Best Geyser In India

10 Best Geyser In India 2021: Pick For This Winter!!


Do you want to bathe in warm and cold water, depending on the seasons? Then, kindly don’t go anywhere and look out for the full details of geysers. 

Most Indian people want such devices to make their lives easy and require less human intervention. As the winter season comes, most online buyers will look for water heaters to produce warm water. But, heaters have a deficiency of restricting to lukewarm water only. So, many experts have made geysers, enabling the users to get cold or hot water as per their needs. 

As per the reports, about 42% of Indians prefer such applicants available on the online markets. Thus, several companies evolve their appliances by embedding the newest technology to rank higher in the industry. 

So, let us debate over the best geyser in India to identify its usefulness, depending on which we will conclude over the most preferred geysers by customers. Also, we will scrutinize some points which will help us to take a better step while picking geysers of different brands. 

Thus, let us dive into the post for broad details of geysers. 

Best Geysers Of India

Best geysers Capacity Wattage Price
Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater 15 Litre 2000 Watts Check Price
Bajaj Flora Instant Water Heater 3 Litre 3000 Watts Check Price
Crompton Bliss Geyser 3 Litre 3000 watts Check Price
AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 15 Litre 2000 Watts Check Price
Crompton Arno Neo Storage Geyser 15 Litre 2000 Watts Check Price
Havells Instanio Instant (Geyser) 3 Litre 3000 watts Check Price
Crompton Rapid Jet 3 Litre 3000 watts Check Price
Lifelong Instant Geyser 3 Litre 3000 watts Check Price
AO Smith EWS-3 Instant Geyser 3 Litre 3000 watts Check Price
V-Guard Victo Water Heater 15 Litre 2000 Watt Check Price

What are Geysers?

It is a water heating device that stores the hot water in a larger tank through which you can use it remotely. Moreover, the cold water enters the device and gets heated inside the storage. Upon heating the water, you can utilize the lukewarm water as desired. 

In addition, the remaining water percentage will be stored in the tank. It is reported that the coatings and walls of some good geysers for home are of high quality, facilitating the user to hold the warmth for long. 

For now, we have understood the basic working of geysers, so let us identify the importance and qualities of geysers. 

Why do we need them?

The new-tech geysers have been the prime choice amongst the buyers since it possesses several other facilities, including fast-heating. Also, some geysers can be controlled by the brand’s app, speeding the bathing process. Therefore, going through the below-mentioned factors will make you aware of the well-being of geysers. 


The most crucial factor while buying any appliance is its price. However, it is cited that buyers often choose those products which are convenient and budget-friendly. 

So, geysers for home use are something that you can buy with less capital and prime features. Thus, it is an ideal product amongst the buyers that you should be considered for future reference. 

Technologically Improved

Nowadays, several geyser companies are evolving themselves as far as technology is concerned. In addition, some heater items are equipped with Smart Technology that will allow you to customize your bathing process conveniently. 

Also, the best geysers in India are equipped with WiFi technology to control the heating capacity. Thus, as time passes, numerous technologies will get added with life-changing possibilities. 

Long-lasting storage capacity

Suppose, if you have faced trouble while bathing, employing regular electric tanks, then what will you do then? 

So, here the geysers play their vital function by canceling such a situation as they can capture more warm water for an extended duration. As a result, you will be able to get a hot water supply during a power cut employing the best electric geyser for home use

Also, if you require hot water at regular intervals, you don’t need extra electricity since these devices can hold warm water for a more extended period. 

Energy Saver

Some best geysers brands utilize various features dedicated to serving the excellent facility to the user. For example, few water heaters are equipped with Eco-function and Smart technology, which will help us save a considerable margin of energy.

Moreover, the best geyser in India will also reduce the energy bill, thus facilitating the user to avail of dual facilities with a single household device. Therefore, we highly request you to consider the facilities causing low energy consumption amongst the geysers cited in the post. 

Easy Installation

Reports have cited that one of the beneficial advantages of geysers includes install features. Furthermore, the best quality water heaters don’t require any specific place. Thus, you don’t need to be an expert to install such devices. 

So, a geyser water heater for home also enables you to save your capital for the installation process. Therefore, geysers are the most-searched home appliance in today’s world.

Minimum Flow Rate 

The improved geysers possess a relatively lower flow rate. However, the flow rate is described as the maximum amount of hot water produced by the device.

Thus, in tankless geysers, the flow of water is restricted for its operation. However, electric geysers don’t require an additional flow rate since they have a dedicated storage capacity. 

So, kindly look for the best geyser in India with a large storage capacity.

How do we extract the best geysers?

After deep research and evaluation, we usually pick the best material for you, which is not easy. Besides, we have to put the safest and quality products, since numerous daily visitors like you appoint us. So we have a huge responsibility that should satisfy you through this post. 

Thus, if you’re hunting how and on what basis we collect products, we follow some top factors while favoring geysers. 

In-built Features 

We have found innumerable best geysers in India over the Internet but have only mentioned products with a unique property. So, we have mentioned the top 10 geysers in this write-up.

Service Provided 

The brands possessing optimum discounts, excellent customer service, and flexible policies are included in this post to benefit the customers. 


It has been seen that most buyers choose products according to their price. Moreover, throughout the article, we have equally maintained the product’s features and price range to deliver the optimum result.

Buyer’s Comment 

Along with price and features, we also carefully study users’ opinions on the products. Furthermore, the YouTube videos of some reviewers and articles have helped to include good geysers for home


It is one of the most vital factors that researchers often look for since it determines the maintenance period of the product. Similarly, we have picked geyser brands that have fruitful warranty policies. 

All of these factors have improved the research quality, thereby producing the top geyser for water heating

Best geyser for the home in India: Reviews

In this section, we have mentioned the top 10 geysers that you should consider for future buying. All the below-mentioned appliances are supreme and affordable. So religiously, think about the geysers as per your choice.

1. Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti-min

This geyser is ranked first on our list. ‘Bajaj New Shakti’ is the best geyser in India that has several qualities embedded that are desirable for your household needs. 

Moreover, it has a fire retardant cable that prevents the risk of burning machine parts by any means. Also, the glass-lined coated tank will help you to store the pure water for a longer time. 

The geyser for water heating provided is durable, which means it doesn’t require frequent maintenance. In addition, the geyser has multiple safety programs that take care of dry heating, overheating, and pressure. 

It has a unique protection device that retains the extra salt, protecting the tank from rusting. You can also benefit from a 2 years warranty over the product and a couple of years for the tank.

Our Opinion

Bajaj New Shakti is the best geyser in India to buy overall. It can withstand a more extended period since the heating element is made of titanium. Moreover, the tank’s health is also maintained by different safety systems to prevent it from rusting. The geyser is well-equipped with a glass-lined inner tank that prevents the water from contamination. Thus, it is preferable for high pressures of 8 bar.

Specifications Analysis
Body Coating The internal body is supplied by titanium armor technology, whereas the exterior weld sheet prevents corrosion, increasing long life. 
Energy Saver This best geyser in India is sufficient to save energy through employing advanced Swirl technologies.
Higher Reach The geyser can tolerate the pressure-flow upto 8.0 kg/cm2 and is highly preferable for tall buildings.
Indicators It allows the user to adjust the water temperature and is equipped with heating indicators.
It has a unique swirl flow technology to boost the healing process by 20%.
The multiple safety systems prevent the device from rusting.
This geyser is suitable for higher buildings.
The harmful particles are absorbed with the particular protection device.
The outside weld sheet coating helps to extend the life of these geysers for home use.
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks Many users have replied that the product is overall good geysers for home. Also, it is suitable for families having 3-4 members.
Negative Feedbacks But few users have cited that the installation executive has charged extra to fix the device. For this reason, they have imparted negative feedback.
Best Buy Link:

2. Bajaj Flora Instant 3 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj Flora Instant geyser-min

If you’re finding a small and worthy geyser, then Bajaj Flora will be the best choice for you. Moreover, this appliance provides water within a few minutes, which is highly suggested for busy persons. 

It has an elegant body design with dual facilities, including an attractive look and a durable design. In addition, the outer covering of this best geyser in India is made of thermoplastic that prevents corrosion-related problems. 

This device is equipped with a fire retardant cable ensuring that it prevents further spread of fire. Furthermore, the system will notify you upon heating water through the latest neon indicator. It is also helpful to provide hot water directly to your home, even if you reside in a high tower.

Our Opinion

Bajaj Flora is the best geyser in India to buy for a compact device. Moreover, its improved body coating enhances your home interior since it is of floral design. You can also enjoy hot water without waiting for minutes.  The thermoplastic body helps increase its longevity. Also, it is offered with a 2-year warranty which will help you cut down your maintenance cost. 

Specifications Analysis
Body Coating The body is made of thermoplastic, preventing damaging risk.
Energy Saver The fast heating process will consume relatively fewer units.
Higher Reach This best geyser in India is preferable for high buildings which can support 8 bars of pressure.
Indicators It is provided with neon indicators that inform the user when the water gets broiled.
The device is delivered with fire retardant cable to mitigate burning risks. Additional installation charges may apply.
It is an instant water heater device.
The body shell looks stylish and alluring.
Neon indicators are present.
Multiple programs prevent overheating.
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks 53% of users have cited that the product is worthy and confined. Also, these are the best geysers for home use.
Negative Feedbacks In contrast, others claimed that it is not suitable for showers and installation requires extra pay.
Best Buy Link:

3. Crompton Bliss 3-L Instant Water Heater (Geyser)

Crompton bliss geyser-min


Crompton’s geyser comes with a powerful heating element made of copper, facilitating a faster heating process. Also, it includes 4 advanced technologies to give additional safety layers to the device. 

Moreover, this geyser for water heating is rust-proof, eradicating the formation of rust. The bright shield supports the tank and heating element for long-lasting. 

The anti-siphon protection prevents water backflow aiding the heating from drying. Furthermore, this water heater is equipped with neon indicators that display green light upon turning on. 

Our Opinion

Crompton Bliss is the best geyser in India to buy with desirable features. Moreover, the advanced 4 level safety is equipped with protective layers. Its durable body offers toughness and durability; however, the intelligent shield will prevent corrosion.  The long-life SS tank mitigates the risk of tank leakage, thus enhancing its longevity. Furthermore, the neon indicators notify when the Hot Water is ready to use. 

Specifications Analysis
Body Coating The high-grade stainless steel tank is used in the product for extended life.
Energy Saver The Automatic Thermal Cut-Off facility lowers the unit consumption.
Higher Reach This best geyser in India can tolerate pressure upto 6.5 kg/cm2, which is worth tall premises.
Indicators The neon indicators turn to green upon filling the tank with hot water.
The Nickel and copper heating element delivers safe & healthy water.
The bright indicators blink after storing hot water.
Long-life SS tanks help capture hot water for a long time.
An Anti-Siphon protection mitigates the backflow of water.
The advanced 4-level safety provides additional strength.
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks Most buyers have suggested the product for bachelor and smaller families. Thus it is the best geyser in India.
Negative Feedbacks However, some users reported issues in customer service.
Best Buy Link:

4. AO Smith SDS-GREEN SERIES-015 Geyser

AO Smith SDS-Green-min

The AO Smith’s geyser is equipped with solid steel tanks with Blue Diamond Glass-Lining technology to mitigate corrosion risk. Also, the anode rod protects the tank and heating element from rusting. 

Moreover, the PUF Injection Technology of this best geyser in India facilitates zero gaps between tank and insulation, ensuring power savings. In addition, you can change the water flow from horizontal to vertical direction through the inlet water diffuser. 

The thermostat will help manipulate the temperature level. Also, it makes the heating element inoperative upon reaching the threshold. For proper heating, the element is fold-back to fit well in the tank’s shape. 

Our Opinion

AO Smith SDS-Green is the best geyser in India to buy for an energy-efficient geyser. It lowers down the energy consumption with an adjustable thermostat. Moreover, the geyser is provided with a durable anode rod to protect the tank from rusting.  The blue diamond lining provides double corrosion resistance, increasing the tank’s life. In addition, the water diffuser manipulates the water flow as per the need. 

Specifications Analysis
Body Coating The inner tank material of this geyser water heater for home is made of Blue Diamond Glass preventing double resistance.
Energy Saver In addition, PUF Injection Technology ensures power savings.
Higher Reach It is also helpful in permitting 8 Bars of pressure.
Indicators Indicators are present to notify if the power is turned on.
Water diffusers offer even water distribution
The anode rod helps to prevent corrosion.
PUF Injection technology mitigates energy consumption, thus making it the best geyser in India
The Diamond-glass increases the tank’s life.
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks 68% of buyers have cited that this product is excellent. Also, it is one of the best geysers in India.
Negative Feedbacks Few customers reported that it consumes much time to heat. In contrast, some commented that the product is quite noisy.
Best Buy Link:

5. Crompton Arno Neo Storage Geyser

Crompton Arno Neo Geyser-min

The geyser possesses a rust-free body which is made of metal, making the heater durable. Moreover, a powerful heating element enables a faster heating process. 

This best geyser in India protects the body from several issues, including electrical fault, thereby facilitating auto-off. Also, the Standby cut-off technology helps consume less electricity without compromising the quality of hot water. In addition, it has a unique temperature knob to adjust the desired temperature for a smoother bathing experience. 

Our Opinion

Crompton Arno Neo is the best geyser in India to buy with advanced safety technology. The product helps restrict electrical shocks and the accumulation of dust particles. Also, the powerful heating element enables quick heating in 10 minutes. Finally, its tank is well-equipped with nano poly bond technology to secure commendable corrosion resistance. 

Specifications Analysis
Body Coating The metallic body keeps the water heater durable and robust, which is found over the best geyser in India.
Energy Saver By employing a Standby cut-off, the device lessens the power consumption.
Higher Reach 8 bar pressure is suitable to reach higher apartments.
Indicators When the power is turned on or off, the indicators change color.
Temperature knobs help to set the desired bathing mode.
Nano Polybond Technology performs prevention of corrosion and rust. – 
The inner tank of this good geyser for the home is maintained by a magnesium anode rod.  –
The heating element boosts the process for faster boiling. – 
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks Some users have replied that the product is value for money.
Negative Feedbacks But, others replied that its rusting is observed in some months.
Best Buy Link:

6. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser

Havells instanio geyser-min

This Havells product is suitable for high-rise buildings and can be used for pumping applications. Moreover, the stainless steel tank provides higher resistance to corrosion resulting in an extended life, making it the best geyser in India.

In addition, it has a LED indicator that changes color from blue to amber to notify the water hotness. It has also been delivered with a fire retardant cable that minimizes the risk of burn. Finally, the outer body is shock and rust-proof, preventing the device from dampening. 

Furthermore, the copper heating element boils the water at least for a time, preferable for go-getters. The extended 2 years warranty over the product is also offered to the users for maintaining a good customer relationship. 

Our Opinion

Havells Instanio is the best geyser in India to buy for efficient pressure pump applications. In addition, the 0.65 MPa Bar Pressure helps to raise the water in high-rise buildings. Moreover, the inner portion is equipped with ultra-thick steel plates, which increase the device’s durability.  The copper heating element delivers the optimum warm water at a lesser time frame. The LED indicator has also been marked as a remarkable feature of this geyser. 

Specifications Analysis
Body coating The stainless steel tank increases the tank’s life.
Energy saver Despite employing 4500 watts of power, it helps consume less power by producing water within a few minutes. 
Higher reach It is most popularly known as the best geyser in India for its pumping operation through maintaining 0.65 MPa Bar Pressure.
Indicators The indicators change color as water turns from cold to hot.
Mitigates rust since it is equipped with SS body
The multi-function valve makes it suitable for high-rise buildings.
A special retardant cord prevents fire.
The exterior body is shock-free & facilitates longer life.
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks A couple of positive feedback has been gained, stating that it is small and worthy. Therefore, some reported that it is the best geyser in India.
Negative Feedbacks However, some cited installation problems and poor performance.
Best Buy Link:

7. Crompton Rapid Jet 3-L Instant Geyser

Crompton Raid Jet Geyser-min


The product is fed with supreme copper heating material, which is capable of producing suitable water anytime. Moreover, this Rapid Jet appliance can resist upto 6.5 bars of pressure. Finally, this best geyser in India has a durable steel body that prevents the formation and accumulation of rust. 

However, the 4 advanced technologies provide 4 safe coatings to the device. Also, through anti-siphon technology, the counterflow of water can be mitigated to ensure the device’s health. Furthermore, the high-grade 304L SS tank is furnished with a single weld line to prevent water from dripping. 

Our Opinion

Crompton Rapid is the best geyser in India which is budget-friendly. The Neon indicators are helpful to notify about the water’s status. Moreover, intelligent health protection ensures delivering healthy, warm water. It is appropriate for higher apartments that can oppose pressure upto 6.5 bars. Also, the body is durable, offering toughness and heat resistance. The innovative shield technology maintains the properties of the heating element.

Specifications Analysis
Body coating The stainless body is durable and rust-proof.
Energy saver Improved innovative technologies present amongst the best geysers in India maintain energy consumption.
Higher reach This Rapid Jet can tolerate pressure upto  6.5 bars.
Indicators The neon indicator helps to advise when the hot water is ready.
The water backflow is maintained by Anti-siphon protection.
It is equipped with an SS tank to reduce leakage.
The perfect hot water is furnished through nickel coating.
The dust-proof body increases the product’s life.
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks A few customers have cited that it is the best geyser in India for one person.
Negative Feedbacks Some customers have replied that it’s the worst product.
Best Buy Link:

8. Lifelong Flash 3 Litres Instant Geyser

Lifelong flash geyser-min

The product has a high-pressure of 8 bar tolerance capacity to utilize in higher buildings. Furthermore, the facilities, including the thermostat and auto cut-off, maintain the device’s equilibrium with proper safety. However, this best geyser in India is covered with thermoplastic blocking corrosion, rusting, etc.

Also, the highly-dense and thick PUF maintains the internal environment by retaining heat and temperature. As a result, energy consumption and bills will be reduced by a higher margin. It has also employed the neon indicators providing water heating status periodically. 

Our Opinion

Lifelong Flash is the best geyser in India to buy, which is value for money. The thermoplastic outer covering prevents rusting of delicate materials. Moreover, it also ensures safety by employing a thermostat and cutout facility. This product can withstand 8 bar pressure to raise the water in taller buildings. However, the thick PUF preserves the internal status, and particular neon indicators imply the status of water heating.

Specifications Analysis
Body Coating Rusting of dense materials is prevented by thermoplastic coating.
Energy Saver The high density and broad PUF helps to produce reduced energy consumption.
Higher Reach This geyser water heater for the home can tolerate 8 bar pressure for reaching higher buildings.
Indicators The neon indicators impart the degree of water heating.
It has more excellent pump facilities.
The heating element ensures proper water heating.
It has a corrosion-proof body made of a thermoplastic body.
The device is equipped with a practical heating element for longer life.
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks Several reviews have been gained stating that it is a good geyser for home.
Negative Feedbacks Some customers were upset as they received a defective product.
Best Buy Link:

9. AO Smith EWS-3 Glass Lined Water Geyser

AO Smith EWS-3 geyser-min

The product has embedded blue diamond technology that makes the inner side more resistant to harmful products.

Moreover, the heating element of this best geyser in India is made of Incoloy to prevent the accumulation of copper elements. The heavy-gauge steel tanks increase the life span of the tank. 

Also, if the thermal level of the water increases by chance, it will automatically cut down the temperature. However, the anode rod lasts long to prevent the rusting of the heating element. Therefore, the high-rated 8 Bar Pressure is ideal for high apartments.

Our Opinion

AO Smith EWS is the best geyser in India to buy for easy installation. Furthermore, the heating element with the Blue Glass formulation increases the device life. Also, it prevents harmful calciferous deposits. It is equipped with a thermal cutout facility that stops increasing temperature and makes it suitable for bathing. 

Specifications Analysis
Body coating The body is furnished with alloy steel that provides an additional 23% strength.
Energy saver The thermal cutout facility ensures low energy consumption.
Higher reach Through 8 Bar Pressure, the water rises even upto taller buildings.
Indicators The indicators of these best geysers in India help notify the status of power on/off.
Blue Diamond glass lining is present for increased durability.
It is equipped with a long-lasting anode rod.
The Incoloy material keeps the drive clean from the harmful particles.
The thermal cutout facility maintains electricity bills.
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks Few buyers have replied that it is the best geyser in India and of supreme quality.
Negative Feedbacks Some stated that there is a heating issue with the product.
Best Buy Link: 

10. V-Guard Victo Water Geyser

V-Guard Victo water geyser-min

The V-Guard Victo is one of the best geysers that have increased durability. Moreover, the Incoloy 800 Heating Element is helpful in long heating performance even under adverse conditions. 

Also, the best geyser in India prevents the leakage of water with a corrosion-resistant facility. Moreover, it can sustain up to 8 bar pressure that means the water can climb more than 35 floors. 

The antiscalant and anti-corrosive nature of the device are suitable for complex water treatment. 

Our Opinion

V-Guard Victo is the best geyser in India to buy for long-lasting performance. Moreover, the increased heating element reduces the time required to heat water. Also, the magnesium anode protects the device from corrosion by other harmful particles present in the water. However, the single weld tank design of Victor reduces the leakage chances by 66%.

Specifications Analysis
Body Coating The Enamel Glassline Coating prevents the device from corrosion.
Energy Saver The best geyser in India has gained BEE 5-Star that implies it lowers energy consumption.
Higher Reach 8 bar pressure helps to raise the water in less time.
Indicators The indicators help determine the water’s heating status.
A thick magnesium anode is present for durability.
Tank design is well-developed to prevent water leakage.
This geyser for home treats hard water precisely.
It has an effective Incoloy 800 heating element present.
Customer’s Reaction
Positive Remarks Most users have stated that it is a good water heater at a reasonable price. Therefore it is the best electric geyser for home use.
Negative Feedbacks Some reported issues in the company’s service.
Best Buy Link:

Our Preference

Overall – Bajaj New Shakti Vertical Water Heater

For long-lasting V-Guard Victo

Best Geyser In India: FAQs

Q1. How to choose a geyser?

A1. You can pick geysers considering essential factors such as services provided, price, warranty, etc.

Q2. Is 3 Litre geysers enough?

A2. For smaller families, 3 liters are good.

Q3. Is 15 Litre geysers enough for 4 people?

A3. No, since for 4-5 people, 20-25 liters geysers are preferable.

Q4. How much electricity does a geyser use per month?

A4. An ideal geyser consumes about 8kWh of electricity.

Q5. Can I drink geyser water?

A5. No, because hot waters of geysers may be dangerous for consumption.

Summing Up

In this post, we have determined some facts about the geysers and their utilities to evaluate their worthiness amongst the buyers. Also, the write-up has explained to us the necessary steps that we should follow while buying the geysers. 

A short preface of how we identify the best geysers in India is also cited throughout the article. Upon researching, we have found that Bajaj New Shakti Vertical is the best geyser overall since it is very compact and thus gained much respect from online buyers. Furthermore, it has some key features, including 

In addition, we have investigated that you can also prefer V-Guard Victo if you want a long-lasting device. These geysers possess some decent features, including 8 bar higher pressure, suitable for complex water treatment. Therefore, go through this article religiously if you’re craving the best electric geyser for home use. Also, kindly study this article for additional cues about the geysers. 

What do you look for in geysers for an effective purchase? Please share your thoughts with us by commenting in the box below. 

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