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Best Bedside Lamp 2022: What Is Your Favorite Pick?

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We notice everything when getting our homes constructed and wish every accessory to complement the interior. We take care of every detail from curtains to carpets and wallpapers to ceiling lights. However, there is one thing to which we do not give much thought. Yes, we are talking about the best bedside lamp that can suit your house’s interior!

Bedside lamps not only set the mood of the entire bedroom but unlike, their name, are also ideal for living rooms and dining halls. The best bedside lamp can determine how your day will pass depending on the ambiance it sets.

Considering how fewer people think about this, trying to choose the best bedside lamp for them- we have come to the rescue. Today, in this easy-to-learn guide, we bring you the best bedside lamps.

What is a bedside lamp?

A bedside lamp is a table lamp that stands on a table or any other piece of furniture, ideally beside a bed. However, modern lamps also have a hook or a hanger, taking less desk space. It emits soft light, thus creating a warm atmosphere around them. With the perfect bulb type, shade, shape, and color- modern bedside lamps work as a source of direct or diffused light, enhancing the ambiance setting of the room.

Without further ado, let us get into the list of the ”Best Bedside Lamps” of 2022 that are going to make it to your bedrooms for sure.

Best Bedside Lamps

Bedside Lamp Power Input In-built Light Warranty Price
XERGY 3D Moon Lamp Battery Operated Yes N/A Check Price
Earthenmetal Mushroom Shaped Corded No N/A Check Price
Desidiya 3D Moon Light Corded / Battery Operated Yes N/A Check Price
Tu Casa LG-200 Corded No NA Check Price
HOME CUBE Smart Control Corded Yes 6 months Check Price
PRO365 Spa Night Lamp Corded Yes 6 months Check Price
Mi Smart Bedside Lamp Corded Yes 1 Year Check Price
Voroly E27 Lamp Corded No 6 months Check Price

Best Bedside Lamp: Reviews

1. XERGY 15 cm 3D Moon Lamp

XERGY 3D moon lamp-min

Moon-shaped lamps are the day’s trend chosen by many homemakers and interior designers for a chic and glamorous look. However, there are only a few options available in the market when we talk about the best bedside lamps in the shape of a moon. It is where this moon lamp from XERGY makes its presence felt.

XERGY 3D Moon lamp is a moon-shaped bedside lamp that can be a perfect companion also for your dining room and living room, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. The lamp has a 3D print design that looks like a real moon. Built out of non-harmful PLA material, the lamp has a Polymer Lithium Battery of 500mAh that provides a battery life of up to 6 hours on a charge of 2 hours.

About its controls, you can easily control the lamp using a remote control that comes with the package. Using this, you can toggle between the different colors of lights offered by the lamp. However, you can also switch colors by tapping on a touch sensor on the lamp’s surface. The lamp provides 16 RGB color options that you can control via a remote. It also offers 4 distinct modes- Flash, Strobe, Fade, and Smooth- through which you can have the fully immersive experience of the lamp.


The XERGY 15cm 3D light is the best bedside lamp among the moon lamps. The lamp is the best package as it offers 16 color options with a remote control which is tough to find in such budget lamps. It looks classy and enhances your interior with simply its presence. The wooden stand that comes with the light makes it look like a premium product as it stands firmly. The long-lasting battery that you can charge using a USB cable provided with the package makes it even better. Hence, it gets all the boxes ticked, making it the best bedside lamp with a moon shape.
Best bedside lamp among moon lamps It can’t be used while charging
It comes with 16 color options Price is a bit higher
It comes with a Remote control Delicate material
Long-lasting battery
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Brightness Durability Value for Money
3.8 4.1 3.8 3.7
Best Buy Link:

2. earthenmetal Mushroom Shaped Glass Table Lamp

earthenmetal table lamp-min

Changing times have brought different trends to the table. Interior designers and homemakers seek accessories that complement their house and are in sync with the fashion. As a result, minute things are taken care of when choosing the best. Bedside lamps with different shapes are the trend of the day, and this Mushroom-shaped lamp from Earthenmetal is a true example of that.

The Earthenmetal Mushroom is a bedside lamp called the marvel of craftsmanship. Inspired by mosaic art, the lamp has a unique pattern that runs through the surface of the light. The lamp looks exquisite with different colored beads that illuminate the dark, giving attractive designs. It is easy to operate and is a very user-friendly accessory.

It can operate by plugging in the wire to the power source, and it lights up instantly. The best part about the lamp is- it gives two different views. One with the light turned off and another when it is on. As a result, this best bedside lamp adds to the room’s glamour where it sits. You can also clean it easily using a soft dry cloth by wiping the dust off.

You get the lamp with an electric wire in the package found in the best bedside lamps around. However, one doesn’t get the bulb for the B22 type holder. The company recommends an incandescent bulb of 50W or an LED bulb of 5W to be used with the lamp.


The Earthenmetal Mushroom Shaped is the best bedside lamp for gifting purposes. It is beautiful, attractive, unique, and reflects the age-old Indian culture. One can easily see that in the patterns on the lamp when it lights up. With its unique shape, this lamp stands somewhere at the top alongside the best bedside lamps with attractive designs. The different colored glass beads are a perfect addition to the build of the best bedside lamp, and there’s no denying that. It is a unique yet classic gifting option for the Wedding season.

Best bedside lamp for gifting purposes It can’t be used while charging
It comes with the 16 color options Delicate to clean
It has a remote control functionality
Long-lasting battery
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Brightness Durability Value for Money
4.3 3.9 3.7 3.9
Best Buy Link:

3. Desidiya 3D Moon Night Rechargeable Lamp

Desidiya 3D moon night lamp-min

More is always less when it is about the interior of the house. Primarily, the bedroom represents the taste and class of the owner. Every accessory counts in that case, and when you have a stylish bedside lamp- it adds to the house’s charm. Talking about the best bedside lamp and the most elegant one and not mentioning this Moonlight from Desidiya would be a crime.

The Desidiya 3D Moonlight is a moon-shaped bedside lamp, as evident by the name. It has a stylish build made using eco-friendly PLA material that is odorless and non-toxic. The moon lamp is ideal for long-term usage with its soft light that prevents any irritation to the eyes. The LED light inside the lamp ensures a warm atmosphere and a safe and serene ambiance.

About its operation, all you have to do is only plug in the USB cable that comes with the package, and the lamp activates. You can turn on the light by tapping the moon’s surface. Changing the color of the light is also an easy process by tapping further in the same.


The Desidiya 3D Moon Light is the best bedside lamp to buy for kids’ & adults’ rooms. However, it is a complete package that leaves no stone unturned in making the user feel warm and comfortable. What better, you can use the light while charging as it sits on a wooden stand next to your bed. Its soft light that doesn’t hurt your eyes makes for the best bedside lamp for kids and adults alike. It is a perfect product for everyone seeking a moon lamp experience by spending relatively lesser.
Best bedside lamp for kids’ & adults’ rooms Average touch sensor
It comes with an in-built battery Delicate material
Eco-friendly PLA material
Sensitive touch control with perfect performance
It emits 7 different colors with energy-saving
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Brightness Durability Value for Money
3.9 3.9 3.5 3.9
Best Buy Link:

4. Tu Casa LG-200

Tu Casa LG-200 bedside lamp-min

Vintage is a style every household loves adding to their decor. While changing times have brought various enhancements to the designs of the best bedside lamps, the classic conical shape is never out of fashion. The Tu Casa LG-200 is precisely what vintage decor needs.

The Tu Casa LG-200 is a conical-shaped table lamp built with a cotton fabric shade. It has a metallic body topped with a cotton shade that adds a touch of classiness to the space. The base is black with a Khadi shade of the fabric complementing well. It has an easy operation by plugging in the electric cord and experiencing the warmth of the lamp spread all over. However, the initial installation of the bulb requires a little effort.

The B-22 type brass bulb base sits inside the stand that can be reached by unscrewing the top ring and fixing the bulb in the holder. Although the package doesn’t come with a bulb, the company recommends a 40W incandescent bulb or 9W CFL or LED. The lamp works on 220 volts and has a wattage requirement of 40W.

This best bedside lamp is a perfect option for your living room or bedroom, depending on the usage. It adds so much to the classiness of your house, and with a weight of only 400g, it is a highly portable lamp that you can keep anywhere and transfer easily depending on the occasion.


The Tu Casa LG-200 is the best bedside lamp for houses with vintage interiors. It has a feel that gives a classic vibe with its elegant and simplistic design. When you think that the absence of a built-in bulb is a con- it makes you realize that you can use it with a smart bulb to enjoy the experience to its fullest with changing colors. It is a simple bedside lamp that does the job and seems familiar to that old vintage lamp your grandparents had in their living rooms. It is the most elegant lamp that feels very familiar yet modern.
Best bedside lamp for the houses with vintage interiors Electrically corded
It comes with a classic design No bulb in the package
Base material – Iron No power switch
2-pin plug-in type with lightweight design
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Brightness Durability Value for Money
3.8 3.7 3.7 4.0
Best Buy Link:

5. HOME CUBE Smart Bedside Lamp

Home cube bedside lamp-min

Evolving times have made everything smart. From phones to TVs, and now, even lights. Yes, you read that right. With the growth of intelligent technology, things have come so far. Now, controlling the colors, intensity, and even the pattern of the lights has become easier than ever. This Smart LED light by Smart Cube is that and so much more for your liking. It is better than the best bedside lamps and is a versatile night light that offers convenience.

The Smart Cube LED night light is a bedside lamp cum phone charging socket. Well, both these things don’t seem to go together well, but it is precisely where this product takes the users by surprise. It is a small circular device that can plug into a power socket that you can control via a switch. It has two USB ports that you can use to charge two devices simultaneously. Not only phones but tablets, mp3 players, smartwatches, and even your earphones can get charged up using these.

It would not be right to call it a lamp for its size and build, but it is no less than that. The device has a soft light LED bulb found in the best bedside lamps, allowing a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere. It doesn’t feel dazzling or very sharp to disturb anyone around it. About its smart features, you can turn the switch to the Auto option that allows the light to detect light’s intensity via a photocell sensor, and the light switches on and off accordingly.

The Home Cube smart LED light is a beneficial device that can be used anywhere in the bedroom, bathroom, hallways, kitchen, living room, and even in balconies and staircases. Hence, a multi-functional light gives the best bedside lamps a run for their money. It is versatile, has extra features, and offers convenience.


The Home Cube Smart LED Night Light is the best bedside lamp with USB charging ports. This smart light ensures no holds are barred in terms of versatility and multi-functional approach. There is nothing one can take away from this light when it comes to usability, as it can be used both as a charger and a lamp. 
Best bedside lamp with USB-charging ports Fixes near a power source
Versatile functionality Only one colored light
Portable design with soft light Not suitable for a larger area
3 Light modes ON/OFF/Auto
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Brightness Durability Value for Money
4.3 4.1 3.4 3.7
Best Buy Link:

6. PRO365 Spa Night Lamp

PRO365 Spa Night Lamp-min

No one wants a device or appliance in the room that disturbs the feel of the entire setting. Sometimes, extra light or a bulky lamp looks odd for odd reasons. It is right where users seek an option that could fit in any design or setting without disturbing it or looking out of sync. The PRO365 Spa Lamp is just the right option in this case.

The PRO365 Spa Night Light is a flower-shaped bedside lamp with a unique design. It has a vase with three LED lights in the shape of flowers and artificial red roses, adding to the device’s elegance. It is an easy-to-use lamp with a plug-and-use operation. You can turn it ON by plugging it into the socket and turning on the switch. However, that’s not all. The lamp has a lighting sensor that detects light and switches on and off accordingly, saving you money.

The vase has a plug that goes into the power source, and as the switch turns on- the surrounding lights have to be turned off. As soon as the lights are on again, the lamp goes off automatically. While one of the three LEDs has a changing light, the other two have a constant color making a contrasting pattern. This best bedside lamp is a small and portable option that does not require much power and works efficiently.


The PRO365 Spa Night Light is the best bedside lamp with a minimal space requirement. It is perfect for every household as it can never look out of sync or odd with any design. Furthermore, it has a 6-months warranty that makes it a good buy. Having a light sensor adds up to the worth of a small lamp like this. It makes this best bedside lamp a worthy contender that you can buy without a thought. In addition, it sits nicely near the power socket, not requiring any extra space or support. With a power-efficient operation, this night light becomes a good option.

Best bedside lamp with a minimal space requirement Fixed near a power source
Power-efficient operation Comparatively low brightness
It takes less to no space
Small & portable design with lighting sensor
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Brightness Durability Value for Money
3.9 4.1 4.0 4.3
Best Buy Link:

7. Mi Smart Bedside Lamp 2

MI Smart bedside lamp-min

Mi has enthralled its users with some marvelous devices at affordable prices over the years. Be it Smartphones, Smartwatches, or Smart TVs- Mi has been the best. However, do you know that Mi has a Smart lamp that is so much more than a typical bedside lamp? It is an effortless device that works on par with the best bedside lamps and is even better in many cases.

The Mi Smart Bedside Lamp 2 is a smart lamp that looks nothing like a typical lamp. It is a cylindrically shaped light that operates via your mobile phone using the Mi Home app as well as touch. It is a Wi-Fi-enabled lamp that can also be accessed using Alexa and Google Assistant. However, the easiest way to do it is by touching the brightness bar that activates the light. You can also use it to adjust the brightness of the same.

The best part about this lamp- it offers 16 million colors that can be changed using the mobile app. Mi claims to provide 11 years long life with the lamp that adds to the product’s worthiness. Furthermore, it has multiple mood settings that you can set according to your mood or feeling. You can also control the warmth of the white light using the mobile app.


The Mi Smart 2 is the best bedside lamp to buy for brand value. It is versatile, beneficial, and a very efficient device for all kinds of users. It is the most convenient lamp as it can operate using a mobile phone. The functionality of this device is also better than any other smart lamp in the market. Furthermore, a brand warranty of 1 year makes it a perfect buy for users that seek functionality with reliability. 
Best bedside lamp to buy for brand value Price is on the higher side
Versatile & very-efficient device Bulky & oversized
It comes with the 16-Millions color options Corded operation
Wifi-Enabled & can be operated through APP
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Brightness Durability Value for Money
4.3 4.5 4.5 4.0
Best Buy Link:

8. Voroly E27 Port Bedside Lamp

Voroly Bedside night lamp-min

Minimalism is the ask for today’s times. It becomes an ideal package when you get what you seek from everything minimal. Something very similar is the interior design, where less is always more. A simplistic-looking lamp adds what nothing can to your minimal background. Voroly E27 Night light is what you need from the best bedside lamp that is also simple and elegant.

The Voroly E27 is an oval-shaped bedside lamp with a high-quality alloy body that is anti-corrosive. Moreover, the base of the lamp is wood-based. The top of the lamp has a green linen shade that can be called a true example of craftsmanship. The lamp is made in nordic style and is easy to install by all means.

About its efficiency, the voltage requirement is 240 volts, and it works on 40W. However, the lamp does not come with a built-in bulb. Despite this, the lamp leaves nothing that takes away its worth. It is ideal for living rooms and dining halls as it provides a classic touch to the atmosphere.


The Voroly E27 Port is the best bedside lamp for an elegant design. Although ideally made for bedrooms, it is perfect for dining halls. This best bedside lamp justifies the interiors of the room with its looks. As a result, it makes for the best combination with all kinds of backgrounds. Its minimalistic design is another reason it fits perfectly with any house or room. It is a no-brainer to go for it without a second thought as it is one of the best bedside lamps for everyone.
Best bedside lamp to buy for the minimalistic design Fidgety bulb holder
Light body material with the high-quality alloy lamp body
No-fading, anti-corrosion wood base
It comes with 3C certification for safety.
Soft & comfortable light
Customer Reviews
Ease Of Use Brightness Durability Value for Money
4.4 4.0 4.0 3.7
Best Buy Link:

Best Bedside Lamp: Buying Guide

When we think about buying the best bedside lamp, the thought of it being arduous never crosses our minds. However, choosing the best bedside lamp is not as easy as it sounds on the surface. One has to be very picky while choosing the ideal lamp, as it can define the entire look of your room.

Do not worry, as we have kept all your bases covered. We bring you this intuitive guide to help you know what you need to buy the best bedside lamp for yourself.


Companies use different types of materials to make the best bedside lamps. They use Metal, Polycarbonate, Fabric, and even Wood to make lamps these days. However, knowing what you want is very important in this case. While Metal-based lamps are more artistic in terms of looks, the wooden ones look more classy and modern. Plastic is used in Smart lamps and in combination with Wood or Metal to give a sturdy build. In addition, Fabrics like Cotton and Linen are used in the shades of the lamp, giving them a classic design.

Are you still confused? Metal is the most durable among these and can be an ideal option for houses with kids who play with electronics. However, Wooden lamps add to the house’s charm and complement all types of interiors equally. You can choose among them accordingly.


While most modern and the best bedside lamps come with a built-in bulb- there are a few that allow you to fit in your own. Here, in this case, the bulb becomes the decider. While some lamps perform great with an incandescent bulb giving a diffused yellowish light, some work wonders with LED lights. You can’t have an option in the built-in variants but can take your time and decide the best according to your lamp’s shade.

Lamp Base

The best bedside lamps usually have their base, but a removable stand is always a plus. One has to be picky in terms of the base as it decides the look of the entire lamp and if it will suit the surroundings. While most bases are metal-based, some are wooden and even glass. Depending on the usage and the looks, you can decide the material and base perfect for your lamp.

Power Source

There are two types of lamps when it comes to the power input. The corded lamps require a power source at all times, while battery-operated lamps can be charged and used later. While the former is economical, elegant, and gives a classy look, the latter is usually modern, stylish, and more convenient. It becomes the differential factor and can be considered while buying the lamp. Depending on the budget, usage, and efficiency- you can choose among the best bedside lamps from the list.


One should always look for the most they can get out of a device. Similarly, the best bedside lamp is never limited to the bedroom. You can choose depending on the spaces you decide to keep it in. While bedside requires a lamp with soft light and simplistic lamps with basic functionalities can do the job in such cases. However, in living rooms and hallways- lamps with higher brightness, multiple colors, Wi-Fi compatibility, and more are better to make an impression.

Bedside Lamp: FAQs

Can a bedside lamp be used only in the bedroom?

Not exactly. The name bedside lamp is given to these lamps as they are ideal for bedrooms. The best bedside lamps give out soft light that is perfect while sleeping and does not disturb sleep, and seems comfortable to the eyes. They offer warmth and ease to the atmosphere. However, the best bedside lamps are versatile enough to be kept anywhere in the house, irrespective of the space.

Are bedside lamps harmful to kids?

While the best bedside lamps are non-toxic materials, it is not always the case. Some lamps have a built-in bulb, while some require an incandescent bulb. Such bulbs get heated up quickly and can cause fatal damage to kids playing around. Lamps made of glass should also be away from kids. However, most lamps are safe to use.

How to choose the best bedside lamp?

The main factor should always be the purpose of use. Placing it in a space that requires more or less light depending on the surroundings can determine your purchase. The best bedside lamps have customizable lights, and these are the best types for users who can’t decide while choosing the best bedside lamp.

Which type of bulb is the best for bedside lamps?

The best bedside lamps have their bulbs, while there are also ones that require you to install a bulb that works with two types. They can work with incandescent or LED bulbs, and some even work with Smart bulbs. The lampshade decides the light that works the best with one particular lamp. One with patterns usually works best with LED bulbs, while plain shades look the best with incandescent bulbs with yellowish lights.

Are bedside lamps economical in use?

Yes, they usually are. You can find that the best bedside lamps bring less to no difference to the electricity bills. However, smart bulbs are best in this case as they switch off automatically when not in use. As a result, it saves so much energy.

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