


Glen 7020 Beige is the best fan heater to buy for durable and stable body design. It comes with the two heat settings of 1000W & 2000W that add the convenience of warmth level in the room accordingly. There is a provision of a thermostat knob for temperature control is given for convenience. It comes with an easy-grip handle for effortless handling and moving around the room.
The durable and stable body design No cleanable dust filter
Cool-touch handle & anti-skid base
Two heat settings
Front grill safety & twin-turbo design
Thermostat knob for temperature control
Best Buy Link:

3. Morphy Richards Aristo

best PTC heater for safety

This fan heater from “Morphy Richards” is the best product that enhances your room interior. The soothing body design and aesthetically color combination makes it a suitable product to purchase this winter. The model provides you perfect warmth and absolute comfort inside your room as soon as you switch ON the device. Compared to other models, the device is highly optimized and is simple to use. 

This PTC room heater comes with 2000W power that makes the heat process fast and efficient. It is provided with variable setting knobs that help to control the temperature accordingly. The device comes with an easy carry handle that adds to your convenience. It comes with an adjustable thermostat and power selector knob to set power as required. The device is also provided with overhead protection that prevents accidental mishaps. It features an indicator light for ease of operation and adds peace of mind. 


Morphy Richards Aristo is the best heater to buy for reliable and safe measures. The model is elegant and attractive in design which enhances your room interior. It comes with 2000W power settings that provide fast and efficient heating. It comes with a 2-Years Warranty.
The elegant and attractive body design No cleanable dust filter
Cool-touch handle No two power setting modes
Fast & efficient heating Requires 3 pin power socket
Adjustable thermostat & power selector knob 
Reliable and safe
Best Buy Link:

4. Warmex Fan Heater

best fan heater to buy overall

The next heater on our list is the “Warmex FH09” heater. Though you may have not listened to the product name, it is one of the best fits for the small size room, living rooms, or office. The product comes with an affordable price range with various optimistic features.

Warmex heater fan uses convection technology for heating space. The heating element first heats the air around and the hot air is circulated which quickens the warming process inside the room. The powerful motor helps quickly achieve the warmness around the surroundings.

It comes with a two-faced base which makes it suitable for any flat surface. You can either keep it tilt or make it stand i.e.(Vertical and Horizontal placement) according to your comfort. The fan comes with a Cool/warm/hot wind selection. The adjustable thermostat helps to control the temperature according to your comfort. The smart and elegant design makes it one of the perfect fit for your room this winter.


Warmex FH09 is the best fan heater to buy for an extremely lightweight design. The device features a rust-proof ABS body design that makes it durable and stable in the longer run. It offers wide compatibility i.e it can have both vertical and horizontal placement. The model offers three modes of air flow i.e cool/warm/hot that adds comfort to your room. It comes with 1-Year of Warranty.
Rust free ABS body Requires frequent cleaning
Wide compatibility
Cold/Warm/Hot wind selection
Power ON indicator & auto-shutoff
Easy to carry & operate
Best Buy Link:

5. Bajaj Blow Hot

best fan heater brand in India

During winter we all crave the warmth of quilts and blankets to snuggle up. But why wait for bedtime? The efficient and energy-saving room heater is here for you. This heater will let you feel free from the chill and let you enjoy your stay while in the room. The powerful blower provides you instant warmth and comfort during chilly winters. The adjustable thermostat comes with two heat settings from (1000 & 2000 W) which help to get you personalized comfort according to your needs. 

The low noise operation helps you attain peace of mind while working. It comes with the auto-thermal shut-off function which prevents the heater from overheating. Bajaj Room Heater can be used as a forced-air circulator, a drier, or a room heater.

Note: Switch ON the fan before turning on the heating elements. This will help to distribute heat quickly over a large area and ensures the long life of the product.

The Neon indicator bulb denotes to you that the heater is On/Off. The anti-skid base helps to stay the product stable on any surface. The well-adjusted motor and blower assembly is shielded by a reflector which enables ideally regulated air flow completely noiseless operation.


Bajaj Blow Hot is the best fan heater to buy for a longer warranty. The model utilizes two long-running heating elements that offer 2000W of power for instant warmth. It also offers two customized heat settings of 1000 W / 2000 W for personalized comfort. It also features auto thermal shutoff to prevent overheating. The product comes with 2-Years of Warranty.
Powerful blower with instant warmth Heavy
Neat & clean operation  No wide compatibility
Auto-thermal shut-off
Elegant & easy to carry design
Reliable & safe
Best Buy Link:

6. Usha Fan Heater

best fan heater with service availability

Again another surprise product from “Usha” is here for you. This fan heater is a perfect fit for the room size of 100-150 square feet room size. The heater comes with a rectangular shape in the design inside which the heating element is placed facing the front side. While the fan is placed to the upper side which makes the air flow quite easily and wide. The air is distributed all over the room without any hassle. 

The portable and compact design makes it easily carry anywhere you want. If you are on travel it can perfectly fit inside your carry bag. The adjustable thermostat feature allows you to control the temperature according to your requirements. The device is packed with two heating elements for energy-saving options. The power control option lets you adjust the operation between 900-1500 Watts. The heater is made of Fire Retardant Strong ABS Housing material which increases its impact resistance and toughness. The material comes with 2 stage safety for overheating protection.  


Usha Fan Heater is the best product to buy for service quality. The model is meant for spot heating. It is suitable to purchase for a room size up to 150 Sq. ft. The product offers two-stage safety for overheat protection. It comes with a Fire Retardant Strong ABS Housing that makes it reliable and safe to use.
The elegant and attractive body design Price is on the higher side 
Fire retardant strong ABS body No-touch sensor
2 stage safety for overheat protection
Tip-over switch & overheat protection
Easy to carry & use
Best Buy Link:

7. Orient Electric HC2003D Fan Heater

best durable fan heater in India

Orient is one of the most trusted brand names in the electric appliances world in India. So does its heater. This fan heater from Orient comes with an eye-catchy design and is meant for spot heating inside the room. This handy heater provides air flow across the room and temperature is greatly increased by the mesh structure. The device is easy to carry and good for quick heating to prevent chill winter.

The model comes with a matte-black finish color combination that matches most of the modern interior. It is equipped with an adjustable stand at the base. This allows you to lift the heater base above accordingly to provide you great comfort and warmth. The heater is offered two fans for faster heating that provides you with warm air all across the corner in no time. It is provided with 2000W power heating elements that provide instant and efficient heat. There is night light provided in the heater, that helps you detect even in the dim light to prevent mishaps. However, you can adjust the heating position from low to high according to your comfort.


Orient Electric HC2003D is the best fan heater to buy from a durability point of view. The model is equipped with an adjustable stand that helps you maintain the low and high heating positions. It is equipped with two fans for faster heating. The device is easy to operate and good for quick heating. It comes with 2-Years of Warranty.
The elegant and attractive body design A bit noisy
Spot heating
Low and high heating positions
Easy to carry and operate
Best Buy Link:

8. Orpat OEH-1260 Fan Heater

most sold fan heater in India

Orpat brings you the most sophisticated brands on our list. The exterior of the model is compact enough to fit any room size and has a stable base. This space heater is a perfect device to buy for a room size up to 250 Sq. ft. It is equipped with a non-sagging, stitching type, and long-life heating element. It comes with two heat settings of 1000W & 2000W that allows you to choose the temperature accordingly. The amount of heat generated by this room heater is suitable for small/medium rooms.

This space heater can be used as a fan along with being used as a heater. The fan option can be switched on without the heating function and it will function as a regular table fan. The knobs provided over the heater helps to adjust the heater to heat the room quickly without any hassle. The model is provided with an anti-skid base that makes the operation stable wherever the device is placed. The stand with cord winder facility helps you to keep the heater organized by keeping the cord winding. While the safety cut-off feature helps to prevent electrical mishaps when in use.  


Orpat OEH-1260 is the most sold fan heater in India. This space heater can be used as a fan too. It comes with two heat settings of 1000W & 2000W that helps to adjust the room temperature accordingly. This auto-revolving heater is an ideal fit for small/medium room size only. It comes with 2-Years of Warranty.
Wide compatibility A bit noisy
Can be used as a fan Not suitable for a larger room
Comes with a touch sensor
Auto revolving heater
Safety-cutoff & overheat protection
Best Buy Link:

9. Lifelong Flare Fan Heater

lifelong space heater

With summer making a graceful exit, it is time for winter to move in. If you live in an area where the winters are chilling, then what you need is a good heater. There is no better choice than this fan heater by lifelong. The device is capable to provide you with complete winter comfort. 

This room heater with a fan is equipped to be safe from overheating. This feature automatically switches the motor OFF once the device reaches the temperature of 130°C. There is also a safety fuse that goes OFF once the heater reaches the temperature of 126°C.  The body of this space heater is made of plastic which is a fire retardant and features a metal grill that keeps the copper element securely locked in, making it a safe option for babies at home. 

The model features a 2000W motor that gives 2400 rotations per minute making it sufficient for a medium-sized room. The dual functionality of the heater allows it to be used as a fan in warmer weather, making it an appliance that you can use all year round. It is also equipped with an easy to carry handle which allows moving anywhere around the corner. 

Lightweight design Not enough for big room size
Almost no noise operation
Sufficient for a medium room size
Can be used all year round
Safety mesh grill & easy to carry handle
Best Buy Link:

Best Fan Heaters: Buying Guide

Heater Size & Coverage

It is the foremost thing to look upon before buying a fan heater. The fan heaters are portable or smaller in size compared to Oil-Filled Heaters. If you purchase the wrong size then you will end up either having over-heated or less-heated space. You must calculate the heater Wattage output before purchasing the one. As a thumb rule, the room heater that consumes 10Watts power will heat one square foot of the area perfectly. So, if the room heater consumes 1500Watts, then you can heat 150sqft. 

Below, is the table representing the wattage of the heater and room size area that will guide you in a better way.

Capacity Of Heater(Wattage) Room sizes(In Foot)
800 W 80 sq ft
1000 W 100 sq ft
1200 W 120 sq ft
1400 W 140 sq ft
1600  W 160 sq ft
1800 W 180 sq ft
2000 W 200 sq ft
2500 W 250 sq ft
3000 W 300 sq ft
3500 W 350 sq ft
4000 W 400 sq ft

Heat Settings

Most of the room heater comes with different heat settings that help to adjust the warmth level of the room accordingly. Usually, 3-level heat settings are observed in a heater – Low, Medium, & High. It is controlled by the given knob on the heater. In some of the high-end models, it can be controlled using the remote. 

Power Consumption

This factor helps to denote how much electricity bills the heater can consume. This number is usually printed on the manual or specifications on the package. Most of the room heaters come with a power consumption of 1500 Watts. While some of them consume slightly more or less. Usually, a fan heater comes with two variable power consumption of 1500 Watts & 2000 Watts. You can choose the level accordingly to meet your requirements. Remember, the higher power consumption higher is the electricity bills.

Oxygen & Humidity Levels

It is an important factor to consider before buying a room heater. Generally, radiation heaters or fans use oxygen while heating the air, leading to fewer oxygen levels and humidity loss in the room. This can lead to nausea, dry nose, and itchy skin, especially in younger ones. To prevent this, we recommend placing a water bucket in any corner of the room when you are using a room heater. 

Cool Touch Handle

The heater placement gets changed frequently to suit our comfort. It is important to have a heater with a cool-touch handle. It specifies the heater to have an outer casing that is heat-resistant. This prevents accidental damage or burns. So, you must choose a heater with a cool-touch handle if you have kids or pets inside your home. 

Tip-Over Cutoff Switch

Due to its compact size and portability feature, a room heater while moving is likely to get fall or tip over. In some cases, it may get tipped by the kid or pets while playing or moving inside the room. In the cases of falling over or sudden power cut off, the room heater will turn off itself immediately to avoid any potential risk of fire hazards.

Over Heat Protection

This is another safety feature to consider before buying a fan heater. Never worry, this safety feature is available in all room heaters. Whenever the heating components reach an unsafe temperature the sensors will notify the switch to turn off immediately.


The thermostat is one of the important factors to consider before buying a room heater. The main function of the thermostat to automatically maintain the set temperature by turning the device ON and OFF after particular intervals. Most of the room heaters have an adjustable thermostat or programmable thermostat. An adjustable thermostat cannot maintain the set temperature but still controls the heat output depending upon your settings. 

Noise Level

Just like any other electrical appliance, a room heater also produces noise. When considering the noise factor – a fan equipped room heater produces noise while a fan-less model produces no or less noise. You must check the decibel rating of the device before making a purchase. The higher the decibel ratings, the louder the machine is.

Power Cord

It is better to invest in a room heater that has at least 70 inches long power cord. This provides enough flexibility for power placement options. It also lets you keep the device away from flammable things like beds, couches, curtains, and others. A room heater without an extension cord should be purchased. Heaters should be placed only on the floor for safety purposes.

Having a lengthy cord lets you use the room heater even in areas where outlets are not easily accessible. It also lets you move the heater around the room according to your preferences.

Important Note: You should never use an extension cord with a space heater.


The price of the room heater is an important factor to take note of. You must check the device price before buying it. A high-quality room heater will obviously come with a higher price range. However, high-end models provide you with some extra features like remote control, energy-saving mode, and timer. So, you must choose the model accordingly to your budget.


When it comes to a warranty, it is better to choose models with at least 6 months or 1-year warranty. You can check out the warranty details in the product specifications.

FAQ: Best Room Heater In India

Which type of room heater is good for health in India?

=> Oil-Filled Radiator Room heaters are considered to be the best room heater when health is a major concern. These heaters prevent the burning of oxygen inside the room while balancing the oxygen and humidity level.

Are room heaters safe to use?

=> Yes. Room heaters are pretty much safer to use. But, before buying it, you must check the safety features like overheat protection, protective grills, tip-over cutoff, etc.

Where should I place my room heater?

=> You must place the room heater away from the reach of your children. Along with that, it must be kept away from the wooden furniture and flammable elements. Make sure there are not any curtains placed near the heater. However, it is always recommended there must be a distance of 4-6 feet between your sittings and the heater.

Which is the best fan heater brand in India?

=> There are many fan heater brands in India. Some of the leading manufacturers are Usha, Bajaj, Orpat, Havells, etc. 

How much electricity does a fan heater consume?

=> A fan heater usually comes with power consumption ranging from 1000-2000 Watts. However, the cost depends on the number of hours you use the heater.

Which is the best fan heater under 3000 price?

=> Usha Fan Heater (1212 PTC) is the best room heater under 3000 price in India.

Does the room heater dry up the air?

=> No. The room heater does not dry up the air inside. However, if you feel dry air inside the room, place a bowl or bucket of water which helps to retain the air inside.

What size heater should I buy?

=> The bigger size room heater offers more heat compared to a small-sized room heater. Along with that, it also heats the entire room quickly and more effectively. The bigger size space heater comes with more wattage. However, it is recommended to purchase a model or heater that is portable and comes with sufficient power consumption. Morphy Richard Aristo is a suitable model to purchase according to Indian room standards.

Final Words

So these were our top 10 suggestions for the best room heaters in India. I hope we were able to satisfy your search query with all the possible explanations. I think you must have made your mind about the purchase. In case if you are still wondering, then the Usha Fan heater is our topmost recommendation. The space heater is budget in the price range and offers all essential and safety features. It comes with 1-Year of Warranty.

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