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10 Top Power Banks 2022: The Real Energy Store

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Would you mind suggesting to us the top power bank in India? Then, kindly let us dive into this write-up for more details. 

Have you recognized the utilities of a top power bank? Then, let us dive into this article for more in-depth details. 

These days, we are entirely dependent on gadgets and appliances that are helping us to ease our life in various ways. For example, microwaves help us cook or reheat foods with a simple touch. 

However, what happens if you have a power cut with less battery power? Then you have to back up some electricity in a gadget which you can use to charge your phone at that time. Thus, here lies the importance of a top power bank

Power banks are devices that store extra energy, which we can use in an emergency. So, in this article, we will teach you some tricks that might help you choose the top power banks. Therefore, let us initiate our discussion on India’s 10 top power banks. 

Check out the complete details here in the post. Read this write-up carefully. 

Best Power Banks

Power Banks Capacity Fast Charging Weight Price
Mi Power Bank 3i 20000 mAh 18W 434.01 gms Check Price
Redmi Li-Polymer Power Bank 20000 mAh 18 W 447.01 gms Check Price
Ambrane Li-Polymer 10000 mAh 12 W 188.7 gms Check Price
URBN Ultra Compact 10000 mAh 12 W 180 gms Check Price
OnePlus Power Bank 10000 mAh 12 W 226 gms Check Price
Ambrane Power Bank 10000 mAh 20 W 230 gms Check Price
pTron Dynamo Pro 10000 mAh 18 W 190 gms Check Price
Mi Pocket Power Bank 10000 mAh 22.5 W 200 gms Check Price
URBN Superfast PowerBank 20000 mAh 20 W 300.01 gms Check Price
Croma Li-Polymer Power Bank 10000 mAh 10 W 300.01 gms Check Price

Power Bank Brands In India: Reviews

1. Mi Power Bank 3i 

Mi Power Bank-min

This power bank is the best recommendation from our side; that is why we have kept this power bank in the first place. Moreover, it implements a power delivery function that helps in various essential functions while charging. Also, the triple port output facility provides high capacity charging of 20000mAh, by which you can charge three devices at a time. In contrast, the 20000mAh will help you store energy for a longer time and can be used for emergencies. 

However, it also charges the devices much less by employing the 18W fast charge option. You can also charge the power bank with dual cables through a Type-C facility. Furthermore, the device is protected with 12 multiple layers that prevent overheating and ensure circuit protection. As a result, your device will remain protected, thereby ensuring the long-durability of both devices. 

Next, the Smart Power Management enables you to manipulate the power flow to low power devices, including bands, wireless earphones, etc., by tapping the power button twice. Also, the high-density batteries facilitate a safer charging experience by employing advanced resistance-capacitance sensors. In addition, lithium batteries are also helpful in changing conversion rates and maintaining the power flow during charging. 

Finally, this power bank for mobile is provided with a six-month domestic warranty that allows users to consider its worthiness for an extended time. Also, it requires a charging time of 6.9 hours, which is quite a decent quality that lets you power it in a relatively shorter time. 

Our Opinion

Mi Power Bank 3i is the top power bank to buy for overall as it has several high-quality and desirable features. In addition, its durable 20000mAh battery will help you carry and use it anywhere, such as in meetings. Also, the Smart Power Management will help you control the power flow with several devices, including a fitness band and earbuds. Moreover, the Triple port facility will help you charge multiple devices simultaneously to save time. So, if you are a go-getter and have a decent budget, please refer to this product.

Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion 59% of customers have replied that it is the best power bank that facilitates fast charging.
Negative Feedbacks However, a few users have cited that it is too slow and has low charging quality.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3nOnMA9

2. Redmi 20000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

Redmi power bank-min

This power bank is well-furnished with a classic dual-port facilitating smart charging. Also, it adjusts the power supply up to 18W to provide faster charging for each connected device. Moreover, the 20000mAh Li-Polymer Battery makes the power bank more durable, thus increasing charging efficiency. 

However, the 18W Fast Charging ensures sufficient and quality charging for devices. Also, this device is furnished with a high-quality material that makes it tough and durable, preventing the device from internal breakage. The anti-slip edge texture provides a beautiful grip over the hand. 

Moreover, the 12 Layers Circuit Protection facilitates the advanced level of chip protection, rendering issues such as short-circuit, over-voltage, overcharge and discharge. This power bank in India can charge almost all devices, including tablets, speakers, fitness bands, earphones, headsets, etc., through low power mode. As a result, you can safely charge the low-power devices by double-pressing the power button. 

Moreover, the 2-way quick charge helps the user simultaneously power up to two devices with excellent quality. Also, the product is easy to carry, which makes the user import it anywhere. Finally, this product is furnished with a six-month warranty which is beneficial for users to detect its authenticity within a returnable period. 

Our Opinion

Redmi 20000mAh is the top power bank to buy for value for money. The 18W Fast Charging ensures even charging of devices. Moreover, the 12 layers protection prevents the chances of short-circuit, overcharge, etc. Also, the high-quality material will enable the protection of internal components. You can also charge two devices simultaneously by utilizing the 2-way quick facility. Furthermore, due to its lightweight, you can carry it very conveniently. However, you can also charge many devices with the power bank. 

Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion Many people have claimed that the product is a cheap and good power bank at a reasonable price.
Negative Feedbacks However, some reported that it is a waste of money. Also, as mentioned, a few stated that the battery is not efficient.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3EviJLw

3. Ambrane Li-Polymer Powerbank

Ambrane powerbank-min

The product is made of an ABS plastic body that gives a premium look and protects it from external damage. Also, it increases the product’s life, thus enhancing its durability. 

Moreover, this power bank is furnished in a capsule look to make it handy, thus increasing the device’s portability. Also, it provides an easy handle to operate while charging. Next, it is supplied with an LED indicator, which indicates the device’s battery status, present in the front portion. However, the power bank can charge two devices simultaneously. In addition, the port can exhale a maximum current output of 5V while charging the devices. 

Also, the 10000 mAh batteries possess higher efficiency and charging capacity. Furthermore, the battery is much more durable and safer when compared to other lithium batteries available on the market. 

This power bank is furnished with improved Integrated Circuits with nine layers of protection against short circuits, temperature resistance, incorrect insertion, and over-discharge. Moreover, it is also lightweight, which allows you to carry it during traveling, outdoor meetings, etc. next, the Rubberized Scratch Less Finish will prevent it from rusting, thus maintaining its beauty. 

Finally, the product is delivered with a 6 Months Warranty which helps the user test its worthiness between the period. 

Our Opinion

Ambrane is the top power bank to buy for traveling as it is only 188.7 grams. The capsule look of the power bank makes it cool and easy to carry. Moreover, the indicator is helpful to notify the user regarding battery level. Also, the product is quite tough and durable since it is made from high-quality ABS plastic material. In addition, it protects the body from scratches and damage. Next, its ergonomic design makes it attractive and desirable to online customers. So, if you are a busy bee, who loves traveling, then kindly consider this product once. 

Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion Numerous people have replied that this power bank brand is good and has the best budget.
Negative Feedbacks On the other hand, few have cited its battery-draining issues.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3EuhrAo

4. URBN Ultra-Compact Power Bank

URBN ultra compact power bank-min

This power bank possesses a high-capacity lithium battery that charges your smartphone efficiently. Moreover, through the dual-port facility, you can charge two phones simultaneously. Also, this power bank has a 2.1 Amp fast charge feature, which will power up your device in a lesser time.

Besides, it is useful in maintaining the current flow to the connected devices. Also, it comes with 4-layer protection to secure safe charging. In addition, it mitigates circuit problems, including overheating, overcharging, etc., thereby ensuring safety for the user. 

Next, the sharp finish body of this power bank is provided with a smooth touch and is furnished with a premium look. Furthermore, this device is safe for traveling purposes since the Bureau of Indian Standard stated that its user can travel with it since it is intact. 

Also, its LED indicator is useful in detecting the battery status of the power bank so that you can charge it as per the schedule and need. Moreover, through utilizing Micro USB Input, you can charge your power bank within 5-6 charges, thus letting you use your mobile uninterruptedly. 

Finally, the device is supplied with a 6 Months Replacement Warranty ensuring complete customer satisfaction. 

Our Opinion

URBN ultra-compact is the top power bank for a User-friendly design since it has a simple interface with top facilities, including 4-layer protection. Moreover, it prevents the device from any internal injury such as circuit breakage, etc. Also, its premium look and stylish body will be suitable for your smartphone. Moreover, it will add additional value to other mobile accessories. 

Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion Many customers have commented that the product is good and stylish. Also, this power bank is compatible with all smartphones.
Negative Feedbacks However, some cited that the product is not provided with a 10000mah battery and is defective.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3mt5zsj

5. OnePlus Power Bank

Oneplus power bank-min

The product is well-equipped with a 10000 mAh battery that helps to charge your smartphone instantly. Moreover, it also enables fast charging by employing 18W. Also, you can charge your device and power bank by employing 2-way charging. 

Furthermore, you can also charge two devices simultaneously through Dual USB Ports, 2-in-1 Micro-USB, or Type-C cable. This power bank is also furnished with 12 protection layers that help to charge low-power devices. The charging time of the power bank is 1 hour and 45 minutes, facilitating the user to charge your device at a relatively lesser time.

The product’s elegant design provides an attractive look that will enhance your personality when you charge your smartphone with it. Also, it’s very lightweight, which means you can easily carry this device in your bag and use it when required. In addition, it is designed with a 3D curved body that benefits the user to handle it properly in crowded places. 

Our Opinion

OnePlus Li-polymer is the top power bank to buy for excellent built quality. Moreover, the 2-way charging facility will allow you to charge the power bank and your smartphone simultaneously. Also, it facilitates the Type-C cable feature by which you can charge two devices at a time. Next, its 10000 mAh battery will charge your device in a reduced time, allowing you to be tension-free. In addition, you can bear the power bank much effortlessly through the curved body. 

Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion A few people have stated it comes with a premium package which looks attractive. Thus, it is a top power bank for mobile.
Negative Feedbacks Besides, many users cited that it doesn’t support wrap charge, which is the greatest drawback of the product.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2ZDF8ac

6. Ambrane Power Bank

Ambrane Power Bank-min

The power bank is furnished with a Lithium Polymer battery that ensures proper and safer charging. Moreover, it will enable you to charge your mobile multiple times. In addition, the powerful 20W output boosts the charging process, enabling you to be a go-getter even with a low-charged phone. For instance, it can charge your mobile up to 50% within 30 minutes. 

Besides, the multiple charging modes of this power bank will help you charge your power bank and device simultaneously. Moreover, the product is super stylish, and its compact body makes it more convenient to use it anytime. Also, it has a 20W Power Delivery, which helps charge devices of all types. 

Next, the user can charge all sorts of devices with this power bank through a USB or Type C port. The outer body is rigid and resistant to any damage. In addition, the internal body is well-equipped with 12 layers of advanced chipset protection for an efficient charging process. 

The power bank for mobile is also provided with an LED indicator that showcases the battery level status, in which the green color indicates fully charged. 

Our Opinion

Ambrane is the top power bank to buy for decent charging power. Also, the Type C port facilitates even charging of all devices. Moreover, the indicator helps determine the charging status of the power bank. Furthermore, the 12 chipset protection will protect your device from overheating and short circuits. Next, the 20W output enhances charging speed, saving much time. 

Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3nKa0hL
Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion Several customers have quoted that the product is stylish and a cheap and good power bank.
Negative Feedbacks However, few stated that it is the worst product because of some manufacturing defect.

7. pTron Dynamo Pro

pTron Dynamo Pro-min

A Solid 10000mAh Power Bank will permit you to charge another device multiple times. Moreover, it is polished with an ergonomic design with an outer ABS body, making it the most demanding power bank. In addition, the high-quality chipset protection prevents damaging internal parts through the short circuit, overheating, etc. 

Also, the 18W high-speed charging will allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously. This power bank is best for travelers since it is very lightweight and slim; however, it can charge a phone 2 – 3 times. Furthermore, you can charge the power banks through Type-C and Micro USB Cable. 

The charging rate of this product is 90-92%, which means it can charge the device with a much reduced time. Next, the product is provided with a one-year manufacturing defect warranty, enabling the users to test its worthiness for an extended period. 

Our Opinion

pTron Dynamo Pro is the top power bank to buy for lightweight design. Moreover, the product is only 190 grams, allowing users to take it even in their pocket. Also, the 10000mAh battery will keep your device fully charged all day. However, through the 18W high-speed facility, you can charge ample devices simultaneously. In addition, the Type-C and Micro USB Cable can charge the power bank within a short time.

Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion 45% of users have stated that it is a good power bank with excellent performance.
Negative Feedbacks In contrast, many cited that this is a defective product that shuts down automatically within a couple of months.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3nMjDfL

8. Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro

MI pocket power bank-min

Are you getting frustrated with carrying several cables to charge your mobile? Then let us suggest something different. Well, have you heard of Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro? Yes, as the name suggests, it is a mini but robust charging device. 

The power bank is provided with a dual input valuable port for charging your device through both Type-C and a Micro-USB. In addition, this power bank has revealed that it is 25% more powerful than other power banks in the market, facilitating fast charging. 

It helps secure the device from overheating issues by employing 12 layers of advanced chip protection. Furthermore, the compact charging device has more than two outputs through which you can charge three devices effortlessly. 

The anti-skid property gives the device extreme hold, preventing slippage from hands. Moreover, its highly comfortable nature will permit you to carry it anywhere. Next, the super lightweight, pocket-sized makes going-getters even more desirable. 

Our Opinion

Mi Pocket Power Bank is the top power bank to buy for compact design because it can fit well in your pocket, thus saving more space. Furthermore, the 12 layers of security protect the body from damage. Also, the multiple output facility will help you charge up to three devices at a time. Next, the anti-skid property will enable you to hold the device with a good grasp. 

Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion 59% of buyers have quoted that this power bank is relatively compact and can decently charge devices.
Negative Feedbacks However, a few users have imparted negative feedback since it has excluded some modes, including ‘Always on mode.’
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3GFpQ64

9. URBN Super Fast

URBN super fast-min

This power bank can increase its charging speed up to 20 Watt ensuring quick charge. Moreover, unlike other power banks, it can charge itself and other devices with increased speed. In addition, you have to consider that you should have an efficient cable to power up the devices at a more incredible speed. 

Also, through Multi-Port – 2 USB and 1 Type-C Port, you can charge up to two devices at a time. This power bank has advanced quality lithium batteries to increase your device’s performance. 

The LED indicators will inform you about the battery status enabling you to plan your charging schedule as per the need. However, due to its compact size and high capacity battery, you can carry it while traveling. Twelve protection layers will protect your device to secure quality checking through the Safe Charge facility.

Moreover, the power bank is well-designed with a slim body wrapped in a carbon finish, making it perfect for go-getter people. However, it can charge four times a 3000mAh phone battery. 

Our Opinion

URBN Super Fast is the top power bank for the Style symbol. Moreover, the 12 layer protection will help you prevent overheating, short circuits, etc. Also, the LED indicator will confirm the charging status. Besides, its slim body will help you hold the device properly, mitigating the slippage chances. In addition, with this power bank, you can charge two devices concurrently. 

Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion Several people have suggested that it is a cheap and good power bank.
Negative Feedbacks On the contrary, few replied that the product could not charge two devices simultaneously.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3bsu96s

10. Croma Li-Polymer Power Bank

Croma power bank-min

This device is extremely useful in emergencies, where you have to travel from one place to another, and your phone imparts low battery status. In addition, its 10000mAh battery capacity can power up to two devices at a time by using two ports. 

Moreover, this power bank will also prevent your smartphone and other gadgets from internal damage, such as short circuits, thereby acting as a safeguard. Besides, it is well-furnished with two USB Types-A charging ports, through which you can charge more than one device. 

As the device is supplied with a 10W power output, it will help you power up the device within a lesser time. However, you can charge it with multiple ports, including Type-C and Micro USB, so you don’t have to carry one particular cable for charging it. 

In addition, this power bank is ideal for charging all sorts of smartphones and tablets, facilitating you to use it for more use. Next, it is offered an 18 Months Warranty, enabling you to consider the device’s efficiency within the specified time. 

Our Verdict

Croma Li-Polymer is the top power bank to buy for excellent battery power. In addition, it possesses lithium polymer batteries which ensure a longer lifespan and high-quality charging output. Also, the short circuit protection facility will prevent your device from internal damage by acting as a shield. However, it can charge an array of devices despite its brand. 

Buyers Reaction 
Positive Opinion Many users have appreciated its battery life and charging power; thus, it is the best to pick.
Negative Feedbacks But, a few users have cited that the product is defective since it is not consuming a charge.
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3jSzg4u

How to pick the best Power Bank?

Capacity Required 

The new-generation power banks are available in different capacity ranges. Some of them are designed more compactly to make it easier for users to carry them anywhere. 

Moreover, some technology experts have revealed that power banks with 10,000mAh battery packages are good, as more mobile phones are equipped with 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh batteries. 

However, if you use high-quality phones with a battery capacity of up to 13,000mAh, you may increase the power bank capacity. 

USB Ports 

Saving time is an essential factor these days, which will help you concentrate on other daily tasks. Considering this fact, most power bank companies have evolved their devices by facilitating two USB ports. 

As a result, you can charge multiple devices at a time. However, it is also seen some firms provide USB ports, through which you can charge up to three devices simultaneously. 

Charging Mode

So, what are you thinking about looking at this feature? One thing that has already struck your mind is that most power banks operate from a wireless chord. So, what is important in this information? 

But, yes, some companies are evolving the concept of wireless pads through which you can charge your phone without a cord. In this type of charging, you have to put your device over the charging pad, and it will directly start charging. 

Thus, if you desire a remarkable trend, you must follow this feature of future buying for power banks

Built Quality 

Like smartphones, the power banks are built strongly without being bulky if you carry them. So, if you wonder about small, compact, and lightweight power banks, please look out for our top power banks. 

However, it is cited that most companies utilize Lithium-Polymer batteries since they are safer and have a high-charging capacity. 


Indicators are something that notifies us of the required battery level. Also, you can detect that when you have to recharge it. Thus, some battery packs have a single indicator, while a few have five small LEDs that will provide you with more accurate battery status data. 

Also, some power banks have a display that will notify the exact battery percentage required to fill. 

So, all the factors mentioned above will help conduct a safer and precise buying process, allowing you to get the top power bank

Our Preferred Choice

Suggested Power Bank Why Buy? Customer Feedback Price
Mi Power Bank 3i Overall 4.3 Buy Link
Redmi Power Bank Value for money 4.2 Buy Link
Ambrane Li-Polymer Power Bank Traveling 4.0 Buy Link
URBN Ultra Compact User-friendly 4.0 Buy Link
OnePlus Power Bank Robust Material 4.2 Buy Link
Ambrane Power Bank Decent Charging Power 4.1 Buy Link
pTron Dynamo Pro Light-weight material 3.8 Buy Link
Mi Pocket Power Bank Pro Compact Design 4.3 Buy Link
URBN Super Fast Stylish 4.0 Buy Link
Croma Power Bank Excellent Battery Power 4.1 Buy Link

Best Power Bank: FAQs

Q1. Which power bank is best?

A1. Mi Power Bank 3i 20000mAh is the best power bank to buy with a decent budget. 

Q2.What is mAh best for a power bank?

A2. The most popular choice is a 10,000mAh battery that can maintain a good balance between capacity and bulk. 

Q3. What should I look for when buying a power bank?

A3. It mainly depends on the buyer’s need; however, you can look at its capacity, size, and price range for a practical buying experience. 

Q4. How many hours should we charge a new power bank?

A4. Mostly, the power bank consumes up to 1 and 2 hours to become fully charged.

Q5. How long does a power bank last?

A5. The average lifespan of an efficient power bank lies between 3-4 years.

Q6. Is it safe to leave the power bank charging overnight?

A6. The modern power banks are well-equipped with a voltage regulator that prevents the device from overheating.

Q7. Can I charge my power bank while using it?

A7. Sometimes, you can use the power bank during charging, but you can’t use it frequently, as it will consume more units. 

Final Verdict

In this article, we have detected the facilities offered by some top power banks. Also, we have provided some tricks that you should follow to buy a good one.

Also, we realized that Mi 3i is our top recommendation that has gained much admiration due to its fast-charging abilities. Moreover, if you have a decent budget, you can go for the OnePlus 10000 mAh Power Bank due to its decent and stylish look.

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