Aquaguard Reviva 50 [RO Water Purifier]2020 – Reviews & FAQs

Aquaguard Reviva 50 [RO Water Purifier]2021 – Reviews & FAQs

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Aquaguard Reviva 50 – The Water Purifier

Did you know the contaminants in water in increasing day-to-day? New age contaminants like Arsenic, Lead, Pesticides, Micro-plastics, etc. are now present in water, often in copious amounts. Tap water in our homes comes from multiple sources like – Municipal water, borewell water, mixed water. These new-age contaminants and sources need new-age water purification and protection. Here comes the need for an Aquaguard Reviva 50 “Water Purifier”.

Aquaguard is considered to be the first and the foremost choice for most Indian housewives when choosing the “Best Water Purifier Brands“. This superior water purifier brand delivers the purest water possible with the budget price range. The quality water purifier uses the “RO Purification” method to actively clean out the impurities from the water. When considering the material built-in quality the model is considered to be the durable and best quality material with the budget price range.

The brand is quite popular with a tagline – “Paani ka Doctor“. It suggests “Upgrade to Aquaguard, Upgrade to good health”. Aquaguard Reviva 50 is equipped with an “Active Copper” technology to meet the purest and healthy form of drinking water at your door-step. Aquaguard removes disease-causing bacteria, cyst, virus, dirt along with new age contaminants like lead, pesticides, and other dissolved organic impurities. The water you drink is not just pure but also healthy.

How Does Aquaguard Reviva 50 work?

Aquaguard Reviva 50 [RO Water Purifier]2020 – Reviews & FAQs

=> The model uses a unique RO purification method to purify the water. This method is quite common and is used by most water purifiers brand. The RO purification method uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove unwanted molecules and chemical contaminants from the water. It also removes excess TDS, blocks dissolved impurities while retaining the essential nutrients in the drinking water. 

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Features Of Aquaguard Reviva 50

  • Cheap and the best material
  • Equipped with the most advanced technologies “Active copper” and “Mineral Guard”.
  • Uses unique RO technology for purification
  • Transparent tank with a large storage capacity
  • Large booster pump
  • Two-way flow tap to control the flow of purified water
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Easy to install: Table Top or Wall-mount
  • The Applicable TDS range is 500-2000.

Aquaguard Reviva 50: FAQs

What is the applicable TDS range for Aquaguard Reviva 50?

=> The model applies to the 500-1000 mg/liters.

What is the input water pressure for the model?

=> The model is equipped with an input water pressure of 0.3-3 Kg/cm2.

How much is the Input water turbidity of the model?

=> The model comes with the input water turbidity of 15 NTU(max).

What is the operating voltage of the model?

=> The operating voltage of the model is 230 V or 20 Hz.

What is the water discharge rate for Aquaguard Reviva 50?

=> The water discharge rate for Aquaguard Reviva 50 is 15 liters per hour.

What is the star rating of Aquaguard Reviva 50?

=> It comes with a star rating of 3.5.

What is the capacity of Aquaguard Reviva 50?

=> The model comes with a storage capacity of 8 Liters.

How much is the input water iron?

=> The model comes with an input iron capacity of 0.3 ppm(max).

What is the input water chlorine capacity?

=> It comes with an input water chlorine capacity of 2 ppm(max).

What is the dimension of the model?

=> The product dimension is (WxDxH = 410mm x 275mm x 320mm).

 How much does the model consume electricity?

=> The model consumes electricity of 30 Watts.

Can this product purify municipal water?

=> Yes. This product can purify municipal water.

Is it compatible with 1800 TDS?

=> Yes. The product works great for 500-1800 TDS.

Is Aquaguard Reviva 50 RO + UV?

=> No. This model is only RO.

How long does it take to fill up?

=> It takes approximately 45 minutes to fill up the tank with purified water.

Is this model provided with an automatic shut-off function?

=> Yes. The model will automatically stop once the tank is full.

Does the model have a mineral added feature?

=> Yes. The model is equipped with a mineral guard technology that protects and adds minerals to the purified water.

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