Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver Under ₹2000 For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver Under ₹2000 For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

9 Best Beard Trimmer For Men In India 2020

Best Beard TrimmersTypeCharging Time(In Hours)Run TimeWarrantyPrice
Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid TrimmerCordless8 Hours45 mins2-YearsCheck Price
HATTEKER Men’s TrimmerCordless1.5 Hours150 mins1-YearCheck Price
Philips S1070/04 Aqua Touch Electric ShaverCordless10 Hours45 mins1-YearCheck Price
Ustraa Chrome Beard Trimmer for menCorded/Cordless1 Hour120 mins2-YearsCheck Price
Syska HT3052K Grooming Kit Cordless1 Hour50 mins2-YearsCheck Price
Panasonic ER-GY10K 6-in-1 Men’s Beard Grooming KitCordless1-2 Hours50 mins2-YearsCheck Price
Braun BT3022 Beard TrimmerCordless10 Hours40 mins1-YearCheck Price
Nova 9 in 1 Grooming KitCordless8 Hours45 mins1-YearCheck Price
Impex GK 402 8-in-One Professional Multi Grooming and TrimmerCordless5 Hours60 mins1-YearCheck Price

Best Beard Trimmer For Men In India: Reviews

1. Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide


If you are looking for an ultimately designed best beard trimmer for men hair grooming this hybrid trimmer from “Philips” provides you the best result. This trimmer is termed as “OneBlade“. It comes with the unique one blade design which performs the trimming in a more precise way. This uniquely designed trimmer is compact, stylish, and slim in design which can easily fit in your hand. The revolutionary one blade technology provides you with shaving with comfort while keeping the skin soft.

The design of the cutting blade is done in such a way that there is a protective plate on top of the cutter which prevents the skin from cutting. The dual-sided blade helps you to easily and comfortably style all the required areas you want. So, if you are low on budget and want the precise cutting this uniquely designed is the best fit from our list.


  • Uniquely designed OneBlade technology.
  • Water-resistant – can be used either for dry or wet trimming.
  • It comes with the rechargeable battery which runs for 45 mins continuously.
  • The blades are dual-sided and can be replaced.
  • It comes with Blade Life Indicator
  • Comes with 3 trimming combs(1,3 & 5 mm) for stubble trimming.
  • Lightweight and easy cleaning.
  • 2-years warranty on the product.
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2. Hatteker Men’s Professional Trimmer

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

If you are concerned about your grooming and want to have the best beard trimmer for men then stop your search here. This trimmer built from the professionals comes with all the necessary kit for your overall grooming. For precise cut, trim, and shave it comes with 4-level of blade position settings. The ergonomically designed hand provides you comfort while using it. 

This professional trimmer comes with the ceramic cutting blade which offers high heat resistance while using. There is a LED display over the hand of trimmer which helps you keep an eye on the power usage and battery left. The trimming operation can be performed either corded or cordless for added convenience.


  • It comes with four adjustable blade position settings.
  • Self-sharpening blade.
  • Heat resistance and the fixed titanium blade with rust-resistant.
  • Cordless and corded operation.
  • Comes with LED display shows the remaining battery during using and charging, 
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery 1200 mAh.
  • Run time of upto 150 min in a single charge.
  • 1-year warranty on the product.
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3. Philips S1070/04 Aquatouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver 

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

Now enjoy the refreshing shave within touch with this awesomely designed electric trimmer for men. This aquatouch electric shaver provides you with the precise cut of beard without any hassle. The self-sharpening precision blades help you achieve the reliable clean shave within no time. 

This trimmer comes with the three comfort cut blades which makes your grooming much easy and comfortable. This popup trimmer is designed to prevent nicks and cuts while trimming. Now no worry about damaging your skin. For enhanced skin comfort you can use aquatouch with shaving gel or foam. The three-direction head flex ensures to easily shave every curve.  


  • Comes with three direction heads flex to ensure cut at every corner.
  • Self-sharpening precision blade.
  • Waterproof design.
  • It provides you with a wet & dry shave.
  • Delivers 45 minutes of cordless shaving.
  • It can be ideal for travel.
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4. Ustraa Chrome 300 Corded and Cordless Beard Trimmer

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

An awesome beard design requires an awesome trimmer for grooming. This beard trimmer comes with a both corded and cordless design for working. A well-known name in the grooming world “Ustraa” comes with a large titanium coated T-shaped blades which deliver you the perfect trim every time. 

Its self-sharpening blade provides you with even beard trim within a go. There is a battery level indicator that ensures you with the battery remaining while trimming. The “Ustraa” beard trimmer comes with the fast charging technology which fully charges your battery within 60 minutes. Now no more charging of your trimmer overnight. It comes with the 3-combs set of 0-4 mm that don’t rattle and offers you precise settings.


  • It comes with 60 minutes of quick charging.
  • Battery run time upto 90-120 minutes in a single charge.
  • It comes with an LCD for battery level indicator.
  • Both cord and cordless operation for optimal performance.
  • It comes with ABS plastic combs that won’t break with a stable lock mechanism for better control.
  • 2-years warranty on the product.
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5. Syska HT3052K Grooming Kit

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver Under ₹2000 For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

Syska a market-leading brand name comes with the amazing styled beard trimmer. Going to the barber can take u a lot of time and also a lot of money. Syska trimmer takes care of all your grooming needs. This lightweight and handy trimmer come with all the essential grooming kit for your grooming.  This high-quality handy trimmer ensures you safe, easy, and hygienic grooming experience.

This ultragroom pro styling kit keeps your look as sharp as possible. The trimmer comes with the skin-friendly stainless steel blades for the smooth trimming experience. The unique self-sharpening blades brush against each other by sharpening themselves as they trim so that they can stay sharp and effective for a longer period. This ultimate groomer kit covers hair trimmer, nose trimmer, precision trimmer, foil shaver head, etc. for your healthy grooming habit.


  • Comes with an 8 in 1 grooming kit for your healthy grooming.
  • It comes with a 1-20 mm guide comb setting for precise trimming.
  • LED indicator for charge indication.
  • With 1 hour of charge, it provides 50 minutes of continuous grooming.
  • Skin-friendly and self-sharpening blade.
  • Cordless design.
  • 2-years warranty on the product.
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6. Panasonic ER-GY10K Beard Trimmer

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver Under ₹2000 For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

Panasonic beard trimmer, the latest in design assures you with a stylish and handy trimmer with a lot of features. If you have a crunch budget and trust with the brand name you can go with this stylish trimmer with an all-over-body grooming kit. This effective trimmer helps you trim your hair, beard, mustache, underarms, and body hair effortlessly. 

This Panasonic trimmer can be conveniently on both dry and wet hair according to requirements. It comes with the spring-loaded high-performance stainless steel blades which require no user attention for the adjustment. The trimmer comes with the precision tools to perfectly groom a man. The ergonomic design makes the grip of the trimmer quite handy and comfortable. 


  • 6-in-1 all over body grooming kit.
  • High-performance stainless steel blades for precise cutting or trimming.
  • Comes with Quick-adjust dial for length settings.
  • Washable for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Rechargeable and cordless use.
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design.
  • Ideal for travelers.
  • 2-years warranty on the product.
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7. Braun BT3022 Beard Trimmer for Men

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver Under ₹2000 For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

Braun beard trimmer comes with a stylish and unique design for your grooming. This grooming kit comes with lifetime sharp blades for even beard trimming and hair clipping. The uniquely designed blade ensures you about 100% precise cutting for your hair cutting or trimming. If you want the perfect grooming within the low budget then this trimmer can lead you to achieve your desire. 

Ensures your beard styling with precise trimming of hairs. The Braun trimmer comes with the trimming comb and precision dial which offers 20 length settings for precision cutting from 0.5-10 mm for any beard styling. The trimmer is powered with a lifetime sharp blade to easily cut through long or thick hair without pulling or tugging. 


  • It comes with a precision dial to safely and easily cut off hairs.
  • 20 length settings for beard trimming.
  • Easily washable.
  • Lightweight and rechargeable design.
  • For 10 hours of full charge 40 minutes of continuous trimming.
  • Cordless design for easy reach.
Best Buy Link:

8. Nova 9 in 1 Grooming Kit – NG-1175

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver Under ₹2000 For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

Nova multi groomer ensures you all the grooming required for your style, look, or design. This all-in-1 kit provides you with ultimate styling and precision cutting of hairs and is one of the best hair trimmers for men. This grooming kit helps you maintain hairs all over your body from head to toe. Nova ensures your safety trimming habits with its precise trimmer with high built-in quality.

It can also be ideal for gift purposes. It helps you to remove unwanted hair or trim those areas of the body where the normal trimmer fails to perform. From sideburns to the neckline to stubble nothing goes unnoticed with its uniquely designed stainless steel blade. Nova waterproof multi groom kit will prove to be an indispensable asset for your style maintenance.


  • Offers corded as well as cordless use for effortless trimming.
  • Super quick charging.
  • 100% waterproof design.
  • 45 minutes of continuous run time.
  • Lifetime lasting surgical blades.
  • Comes with adjustable 3 length settings for body grooming.
  • 1-year warranty on the product.
Best Buy Link:

9. Impex GK 402 8-in-One Professional Multi Grooming and Trimmer Kit 

Best Beard Trimmer and Shaver Under ₹2000 For Men In India – Complete Buy Guide

Impex trimmer ensures you groom yourself to protection. It offers a wide range of cordless trimmers which are a complete blend of functionality and style. This powerfully designed trimmer offers you with all features that you need to get a professionally groomed by sitting at home. The easy and smooth designed operation makes it a preferred choice for trimmer by all the men. 

The grooming kit covers all the necessary accessories for your grooming habit. The additional accessories make it a versatile gift for your grooming purpose. This grooming kit includes a full-sized trimmer, precision trimmer, nose trimmer, micro shaver, and 4 different sized comb attachments. Powered by the heavy-duty motor makes it efficient and reliable for your grooming purpose. So, if you are low on budget and looking for the best trimmer under ₹2000 for men this will deliver you the best result without compromising your style and safety.


  • The precision cutter blade for your styling.
  • It provides you with corded as well as cordless operation.
  • Continuous trimming for upto 60 minutes.
  • Rechargeable with charging indication.
  • 4 size comb attachments from 3-12 mm for precise cutting.
  • Super sharp blade for effective cutting.
Best Buy Link:

What Is a Beard Trimmer?

A beard trimmer is a hand-held device which is used for grooming of your hairs or beard. It is one of the most valuable devices in the men’s kit. A simple, compact, and lightweight device beard trimmer is much more beneficial for the appealing personality.

This grooming tool allows you to trim your hairs at various lengths. You can adjust the shape, size, and style according to your requirements which ultimately improves your personality. Unlike the manual razor beard trimmer works on the electricity. A beard trimmer uses thin metal blades which use electricity to move and rotate. It is much safer and easy to use compared to manual razors.

The oscillation style of moving blades in the beard trimmer helps you achieve the desired cut you want on the go. A beard trimmer is either corded or cordless in design which is either rechargeable or uses the battery to work. Some of them come with built-in mini vacuums to suck away dirt and a self-cleaning blade mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Trimmers

Which is the best beard trimmer for men?

=> Philips QP2525/10 OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer is the best beard trimmer for men in India. This is based on costumer’s rating and market value. It is equipped with “One Blade” technology which means shaving, trimming, and styling is done with a single blade. The trimmer consists of double-sided blades for styling and sharp edges at a time. The model is fully washable and the blade lasts for 4 months. 

How do beard trimmer works?

=> Beard trimmers are an electrically powered device that uses the motor to power the trimmer head. Compared to manual razors the trimmer blades movement is automatic and uniform. The blades are sharp enough to prevent hair follicles from getting pulled out. The movements of the blades are linear and that leads to the cleaner results without any cut.

Which blade is better for beard trimmer: A titanium or stainless steel?

=> The titanium blade is better for a beard trimmer. This blade tends to last longer compared to the Stainless steel blades. But it is costly. Stainless steel blade, on the other hand, is sharper comparatively but is not durable. 

How to clean a beard trimmer?

=> Usually, the beard trimmer comes with oil and a little brush along with accessories. After trimming hairs usually, get stuck inside the trimmer. So, to pull out or remove the hair use of a brush is done. If you find hair caked inside the trimmer, remove it with the help of clippers. If the removal of hair is hard, kindly put the oil over the trimmer and clean it with the cotton swab for better results. It is advisable to clean your trimmer after every shave, but doing once a week can result in a long time run.

Can I use Beard Trimmer in the Shower?

=> Yes. Beard trimmers can be used in the shower if it is waterproof. Several waterproof trimmers can be used in the shower but the price range generally gets high. You can choose the trimmer from well-known brands for the desired results.

Can I use a beard trimmer to trim armpit, body, and pubic hair?

=> This is a frequently asked question from the trimmer buyers. The answer is Yes. It completely depends on the size of hair to the area you want to trim. The trimmers are used for precise cutting and are capable of cutting the short hair length. Trimmer never provides you a clean shave. There will be a slight stubble left. You can opt for a razor if you want the clean shave. 

If the hair is too long it will just tangle up and clog the beard trimmer quickly. To trim your armpit or pubic hair you can first use scissors to minimize the hair length. After that, you can use the shortest trimmer guard for the precise cutting of hair. Be careful while using the trimmer to those areas as they are sensible and your skin can get caught in the blades. 

Is a beard trimmer waterproof in design?

=> Yes. Most of the bread trimmer brand comes with a waterproof or water-resistant body. This make trimmer or shaver safe from water and durable in the long run.

How to adjust the trimming length?

=> For adjustment of the trimmer length, you can simply choose the right trimmer attachment and place it over the blade. Some beard trimmers come with a locking mechanism that allows you to keep the guard in place. Choose the trimmer guard to use according to how much hair length you want to cut.

What is the life span of a beard trimmer?

=> This largely depends on how well you take care of the trimmer and the frequency of use but generally, a good beard trimmer can last for a minimum of 1 year to easily up to 10 years.

Tips To Use The Beard Trimmer

  • Always make sure you have a good charge on your trimmer for the best results.
  • Use in front of the mirror for a better result.
  • You can use soft hair shampoo and conditioner to wash your beard. This will keep it smooth and easy to trim or shave.
  • Adjust the trimmer guard to the desired beard length.
  • Remove stray hairs from your face when you finish, especially the cheeks. You may have to use a straight razor for this.
  • Go slowly when shaving. You may have to go over an area several times to get all the hairs.
  • Keep your trimmer oiled and regularly brush the hair out of the tips.

Best Hair Trimmer Buying Guide

1. Cord Or Cordless

You can buy either the corded or the cordless designed beard trimmer. It completely depends on your choice and budget. But according to our view, a cordless trimmer is trendy and is easier to use compared to corded. It doesn’t restrict your reach to the desired area you want to trim. Either on a business trip or traveling overseas cordless trimmer is far beneficial and better for the environment and energy consumption. The cordless trimmer can easily fit inside your pocket and can be carried anywhere you want.

2. Length Options

Most beard trimmers come with adjustable combs that attach to the trimmer itself to allow for different cutting lengths. If you’re looking to trim and/or style, then go with a beard trimmer that has varying options. Some have a precision trimmer too. Those are extra blades that are smaller and are often concealed on the trimmer itself, that can be twisted around to join the main blade.

3. Battery Life

If you are looking for the best beard trimmer for your grooming, you must have to consider the battery life of the trimmer. Various of the brand provides a long battery life within a charge. The long battery life of the trimmer makes you carefree about charging and allows you to use it in the long run.

4. Ease of maintenance

The trimmer is the electrically powered device it becomes important to keep an eye for the ease of maintenance of trimmer. You must have to consider the point required for the maintenance of the trimmer for the long run and easy to use. 

5. Build-quality

Build-quality is an important point to take note of before buying an electric trimmer. Try to avoid the trimmer made of plastic as those can be damaged and can no longer provide you the precise result. Look for a trimmer with high built quality, self-sharpening stainless steel blades, wireless charging support, a cordless design, or a range of extensions for the better result.

6. Dry or Wet Trimming

Depending on your trimming habits either you like to trim before shower or after the shower, you should choose whether to go for the trimmer that’s for dry or wet trimming. However, you can get both the facility within one trimmer just increasing your budget. Various of the brand provides trimmer which is comfortable for both dry and wet trimming.

Guidelines to follow while cleaning a Beard Trimmer

  • Firstly, switch off the trimmer power supply and separate power adapter.
  • Clean or wipe out the hair strings attached to the blade or trimmer cap.
  • Keep it under running water to get more precise cleaning if any.
  • Shake the trimmer for 4-5 times to sprinkle out the water droplets attached inside it for safety. 
  • Now place it under the fan for some time to get it dry completely.
  • Wipe the device using a towel to thoroughly clean the water over the surface. 
  • Apply a few drops of oil on the trimming blade edges to keep it clean and in good working condition.

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