10 Best Body Fat Analyzer Machine In India 2020

10 Best Body Fat Analyzer Machine In India 2020: Buyers Guide & Reviews

Top 10 Best Body Fat Composition Scale In India

Body Fat Analyzer Body Composition Metrics Maximum Users Warranty Price
InBody Dial Fat Analyzer 5 4 1-Year Check Price
Tanita Body Composition Monitor 5 9 1-Year Check Price
Omron Body Composition Monitor 7 4 1-Year Check Price
Actofit Body Fat Analyzer 15 16 1-Year Check Price
Dr. Trust (USA) Digital Smart Fat Monitor 16 8 1-Year Check Price
Hesley Bluetooth scale Fat Monitor 18 8 1-Year Check Price
Healthgenie ABS Body Composition Fat Analyzer 7 10 1-Year Check Price
Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Monitor 12 50 1-Year Check Price
iGRiD Smart Body Fat Monitor 17 8 1-Year Check Price
Active X Body Fat Composition Monitor 13 Unlimited 1-Year Check Price

10 Best Body Fat Composition Monitor: Reviews

1. InBody Dial Body Fat Analyzer

Top 10 Best Body Fat Composition Scale India

Track the progress of your body fat percentage with this smart weight scale. This smart scale monitor comes with the quick response time function which shows the measurements or composition metrics in less than 10 seconds. The brand comes with the tagline – “See what you’re made of”. This personal body composition monitor is simple and easy to use. It uses a full-body scan that measures the various metrics like – Height, weight, body fat, muscle, BMI.

It comes with a dial display that tracks and measures body composition. You’ll get accurate and personalized results in the comfort of your home. The heavyweight withstanding capacity of upto 150 kg makes it compatible with professionals. The device is also compatible with age groups range from 2-99 years. The lightweight product design makes it easy to carry anywhere around. It also supports app-control which means you can track your composition from earlier references.

How to use – Just step on the device, align your body in a straight position, check your Weight, Body fat, Muscle mass, Visceral fat level, Store your data in your phone to check the history of your body change. 

Quick response time Cannot be used for commercial purpose
Wide compatibility for height & weight Lacks various body metrics measurements
Records data with mobile connectivity 
Lightweight design
Anti-skid base  
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2Bf7EDh

2. Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor

Top 10 Best Body Fat Composition Scale In India

This body composition scale is one of the highly-appreciated products on our list. The Omron body composition monitor is equipped with a step analyzer system. This device utilizes 8 sensors on both and hands and feet for the complete body measurement. 

It uses a full-body sensing technology that generates an accurate analysis of the visceral fat level, body fat, body weight, body fat percentage, skeletal muscle percentage, and subcutaneous fat percentage. This step on the fat analyzer machine is a battery-operated(4 AA-type) device that is lower on the operation. It is capable to track and record the progress of your weight-reduction plan for up to 90 days. It can store the memory of the metrics of upto 4 users which makes it compatible for small family size. 

This machine is equipped with Bluetooth functionality that helps you connect with your phone through the Connect Omron app that stores all your data or progress. The unique feature that makes it an awesome device is its auto-sync feature. This feature helps to automatically recognize the user and then sync up the data to the relevant users’ profile.

It can measure upto 7 body metrics Operation is not quick comparatively
It can store data upto 90 days
Good for the small family size
Smart-App enabled connectivity
Utilizes 4-AA batteries to operate
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/32zCbal

3. Actofit Body Fat Analyser Monitor

best body fat analyzer India

One of the highly-recommended brands on our list. You are just a step away from getting your body composition metrics. Actofit body fat analyzer is a complete solution to obtain the body composition metrics at your doorsteps. It is capable to display or analyze the high range of body metrics i.e BMI, BMR, Body fat, Body water, Bone mass, Fat-free weight, Protein, Physique Rating, Metabolic Age, etc. 

The device utilizes dual-frequency BIA technology that measures 14 different body parameters accurately and efficiently. The multi-user database allows you to store the readings of upto 16 different users that makes it an ideal purchase to small-big family size. Individual progress graphs for each user are recorded and are stored with the cloud backed software not to lose the data. The wide compatibility of the machine makes it run on Android or iPhone. This device allows users to connect the ActoFit App via Bluetooth and sync with other featured fitness apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit & Healthkit Apps. 

Dirty feet also can affect measurement accuracy. So, the ultra-transparent upper body of the device lets you know whether your feet are dirty or not. 

Can track upto 15 different body metrics  Not suitable for children under 18
Multi-connectivity upto 16 users
Reliable and accurate
Wide compatibility
Ultra-transparent with an anti-skid base
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/32Cppru

4. Hesley Bluetooth Fat Scale

10 Best Body Fat Composition Monitor

One of the fine and advance products on our list is the Hesley body fat scale. The product is engineered in Germany which builds trust upon its quality and technology. It is a simple but advanced fitness scale that can store the track or progress upto 8 users. This makes it suitable for small-medium family size.

This device is compatible to measure the 18 essential body composition metrics to track your exact progress. This step on the fat analyzer is equipped with the 4-high accuracy German-sensors to ensure you accurate and reliable body composition metrics by adopting advanced BIA technology. It also delivers the reading as soon as you turn ON and step on this smart scale. This digital scale is powered with an auto ON/OFF, auto-zero, auto-calibration, low battery, and overload indicators making it completely safe to operate. The safely designed rounded corner ensures the household members are safeguarded against sharp corners. The bright LED display allows the user to view the readings easily even in the low light areas or dark corners.

Easily sync with other fitness Apps Not comes with large data storage
Baby mode to measure baby weight The surface is not transparent which could alter the accuracy
Bright LED display for easy reading
Instant and accurate measurements
Auto-On/Off function
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/32Q6OIP

5. Active X(Australia) Smart Digital Body Fat Composition Monitor

10 Best Body Fat Composition Monitor

A perfect weigh measuring assistant from our list. If you want to be on the cutting edge of health and fitness then switch to this smart device for better fitness tracking and goals. The product is FDA/CE/FCC/RoHS certificated so you can trust the build quality and safety features. This smart device is capable to measure upto 13 different body composition metrics that help to keep better track of your activities. It is a specially designed device for the fitness freaks of any age group with unlimited user data storage metrics.

This Savvy body fat scale comes with a free Active X App that records and tracks various body composition like – BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Muscle Mass, Subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle & much more. The App is compatible both with Android or iPhone users. The device works on the Dual Frequency BIA Technology. It sends two different frequencies to capture your body composition data by using different frequencies, a higher level of accuracy is achieved. When you stand on the scale, a low level, imperceptible electrical current is sent through the body. The flow of the current is affected by the amount of water in the body. The device measures how this signal is impeded through different types of tissues.

It works on Dual BIA technology Not re-chargeable
DA/CE/FCC/RoHS certificated
Unlimited users data storage
Easy to set up and use
Toughened tempered glass top
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/32FHGV0

6. Tanita BC-601 Segmental Body Composition Monitor

10 Best Body Fat Analyzer Machine In India

Improve your body composition every day with this easy and simple step on the device. This body composition monitor helps to tailor your exercise and dietary requirements to achieve peak physical performance. This 8-electrode body composition monitor displays reading for the whole body within a period. This saves your time and makes the machine efficient to work.

This monitor displays a reading of each and everybody segment area such as arms, legs, and trunk area, so you can see exactly how your body is responding. It is equipped with SD card connectivity which helps to store the user’s data and track the progress for further references. The device is completely safe to use by the children. The toughened built material makes it easily withstand maximum weight upto 180 kg with 100g graduation. It is equipped with a large display monitor which makes reading easy even in the low lights.

Large display monitor The surface is not transparent which could alter the accuracy
Withstand heavyweight
Safe and compatible with the children
Equipped with the SD card connectivity
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3jwiQNp 

7. Dr. Trust (USA) Digital Smart Body Composition Monitor Fat Analyzer

Top 10 Best Body Fat Composition Scale In India

It is a smart and rechargeable device on our list. The device is a budget in price and low cost in operation. It can track or measure 18 essential body metrics including  BMI, bone mass, muscle, BFR, BMR, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, protein rate, body age, body fat, Personal with Digital Display. The device can be recharged using any standard USB cable ensuring you never run out of battery.

The 2.0 scale ensures unmatched accuracy and reliability in the form of quick results. The large and easy to read screen also displays temperature making itself the best product for all family members. The perfect glass scale is sleek and stylish perfect for any moment. The non-slip feet ensure your device is stable and safe on any surface. On the back of the device, there is a manual unit button that allows you to change your unit of measurements from Kgs/lbs/St. This smart scale pair with a Smart App named (Dr. Trust Scale Connect( that allows you to track your whole body analysis on the go in the palm of your hand. The device is compatible with the Android or iPhone. 

Portable device with high accuracy Users connectivity is comparatively less
Manual button to easily change the unit of metrics
Rechargeable device
Auto ON/OFF, Low battery indicator
Withstand heavyweight with 10g graduation
Easy to use & Eco-friendly
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/32KYTfs

8. Healthgenie ABS Body Composition Fat Analyzer

best body Fat scale monitor India

This weight cum body fat analyzer machine comes with the ABS body design that makes it completely safe to use and withstand any strict conditions. The simple design and unique royal color make it attractive to enhance your home interior. This perfect body monitor can track body weight, body fat, body hydration, body muscle, bone mass, BMI, and calories which helps to track all the parameters of the body for a healthy life making it a  perfect monitor for your daily activities. 

The anti-skid pad makes it easy to withstand straight and stable at any surface. This high-quality ABS material that comes with the USB charging support powered by 3V lithium polymer battery making it rechargeable and easy to use. The auto On/Off LCD panel automatically turns ON when you step on and automatically turn off after some time when the user steps off which saves battery. It comes with the built-in 10 users’ memory that helps to feed the basic particulars of 10 users to facilitate easy monitoring.

BIA technology with unmatched precision and reliability Cannot withstand heavyweight over 150 Kg
High-quality ABS material Does not auto calculate users daily energy expenditure
Rechargeable with USB port
Anti-skid base & LCD with backlight
High precision Gauge sensors
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2CnlcgN

9. iGRiD Bluetooth Smart Body

10 Best Body Fat Composition Monitor

You are just a step away from getting your body in the perfect composition. This high precision body fat weighing scale synchronizes with your phone with just one click. This weighing scale monitor comes with a high precision sensor with a clear display to monitor your health and records every slight change in your body. The thickened ABS plastic material can withstand weight upto 180 kg and humanized round corners design with anti-skid feet to stand stable at any surface. This high-quality accurate body fat scale measures 17 essential parameters like BMI, body weight, fat content, bone mass, muscle mass, visceral fat content, BMR, water content, etc. The body fat scale sync with the ALFIT app and the scale can store up to 8 users profile saving their measurement data designed for the entire family.

Thickened ABS material Not safe for children
Can measure 17 essential body parameters Not comes with meal notifications
Anti-skid base
Rechargeable and sync with ALFIT app
High precision with clear display
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/3jqWAEk

10. Lifetrons Smart Body Composition Digital Weighing Scale

Top 10 Best Body Fat Composition Scale In India

Still not satisfied with the above-mentioned products? Stop your search here. This affordable and high precision monitor helps to track your body composition at your home with simple and easy functioning. It is an Indian manufactured product. This smart body analyzer accurately measures 12 essential body composition and generates detailed PDF reports. It allows you to create & add up to 10 new user profiles of friends & family members in one login to get body analysis & share BMI reports.

The device comes with a wide variety of features like multi-information display, smart battery usages, high capacity, and other important things. It is also considered to be the best fat analyzer in India. The specially designed “Lifetrons Health App” developed by Lifetrons in India making it easy to use and track the activities of users. This device uses dual-frequency BIA technology for increased accuracy and reliability. It comes with a weight-bearing capacity of 180 kg that is equipped with high precision 4 sensors with a tempered safety glass platform. It comes with features like auto step on/off, low battery indicator, AAA Duracell batteries, Bluetooth 4.0, and a tempered glass top to protect the device.

Good for a small-medium family size Not rechargeable
Can withstand heavy weight upto 180 Kg
Auto ON/OFF with a low battery indicator
Auto calculate users daily energy expenditure
DA/CE/FCC/RoHS certificated
Best Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2OF5hNc

How does body fat analyzer work?

=> A body fat analyzer is a smart electric appliance that is used to measure the body fat percentage. It is also termed as BIA(Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis). You simply step on the scale and it measures both the body weight and the fat percentage. It works by sending a small, harmless electrical signal throughout the body. The small electric current runs through your legs and across the pelvis measuring the amount of resistance offered through the body fat. The device detects the amount of fat based on the speed at which the electric current travel. A slower traveling signal means the body fat percentage is on the higher side. As for accuracy, the BIA device has about a ± 3.5 – 5% margin of error. 

Body Fat Analyzer Machine Buying Guide

The body fat analyzer machine is an essential device for measuring body fat. It requires a good amount of investment to purchase. As we know there are a lot of brands that manufacture body fat composition monitors. One can easily get confused on which one to purchase. Especially for the newbie, it can be a tedious task and can ruin the investment by making a wrong purchase.

No worry! we are here to give you a brief guide that will help you choose the best product available from the market. And guess what, it will be a whole lot of wise investment for your body. Go through our guide to get a quick idea to choose the best smart scales.

Things to consider before buying the Body Fat Analyzer

  • Weight

It’s always better to choose the device which is lower in weight and can be carried out anywhere around. Choosing the body fat scale that is portable and compact makes most of our tasks done easily. It should be smaller in size so it can get inside your carry bag or can be carried from one place to another easily. This makes tracking down the progress every time and everywhere.

  •  Parameters Displayed

You must look upon the parameters that are available to the machine before making a purchase. It certainly does not makes any sense to purchase a machine that displays only body fat measurements. Some latest body fat measurement machine displays various information like Muscle mass, BMI, Fat percentage, Visceral Fat, and water percentage. It also makes the smart move and cut down the purchase of any extra machine.

  • Connectivity & App Support

Before making a purchase, make sure the machine is compatible with other devices. Check whether the body composition scale is connecting to the possible types of connections like – WiFi & Bluetooth. It should come with the iOS and Android devices and respond quickly for tracking your progress every time and anywhere.

A few smart fat composition scales works only on the factory-installed Apps while some of the latest manufactured smart fat scales can be modified and work for third-party apps, which can get more features integrated into it. So, select the smart scale that comes with the ability to work with third-party apps.

  • Accuracy of the device

Getting the imperfect or non-precise data may lead to confusion or mental trauma sometimes. So, select the model that measures the actual body fat and different measurements accurately. To check the accuracy of the model you must take the reading multiple times. If the number displaying occurs the same most of the time, it means the device is accurate. As for accuracy, the BIA device has about a ± 3.5- 5% margin of error. 

  • Speed & In-built memory

It can be irritating most of the time if the speed to display measurement on the screen is not quick. So, choose the device that works with high speed and accuracy to get the benefit without any drama. This also helps you save time and enhance the usage from time to time. Remember the speed of the fat composition monitor depends on the specifications of the smart scale.

Some of the modern smart scales come with this essential feature. This feature helps to store and track the user’s data from time to time. The user’s data is stored in the memory of the device.

  • Ease of Use

Either you are using it for personal or professional it’s always better to choose the fat analyzer machine that is easy to use and record the required data. It should display the accurate and exact information which could be easily understood. It should not display a wide range of data or information that could confuse the user or misguide the measurements.

  • Safety & Security

This feature helps to fully control the device with a minimum or no-risk. Select the smart fat scale that comes with the password safety lock. This helps to protect the device from misuse and protect the information without getting shared or theft.

  • Price & Warranty

There are varieties of the body fat analyzer scale available in the market. So, always check on the features and requirements before making a purchase. In general, the price of this body fat analyzer will start from ₹ 1500/- and more depending on its features.

Warranty is an important point to consider before investing. One must look upon the product warranty to ensure if there is any mal-function anytime or factory defects it could be easily replaceable.

Body Fat Analyzer Scale FAQs

1. Why do I need to buy a body fat analyzer scale?

=> There are various reasons which ensure you need to buy a body fat composition scale. Especially, if you are an athlete or gym-goers. Here are some possible reasons that may suit your questions.

  • Monitoring or tracking the activities

Other than simply measuring the weight, it also helps to track various other metrics like Muscle mass, BMI, Fat percentage, Visceral Fat, and water percentage.

  • Integrated-on-App

The modern smart scale comes with the App support feature. This allows you to access the readings or metrics through your smartphone. So, simply choose the device that comes with App-integration support.

  •  Built-in Memory

This feature helps to store and track the measurements which you have taken earlier. You can easily access the information that you have measured on an earlier date. This helps to keep an eye on the activities and also helps in further references.

  • Lightweight

Generally, the smart fat scale is made from the combination of material like aluminum & light plastic (OR) light metal will make the device’s weight as light and portable.

  • Sleek & Stylish Design

The LCD mounted and slim appearance of the smart scale will give an attractive look for those who are trying rather than traditional weighing scales.

2. How to check the accuracy of the fat scale?

=> To check the accuracy of the body composition scale, you must take the measurements multiple times. If the measurements shown below are showing the same readings, then the device is accurate. Note that, the body fat analyzer is an electric measuring device that may lose its accuracy when it suffers from a malfunction in its circuitry. Many variables may affect the accuracy of the device. They are – gender, pregnancy, age, height & stature, etc.

3. What other measurements can a body fat analyzer measure?

=> A body fat analyzer machine can measure various body composition other than just body-weight or fat percentage. They are

  • BMR

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate. It is the number of calories required to keep your body functioning while at rest or in a neutral position.

  • Metabolic Age

Metabolic age is the comparison between a person’s BMR to the average BMR of that age.

  • Visceral Fat

It is the body fat that is stored in the abdominal cavity and is stored around the other internal organs like – liver, pancreas, and intestines.

  • Protein Content
  • BFR(Body-Fat-Rate)
  • Bone Mass
  • Skeletal Muscle Composition
  • Water Mass
  • Subcutaneous Fat

4. How accurate is the Omron body fat analyzer?

=> Omron fat analyzer monitor uses Advanced full-body sensing technology for a more accurate and precise body composition measurement. The variations are between 100 gms to 500 gms in measurement which seems slight but precise compared to various other fat analyzers.

General Guidelines To Follow Before Test on Body Fat Analyzer

These guidelines will help you get the proper and accurate results in case you follow. Try to avoid the following things before two hours of your test as they can mislead the measurements.

  • Avoid showering before the test
  • Avoid drinking alcohol before the test
  • Do not drink a large amount of water before the test as it can dilute the result
  • Abstain from eating large meals as it can fill your body with more mass to read

Final Words

From our above-mentioned best products above, we have picked Omron HBF 375 Karada Scan Complete Digital Body Composition Monitor, as the best and efficient device to monitor body fat because it helps for effective weight management by exhibiting the progress chart. It uses advanced full-body sensing technology that generates an accurate analysis of various metrics or specs like body weight, BMI, body fat percentage, visceral fat level, body age, skeletal muscle percentage, resting metabolism, and subcutaneous fat percentage.

If you’re budget freak then consider purchasing, ActiveX Savvy Smart Digital Body Fat Scale, because it provides a complete weight tracking experience for those who are seeking an effective weight management plan and can be used for a commercial purpose. It tracks 13 important body composition metrics with easy graphs and charts to monitor your progress easily.

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