Best Air Quality Monitor(2019) – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Best Air Quality Monitor(2019) – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Air Quality Monitor

Getting fresh air for breathing has become a major issue for human in today’s world. Growing industrialization and urbanization lead to air pollution. The bad odor gases released by industries or factories are really harmful to human health. These gases are the major cause of the decline in human health and fresh air breathing. Either you are in the home, office or traveling it becomes hard to breathe due to the number of contaminants or PM particles present in the air.

To help you keep an eye on the air in your home Air Quality Monitor proves to be the most suitable and preferable option to choose for. An air quality monitor is the first step in gaining control of your indoor air quality. In this post, I have discussed the best air quality monitor for your home and you will learn how to choose them.

Best Air Quality Monitor

1. Airveda Air Quality Monitor

Airveda is considered to be the best and the top air quality in our list. It comes with an accurate and app-enabled air quality monitor to measure CO2, PM2.5, PM10, Temperature, and Humidity. The compact size of this air control monitor with alarming features makes this monitor really a precise product to measure inside your house, car or office. It comes with a large digital display that provides accurate information about air quality. The device is packed with BAM(Beta Attenuation Monitor) with a laser sensor that measures the accurate presence of PM 2.5 and PM 10 concentration in air.

It allows you to measure indoor air quality more precisely with its app-controlled functions. The device lets you compare historic AQI data with detailed hourly, daily and monthly stats. The best thing is that, this device lets you plan your outings based on outdoor pollution trends and forecasts. The device can be synced with your home or office Wi-Fi to receive a live feed of AQI of your city or across the globe.

The device comes with a 3000 mAh battery capacity that provides backup for 6-8 hours. It can be charged through any USB power source such as a power bank or a laptop. The sensor has a life of one year.Best Air Quality Monitor(2019) – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

1-Year warranty on the product.

Perfect for the Indian climate condition Slightly higher in price
Accuracy level is high Cannot measure the carbon monoxide content
Portable and real-time measure Display size is small
Wi-Fi enabled and application-based operation
Rechargeable & high capacity battery
Best Buy Link:

2. AZ-0004 Indoor Air Quality Meter

The next top-rated air pollution meter is here for you from AZ-0004. The monitor lets you test quickly, accurately, and inexpensively about the CO2 level measure in your surrounding air. The compact and lightweight device can be placed anywhere inside your home, office or car. The large display monitor allows you to see every detail about the air quality. The device is so precise that it gives you the air quality measure of your separate room to room.

This smart device provides you real-time PM 2.5, PM 10, CO2, humidity and temperature data. The device is capable to reveal your home’s heating, ventilation, air-conditioning system is operating properly. Along with CO2 meter, the device is equipped with an accurate digital thermometer and relative humidity indicator.

The device will warn you with alarm before the exhaust fumes become dangerous. The self-calibrating function enables the device to perform better even there is power loss. The overall features and performance of the device satisfy your necessity and purpose regarding air quality.Best Air Quality Monitor(2019) – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

1-Year warranty on the product.

Perfect for the Indian climate condition Slightly higher in price
Provides accurate information about the air quality No battery backup
Self-calibrating function
No moving parts to wear out
Display size is big
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3. Temtop LKC-1000S+ Air Quality Monitor

Another power-packed Air quality monitor is here for you. This monitor comes from one of the top manufacturers which comes in the shape like a remote. The compact shape and lightweight makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. The device can easily fit into your pocket so you can measure the air quality at any location for the effective precautions.

The device comes with the latest 9-IN-1 air quality detector that measures PM2.5, PM10, particles, HCHO(formaldehyde), TVOC, AQI, temperature, humidity, and histogram function. The new histogram function lets you measure the changes om PM2.5 level directly for the latest 12 hours. The device comes with a large TFT screen and rich display which makes it clear and easy to read data. There is also a battery indicator light that helps to check the battery level at any time.

The device is equipped with the pre-calibrated electrochemical sensors that will accurately capture formaldehyde molecules accompanied by the detection function covering a wide range of organic pollutants inside your home. Best Air Quality Monitor(2019) – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Comes with 9-IN-1 air quality detector Slightly higher in price
Large TFT screen and rich display
Low voltage operation and rechargeable
Advanced Sensors: TVOCs, HCHO, CO, O3, and CO2
Portable and sleek in design
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4. Kaiterra Roy Indoor Air Quality Monitor

This is the most selling and the preferred brand when buying an air quality monitor. Kaiterra monitor comes with the egg-like design which not only looks ideal but is fit for any location. The device is equipped with all the necessary features which makes it a must-have device for the air quality index. If you are in the selling business of Air Purifiers this device can bring you immense profit. As it allows you to demonstrate the details about the air quality to your clients.

Dust, PM2.5 smoke, and other particles constantly affect the air in your home and this device-aware you instantly and accurately about what’s in the air so you can make sound decisions to improve your environment. It uses laser-based light scattering technology which individually counts particles in the air as they enter the device, and calculate PM2.5 concentrations based upon these measurements. You can also connect the device with the app so that you can have the full measure of air quality index either in home, office or traveling.Best Air Quality Monitor(2019) – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Compact and highly accurate Cannot measure formaldehyde content
Wi-Fi enabled operation
Big display size
Wide compatibility
Best Buy Link:

5. Kubic Air Quality Monitor

What we can’t see can still harm us. Yes, you heard it right. The air we breathe contains various pollutants, mites, etc which can directly harm our health. Not to worry. This device here is to provide to minute details about the air quality you breathe so that you could make safety precautions to escape bad air-breathing. The “Kubicair quality monitor has been carefully tested to ensure your home is protected. The large display panel provides you an accurate measure. 

The kubic monitor comes with the advanced fan and sensors through which it absorbs the air to your surrounding making the checking process quite fast and reliable. The device supports a laser sensor to measure the level of dust particles and has a second electrochemical semiconductor sensor to measure formaldehyde and natural/synthetic organic compound levels. This easy to carry device helps you monitor air quality at home, office or in hotel rooms. The device is equipped with a 2200mAh battery which provides battery backup when it is not charging.Best Air Quality Monitor(2019) – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Big display size Not comes with app-enabled functions
Measures formaldehyde and other pollutants Not comes with a calibration support
Highly accurate and multi-functional
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6. Health Innovative Airbliss – Pro High Accuracy Air Quality Monitor

Is your family suffering from sick building syndrome? This air quality tester detects organic compounds like formaldehyde which has suspected links to nasal cancer and lung cancer emitted from many household materials. By measuring particulate pollution, an air pollution monitor can also help you know when asthma may worsen and when to change your home’s air filter. This device comes with a remote like design which makes it perfectly fit for your home, office, car or travel.

The Health Innovative Airbliss air monitor detects all types of air pollutants with formaldehyde contents in the air for your healthy living. The device is packed with the High Accuracy Laser Scattering Detection Technique and Semi-Conductor Sensing technology which provides you extremely fast, accurate and reliable measurement of the air quality. Now you can keep an eye on the air quality anywhere around thanks to its portability, lightweight and rechargeable capacity.

Best Air Quality Monitor(2019) – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Big display size Not comes with app-enabled functions
Measures formaldehyde and other pollutants
Elegant and portable design
Easy calibration
Best Buy Link:

7. Ambee Air Quality Monitor

Now, you don’t have to depend on citywise data of AQI. With real-time monitoring features, you can access the air quality index within your surroundings. This smart air quality monitor comes with a high level of accuracy that measures dust, PM2.5 smoke, and other particles that constantly affect the air inside your home. The large screen size provides you with minute details about the condition of air to your surroundings.

The device uses tested EPA bench-marked sensors which are carefully selected based on their response time, life and quality to provide accurate real-time data. It also comes with the mobile companion app to get all the air quality data with unique recommendations and suggestions to help improve indoor air quality so you can take action to improve your health.Best Air Quality Monitor(2019) – Complete Buy Guide & Reviews

Big display size Not comes with wide compatibility
App-enabled features
Real-time monitoring
Easy to use and portable
Best Buy Link:

How To Choose the Best Air Quality Monitor for Your Home

  • Check if the device measures Particulate matter (fine dust and PM2.5), Temperature and humidity, Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide Chemicals, formaldehyde, etc.
  • The device should feature a widescreen size which enables us to view every detail with enlarged screen size.
  • The air quality monitor should feature app-based functions. It makes you access the air quality if you are not at home.
  • It should be portable and easy to install.
  • The air detector should be rechargeable
  • The device should be widely compatible.


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