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Best Baby Food Processor In India 2020: Buyers Guide & Reviews

8 Best Baby Food Maker/Processor To Buy Online

Best Baby Food Processor Weight Processing Time Warranty Price
Kiddale Baby Food Processor 2.72 Kg 15 Mins 1-Year Check Price

minne QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker

1.93 Kg N/A 1-Year Check Price
BEABA Babycook Original 1.67 Kg 15 Mins 2-Year Check Price
LEGIT 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker 2.66 Kg 25 Mins 1-Year Check Price
LuvLap Regal Advanced+ Baby Food Processor 2.61 Kg N/A 1-Year Check Price
Magic Bullet Baby Food Maker 2.59 Kg 5 Mins 1-Year Check Price
UNIQUE ICON Homemade Baby Food Maker 1.49 Kg 15 Mins 1-Year Check Price
Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender 2 kg 10 Mins 1-Year Check Price

Different Types of Baby Food Maker

Various types of baby food makers are available in the market. They vary according to their design and processing quality. They utilize different methods to complete the operation.

Baby Food Masher

baby food masher in India

As the name suggests, it utilizes the same method as mashing the potatoes with hand. It consists of a bowl and you have to mash the food with your hand until the food reaches the desired or expected consistency. Fisher-Price Baby Food Masher is one of the incredible models.

Baby Food Mill

It is just like a crank-handled pepper grinder. This mill churns food into something your baby can eat. Place the food in, turn the handle, and you’ll eventually have exactly what you’re looking for.

Baby Food Steamer

It comes with the combo steamer and blender models. The benefit of steaming food is that it helps to retain the nutritional value of the food items. Some of the devices also feature push-button controls and timers. Kiddale 5in1 Smart Digital Baby Food Processor is the high-end model for the baby food steamer.

Baby Food Blender

As the name suggests it turns the food into the puree. They are simpler to use than a steamer but comes with limited features and might require you to cook a few things beforehand.

Baby Food Maker: Reviews

1. Kiddale 5in1 Smart Digital Baby Food Processor

Best Baby Food Maker/Processor To Buy Online

Looking for a professional baby food maker? Then stop your search here. This food maker comes with a multi-function operation. It can Steam, Blend, Chop, and prepare baby food of fruits, vegetables, meat, or fish from raw to any stage of toddler food in just 15 minutes. With just a touch of a button, the food is prepared in the minutes. The model is approved by various agencies thus making it very safe to use.

It is provided with a special button i.e. disinfectant(sterilize) button, that sterilizes the container before use by utilizing the steam. To use the disinfectant feature, just slide the cover anti-clockwise to open and fill the water inside upto red mark and close the cover.  Now connect the stirring cup with the main body. Press the power button for 3 seconds on the device. Then after press Disinfect Button. The device is also capable to disinfect baby bottles, nipples, spoon, teething, etc. One the process is completed you can hear 5 beeps which indicate the process is completed.  

This 5-In-1 baby food processor can perform all the activities in one jar and in the shortest time possible. This cuts-down the requirement of any extra jar or utensils and also saves your time. The model is provided with a touch screen panel which makes task control smooth and easy. While the auto-clean feature automatically cleans the stirring cup. Once the ready food is removed from the basket, put the system on Auto Cleaning and it will clean the basket automatically. The pulse button is useful for short stirring.

The steaming function steam the food like fruits, and vegetable and makes them germs or infection-free. The steaming time can be increased or decreased by using the +/- button. The stirring function turns the steamed food into a puree that is edible by the baby. Put the steamed food into the stirring cup and switch ON the processor. Press the “Auto” or “Pulse” button to start the function. The Processor will start and stop automatically in this mode. Once the process is complete switch OFF the processor and the Food is ready. Allow it to cool down before feeding to baby.

Perfect for any stage toddler Comparatively heavier
5-In-1 multifunction No defrost function
Soft-touch panel
Auto-clean & auto shut-off function
Security lock feature
Anti-dry burning protection
BPA free material
Best Buy Link:

2. minne QOOC 4-in-1 Mini Baby Food Maker

Mini Baby Food Maker

Looking for a compact-sized baby food maker? Then stop your search here. This compact-sized baby food maker is elegant in design and smart in operation. The device is made from a high-quality material that utilizes food-grade stainless steel and nano-coating that makes the device wear-resistant and reduces scale. 

The device is programmed with a 4-In-1 multifunction. It can steam, blend, reheat, and defrost the food. While the 360° heating operation preserves the food nutrients value providing more delicious and healthy food for your little ones. The food preparation is done using 4 easy steps. In the first step, place the food into the cooking basket. In the second step, pour sufficient amount of water into the water reservoir. The third step, rotate the dial to “Mixing”. While in the fourth step rotate the dial to “Steam”. 

The device is made from BPA free material which makes it completely safe for edible purposes. It can prepare food for different stages of the toddler that makes a perfect fit to buy. The compact size and sleek design also makes easy cleaning and can be used multiple time in a day.

Perfect for any stage toddler No auto-clean operation
4-In-1 multifunction No auto-shut-off feature
BPA free material No Security lock feature
Food grade stainless steel
Nano-coating wear resistant device
Best Buy Link:

3. BEABA Babycook Solo Food Maker

Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Steam Cooker and Blender

Looking for a healthy cooking device for your baby? Then stop your search here. BEABA is one of the leading smart devices in the market. The device is featured with a single button to meet all the cooking requirements for your baby food preparation. It is provided with a large bowl to make large quantities of food at a time. 

This 4-In-1 food processor is perfect for Steam cooks, blends, defrosts and reheats. The model can steam the food within 15 minutes while preserving the essential nutrients and aroma of the food. It is also provided with a removable steaming basket that collects cooking juices rich in vitamins and minerals to modulate meal texture. 

The unique feature of this device is its “Manual cyclone-effect blade” that provides tailored mixing providing consistency according to the baby’s age. The wide opening of the basket makes it easy to clean. The extra and ingenious spatula helps to remove the content without getting burned. While the device is made from BPA-free, Lead and Phthalate free material making it a suitable device for edible purpose. If there are frozen leftovers then you can defrost and reheat all in the same Babycook without any hassle.

Perfect for any stage toddler No auto-clean operation
Extremely lightweight and perfect for travel No Anti-dry burning protection
Low power consumption Rotating control knob
Easy cleaning
BPA-free, Lead and Phthalate free material
A single button to meet all the cooking requirements
Best Buy Link:

4. LuvLap Regal Advanced+ Baby Food Processor

LuvLap Regal Advanced+ Baby Food Processor

Looking for a baby food maker with advanced features? Then stop your search here. LuvLap is one of the perfect devices that prepares baby food across weaning stages. The unique feature of the device is its “Nutrient Preserving Steaming Technology” which is a healthier cooking option for your little ones. It helps to preserve the taste and nutrients of the food, ensuring the healthy growth of the baby.

The model’s 2-In-1 blending and steaming function help to combine the benefit of conventional cookers and blenders. The device can be used for preparing vegetables, fruits, and meat, etc depending upon your diet preferences. It is provided with vast cooking preparation options. The multiple blending options work great for a chunky, coarse, or smooth puree. 

The device is equipped with a smart touch screen digital display panel that allows you to ensure clear markings for food preparation. The easy to operate touch panel is suitable for precise operation. The food ready sound indicator indicates that the food is ready for consumption. The auto cleaning and sterilizing operation sterilize the food to make it germs or infection-free to make it safe for consumption.  While the auto shut-off feature automatically shuts off the device once the process is completed or the food is ready to consume. 

Another unique feature of the device is its “Dry Burning Protection”. If there is less amount of water in the tank, the device will stop working or shuts down automatically to prevent any mishaps or burns. This makes it a completely safe device for baby food preparation.

Perfect for any stage toddler No defrost feature
Auto clean & auto shut-off feature
Anti-skid base
Dry burning protection
Large LCD touch panel for precise control
Food ready sound indicator
BPA free material
Best Buy Link:

5. Magic Bullet Baby Complete Care System

Best Baby Food Maker/Processor In India

This device is a perfect buy if you are looking to make an entire week’s worth of healthy, nutritional baby food. The Magic Bullet baby food maker is the complete safe device for the baby care system for the whole week. This baby food maker can prepare the food in just 5 minutes of time which makes it faster and efficient compared to other models. 

The model includes 6-date dial storage cups that prepare the food for all week’s purpose without depending on any other utensils. The device is made of BPA free food grade carbonate material which makes it completely safe for the food preparation. This blender with the sharp and fine blades can prepare food with any consistency. 

The steamer is a great way to both sterilize your vegetables and soften them up before you add them to the baby bullet. This will ensure a smooth consistent texture as the motor in the baby bullet isn’t very powerful.

To use the steamer, you start by dicing up your fruit and vegetables into small cubes. Add water to the steamer’s tray as directed in the instruction book. The book tells you the setting (1 to 5) and how much water needs to be added to a steam individual ingredients such as carrots or peas. Then put the rubber tray over the silver tray containing the water and let the process finish the operation.

This baby bullet works just fine if you are blending some soft ingredients like bananas, apple, and grapes. It can also prepare you purees if you steam them before putting into the blender. 

It is important to note that, you must not add any hot water or ingredients into the cup as there is no heat to escape. 

Perfect for blending No defrost feature
Quick and efficient food preparation No auto shut-off & clean feature
Anti-skid base No Anti-dry burning protection
Low power consumption
6-date dial storage cups
Best Buy Link:

6. Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

Best Baby Food Processor In India

Philips Avent baby food maker provides easy swapping from steamer to blender. The operation is quite efficient and quick in the go. This ideal device offers you both the steamer and a blender for every stage when weaning. The compact and sleek design makes it easy to store at any place you want while saving the kitchen or table space. 

Unlike most of the food makers, this device allows switching between the two functions in easy steps, all you have to do is to flip the jar without transferring any food. The powerful blender allows you to prepare a variety of foods by making it perfect for every stage of weaving. The steamer maintains the food nutrients while the blender offers you with the fine texture that you won’t choke your baby. 

The device is equipped with additional accessories like a spatula, a measuring cup, and a recipe to help you perfectly prepare your little one’s food. While the manufacturer offers a 2-year worry-free warranty. 

So, if you are looking for the baby food maker for your 6 to 12 months with blend and steam functions, this could be your best buy. The steamer maintains the food nutrients while the blender makes the smoothest meal for your baby. Its compact design makes it an ideal fit for most kitchens. It is quite fast therefore excellent for busy parents and families.

Perfect for blending & steaming No defrost feature
Easy to clean Some users find it noisy
Compact size and easy to handle
A quick steam and flip jar over to blend
BPA free material
Best Buy Link:

7. LEGIT 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker

Best Baby Food Processor In India

This product is our prime choice for your baby food maker. Legit food maker is equipped with 4 powerful and intuitive functions in one professional grade appliance. This baby food maker is the best choice for many of the reasons. The device is capable to perform multiple functions like defrost, stem, cook, and blend. The device is compact in size and can fit any kitchen interior. While its elegant and sleek design enhances your kitchen interior.

The baby food maker comes with a wide opening water reservoir with a rotary lid, for easy water pouring, visual control, and cleaning. The intuitive timing function allows you to choose a convenient preset cooking time for meat, fish, and different types of veggies. It is also equipped with a premium precision prep blade that makes the operation fast and allows easy to quickly chop/puree everything from fruit to nuts to veggies with the press of a button. The pulse function allows grinding for the delicious puree in every 5 seconds.

The steaming basket, mixing cover, mixing jug, jug lid, water reservoir lid, and detachable blade are dishwasher safe. While the wide opening water reservoir for easy cleaning. The device is also provided with a measuring cup, cooking basket, mixing cover, spatula extra, blade seal, and nutrition feeder. The fresh-keeping with 360° uniform and rapid heating reduces the oxidation of food and avoids the loss of nutrients.

The wide opening water reservoir No defrost feature
Auto shut-off function Rotating control knob
Food grade material mixing jug Steaming takes time
Intuitive timing function
Dishwasher safe material
BPA free material
Best Buy Link:

8. UNIQUE ICON 4 in 1 Homemade Baby Food Maker 

Best Baby Food Processor In India

Looking for a baby food maker that is one-handed control? Then stop your search here. This device is the last but not the least recommendation on our list. It combines with Steaming, Blending, Heating, and Defrosts functions which makes it the best cooking tool for your baby. This food maker is compact and small in size and fits easily to your kitchen interior. The 360° uniform and rapid heating reduces the oxidation of food and avoids the loss of nutrients.

The fast and efficient working allows the parents to create fresh and nutritious baby food on the go. The device is made of BPA-free material which makes it an ideal choice for consumption. The Tritan free material makes this device safe for the baby and sturdy in operation. A wide opening water reservoir with a rotary lid, for easy water pouring. The model comes with extra accessories like a spatula, baby food recipe, measure cup, cleaning tool. 

The wide opening water reservoir No defrost feature
Low noise operation No auto shut-off & clean feature
BPA free material
Anti-skid base
One-handed operation
Easy to clean
Best Buy Link:

Baby Food Maker: Buying Guide


This is the first thing to keep in mind before purchasing a baby food maker. Make sure the food makers’ construction will not harm your baby in any way. The body design should be smooth and sturdy. It should not have any sharp edges and must be relevant to the safety measure of the baby.

BPA Free Material

BPA(Bisphenol A) is a chemical substance that is usually found in plastic parts or food containers. These are harmful and can be unsafe especially for the child or little ones. To ensure that your baby stays safe, you have to ensure that the product is BPA free. Such a product will always give you peace of mind.

Portability & Storage

Make sure the device is compact and lightweight in design. This makes the device easy to transfer from one place to another and does not require any extra space for storage purposes. 

Ease Of Use

The device function must be easily understandable and should be easy to use. You must ask some of the questions you should ask yourself before picking the food maker for your little one. Your hands are already full for the most part, and you do not want to add more work to your life. 


It means, how fast the food maker is capable? The food maker must be faster and efficient in operation. The efficiency of the device depends on the quality of the material used to build the product. More efficiency, less time consumption the task will be. 


I am sure you don’t want to purchase a device that comes with less durability and requires replacement in a short time. Look for the product that comes with solid construction and can withstand years of use. Make sure the product is made from hard plastic and can withstand heavy workload.  


Cleaning can be a hectic task for some of us. It’s better to select the baby food maker that is quick to clean. A dishwasher safe unit would be perfect. You should also consider one with a detachable blade for ease of cleaning.

Included Accessories

The extra accessories include storage containers, trays, among other accessories. Consider a food maker that comes with the essential items you need that would incur an extra cost if you were to get them separately.


It’s always a safe move to buy a product with the warranty period. This provides mental peace and assures trust and safety using in the long run. In case, if the product breaks down in a short period you can easily contact the service provider to fix or replace the product.

Baby Food Maker – FAQs

Do I need a food processor?

=> Yes. If you have a baby inside your house, you need to have a food processor. It turns the food into baby eating or liquid consistency that can be edible by the baby easily.

Which is the best baby food maker in India?

=> Kiddale 5-in-1 Smart Digital Baby Food Processor is the best baby food maker in India. Some of the best brands are listed below.

  • Philips 
  • BEABA 
  • LuvLap
  • Magic Bullet

Does a food steamer retains food nutritional value than steeming in a stove?

=>  Yes. Steaming food over a stove loses its nutrition and cooking juices because of evaporation. Hence, the food obtained lacks the nutritional value and essential vitamins and minerals that are required by the child for the growth and development of your child. While a food steamer processes the food by retaining its essential nutrients and is quick in operation. 

How much water is required for steaming the food?

=> It is important to know the right amount of water required to obtain the perfect steaming of the food. Putting too much water can affect the steaming process. There is a water tank provided with a level that helps to feed the required amount of water for perfect steaming. Do not overfill the tank or fill it over the marked line.

Can I disassemble the blade for cleaning?

=> Yes. You can disassemble the blade for safe cleaning. Make sure to reassemble the parts correctly as mentioned in the setup guide.

How to prevent food lumps while using a baby food maker?

=> If you are finding lumps in the food after blending, try to add some cool water and blend it for some time again. Make sure you provide a sufficient amount of water before using a baby food maker.

How to clean a baby food maker?

=> Some of the high-end brands may come with the auto-clean function. While the commonly used models require manual cleaning from time to time. Here are some of the necessary steps to follow while cleaning a baby food maker. They are:

  • Turn off the power supply. Unplug the power supply and allow it to cool it down completely before cleaning.
  • After every use of the device, wash the jug, lid, and basket with the warm soapy water. You can even use a dishwasher if the model is dishwasher safe for cleaning.
  • Wash the blade, sealing ring, and locking ring with warm water and rinse with dry clothes to prevent corrosion.
  •  After every use, wipe the jug housing with a damp cloth but do not submerge in water.

How to descale my baby food maker?

=> If you notice limescale generation over the lid, then its time to descale it. For convenient and smoother operation make sure to clean your baby food maker every 4 weeks or sooner. Descaling process removes the deposits of calcium and other minerals within the system that may affect its performance.

  • Unplug the unit and allow it to cool. After each use, wash out the remaining water inside the tank. You can do so by tipping it sideways over a sink and use a dry cloth for smooth cleaning.
  • Use a de-scaler that is suitable for use with stainless steel and use as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • You can also use white vinegar to descale your unit. If limescale is still present in the water tank, you may need to repeat the descaling process.

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