7 Best Multi Cooker Must Buy In 2021: Do You Have Them?


Are you willing to save your time by implementing intelligent appliances such as the best multi-cooker in the kitchen? If you want so, then let us guide you throughout the post for more details. 

Nowadays, we are all dependent on digital technologies that might save our effort and time. Also, we want them at an economical price, so that even middle-class people can buy them. Thus, it is reported that most of us like to consume delicious food offering a melt-in-mouth feel. So, to ease the lengthy making process of the kitchen, some companies have evolved a device that may help you provide less effort in the kitchen. 

Therefore, we have decided to introduce a well-liked kitchen appliance that should be present in every home. Yes, we are talking about the best multi cooker 2021 that is desirable to most users.

7 Best Multi Cooker To Buy Online

Best Multi Cooker Capacity Wattage Warranty Price
Butterfly Wave 1.2 Liters 600 Watts 1-Year Check Price
Prestige Multi Cooker 1 Liter 600 Watts 1-Year Check Price
SHEFFIELD Classic 1.1 Liter 800 Watts 1-Year Check Price
iBELL MPK120L 1.2 Liter 600 Watts 1-Year Check Price
NUTRICOOK Smart Pot 6 Liter 1000 Watts 2-Years Check Price
Prestige Automatic Multi Cooker PROH 1.8 Liter 700 Watts 1-Year Check Price
SHARP 12-In-1 5 Liter 900 Watts 1-Year Check Price

Introducing facts of multi-cookers

Do you want perfectly steamed rice or slow-paced curries? Well, these typical dishes may take your hours, but the multi-cookers can relatively help you with this. It is an all-in-one kitchen device that can substitute for most appliances, including pressure cookers, yogurt makers, etc. 

The new-day top multi-cooker comes with various functions and settings to meet the expectation of every user. In addition, they use tasks that are pre-programmed that provide a hassle-free experience to the user. 

As a result, you will be notified upon completion of the meal; however, the multi-cookers will keep the meal warm for upto 24 hours. Moreover, you can also implement your recipe if you have done with the pre-programmed recipes. Well, this procedure is pretty simple, which will be found on the best multi cooker 2021.

Let us discuss the benefits of using multi-cookers, which will help you to make a better decision.  

Why are multi-cookers so popular?

Nowadays, several people are using multi-cookers since they have a unique specialty to deliver thousands of different meals. Moreover, they utilize less oil and fat particles during the process, thereby promoting a healthier lifestyle. 

The steaming racks of the microwaves help to cook the dish evenly, retaining its flavor. Also, the features will help you to prepare other meals along with the main course. 

So, now take a deep breath to dig more about the usefulness of the amazon multi-cooker. Let us begin our journey. 

1. Fast and healthier cooking 

It offers a straightforward cooking process through implementing 1-button cooking which can create different dishes. In addition, you can even saute or manufacture and store your food in the multi-cookers. It is also helpful for making a large amount of food for a big family. 

Moreover, in simple words, this feature can be present in the best multi-cooker for a beginner or a nervous cook.

2. 3-in-1 facility 

After buying this appliance, you can clear out your kitchen cabinets, such as the rice cooker, pressure cooker. 

However, multi-cookers can create many dishes starting from brown rice to sauces to yummy black beans. The pre-programmed technology embedded in these devices will help you to prepare many dishes without any trouble. Therefore, it is a very simple and the best multi-cooker that has numerous health benefits associated. 

3. Convenience and Safety

The cooker will help you prepare the meal conveniently if you provide the necessary raw ingredients. However, the multi-cookers will help you to provide safety by turning it off in extreme cases. Some cookers are equipped with an alert system to notify the cooking end. 

Moreover, if you don’t respond to the machine for long, it will automatically equip the warm setting. So, kindly check the safety measures provided by the different multi-cooker companies. 

4. Less effort 

Several reports have revealed that most kitchen stoves and ovens utilize more energy when compared to multi-cookers. Thus, multi-cookers are one of those appliances that consume less power. 

However, you can use the best small multi cooker to make your favorite dishes at your fingertips and at a lesser time. 

5. Suitable for all cooking sizes 

Most cookers are equipped with suitable environments that are beneficial for making compact dishes. Also, it can be regarded as a simple tool to prepare all kinds of foods. 

Suppose, if you want to make brown rice, you can put it in a bigger pot which will help you to cook food evenly. Thus, we will determine some multi-cookers in this post with their beneficial features.

6. Easy to clean

Most kitchen appliances, such as crock pots, are very challenging to clean since they are messy. Moreover, the multi-cooker is lightweight when compared to a crockpot, which can easily be disassembled. In addition, you can wash it with soapy water in a few minutes. 

Thus, cleaning is necessary to increase the longevity of any appliance. So, kindly make sure to take care of your device correctly at regular intervals. 

7. Time-saving 

The facts on top multi-cooker have revealed that it can prepare the food automatically without any hassle while saving much time. As a result, you can utilize that saved time in employing other tasks. 

It is the most beneficial feature of multi-cookers that attracts buyers towards themselves. 

8. Consumes less space

You can save a lot of space by buying multi-cookers that remove many appliances, thereby providing extra space. Moreover, you can use the free space for many other purposes, including installing a refrigerator. 

Also, these appliances are manageable and can be taken in colleges, firms, and small apartments. So, if you are wondering about a more valuable and top-rated multi cooker, then religiously recite this post. 

9. Budget-friendly 

There are many multi-cookers brands present and are pretty affordable and can be a huge saver. Moreover, you can also buy this appliance to replace other devices, which might help you save money.

Best Multi Cooker: Reviews

1. Butterfly Wave Multi Cooker

Butterfly wave multi cooker

It is the best multi-cooker product which we highly recommend to you. The butterfly is one of the best appliance products that we all know. Moreover, it comes with a hygienic concealed element that prevents the deposition of harmful substances. 

This compact appliance can boil water and make tea and soups. In addition, it is also helpful to look through using the transparent lid. It is provided with a wider mouth that makes it more feasible to clean and carry. Also, this device imparts an elegant look that can attract most buyers.

The powerful motor, which is found over the best multi cooker, helps heat the food items within a lesser time. Also, it consumes relatively less energy which will lower your electricity bill. Moreover, it has a 360-degree swivel base that allows you to plug it in the desired direction. It is equipped with a cool-touch handle to carry it easily while traveling and for short trips. 

On the contrary, the powerful lid knob helps prevent the risk of overflow and damage. It is also provided with an indicator that notifies for every process, even when in the dark. 

Our Opinion

The butterfly is the best multi-cooker that can be bought as ‘Rice & Pasta Cookers’ since it offers you to boil, cook and even reheat food substances. Moreover, this 1.2 L cooker comes with a hygienic heating element to prevent the accumulation of harmful particles. It includes a cordless base that will make you carry it in different places or for short trips. Besides, the egg boiler will help boil six eggs at a time. Kindly refer to this product, since it has got much appreciation from the users. 

Features Description
Body Material The stainless body prevents the accumulation of harmful particles.
Temperature Control It is a fantastic multi-cooker equipped with a temperature control knob to adjust the internal environment.
Cool-touch Handle The handle is heat-resistant, preventing the burning risk.
Transparent Lid Through the glass lid, you can see the process going on without touching it.
Best buy for small rice cookers Lid material is delicate
It has an extra-wide mouth
It offers a 360° swivel base.
Auto shut-off feature
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3mJCpUF

2. Prestige PMC 1.0+

Prestige PMC 1.0+

With the help of this Prestige multi-cooker, one can make rice, instant coffee or soup, and boil eggs. Moreover, it is an excellent appliance in which the user can make foods for smaller families. 

This top multi-cooker is provided with an elegant handle and easy-lock mechanism that prevents the escaping of steam. As a result, the food will cook in a few minutes. Moreover, the body is covered with a concealed element that is easy to clean. 

The device is provided with knobs to adjust the temperature while cooking. In addition, this appliance is equipped with a power indicator that glows when it’s in use or hot. 

Swivel power bases help detach it from the component for convenient use and portability. Moreover, it is also provided with a cord winder to adjust the cord’s length. 

Our Opinion

Prestige is the best multi cooker which can be considered as a ‘Small Kitchen Appliances.’ It has a 1 L capacity that can make foods for smaller families. Moreover, the stylish stainless body makes it elegant, which is time-saving.  The base is beneficial by plugging the device as per the convenience. In addition, the illuminated power indicator will glow if the device is hot, preventing the users from any injury. This multicooker comes with a temperature knob allowing the user to manipulate the heat production and providing even distribution.

Features Description
Body material The body is covered with a concealed element preventing it from rusting.
Temperature control A control knob is present to maintain the exact heat required to prepare food wisely.
Cool-touch handle The Prestige’s cooker is provided with an elegant handle that grips well.
Transparent lid Through the lid, you can keep an eye on every process going on inside the cooker.   
It comes with a single-touch control & lid-locking feature. The capacity is comparatively low
The glass lid is equipped with an SS rim.
The knobs help maintain the exact temperature.
It is detachable and is easy to carry
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3AC2j1w

3. SHEFFIELD CLASSIC 3-In-1 Aluminum Multi-Cooker

SHEFFILED Classic Multi Cooker

This multi cooker is considered the best or the next-generation powerful appliance for cooking great dishes, including rice, eggs, and pasta.

Moreover, its aluminum body helps to distribute heat evenly to prepare fully cooked foods. It has an intelligent temperature knob ranging from warm to high. The low power helps cook foods like pasta and chow mein, whereas the increased power can boil rice, eggs, etc.

The powerful motor of 800 watts has dual functions; firstly, it provides even cooking and consumes low power. As a result, the cooking will be completed in a desirable period with low energy consumption. Also, this product can retain the heat quickly to prevent burning risk.

Our Opinion

Sheffield is the best multi-cooker and is regarded as an ideal Rice & Pasta Cookers. It has a powerful 800 watts motor that is capable of making foods at a lesser time. In addition, it is equipped with a temperature knob to adjust the internal environment by ensuring even cooking. This product helps retain heat properly to mitigate the risk of injury. Kindly check this product if you’re hunting for a durable multi-cooker that has innovative technologies embedded within it.

Features Description
Body material The product is made of aluminum to retain the heat quickly.
Temperature control 3 to 4 temperature levels are provided to manipulate the internal environment.
Cool-touch handle The handles are made of supreme materials for extra gripping.
Transparent lid The lids are transparent, allowing one to see through them.
It provides proper heat distribution Price is on the higher side
The aluminum body is helpful in early heat retention.
Control knob to maintain or switch the precise temperature levels
It has a powerful motor of 800 Watts.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3BxW0xb

4. iBELL MPK120L Multi Cooker

iBell MPK120L

This iBELL Multi-Purpose cooker helps make various dishes, including rice, pasta, vegetables, and soup. It is an ideal solution to extract the desirable outcome.

Moreover, the 360 swivel base allows the user to place it in any direction and use it. The easy-to-operate temperature knob helps to maintain the heat inflow. Also, the knob is made of high-quality material to increase durability.

The handle is soft and comfortable to hold with effective gripping features. However, the heating process will be stopped automatically if boiling or cooking is completed. The stainless steel body provides it with an elegant look that may enhance the kitchen’s look.

Our Opinion

iBELL is the best multi cooker that can act as a versatile kitchen companion. Also, it has a 1.2 L capacity that can make foods for smaller families. This device features a temperature knob to maintain the inflow of heat. As a result, it allows cooking food properly. Moreover, the 360 swivel base is valuable and can be placed in a desirable direction. It is comfortable because of the presence of a special gripping feature.  Also, it consumes low energy by stopping the heating process automatically. The device’s look is maintained equally to provide a classic look. Kindly go through a top-rated multi cooker if you desire a compact and high-quality device. 

Features Description
Body material The body is made of superior quality stainless steel, which increases its durability.
Temperature control Temperature knobs maintain the heat inflow.
Cool-touch handle An easy-grip handle is provided for comfortable holding.
Transparent lid The lid is transparent to detect the cooking or boiling status.
It comes with a comfortable grip
It comes with a temperature control facility.
The body is made of high-quality steel.
It offers a 360° swivel base.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2YGNywZ

5. NUTRICOOK Smart Pot


This amazing multi-cooker is provided with easy one-touch controls that have 9 in 1 cooking functions. Moreover, the pot is made of stainless steel, preventing rust infection. 

The NUTRICOOK multi-cooker is supplied by numerous pre-programmed options, including pressure cooker, rice cooker, soup maker, cake maker, etc. It has 11 built-in features, including overheating to ensure proper safety. 

It also helps to cook food upto 70% faster than another device by employing pressure settings. Also, the stainless steel pot is dishwasher safe that provides easy cleanup. However, the convenient lid prevents overflow of food, thereby making the countertop hassle-free. 

Our Opinion

This NUTRICOOK is the best multi cooker which is available in 6 liters capacity. Moreover, it possesses 11 safety mechanisms preventing it from injury. Also, the stainless steel pot is made up of superior steel with no chemical coating and is dishwasher safe. The multi-cooker has a sleek design imparting a premium finish that can attract more buyers. However, the 1000W cooker base makes the food 2-3 faster than the usual way. So, if you are a busy bee, kindly search for this product as it has all the essential features that you can find on the best multi cooker 2021.

Features Description
Body material The body is made up of pure stainless steel.
Temperature control The 11 Built-In Safety Features prevent overheating by controlling the temperature.
Cool-touch handle It has an easy-touch control panel and handles to increase the cooking experience.
Transparent lid The lid is sturdy and provided with a pressure release valve.
It is suitable for a significant family needs The price is on the higher side
It is equipped with 14 smart programs.
The body is sleek in design.
It makes the cooking process faster by 70%
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2YIk2a8

6. Prestige Automatic Multi Cooker PROH

Prestige Automatic Multi cooker

This top multi-cooker has a unique feature that may attract most customers. Moreover, it possesses a lifter ring that prevents mess during cooking. Unlike other cookers, the inner pot of this device is equipped with an added section for holding components. 

Also, it has an additional idli maker stand that can cook up to 20 idlis at a time. Moreover, the aluminum pot has been provided with a cooker for ensuring efficient cooking. As a result, aluminum allows the proper distribution of heat. In addition, you can store the pots under the cooker, thus saving space. 

The detachable cord makes the cooker portable, making it ready to go for traveling. The control panel helps during the automatic cooking. In addition, it is also well-equipped with a Keep Warm feature to store the cooked dishes. 

Our Opinion

Prestige is well-known and the best multi-cooker brand that has gained much appreciation. The other rings present in the inner pot are beneficial in handling the delicate portions. Moreover, the well-designed handles are convenient, providing it with other grip features. Also, this multi-cooker is provided with idli makers to make delicious idli for your family. Moreover, you can store the idli stands in the pot to save space. The cord is portable, offering the user to carry the cooker in traveling, short trips, etc. Thus, if you want an all-in-one multi-cooker, then visit and buy this product.

Features Description
Body Material The body is made up of plastic.
Temperature Control The sleek control panel helps to adjust the heat flow.
Cool-Touch Handle Lifter rings and safety handles are provided to ensure safety.
Transparent Lid The lid is dome-shaped but is not transparent.
An additional idli stand is provided with the cooker. The price is on the higher side.
Different types of handles are provided to prevent the mishap. The absence of a transparent lid is seen.
The aluminum pan cooks food evenly.
It comes with a detachable power cord
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3FNrdzc

7. SHARP 12 in 1 Multi Cooker

Sharp 12-in-1 Multi cooker

It is also a good multi-cooker with 12 auto cooking modes through which the user can prepare many dishes. Also, it is easy to clean since the user can wash its part even with dishwashers.

It also helps to keep the food warm by choosing a 12-hour friendly mode without sacrificing its original taste. This multi-cooker is helpful for busy people who have less time for cooking. As a result, it helps to maintain the work-life balance equally.

The multi-cooker consumes less energy with the fast cooking method. However, it has a dual pot multi-cooker of 2.5 L each to make foods for large families.

Our Opinion

SHARP’s multi-cooker is provided with several features making it the best multi-cooker. Moreover, the 12-hour cooking mode can process and heat the rice, pulao, etc. It is also helpful to save energy by consuming fewer units. However, this appliance is best for the go-getters who want an instant meal. It keeps the food warm for upto 12 hours, making it the most desirable multi-cookers among the buyers.

Features Description
Body Material It is made up of good quality mixed materials.
Temperature Control Through 12 Auto cooking modes, the user can control the temperature.
Cool-Touch Handle The handle provided is soft and comfortable.
Transparent Lid The lid is not transparent; however, it is made of supreme materials.
It comes with a large capacity The lid is not transparent
Several cooking modes are provided The price is on the higher side
Easy to clean feature
It is an energy-saving product.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3iTbip4

Our Favourite Pick

Best Buy overall – NUTRICOOK 9 in 1 Multi Cooker

For Budget-Friendly – iBELL MPK120L Premium Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Kettle/Cooker

Best Multi Cookers: Buying Guide

The multi-cookers combine all the essential functions of an ideal kitchen appliance. Moreover, it has a single space-saving design that provides an elegant look. 

Also, the all-in-one cooker can fulfill the functions of different kitchen appliances, including a pressure cooker, air fryer, and rice cooker. So, if you want to make yogurt or crave brown rice, you should buy the best multi cooker by considering its benefits below.

Cooking Modes 

The multi-cookers don’t require a proper definition since it has excellent features embedded with it. In short, We can say that a standard pressure cooker with more than one function is a multi-cookers. Going through the below-mentioned features will help you to identify some of the best multicookers

A. Pressure Cooking

It is the appropriate way to cook any food with less time. Most multi-cookers are equipped with air-tight lids that allow them to trap some extra pressure in the pot to cook food quickly. Reports have revealed that an all-in-one cooker can prepare the food upto 30% faster than another device. Thus, most buyers find such multi-cookers that possess this feature. 

B. Dehydration

The multi-cookers can transform fruits, vegetables, and meats into healthier snacks to sustain for a more extended period. Moreover, the item’s longevity increases due to blowing heart over the food for a dedicated period, reducing the moisture content. So, if you want to enjoy crunchy food items at your home, then a fantastic multi-cooker will be a good option for you. 

C. Saute 

It requires constant movement of the food items being prepared to cook correctly. However, sauteing in multi-cookers doesn’t start automatically; you need to lid off to stir the thing. However, its high walls will help you decide the area for sauteing, preventing it from spilling in your kitchen.

So, the best multi cooker also allows you to prepare your dish conveniently. 

D. Yogurt making 

To make yogurt, you need to keep the milk in a steady and low-tempered medium to incubate bacteria. Also, manually it requires 115 °F for such a process which can be a difficult task. 

But, yogurt making through the best multi-cooker can help you a lot by lessening the time required. 

E. Steam

Steaming through the one-pot cooker will help you heat the liquid, which is beneficial to cook the food. However, you can also gain similar results by using the pressure cooker function. 

F. Air Fryer 

Most multi-cookers are employed with air frying abilities, which will help cook, bake, or fry the food evenly by utilizing fans. Moreover, using this function will get crispy and delicious food results without more oil. 

So, if you are a fitness freak, then look out for this specific feature in the top-rated multi cooker that might help you make the right decision. 


There are ample variants of multi-cookers with specific features, but you can buy according to your needs and space. 

A. Size 

The multi-cookers range from four to eight quarts, but it is to be understood that the area advertised is usually less. However, while cooking foods like rice and beans, you can’t fill it till the mouth. 

So, kindly decide first what size of amazon multi-cooker will work for you depending upon the quantity. 

B. Materials used 

Most multi-cookers are provided with ceramic coatings or stainless steel pots. Moreover, the non-stick materials are easy to clean and less expensive. But, it can harm our health if the coat begins to damage by reneging on the material. Also, the impact can increase if the temperature increases. 

Thus, both steel and ceramic pots have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is recommended to buy new multi-cookers if they start damaging. 

Moreover, you can refer to some best multi cooker, which we have mentioned in the article. 

C. Cleaning

The most significant advantage of multi-cookers is that they are made of simple accessories, requiring no maintenance. The removable parts, including the lid, can help you make their cleanup process a bit easier. Moreover, some multi-cookers are provided with automatic dishwater safe features that make a simple cleaning process.

The non-stick materials ease the cleaning procedure, thereby increasing its durability. It is reported that most multi-cooker recipes utilize fats, despite which the non-stick features prevent them from sticking to the body.


Recently a faulty multi-cooker has caused huge harm to some people, leading to third-degree burns. So, kindly ensure that your device is provided with double lid-locking features to prevent burning risk.


If you are a busy bee and don’t want to spend more time on multi-cookers, you should buy the device with LED lights and intelligent control. Moreover, these features will help you to access the machine easily. 


The most vital function of a top multi-cooker is to notify you when the cooking is completed. So, go products that have a timer function. 

Automatic setting 

This setting will help you to increase the temperature for efficient and fast-paced cooking. Moreover, the multi-cookers automatically lower the temperature for the remaining cooking time. The feature is also helpful in lowering the energy consumption that will directly lessen your electricity bill. So, kindly refer to amazon multi-cooker if you are hunting for a low-budget machine. 

Steaming and warming features 

New-era multi-cookers models are provided with additional features like steaming and warming parts to quickly and properly prepare the food. 


Most multi-cooker models are provided with a 6L capacity to prepare foods for more prominent people. So, kindly look for multi-cookers with a decent degree or, you can scroll down this post to know more about the well-known multi-cooker brands. 

Steam release valve

If you are using the pressure cooker function, it is essential to possess a steam release valve that will help you release the pressure at the end of cooking. 


The indicators help detect how much the pot has been filled. Moreover, it is also helpful to avoid overflow of the cooked food, thereby making it an essential feature present in every best small multi-cooker

All of these essential features will help you to conclude a safe buying process. So, kindly go through these features religiously to prevent future loss. 

Best Multi Cooker: FAQs

Q1. Are multi-cookers good?

A1. Multi-cookers are good since they can replace several other appliances in your kitchen.

Q2. What is the difference between a slow cooker and a multi-cooker?

A2. A slow cooker is best for families who can cook for a long time, but multi-cookers are for busy people.

Q3. Can multi-cooker cook rice?

A3. Yes, it can prepare ample food items, including rice.

Q4. What can you cook in a multi-cooker?

A4. The typical multi-cooker can make soups, pasta, chowmein, rice, and several other delicious dishes.

Q5. How to choose the best multi-cooker?

A5. You can look for its capacity, energy consumption, size, and controls provided. Also, you can consider some other factors at your convenience.

Q6. Can a multi-cooker be the best option than ovens?

A6. As the name suggests, multi-cookers can serve as rice and pressure cookers; thus, they can be a good alternative for other appliances, including ovens.

Q7. Are multi-cookers safe?

A7. Most electric multi-cookers work automatically, so it is pretty safe to use. But make sure to operate it wisely.

Closing Thoughts

This article has evaluated the concept of the multi cooker with its benefits to detect its importance in our life. Moreover, we have gathered the 7 most popular multi-cooker brands, of which we have selected the best multi-cooker. However, our recommendation is NUTRICOOK, which can cook up to 70% faster than other cookers. Also, it is a dishwasher-safe product with a convenient, transparent lid present. 

For pocket-friendly, iBELL is the best since it is low price and provides features like an easy-grip handle and a sturdy temperature knob. 

What amongst the cookers mentioned above do you suggest? Kindly share your thoughts below in the comment section. 

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